Best Final Fantasy VII Cosplay… Ever.

There are cosplays, and then, there are cosplays. Every so often, something a fan does is so fantastic that it’s worth bringing up aside from the normal news. You may have seen some incredible cosplay renditions of photo-realistic Cloud &

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Music Remix: Vinyl Fantasy VII

From Team Teamwork, the same folks who made the Zelda soundtrack remix The Ocarina Of Rhyme, comes the newest music mashup of Vinyl Fantasy VII. Although this may not be everyone’s cup of tea, if the idea of hip-hop music

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Voices of the Lifestream- an OC ReMix project, here on TLS!

So, given how long Voices of the Lifestream has been in existence, we’re not sure how many of you haven’t heard of it before, but since we here at are into all things Final Fantasy Seven and want to

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