Chapter 13 – Annette Townshend

Chapter 13 – Annette Townshend

by December 28, 2014

Chapter 13 - Annette Townshend

Translated by Mecorx and Pixel

Annette Townshend. It was the first time Rufus Shinra had heard that name. Reno was bringing her son with him. Moreover, it seemed they would be arriving soon.

“According to our records, about 20 years ago, she was working in a secretarial position. It is only known that she retired for personal reasons.”

Tseng reported with a serious expression.

“Another secretary?”

“Yes. The retirement fund paid to her was approximately 10 times the standard.”

“Was that normal practice?”

“No, sir, others would receive double at most.”

“Seems she was special, this woman.”

Rufus thought about his late father. The man only showed affection with money or objects. In other words, it was believed that Annette Townsend had received more affection than other women. What did Annette give to his father in return. It was a no brainer. It was in exchange for me.

“Yes, but she refused to accept the money.”

Listening to the report from Tseng, Rufus smiled wryly. She hated his father too.

“Her son is 19 years old.”

“Evan Townshend. According to Reno, he runs a detective agency with his friends, based in the slums. It’s not just any detective work, it’s with a girl who claims that she can read the lifestream— which is, of course, a lie— but they seem to be doing pretty well.”

Tseng’s eyebrow rose slightly.

“Something seems strange.”

“They have business acumen.”

“Isn’t this fraud.”

“Certainly, it is risky.”

“Hmm. It’s funny that both brothers would be relying on the Ancients.”

“They’ll be arriving soon.”

Tseng changed the subject. The chain of events surrounding the Ancients doesn’t elicit fond memories for those involved.

“What happens after I meet them?”

“Well— Reno will be satisfied, at least.”

“…Then, let’s meet them, shall we?”

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