Chapter 14 – My World Is Changing Again

Chapter 14 – My World Is Changing Again

by December 28, 2014

Chapter 14 - My World Is Changing Again

Translated by Mecorx and Pixel

Reno stopped the truck. As I looked outside, I could see the shadow cast by what appeared to be rocky mountains ahead of us.

“We’re here, yo. We’ll get out here. It’s already midnight. A lot of the patients are sleeping, so shhhh.”

It seemed he meant for us to walk from here, so we could preserve the silence of the night. I got out of the truck and had a good old stretch. My whole body was stiff.

“It’s kinda cold, huh?”

Kyrie said, as she stretched the same way. She must be so cold with those bare arms. I took off my jacket, and held it out to Kyrie.

“Thanks, but I’m good.”

“Don’t worry about it.”

“That jacket’s your protection, isn’t it? Keep it on.”

Kyrie saw right through me. I nodded, and put the jacket back on.

“Let’s go.”

Reno started walking, and Kyrie and I followed. Rude casually moved so that he was bringing up the rear. A belch came out after less than ten steps. Then, after that, once every three steps. I tried to suppress it in my mouth, so that they wouldn’t notice. Kyrie came around to my left side and clung to my arm.

“This is scary.”

*Burp*. Kyrie laughed slightly. We were walking along what looked like the front yard of a resort. The ground was covered with grass. It had a fresh feeling.

“We’re going that way, yo.”

Where Reno had pointed to was a conspicuously high ledge with a lodge atop it. A wooden stairway lead up to it from below.

“Put your hands up.”

Reno stopped and said.


“Security check.”

Before I even raised my arms, Reno started searching me by patting me down. Then he found the folding knife in my jeans pocket. It was the one I got from Kyrie back in the truck. Reno compared me with the knife…

“This proves that I trust you.”

Saying that, he put the knife back in my pocket.

“How are things over there?”

Rude was standing with his arms folded in front of Kyrie, who had raised her arms.

“Go ahead.”

Kyrie took one step forward.

“No, it’s ok.”

“But, I might be hiding some awesome weapon…?”

Kyrie was back to normal. No. Perhaps, she was acting cheerful because she knew I was nervous.

“You’re right. You might try somethin’, girlie. Wait here.”

Reno said. I felt hurt, inside. They should be careful of Kyrie, and not me.

“Well then, wanna get goin’?”

Reno started climbing the stairs.


When I looked back, Kyrie thrashed around as Rude held her by the arm. She must have been trying to follow me.

“Kyrie, it’s okay. Both Reno and Rude are our friends.”

“I’m glad, yo.”

If that were actually true, it would probably be a good thing.

“Hey, Evan,” Reno said, as he was about to reach the top of the stairs. “About your mother— did they find her body?”


“Then don’t say that she’s dead. Hell, you should believe that she’s still alive.”

“It’s been 2 years. If she were alive, she’d say somethin’.”

“I’m not tryin’ to be logical, Evan.”

I remembered what I thought on the drive here. I had a feeling that maybe the Turks had secretly found my mother, and were going to reunite us. But it looked like I was wrong. I felt disappointed, but relieved. And anxious. What was Reno trying to accomplish? What was in that lodge? Who was there?

“You should take off the hat for now. Well, not that he’s someone who would care, though.”

* *

“It’s me. I’ve brought him, yo.”

Reno’s voice could be heard.

“That was quick.”

Tseng said as he opened the door.

“Well. This is their dramatic first encounter.”

Rufus had a wry smile. It wasn’t his first time meeting a half-brother. There was no excitement, nor joy. Hostility, fear, hope. One of those would be visible in the eyes of his opponent.

“Hey, President, doin’ good, eh?”

“Indeed, but it’s almost time for bed. Nights are short here.”

“Yeah, yeah. So, you’ve heard the basics about Evan, right? Or, if that’s none of my business, then we’ll leave it at that.”

“Yes, let’s leave it at that.”

“Mr. President!”

As Tseng called out, a young man entered the room. He thought it annoying, but being faced with this person, Rufus couldn’t help but look him over. He was clasping his hat tightly with both hands. He seemed nervous. His hair colour was the same. His eyes— he inherited his Father’s eyes. Even his eyebrows. While he himself looked more like his mother, Evan had his father’s features. Overall, they were pretty similar. Different mothers, same father, if there was consistency in his taste in women, Rufus was convinced it was inevitable.

“Mr. President, this is Evan Townshend.” After Reno announced this proudly, he frowned dramatically and said,. “This is the President, Evan” and introduced Rufus. Evan’s eyes grew wide. It seemed he had been informed of nothing. Rufus decided he would go along with his subordinates’ secret plans this time.

“The President, as in— Rufus Shinra?”

Evan asked Reno.

“Indeed. You can call me the ‘Idiot President’.”

Responding to the question, Rufus answered.

“You’re alive—”

He directed it at Reno, again.

“The one who died was my substitute. You’re one of the candidates too, and— from the looks of it, I’d say you pass.”

As Rufus answered, Evan partially opened his mouth and looked at Reno, Rufus and Tseng, one by one. Tseng had his head down, trying to suppress his laughter.

* *

A candidate to stand in for Rufus Shinra?

“You’re kiddin’, right?”

Reno said, as he burst out in laughter. But I didn’t understand what the joke was.

“Eyes and eyebrows. Height. I was shocked when I first saw you.”

“—I was brought here because we look similar?”

“Well, it would be interesting even if it was just that, but I just thought that perhaps—”

“Evan. You are the President’s younger brother. Well, half-brother.”

The long-haired man who ushered me in said. This guy was probably a Turk too. No, he definitely is, I’d say. Reno doesn’t try to hide it, and Rude sometimes doesn’t even seem human. Of course, he didn’t seem like the type to make jokes, either. If so, had that guy been telling the truth just now? That I was Rufus Shinra’s younger brother, and thus the son of the founder of the Shin-Ra Company. But—

“But, my father—”

* *

Rufus thought, while waiting for him to continue. So, what will our dear Evan do? Would he demand the amount he is entitled to? Or would he, perhaps, start telling some sob story?

“But, my father died in the war.”

“You can keep believing that. A few years ago might have been different, but the Shinra name isn’t of much use now. Though, it seems there is no doubt that we are related. How is your mother?”

“She seems to be missing—”

Reno responded instead of Evan. Evan was fighting back a belch. This probably felt like his entire world had come crashing down. That’s no surprise, thought Rufus. Now, Evan. Calm down and think. What is it you want?

“President! Evan! Be a little more happy. This is a reunion for two separated brothers!”

Evan glared at Reno, and then turned back to Rufus.

“What do you want?”

Evan mustered up the courage and said this. I see, we really are related by blood, thought Rufus. He suppressed it at first, but immediately laughed out loud.

“What’s so funny?”

“Blood bonds really are something, Evan.”

He managed to say that much, and then started laughing again. It had been a long time since he last laughed out loud. He realized Reno and Tseng were staring at him with wonder. The awkward expressions of his subordinates, caused even more laughter to erupt from his stomach. It was the echoing sound of an explosion coming from the woods behind them that put a stop to Rufus’ laughter.

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