Chapter 20 – Strife Delivery Service

Chapter 20 – Strife Delivery Service

by December 28, 2014

Chapter 20 - Strife Delivery Service

Translated by Mecorx and Pixel

“It was called Jenova. The apple of my eye”

Saying that, Dr. Drake pointed at the pictures and grinned.

“That’s an arm, right? The arm of a woman.”

“You could say that, and you could say that it’s isn’t. It’s said that Jenova would read the human consciousness, and control it. Also, a number of experiments were conducted using it’s cells. This arm is a product of those experiments. The mummy is a human woman, and also Jenova.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Well, that’s understandable. Jenova was a mysterious life-form that the Shin-Ra Company researched continuously. It came from outer space a long time ago, it seems. It was known as the ‘calamity from the skies’.”

“From— space?”

“That’s just what I’ve heard. All of the guys in the science department had been doing research on it, but I wasn’t able to get close. I was attracted to the research position, but I was assigned to the medical department of the army. Thanks to that, I wasn’t able to get a look at it.”

I was at a loss for words at the mind blowing nature of the subject. Shin-Ra had been doing experiments on a creature from outer space. Man, what the fuck kind of organisation were they? The one who ran the organization was my father. The one who took over was my brother. If I had been on their side— I thought about how confidently Rufus behaved, and for the first time, I thought about the power I might have had, and the dignity I might have acquired. Sadly, I had been chased from the seat of power, and all I could do was imagine myself leaving the city in a car without a windshield.

The door opened, and a man came in. A steely-eyed, blonde man with a well groomed, but despondent face.

“Let me guess, the guy with the dog?”

Dr. Drake closed the file, lifted his head, and said with an annoyed tone.


The man responded in an emotionless voice. I went outside so as to not interfere with their conversation. A large motorcycle was parked in front of the clinic. That moment I thought— maybe that’s the man from earlier, I figured out who he was. As promised, Denzel had contacted him. While I felt thankful to Denzel, I remembered that I had called them with a lie, and became slightly restless. As I puzzled over what I should do— whether I should just run away— I saw that he had come out of the clinic. We made full eye contact.

“Are you from the Strife Delivery Service?”

I could only prepare for the worst.

“Evan Townshend?”

The man nodded, and then asked. I was no good with his type. There was nothing that likeable about him. He spoke bluntly, and his facial expressions were scarce. A joke wouldn’t go down well.

“When I called earlier, I heard Denzel wasn’t doin’ too good. Shouldn’t you go back?

It wasn’t kindness. I just wanted to get rid of him quickly.

“What about the letter?”

Is he ignoring me? I had no choice but to be firm.

“Actually, I need fuel. I thought someone who rides a bike would know where to get some”

“There’s no letter?”


I braced myself, expecting to be punched or kicked, or both. But the guy just got back on his bike without doing anything.

“Shin-Ra or the WRO.”

The engine of the bike rumbled quietly.


As I questioned, I realised he had just told me where to get the fuel.

“Oh. But, those routes are no good. For a few reasons.’”

“Do you have money?”

“I think I should be okay.”

“The slums. Don Corneo in Wall Market has some. Tell him Cloud sent you.”

“Got it. Thanks. Looks like I’ll be able to get to Nibelheim.”

As he pushed his bike a little ways ahead, he looked straight at my face.

“Why are you going there?”

“To look for someone. I’m a detective.” I knew my worst enemy, my conceited nature, had shown its ugly face again. But I can’ stop. “I’m going in order to look for a missing soldier.”

“It’s pretty far. Don’t bother.”

“Have you been? How do I get there?”

He looked at me in silence. He seemed to be appraising me. I averted my gaze, and grit my teeth.

“Ask in Seventh Heaven.”

With that, he started the motorcycle. Seventh Heaven? This unexpected turn of events left me feeling bewildered.

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