Chapter 22 – Kyrie and the Turks

Chapter 22 – Kyrie and the Turks

by December 28, 2014

Chapter 22 - Kyrie and the Turks

Translated by Mecorx and Pixel

Reno had been struggling to fix iron plates, which had been curved to match the appearance of the monument, to the steel frame. He worked while murmuring vulgar swear words, but before long, threw the iron plate to the ground. There was a loud crash.

“It doesn’t fit, yo.”

Lifting his head as he cursed away at no one in particular, he caught sight of Rude, who was squatting down next to Evan’s car, examining the rear wheel.

“What’s wrong?”

“The wheel nut is loose. Should I tighten it?”

What had come over Rude, who had been angry at Evan just a little while ago. He went over to his partner with a monkey wrench and…

“Want this?


Rude took the wrench and began to tighten the nut.

“Well, aren’t you nice.”

“It’s ‘cause I noticed. It’d weigh on my conscience if this ended up causing his death.”

“No doubt about that.”

“That guy is…” Rude got up, went around to the rear wheel on the opposite side, and continued working.

“He’s what? Don’t stop in the middle.”

“That guy is… dangerous.”


He asked again, but he knew what he meant. His actions are rash. He tries to make himself look big. He puts up a front. He’s a coward, but he acts all brave to impress those around him. Repeating such acts would end up causing him to die a worthless death. From novice soldiers to SOLDIER, and young Turks. The two of them knew a number of young people like Evan.

“But that’s how young people are, right? Didn’t we go through that kind of a stage, too?”

“I forget.”

“That girl…”


“Yeah. Kyrie might end up killing Evan.”

“Oho, ya think so? Me too.”

Kyrie wasn’t a bad person. However, she was an irresponsible troublemaker. She was a girl who just seemed to attract trouble. Evan would make every effort not to show his own weaknesses to Kyrie. He would end up overdoing it. It was a heavy burden to bear for a guy who is too self-conscious, and doesn’t know his own limits.

“But we can’t just abandon the President’s younger brother, can we?”

Rude didn’t answer, and just continued working.

“I’m okay with just doin’ this. I don’t want to be involved with him anymore.”

“…Well, it doesn’t look like that’ll work.”

He caught sight of Kyrie cutting across the square.

“I’ll leave that to you.”


Rude returned to the monument, leaving Reno behind.

“Hey, Reno’nRude!”

“Don’t put em together.”

“Where did you hide Evan? Did you lock him away because he refused to become a stand-in? Or are you planning on making him pay for what he did?”

“What are you talking about?”

“When I think about it, those are the only kinds of things that come to mind. Evan had to have been acting funny because something happened between him and Shinra. Right?”

“Funny how?”

He tried to remember how Evan was acting when he left the car, but had no idea.

“Evan’s disappeared.”

Kyrie said with condemnation.

“He might have left, but I think he’ll be coming back soon. You know, this is Evan’s car. We’re watching it for him.”

Kyrie glared at the car like it was her worst enemy. Then, she opened the door and got in.


“I’m waiting here. If he doesn’t come back, I’m crashing the car into the monument.”

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