Chapter 27 – Starting the Project

Chapter 27 – Starting the Project

by December 28, 2014

Chapter 27 - Starting the Project

Translated by Mecorx and Pixel

As Reno kept an eye on Rude, who was speaking with their superior on the phone, he checked the memorial’s construction schedule.



When he looked up, there was the middle-aged man looking around nervously.

“I’m Doyle.”

The man furrowed his thick eyebrows and identified himself.

“Ah, The Mayor.”

“More or less. Anyway, as promised, starting tomorrow we’d like to help with the project. Keough, Throp and I. Fabio can’t yet. Let him rest up some more.”

“You’re certainly welcome. So, what can you do? What are you good… Hey, are you listening to me?!”


Doyle looked at the car parked beside the monument.

“Evan left it. I’m lookin’ after it for a while.”

“He actually came here?”


“What is that guy doing…”

“I dunno what he’s doin’, but I’m sure he’s doin’ his best, yo.”

“Oh, I understand what you’re saying. You seem like you understand the guy.”

“I’ve seen lotsa people like that.”

Reno responded with a snort. After Doyle promised he would ‘get to work’ starting tomorrow, he started walking toward the car, which now belonged to Evan. Reno turned his attention back down at the construction schedule.



Rude walked back, putting the phone in his suit pocket.

“I’m going up to Midgar now. The helicopter doesn’t seem to be working.”

“Midgar? The helicopter?”

Without thinking, Reno looked up at Midgar.

“The Chief and Elena are coming.”

“What are you plannin’ to do with the helicopter?

“I don’t know.”

“Pfft, still leavin’ me out, are we?”

“Anyway, I’m going.”

“Wait, I’m going too.”

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