Chapter 29 – Reno and Rude, In A Rush

Chapter 29 – Reno and Rude, In A Rush

by December 28, 2014

Chapter 29 - Reno and Rude, In A Rush

Translated by Mecorx and Pixel

There was noone who knew exactly how many helicopters the Shinra Comapny had. The majority had been looted in the first six months after “Meteorfall”. In the end, after all the trouble they had gone through, Rufus Shinra and the Turks were only able to secure 3 of the aircraft. There weren’t many, but given the efforts required for maintenance, this was just the right amount. They were hidden, one aircraft in the vicinity of Healin, and the other two in Midgar. A warehouse with a collapsed roof was used as the hangar for units No.1 and 2.

“It’s a starter malfunction. I’ve just replaced it with unit no.2 for the time being.”

Rude said while wiping off the oil on his hand with an old rag.

“When will no.2 be able to fly?”

Tseng asked.

“Beats me. I’d have to dismantle the part I took off No.1 and check―”

“You better hurry.”

Tseng raised the corner of his mouth.

“Chief. Was that a smile just now?”

“When you can fly all depends on Rude.”

“Flying, to where? We’re workin’ undercover here aren’t we, Chief?”

“We’re going to look for Jenova.”

As Tseng said that, Reno and Rude exchanged glances.

“That’s awesome!”

“First, Elena and I will meet with our allies scatter all over. We’re having them gather information.”

Elena averted her gaze guiltily.

“Oh, let us do something, too. That’s what we Turks do, after all. We’re the Department of Administrative Research, the Turks!”

“What about the memorial monument?”

“We’ll finish it in three days!”

“No, it’ll take five days.”

Rude corrected him calmly.

“We’ll do it in four!”

Reno held on.

“Meet up again when it’s done.”

“Got it! Let’s go, partner!”

“Chief,” Rude said as he watched Reno take off out of the corner of his eye. “The President… what’s he planning to do with Jenova?”

“It belongs to Shinra. That includes the right to dispose of it.”

“I suppose.”

Rude nodded while playing with the starter.

“This is bad, yo. Someone was listening to us just now. I heard footsteps running away.”

Reported Reno as he carefully came back from outside the warehouse.

“What should we do, Tseng?”

Elena said without hiding her agitation.

“Elena, go and search. Come back if you don’t find them in one hour.”

“What should I do if I find them? Should I deal with them?”

“Bring them here. I’ll decide after I listen to what they have to say.”


Elena gave a dissatisfied reply, and ran outside.

“We’ll fly as soon as Elena comes back. Rude, stay here and guard unit No.2.”

“Roger that. I’ll move it once the repairs are finished.”

“Good thinking. Reno, get to the memorial monument.”

“Yeah, yeah! I’m goin’!”

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