Chapter 7 – Fabio Defeated In The End

Chapter 7 – Fabio Defeated In The End

by December 28, 2014

Chapter 7 - Fabio Defeated In The End

Translated by Mecorx and Pixel

As Elena took off her gloves, stained with Fabio’s blood, she went over to the bed, where a child was, and dramatically wiped the green sheets with the gloves. Fabio was groaning on the floor, holding his belly. Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth as he writhed in pain.


She went in there with the intention of breaking his good arm— but when she saw that Fabio was trying to protect his younger brother, she changed her mind. The purpose of the visit was to teach the thief a lesson, not to deprive a child with Geostigma of their guardian. She had imagined him to be a petty thief, out to make money selling the medicine, but that wasn’t the case. A thief would be cunning, talking his way out of trouble, smiling the whole time, and taking a defiant attitude, or saying things in desperation. Showing the circumstances behind it is what cowards do.

Elena grabbed the packs of pills sitting next to the bed, and was about to leave. But she changed her mind and threw them at the child.

“If you keep using them, they’ll stop working, so save them for when you feel really bad. A quarter tablet at a time is enough for a child. Or else you’ll overdose.”

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