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This section deals only with the text entries that already existed in the Japanese Original but which were then edited for FFVII International. Added scenes like the flashback where Tifa finds Cloud at the train station, or added NPCs like the old man in Kalm, are not included in this article. The changes concern only the used game script, nothing unused. The official localization presented is from the English PS version.

The changes of most interest are of course when the spelling has been changed, but there are also many cases where the text box size has been adjusted, text boxes display on slightly different spots on the screen, or the only difference when comparing text entries is the presence or lack of empty spaces. Some of these examples will be presented, but only the actual text has so far been compared in great detail. Any differences in text box placements or sizes have been accidental discoveries.

The format of the text tables will be adjusted to suit the context and may look like this:

Japanese Original FFVII International English PS

Or this:

Japanese Original Fan Translation
FFVII International Fan Translation

Field Script
Battle & Menus
Minigame Text

Field Script

Seventh Heaven, Basement (MDS7PB_2)

プレジデント神羅 プレジデント神羅 President Shinra
「……壱番魔晄炉破壊事件に関して 「……壱番魔晄炉破壊事件に関して “………today the No.1 Reactor was bombed.
 アバランチと名乗る組織から  アバランチと名乗る組織から The terrorist group AVALANCHE has claimed
 犯行声明が出されています。  犯行声明が出されています」 responsibility for the bombing.”

Punctuation replaced with 」.

「声明によるとアバランチは 「声明によるとアバランチは “It is expected that AVALANCHE will
 今後も同様のテロを続けることを  今後も同様のテロを続けることを continue its reign of terror.”
 予告しております。  予告しております」

Punctuation replaced with 」.

Beginner’s Hall (MDS7_W2)

Info about red and green arrows did not exist in JORG, for the simple fact that the arrows were non-existent.

{CYAN}【ポジションカーソル】{WHITE} {CYAN}【ポジションカーソル】{WHITE} [Position Cursor]
 フィールドで迷ったときには{CYAN}セレクトボタン{WHITE}を  フィールドで迷ったときには{CYAN}セレクトボタン{WHITE}を Push the {CYAN}[SELECT]{WHITE} button
 押してください。  押してください。 when you’re lost in the field.
 {PURPLE}「ポジションカーソル」{WHITE}が表示されます。  {PURPLE}「ポジションカーソル」{WHITE}が表示されます。 Usually, the {PURPLE}[Position Cursor]{WHITE} will
appear on the screen.
 さらに!! But wait!!
 入口をあらわす{RED}『赤サンカク』{WHITE}と {RED}[Red triangles]{WHITE} mark the exits and
 はしごなどをあらわす{GREEN}『緑サンカク』{WHITE}も表示されます。 {GREEN}[Green triangles]{WHITE} mark ladders.
 これで、暗い夜道も険しい山道もご安心! These will help you safely make it through even
 なお、フィールドによっては表示されないことがあります。  なお、フィールドによっては表示されないことがあります。 the darkest streets or dangerous mountains!
 御注意ください。  御注意ください。 But, there are times when it won’t appear,
so be careful.

Escape from Train

Train messages have been slightly changed to include more or less spacing. Text boxes have also been moved and/or changed in size. Showing all these small changes would make a needlessly long list, so here is instead a sample of changes.

Inside Church, Cloud’s Internal Conversation (CHRIN_1B)

Just like with the train, changes here are very subtle. The most noticable ones are that the text windows are now placed at different points on the screen. Aside from a few entries being closer to the center of the screen, there appears to be little purpose behind these edits.

It is also so however that text entries have been divided more than before. In JORG, Cloud and his subconscious often shared the same text window, meaning that sometimes there would be almost no pause between the two. This was changed post-JORG, where the two had completely separate text entries and so there was a more appropriate pause between their lines.

There has been no change in the actual content of the text though, so the only thing worth showing is that, indeed, the position of text windows have been changed.

Wall Market, Open Area (MRKT2)

『蜂蜜の館会員カード』を手にいれた! キーアイテム『蜂蜜の館会員カード』を手にいれた! Received Key Item
“Member’s Card”

The addition “キーアイテム” stands for “Key Item”. This specification was not present in JORG, which may have confused some.

Wall Market, Tifa’s Weapon (MKT_IA)

『プレミアムハード』を手にいれた! 『プレミアムハート』を手にいれた! Received “Premium Heart”!

From JORG to JINT, ド was switched for ト.

Japanese Original Fan Translation
『プレミアムハード』を手にいれた! “Premium Hard/Hardware” obtained/received!
FFVII International Fan Translation
『プレミアムハート』を手にいれた! “Premium Heart” obtained/received!

In the item list and equipment menu the spelling is always プレミアムハート (Premium Heart) in both Japanese versions.

Chocobo Stables (FRCYO)

A change was made to the 7th “Chocobo Sage” note kept by the other Chocobo Farm sibling.

クリンのメモ7 クリンのメモ7
山と川を渡れるチョコボと 山と川を渡れるチョコボと If you mate the Mountain-and-river Chocobo
せんにんのいる所から南で取れる せんにんのいる所から南で取れる
『すごくいいチョコボ』を 『すごいチョコボ』を with a “Wonderful Chocobo”,
カップリングさせると カップリングさせると You’ll get an Ocean Chocobo.
海を渡れるチョコボが 海を渡れるチョコボが But to do that you can’t
生まれるんだって。 生まれるんだって。 use an ordinary Nut.
けど、実は普通の実じゃダメみたい。 けど、実は普通の実じゃダメみたい。

The difference lay in the fourth row, where the two symbols “くい” were removed for JINT.

Japanese Original Fan Translation
すごくいいチョコボ Very Good Chocobo
FFVII International Fan Translation
『すごいチョコボ』を Amazing Chocobo

Fort Condor (CONVIL_2)

「どうやら事態が変わったらしい。 「どうやら事態が変わったらしい。 “The situation has changed.
 奴らこれで終わりにする気らしい。  奴らこれで終わりにする気らしい。 Looks like the enemy is set to attack.
 これに負けるとやばいそ」  これに負けるとやばいぞ」 If we lose here, it’s over.”
「おれたちの明日は君たちにたくす。 「おれたちの明日は君たちにたくす。 “Our lives are in your hands.
 たのんだぞ」  たのんだぞ」 We’re counting on you.”

The tiny difference is in the third row where そ (so) was replaced by ぞ (zo). The former has a meaningless tone, while the latter is a masculine ending particle that adds emphasis/assertion. The change better fits the seriousness of the situation.

The Expert Hall (JUNPB_2)

In the original release, the tutorial forgot to mention how to toggle between single-target and all-targets when using magic that’s equipped to an All materia.

「マテリアの組み合わせ方か。 「マテリアの組み合わせ方か。 “There’s no single way to combine Materia.
 ひとすじなわではいかない。  ひとすじなわではいかない。 So here goes the basics.”
 ここでは基本のおさらいといこう」  ここでは基本のおさらいといこう」 “Support Materia…
「支援マテリアの使い方…… 「支援マテリアの使い方…… The basic combination is
 基本は【魔法】+【全体化】の組み合わせだ」  基本は【魔法】+【全体化】の組み合わせだ」 Magic + All.”
「魔法をレベルアップすると魔法のしゅるいが増える。 「魔法をレベルアップすると魔法のしゅるいが増える。 “The variety of magic
 全体化をレベルアップすると  全体化をレベルアップすると you can cast will increase
 1回のバトルで全体化できる回数が増える。  1回のバトルで全体化できる回数が増える。 as your Magic Level increases.”
 まあ、そんなところだ」  まあ、そんなところだ」 “When your All level increases,
so does the number of times
you can use it in a battle.
That about covers it.”
「ん? “Huh?
 まてよ…」 Wait a sec…”
「魔法などの全体化/単体の切りかえは “You can change between Magic-All and Magic
 L1/R1ボタンで可能だ。 with the L1/R1 buttons.
 当然、使いこなしているだろうな」 I’ll bet you’ve probably already done this.”

Mt. Corel (MTCRL_6)

This text entry did not exist in the Japanese Original.

PS English Japanese Retranslation
“The shack is here!! (^^);” 「ここが小屋なのです。 There’s the hut/cabin.
 ………ポジションカーソルより」  ………at the cursor position.

The happy eyes are only present in the English NTSC, German and Spanish versions.


This text entry did not exist in the Japanese Original because the ride is always available in that version.

PS English Japanese Retranslation
“Sorry it’s out of order.” 「もうしわけございませんが “I’m sorry,
 こちらはただいま故障中です」 this is out of order right now.”

Wonder Square, Second (GAMES_2)

Get a fortune from the Fortune Telling Machine after the obligatory Gold Saucer date but before entering the Ancient Temple to get the following clue.

南東の方角に捜し物があります 南東の方角に探し物があります What you search for
is in the Southeast

捜 switched for 探. The meaning is not changed and is simply a different way of phrasing the same thing.

The first release of FFVII is alone to have you actually control the submarine sonar yourself on two levels/missions. This is why the sonar button, and in what levels it is automatic versus manual, is part of the JORG script.

潜水艦ゲーム 潜水艦ゲーム Submarine Game
1プレイ 200ギル 1プレイ 200ギル 1 Play 200 gil
『方向キー左』で左に旋回 『方向キー左』で左に旋回 “Directional button Left” for Left Turn
『方向キー右』で右に旋回 『方向キー右』で右に旋回 “Directional button Right” for Right Turn
『方向キー上』で下降 『方向キー上』で下降 “Directional button Up” to Dive
『方向キー下』で上昇 『方向キー下』で上昇 “Directional button Down” to Rise
△ボタンで前進 △ボタンで前進 △ to Speed Up
×ボタンで後退 ×ボタンで後退 × to Slow Down
□ボタンでギョライ発射 □ボタンでギョライ発射 □ to Fire Torpedo
ソナーで機雷を見つけ、よけながら ソナーで機雷を見つけ、よけながら Find and avoid mines by using the
敵潜水艦を全滅させるとクリアです。 敵潜水艦を全滅させるとクリアです。 Sonar, and destroy
the Enemy Submarines.
○ボタンでソナー ○ button for sonar

ミッションを選んで下さい。 ミッションを選んで下さい。 Please select your mission.
    ☞海底魔晄炉戦(オートソナー)     ☞海底魔晄炉戦     ☞Undersea Mako Reactor Battle
    ☞レベル1(手動ソナー)     ☞レベル1     ☞Level 1
    ☞レベル2(オートソナー)     ☞レベル2     ☞Level 2
    ☞レベル3(手動ソナー)     ☞レベル3     ☞Level 3
    ☞レベル4(オートソナー)     ☞レベル4     ☞Level 4
    ☞興味ない     ☞興味ない     ☞Not interested.
(オートソナー) Auto sonar
(手動ソナー) Manual sonar

Inside Ancient Temple (KURO_1)

「うひゃ~! 「うひゃ~! “Geeeez!
 こりゃ、たいへんだよ」  こりゃ、たいへんだよ」 We got our work cut out for us.”
「目まわってきたよ…あたし」 「目まわってきたよ…アタシ」 “This is starting to get me really dizzy…”

あたし was edited into アタシ, the latter which is a personal pronoun more consistent with other parts of Yuffie’s script.

Pagoda (5TOWER)

If Yuffie has climbed the Pagoda and she is still in your party, Shake will have the following to say when you talk to her. The change here is quite big.

Japanese Original Fan Translation
シェイク Shake:
「ま、ちっとは大人になって Come back when you’ve
 帰ってきな!」 grown up a bit!

English PS FFVII International Fan Translation
Shake シェイク Shake:
“You say there’s some unusual Materia where 「海底パイプってとこに There’s a rare materia in
the underground pipe is!?”  めずらしいマテリアがあるって!」 a pipe under the sea!
“But, first you gotta get if from a monster 「モンスターが持っているらしいけど It seems a monster has it
and unless you use your head,  ちょっと頭をつかわないとゲット and unless you use your head,
you won’t be able to do it.”  できないってさ。」 you won’t be able to get it.

The new line references the sidequest for the Underwater materia which was not present in JORG. Technically it is not a monster that has the materia, but rather the Ghost Ship enemy can be morphed into a Guide Book which can then be traded for the Underwater materia.

The incorrect phrasing may be intentional, just to lead the player in the right direction. Shake’s lines about the materia, when looking at the nuances in the Japanese script, all sound like information that’s been heard from someone/where else.

It is also possible of course that a monster was initially planned to be morphed into the Underwater materia and that Shake’s line is a remnant from this development phase.

The Highwind (FSHIP_4)

「あ、そうそう。 「あ、そうそう。 “Oh, yeah, yeah.
 チョコぼうは使ってますか?」  チョコぼうは使ってますか?」 Are you using Chocobos?”
「自分で育てたチョコボなら 「チョコボをつんで “I mean, just loading them up
 ハイウインドでいろいろな場所へ  どこかに運ぶだけなんですけどね」 and transporting them.”

Japanese Original Fan Translation
「自分で育てたチョコボなら If it’s a chocobo you raised yourself,
 ハイウインドでいろいろな場所へ you can transport it to all sorts
 運ぶことができますよ」 of places with the Highwind.
FFVII International Fan Translation
「チョコボをつんで Although you can only bring a chocobo
 どこかに運ぶだけなんですけどね」 onboard and transport it somewhere.

The script edit for FFVII International removes any possible confusion that the Highwind could take you anywhere, as the game only allows the ship to land on grassy areas.

It should also be noted that in JORG, the whole story behind how the Highwind crew rebelled and joined Cid is told in a single text entry. In JINT, it is divided up into four text entries.

Highwind, Chocobo Stable (FSHIP_5)

空のチョコぼう ハイウインド Highwind

The location name in FFVII International fits the localized versions, but the original name was different.

Japanese Original Fan Translation
空のチョコぼう Empty Chocobo Room

The location name doesn’t change when you move a chocobo here, which renders the area name false.

Icicle Lodge, Basement (SNINN_B1)

The English location name is “Icicle Inn Bar“. The Japanese location name doesn’t include the “Icicle Inn” part and has a typo in the first release.

バブ = Bub
パブ = Pub

Icicle Lodge, Mansion (SNMIN2)

「おっ、ちゃかりしてるなあ! 「おっ、ちゃっかりしてるなあ! “What nerve!
 もう地図をはがしてるんだな」  もう地図をはがしてるんだな」 You already tore down the map.”

The first row shows a spelling correction for JINT, where ‘chakari’ was changed to ‘chakkari’.

Under Junon (UJUNON1)

When Tifa is leader, speak to old woman.

If you speak to the old woman in Under Junon when tifa is leader, the NPC will count the number of Weapon monsters left after Sapphire Weapon’s assault. The number was changed post-JORG to fit the addition of Ruby Weapon and Emerald Weapon.

「ウェポンを見たときにゃ 「ウェポンを見たときにゃ “I almost passed out
 本当にコシがぬけてしまったよ」  本当にコシがぬけてしまったよ」 when I saw Weapon.”
「あのウェポンは倒されたようだけど 「あのウェポンは倒されたようだけど “It seems Weapon was beaten,
 神羅の兵士が、あと2匹  神羅の兵士が、あと4匹 but a Shinra soldier told me
 ウェポンがいると言っとったんじゃ」  ウェポンがいると言っとったんじゃ」 there are 4 more.”

Battle & Menus

The attack description for Choco/Mog was changed. Originally it was a Non-Elemental attack but for FFVII International the main “DeathBlow!!” summon was changed to be a Wind attack. The “Fat Chocobo” summon of the Choco/Mog Materia is still Non-Elemental.

敵全体に無属性ダメージ 敵全体に風属性ダメージ
Non-elemental damage to all enemies Wind-elemental damage to all enemies

Minigame Text


Only the Japanese Original had menus that were actually in Japanese. The language and font in FFVII International and the English releases are identical.



The Japanese Original held an error for when completing Course B with 100 points. Instead of the standard “Cool” ranking, the game picks the symbol for the top ranking in Time Attack. This was corrected for FFVII International.


For FFVII International, a new symbol was added for when getting 100 points on Course C. Its meaning is along the lines of “unattained even by freaks”, while the other standard rank in the original means something more like “unattained by people before you”. In other words this achievement gains a greater emhpasize in FFVII International.



If no buttons are pressed when starting the game, pre-logo credits will start rolling. When these end, the FFVII logo appears. Naturally the subtitle “International” is not present in JORG.


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