Final Fantasy XV chapter-by-chapter lore exposition and development, part 2

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Compiled by Glenn Morrow

CHAPTER 6 – A Way Forward
Beneath the Cape Caem Light in the south of Cleigne lies an underground harbor. It has long served the Lucian royalty, and even now, a vessel once owned by King Regis lies at anchor there. Following in his father’s footsteps, Noctis heads for the ship.

Several days later…

[Noctis leans on the rail of the balcony outside their hotel room; Gladio approaches]
Gladiolus: I can’t let her go it alone after everything that went down. It’ll be a squeeze in the car, but just for a while.

(as the royal retinue prepares to depart from the Leville in Lestallum and make for Cape Caem)
Ignis: Shall we, then?
Gladiolus: Yeah, I don’t wanna keep Cid and Cindy waiting. They’re fixin’ up the boat as we speak.
Ignis: We ought to thank them.
Gladiolus: Actually, Jared’s the one we oughta thank.
Prompto: Yeah… He really thought of everything.

[Noct and the others meet up with Iris at the Coernix Station in Lestallum, where she awaits them beside the Regalia]
Iris: Filled ‘er up for ya!
Gladiolus: Thanks.

(speaking with Iris)
Iris: Ready to roll?

[A prompt appears saying “Once you proceed, you will be unable to return for some time. Are you certain you wish to proceed?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

Noctis: Not yet. Sorry.
Aranea: Well, hurry it up.

Iris: Let’s get this show on the road!

(as Noct and the others pile into the car and set out from Lestallum with Iris)
Iris: Morning! Who’s ready to kick some ass?

(as Ignis drives the Regalia down the highway outside Lestallum)
Iris: Looking at the Regalia really reminds me of home.
Prompto: It sure doesn’t look like any of the cars you see around here.
Iris: And it’s a lot roomier, too! I can’t imagine trying to cram five people, including Gladdy, into one of those things. Have you ever ridden in one?
Noct: Can’t say we have.
Iris: There was barely enough room for our luggage! Thank goodness you guys could give me a lift.
Gladio: Think the others made it to Caem alright?
Ignis: I suppose we’ll find out when we get there.

(as the Rock of Ravatogh comes into view in the distance)
[Iris leans forward]
Iris: Whoa, check it out! See that? That’s the Rock of Ravatogh. I’m, like, ninety percent sure.
Gladio: Not a hundred?
Prompto: You almost know your stuff!
Iris: All thanks to Jared.

(as the royal retinue continues to make their way down the highway toward Cape Caem)
Prompto: I got some bad news, guys.

[An enormous winged ship flies overhead toward Fort Vaullery]
Gladiolus: Oh, great. Another flying fortress.
Ignis: Let’s pull over.
Iris: Noct…
Noctis: Relax. We’ve got this.

[The royal retinue soon comes upon Old Lestallum; Ignis pulls over and parks the Regalia in front of the motel]
Ignis: Taking matters into hand?
Noctis: Delivering justice for Jared.
Prompto: And for Talcott, too.
Gladiolus: Iris, I’ll need you to wait here.
Iris: Alright.
Ignis: Careful, Noct—only fools rush in. I suggest we review our intelligence and devise a plan.

*optional dialogue*

(speaking with Iris)
Iris: Oh, back so soon? Need a breather?

(speaking with Iris again)
Iris: You’re heading back out? Okay, good luck!

(speaking with Iris once more)
Iris: Be safe. I’ll be here waiting!

(overhearing an NPC at Old Lestallum)
Man: Scary to think that fortresses can fly.

(overhearing a conversation at Old Lestallum)
Man (1): Another Niff base’s cropped up—frickin’ eyesores.
Man (2): You’re worried about the view? I’m worried about the danger.


(on the trek to Fort Vaullery)
Noct: Surprised to see ’em this far out.
Prompto: Leave no plot of land unconquered.
Gladiolus: Those aren’t conquering numbers.
Ignis: Likely building a supply line it would behoove us to cut.

(on the trek to Fort Vaullery)
Prompto: Looks the same as before.
Ignis: Looks can be deceiving.
Gladiolus: We beat ’em once. They won’t make it easy this time.
Noct: And neither will we.

(on the trek to Fort Vaullery)
Prompto: You think Iris is doing alright?
Ignis: She is all alone.
Gladio: She’s a big girl. She’ll be fine.

(still on the way to the fort)
Prompto: Iris isn’t exactly a “bring ’em on” backstreet brawler, is she?
Gladio: She’s tough, but I’d feel better if we got this over with and got back on the road.

(upon reaching the observation level of the watchtower overlooking Fort Vaullery)
Noctis: So, what’s our plan?
Ignis: Find the base commander and take him into custody. Targeting metal men will yield little in the way of reconnaissance, but bones bend easily. We’ll split into two groups of two. Prompto and Gladio will generate a diversion.
Prompto: Aw, yeah—making a scene is what I do best.
Ignis: Noct, are you prepared?

[A prompt appears saying “Begin infiltration of Fort Vaullery?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(if the player selects “No”)
Prompto: …Aaaaaany time now.

(upon stepping back on the spot where the conversation began)
Ignis: Noct, are you prepared?

[The prompt asking “Begin infiltration of Fort Vaullery?’ appears again]

Fort Vaullerey casts an imposing shadow over the Lucian countryside, making it an ideal target for Noctis and company as they seek to avenge Jared’s death.

[An imperial officer is walking through the base escorted by an imperial trooper on either side]
Caligo: The insolence of that up-jumped mercenary… And there is still no word. This cannot be borne. Such behavior besmirches His Radiance’s good name.

[Noct and Ignis are hidden behind some military vehicles, watching]
Ignis: That’s our target. Let’s follow him. Seize him on my signal. Stay hidden ’til then.

(as they all make their way through the base)
Caligo: What is that chancellor playing at? I’m no man’s fool. He sent Highwind to watch me.

(further along)
Caligo: It’s no mere coincidence she and I meet wherever I go. Claims to “trust her as a person.” Hollow words from the mind behind the magitek movement.

(and even further along)
Caligo: I may have acted in haste with that impudent steward back in Lestallum, but my mission remains clear. And I’ll be damned if that mercenary gets her grubby hands on the prince before Caligo Ulldor.

(and even further yet)
[Ulldor comes to a stop before a magitek-powered gate and gives orders to the magitek troopers]
Caligo: I’ll give Highwind one last chance to respond. Stand guard here. If the commodore arrives, send her through.

[Ulldor continues on alone]
Ignis: Now’s your chance, Noct. Close in from behind. And remember: we need him alive.

[Noct warp-strikes into position behind Ulldor and hits him in the back of the head, knocking him to the ground, unconscious; Ignis approaches]
Ignis: You’re in fine form. Keep it up.

[An explosion suddenly rocks the base]
Ignis: Looks like they’ve set to work. I’ll escort him off the base. You regroup with the others.
Noctis: Guess it’s time to let loose.

[Noct fights his way through several magitek troopers and a magitek armor to regroup with Prompto and Gladio; the three continue wreaking havoc among the base’s personnel and equipment; once the fighting ends, Ignis rejoins them]
Ignis: Glad to see you lot were successful.
Noctis: Does that mean you weren’t?
Ignis: I placed our captive into the Hunters’ custody, but I’ve just been informed he’s fled. He lives to die another day.
Noctis: And I’ll gladly help him with that.

[As the four prepare to depart, an armored woman wielding a lance leaps down from a position high above to clash her weapon against Noct’s sword as he raises it in tme to lock weapons with her]
Aranea: Hey, pretty boy.

[She flips backward away from him, then takes up a fighting stance]
Aranea: Let’s see what you can do!

[Aranea begins battling Noctis and the other three all by herself]
Prompto: This doesn’t look too good.
Ignis: Quite the formidable foe, indeed.

[Aranea eventually leaps away from them to a high position]
Aranea: Aw, is it that time already?
Noctis: What time?
Aranea: Quittin’ time. Sorry, but this girl doesn’t work after hours. I could, but there wouldn’t be a single gil in it for me. We should play again sometime, pretty boy.

[She leaps out of sight]
Noctis: Who the hell was she?

*optional dialogue*

(overhearing a conversation in Old Lestallum after infiltrating Fort Vaullerey)
Woman: You hear about the attack on the imperial base?
Man: Oh, yeah. Whoever they were, I wanna buy ’em all a drink.
Woman: You can’t be serious! That kind of caper only makes things worse for all of us.

(overhearing another conversation in Old Lestallum)
Old Woman: Serves them Niffs right for buildin’ bases in folks’ backyards.
Old Man: They had it comin’ a mile away.
Old Woman: And I hope it keeps on comin’. What this country needs now is for its young’uns to retake their home.

(overhearing yet another conversation in Old Lestallum after the raid on Fort Vaullerey)
Man: Bloodthirsty brutes. That’s the Niffs.
Woman: What’s become of the boy?
Man: He’s left town—him and his people. But who wouldn’t, right?


(as the royal retinue heads out of Old Lestallum and resumes the journey toward Cape Caem)
Gladiolus: I coulda gone another round.
Ignis: Given her prowess, you should be glad you didn’t.
Prompto: Yeah, that Loqi guy was nothing compared to her.
Ignis: Though we may not have fared so well without the marshal.
Prompto: Think things would’ve gone differently if he were here now?
Gladiolus: She offered to play again. Maybe we’ll get the chance to find out.

(as the royal retinue nears Malmalam Thicket)
Prompto: Is it me, or is this place beggin’ to be explored?
Noctis: Never been one to turn down an invitation.
Ignis: If what they say about the Malmalam Thicket is true…
Gladiolus: Then we might just find what we’re looking for here.

[A prompt appears asking “Make a stop at the Malmalam Thicket?”; the player can choose “Yes” or “No”]

*optional dialogue*

[If the player selects “Yes” with regard to stopping at Malmalam Thicket, Ignis will begin driving down a path to the right of the main road]
Prompto: I don’t like the woods. Too many monsters.
Gladio: You kidding? What could be better than roughing it out here?
Prompto: A million other things could be better.

(when Ignis parks the car in the designated parking area for the Malmalam Thicket area)
Iris: We made it.

[Everyone gets out of the car]
Iris: Oh! While you guys were gone, I saw a chocobo run past—and it had a person on its back! Have you guys ever ridden one? I bet it’d be super fun!

[Prompto chuckles]
Prompto: Funny you should ask…
Ignis: Noct, call a bird for the lady.

[Note: This dialogue remains the same even if the player has not yet gained access to riding chocobos]

(while exploring with Iris)
Iris: So, Noct. What’re you gonna do when we get to Caem?
Noctis: Me? Get ready to go to Altissia, I guess.
Iris: Right. Can’t keep Lady Luna waiting.

(while exploring with Iris)
Gladio: Hey, what’s the matter, Iris?
Iris: Nothing! I’m having the time of my life out here on the road with you guys.
Noctis: Well, there you go.
Iris: It’s too bad things can’t stay this way forever, y’know? But hey—enjoy it while it lasts, right?

(upon arriving outside the entrance to Malmalam Thicket)
Gladio: You up for it?
Noctis: I’m down.

(upon entering)
Ignis: Step lightly in here.
Gladio: There’s no telling what’ll come crawling out of the woodwork.

(while exploring the forest)
Prompto: Wouldn’t wanna squish some slimy bug and ruin my nice kicks.

(while exploring the forest)
Prompto: Find anything rare or exotic yet?
Noctis: Slow down. We just got here.
Gladio: Y’know, if treasures were easy to find, they wouldn’t be rare.
Prompto: We’ll see about that.

(continuing down the path)
Prompto: That a…brook I hear babbling?
Gladio: A regular river, I’d say.
Noctis: Oh, think we have time to cast a line?
Prompto: Sorry, bud. Need to reel yourself in this time around.

(upon approaching the river and the nearby Kellebram Haven)
Prompto: Hey! I know those runes!
Gladiolus: It’s a sign. We should set up camp.
Noctis: You a fortune-teller now?
Ignis: We can rest up or move on. It’s your choice, Noct.

(when walking near the waterfall downstream from the haven)
Prompto: Don’t think we can go any further down without winding up at the bottom.
Ignis: Time to start moving upstream.
Prompto: Aw, man, my underwear’s soaked!
Noctis: I…really hope that’s from the river.
Ignis: Weighed down a wee bit.

(as the royal retinue makes their way upstream)
Ignis: Take care the current doesn’t carry you away.
Prompto: I’m not sure my footwear is up to this!
Gladio: Don’t let yourself get pulled in.

(when they walk near the waterfall that flows into the river)
Noctis: Ah! Cold! Cold!
Prompto: Freezing cold!
Gladio: You oughta stand under that waterfall and let it toughen you up a little.
Prompto: I don’t think that would be good for my camera. Or me.

(upon taking the path leading through a crevice of the rock wall beside the waterfall)
Noctis: Just keeps going on from here.
Gladio: Then we keep going, too.

(as Noct and the others make their way through the narrow path)
Prompto: This place is…cozy.
Gladio: Well, I wouldn’t get too comfy if I were you.
Ignis: Right. We’re not out of the woods yet.

[Soon after, they exit from the crevice into a clearing of the woods]
Prompto: Man, am I glad to be out of there.
Gladio: Don’t speak too soon.

[Prompto becomes aware of the large bandersnatch creature coming toward them; a royal tomb can be seen behind it]
Prompto: Not so glad anymore.
Noctis: Not surprised either.
Gladio: It’s what we came for.
Ignis: Let’s have it!

(after killing the bandersnatch)
Ignis: Noct, you might want to see this.
Prompto: Score! It’s all about that treasure.

[Noct and the others enter the royal tomb, where he acquires the Scepter of the Pious]
Gladio: Feels good to get it done.
Prompto: Yeah! Almost makes up for the soaked socks and bug bites.


(back on the road to Cape Caem)
Iris: Are you guys excited to visit Altissia or what?
Noct: I guess.
Iris: I’m so jealous!
Gladio: We’re not going on vacation.
Iris: Oh, yeah. You’re right.
Ignis: Iris?
Prompto: Something wrong?
Iris: What? No, I’m fine. I-I’m not jealous. I just…had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys. But that’ll all be in the past once we hit Caem.
Gladio: What’re you talking about?
Prompto: We can hang out anytime! Right?
Noctis: Yeah.

(further down the road to Cape Caem)
Gladio: Let’s pull over for a sec.
Iris: How come?
Gladio: Gotta give the driver a break every now and then.
Ignis: If you say so.
Prompto: Wonder why no one ever thought of that before?
Noct: Because no one ever had a little sister along for the ride.

[Ignis pulls over at the Leirity Seaside Parking Spot]

[A prompt appears asking “Pull over at Leirity Seaside?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(overhearing a conversation at Leirity Seaside)
Woman (1): Sounds like Lady Lunafreya is staying in Altissia.
Woman (2): Is it safe for her there? I mean, Accordo is imperial territory.

(overhearing another conversation at Leirity Seaside)
Man (1): Heard about the imperial base?
Man (2): Yeah, some Lucians went in and raised hell.
Man (1): They raised hell, alright. Put the base commander in the hospital.

(after passing Leirity Seaside)
Iris: Smells like there’s…salt in the air.
Ignis: Sea breeze—we’re on the water.
Iris: Wow, it’s beautiful!
Ignis: Picture-perfect.

(as the royal retinue nears Cape Caem)
Iris: Wow! Look at that bridge up ahead!
Gladio: Hmph. Some piece of work right there.
Ignis: The rivers run wide out here, so the bridges run long.
Iris: Guess I’ll see it when we cross.

[Iris is quiet for a few seconds]
Iris: Wanna get a closer look?
Noctis: At what?

[Ignis brings the car to a stop by some stairs on the other side of the bridge]

[A prompt appears asking “Make a stop at Spelcray Haven?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(as the royal retinue passes through the tunnel on the other side of the bridge)
Iris: So, you’re the one doing all the cooking?
Ignis: More or less.
Iris: Gladdy, don’t you help? Noct?
Noctis: Eh, on occasion.
Ignis: What occasion?
Prompto: I do my part! I always set the table.
Iris: That’s some arrangement you guys have there.

(as the royal retinue comes out the other side of the tunnel, the parking area for Cape Caem comes into view)
Gladiolus: This the place?
Iris: Sure is! Thanks for the lift, Ignis.
Ignis: My pleasure.
Prompto: Can’t wait to see my buddy Talcott!

[Ignis pulls in and parks; Cindy’s tow truck is also here]

(along the path up to the lighthouse at Cape Caem)
Gladiolus: Whoa. Pretty impressive lighthouse.
Prompto: What say we head on up?
Ignis: Ought to be a nice view, if a bit blustery.

[Noct and the others run into Cindy, who is waiting for them along the path]
Gladiolus: What’s up?
Cindy: Knew it was y’all! Recognize the purr of that engine anywhere!
Prompto: Whew! You know your stuff.

(when speaking to Cindy again)

[A prompt appears asking “Part with Iris’s company?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(once the player has selected “Yes”)
Iris: Thanks for the ride. It was fun!

[Iris continues on up the path quickly while the others walk more slowly, continuing to talk to Cindy]
Noctis: How’s the boat?
Cindy: Paw-paw’s tinkerin’ away. Reckon he’ll be tinkerin’ for some time.
Ignis: Trouble at sea?
Cindy: Seen her share, by the looks of her. Some parts we can fix, others need replacin’.
Gladiolus: Huh, an overhaul.
Cindy: Don’t y’all worry. Paw-paw ain’t goin’ nowhere ’til the job’s done. Parts won’t fetch ’emselves, though. Was kinda hopin’ y’all wouldn’t mind helpin’ out with that?
Ignis: We’re at your disposal.
Cindy: To tell the truth, we already got a couple hands on deck: Dustin an’ Monica.
Ignis: You can depend on the Crownsguard.
Cindy: Trouble is, they ain’t had much like findin’ a certain somethin’ by the name of “mythril.” Apparently the stuff’s hard to come by around these parts, least accordin’ to the little fella from the city.
Prompto: Talcott?
Cindy: You betcha! Sharp as a tack, that one. Could tell y’all more about the stuff’n I could.
Noctis: We’ll be sure to ask.

(speaking to Cindy when she comes to a stop at the top of the path)
Cindy: Paw-paw’s down on the dock. Now, if y’all’d excuse me, I’m gonna grab my tools and skedaddle. Got a garage to look after.

[The screen briefly fades to black; when it fades back in, Cindy has left and Talcott begins shouting from the porch of the nearby house]
Talcott: Prince Noctis! Hey! Our house is over here! Right this way!

*optional dialogue*

(when visiting Jared’s grave at Cape Caem)
Jared Hester
Gallant steward and loving grandfather
Noctis: I’m sorry… Thanks for everything.

Crownsguard x 1

(speaking with Iris at the porch before speaking with Talcott)
Iris: We’ve decided to start living here—pretty recently, too, which is why it’s so empty.


(speaking with Talcott at the porch)
Talcott: I think Miss Cindy might’ve told you already, but she needs a very special kind of ore called mythril to fix the boat. Remember the waterfall? I read in Grandpa’s notebook there’s some ruins near a lake just north of there. It said you’ll find mythril inside!

(speaking with Iris at the porch)
Iris: About that lake: preeetty sure he was talking about the Vesperpool. I asked Monica to look into it, and she told me the road leading there’s under imperial lockdown. You’ll want to be prepared for anything. So, how’s that coming along?

[A prompt appears saying “Once you proceed, you will be unable to return for some time. Are you certain you wish to proceed?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(once the player has selected “Yes”)
Gladiolus: Yeah, just…give us a second.
Iris: Uh, okay? I’ll be inside, then.

[Iris goes inside]
Gladiolus: So yeah, gonna have to ask you to handle this boat business without me.
Prompto: Say wha?
Gladiolus: Got some business of my own to deal with.
Noctis: (Sounds like he wants to fly solo for a bit…)

[A prompt appears asking the player to select — depending on the version update — from either “Let him go,” “Ask how long” and “Defer to Ignis”; or “Wish him well,” “Hold him back” and “Ask my friends”]

Let him go/Wish him well
Noctis: Do your thing. Not like we could stop you anyway.
Gladio: You know me too well. See ya ’round, guys.

Earned 600 EXP.

Ask how long/Hold him back
Noctis: Gonna be long?
Gladiolus: Not long enough for you to miss me.

Earned 2 AP.

Defer to Ignis/Ask my friends
Ignis: A solo venture?
Gladiolus: Just a little hike to help me clear my head.

Ignis earned 1,500 EXP.

Gladiolus left the party.

CHAPTER 7 – Party of Three
To repair King Regis’s old ship, Noctis and company require that rarest of ores—mythril. With only a vague clue to guide them, they head for empire-held ruins situated in the north of Cleigne.

Several days later…

[Noctis is driving the Regalia with Prompto in the passenger seat and Ignis in the back]
Ignis: The waterfall cave was right around here.
Prompto: That means the lake should be somewhere north of here.
Ignis: Be wary, though—where we go, the empire seems to follow.

[They pull up to a tunnel whose gate had previously been locked; it opens and allows them passage]
Prompto: Wait—what happened to “under imperial lockdown”?
Ignis: They all but turned the key and left the gates open for us—as if awaiting our arrival.
Prompto: And if anyone’s waiting for us, I bet it’s that guy.
Ignis: Chancellor Izunia.
Noctis: Can’t complain as long as he lets us in.
Ignis: Who’s to say he’ll let us out? Not to mention we’re a man down. Would that the marshal were with us.
Prompto: Oh, yeah. Whatever happened to that guy?
Ignis: As I understand it, he’s put his tomb raiding on hold to help the Hunters take care of some troublesome beasts.
Noctis: No rest for “the immortal.”

[They suddenly come upon an imperial blockade consisting of an MA Veles magitek armor and some imperial troopers]
Noctis: No way through.

[They get out of the car]
Ignis: We must be doubly cautious.
Noct: Right. No Gladio, no room for error.

[After defeating the enemies in the blockade, they return to the car and set out once more]
Noct: I could get used to havin’ all this room back here.
Prompto: I’ll let the big guy know you said so.

[Noct and the others eventually park the Regalia near the Vesperpool and head into the nearby swampland in search of the ruins they heard about; as they come near the ruins, they find Ardyn waiting for them]
Ardyn: Gentlemen, what a pleasant surprise.
Prompto: Ugh! Told you he’d be waiting!
Ardyn: With my imperial friends, no less.
Ignis: Splendid.
Ardyn: But fear not—I’ll put in a good word. Well, come along, then.

[Ardyn turns and begins walking toward the ruins]
Ardyn: Don’t stray too far, lest you get left behind. And surely you’d rather avoid unnecessary scuffles, seeing as you’re now a trio. Oh, dear. Touchy subject?
Ignis: One we won’t discuss with you.
Ardyn: Then let’s discuss why you’re here. Hmm…. It can’t be archaeology… Mythril, perhaps?
Prompto: This guy’s reading our thoughts!
Ardyn: Mythril—it’s a precious resource. We can’t just let anyone get their hands on it.
Noctis: But you’ll help us get ours on it, right?
Ardyn: I never said that!
Prompto: Of course you didn’t.
Ardyn: Where is the fun in that? I thought you’d rather dig it up yourselves.

[Outside the ruins, Aranea stands in wait with previously unseen imperial officers standing on either side of her; Ardyn turns to Noct and the others]
Ardyn: Fear not—I’ll be but a moment.

[Ardyn walks over to Aranea and begins to speak with her]
Prompto: A moment doing what?
Noct: Beats me.

[Ardyn suddenly calls out to them]
Ardyn: All clear! Go ahead.

[Ardyn walks a few feet back toward Noct and his friends]

*optional dialogue*

(speaking with Ardyn again)
Ardyn: Alas, the ever-wary military—they’ll not abide visitors left unattended. I must prevail upon you to accept an escort. I’ve seen to everything.

(speaking with Ardyn once more)
Ardyn: Oh, did I ever tell you I’m the chancellor?
Noctis: We knew that.
Ardyn: But did you know the army and I are unaffiliated?
Prompto: Wha—?
Ardyn: It’s true. I have no authority whatsoever. But what I lack in authority, I make up for in friends.


(speaking with Aranea)
Aranea: So, you’re the “new recruits” they sent over for “special training.” Nice cover, runaway prince.

[A prompt appears to select either “Remain silent” or “Ask my friends”]

Remain silent
Noctis: …
Aranea: At ease, “recruits.” There’s nothing in it for this ex-mercenary to turn you in.

Earned 2 AP.

Ask my friends
Prompto: Thanks.
Noct: Oh, c’mon!
Aranea: At ease, “recruits.” There’s nothing in it for this ex-mercenary to turn you in.

Prompto and Ignis earned 1,500 EXP.

Aranea: Let’s get this show on the road.
Prompto: “Show”?
Aranea: Forgot about your “training”? Well, I’m being paid to escort you… Just watch yourselves in there.

Aranea joined the party.
Some features will be unavailable while she is with you.

Ardyn: I trust you’ll be civil. Commodore Aranea Highwind, I leave them to you.

[The screen briefly fades to black; when it fades back in, Aranea is now wearing her battle helmet]
Aranea: Search until sundown. It won’t do you any good. If you’re lookin’ to get inside, you’re gonna have to wait.

*optional dialogue*

(speaking to the imperial officer who had been standing on Aranea’s right before nightfall)
[A prompt appears asking “Wait until nightfall?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(following making either selection)
Aranea: Hold down the fort.
Biggs: You got it, Lady A!

(speaking to the imperial officer who had been standing on Aranea’s right after nightfall)
Aranea: Hold down the fort.
Biggs: You got it, Lady A!

(speaking to the imperial officer who had been standing on Aranea’s left before nightfall)
[A prompt appears asking “Wait until nightfall?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(following making either selection)
Aranea: Hold down the fort.
Wedge: We will.

(speaking to the imperial officer who had been standing on Aranea’s left after nightfall)
Aranea: Hold down the fort.
Wedge: We will.

(while exploring with Aranea outside Steyliff Grove)
Noctis: Are we gonna head back inside or what?
Aranea: Only fools rush in, “Your Majesty.” Make sure you’re ready first.

(while exploring with Aranea outside Steyliff Grove)
Aranea: Hey, Blondie. You sure you and I haven’t met somewhere before?
Prompto: Well, it definitely couldn’t have been in Niflheim ’cause I’ve lived my whole life in Lucis and all.
[Prompto chuckles nervously]
Prompto: Wait a sec—are you flirting with me?
Aranea: Nope. But I guess you’re right. Probably just my imagination.

(making camp at Capitis Haven with Aranea)
Ignis: Are there any ingredients you’d rather I avoid using?
Aranea: Awww, well, aren’t you considerate? I’m good with anything. Surprise me, Four-Eyes.

(after camping with Aranea)
Aranea: Hey, Four-Eyes—you’re a pretty good cook.
Ignis: I take it you enjoyed your supper, then?
Aranea: I did. Whaddaya say to cooking for us? My men and I could use a personal chef.
Noctis: Get your own. This one’s mind. I’ve got him on royal retainer.
Ignis: And yet I haven’t seen a gil.


(as Noct, Ignis, Prompto and Aranea make their way into the ruins by the Vesperpool)
Prompto: What kind of place was this? Any idea, Ignis?
Ignis: None.
Prompto: Gee, I wonder what happened to the locals.
Aranea: Why not head inside and look for ’em?

(walking around the ruins during the day)
Noctis: Not seein’ a way in.
Ignis: Not at this time of day, at least.
Prompto: There’s a way in. I can smell it.
Aranea: The empire sniffed it out ages ago. Wait ’til nightfall, shortcake.

(as the sun sinks low enough for the entrance to reveal itself)
Prompto: Guys, look!
Noctis: Some kind of light.
Ignis: The entrance?
Prompto: What else could it be?
Aranea: Bingo.

(as the group makes their way into the entrance to Steyliff Grove after nightfall)
Noctis: It’s open.
Prompto: As good as an invite!
Aranea: Then let’s take it.

(just after they enter)
Prompto: Didn’t I tell you? Knew there was something not quite right. Gotta follow your gut sometimes.
Aranea: Yeah, we’d be lost without you.

(coming to the long staircase leading into the ruins)
Prompto: Let’s do it!
Noctis: Aren’t we eager?

(while descending the long staircase leading into the ruins)
Prompto: Those guys your friends or something?
Ignis: You appeared to be on good terms.
Aranea: Who—Biggs and Wedge? They’re more “subordinates” than they are “friends,” but I trust ’em all the same.

(while still descending the long staircase)
Prompto: Man, how far does this go?
Ignis: Yet a ways still.

(at the bottom of the long stairway leading into the ruins)
Prompto: Finally… I thought it’d never end. The people here, they must have been fit.

(upon entering the first room at the foot of the staircase)
Prompto: Huh? Er…who left the lights on? Maybe the owners are still home?
Noctis: No.
Aranea: I doubt we can expect a warm welcome.
Ignis: Indeed. Stay sharp.
Prompto: You think it’s an ambush?
Ignis: Perhaps.
Prompto: Yeah… Anybody know if there’s a bathroom around here?

(while investigating an empty room near the entrance)
Ignis: Nothing of note here.
Prompto: Just a load of nothing.

(as Prompto runs ahead to investigate a room off to the side of a hall)
Prompto: Man, all these rooms.
Noctis: Hey, don’t wander off.

(while exploring the ruins)
Ignis: This place has seen better days.
Prompto: So basically, it could fall on our heads without warning?
Aranea: Yeah, so watch your step.

(finishing up a random battle)
Aranea: Mind if I finish this one off?
Ignis: No, but I’m loath to make a lady bloody her own hands.
Aranea: Little late for that.

(as the group makes their way into the large, open central area of Steyliff Grove)
Ignis: Beautiful beyond words…
Aranea: That is pretty neat.
Prompto: Look up!
Aranea: Whoa—If that’s the water’s surface…
Prompto: Wait, what? Does this mean we’re underwater? Whoa. There’s even fish.
Noctis: The hell is this place?
Ignis: Can we truly be submerged?
Prompto: It does seem harder to breathe.
Noctis: Like seeing a dream.
Prompto: Gladio is seriously missing out.
Noctis: Probably not his thing.
Ignis: Now, now, you can never tell.

(while exploring the ruins)
Prompto: Huh. Something bothers me about this spot.
Noctis: What is it?
Prompto: Have we been this way?
Ignis: Something overlooked?
Prompto: Not a hundred percent sure…

(after the group comes to a narrow ledge and Noctis begins to make his way across)
Prompto: Can I just—
Noctis: It’ll hold you.
Ignis: Famous last words.

(as Noct and the others encounter daemons within the ruins)
Aranea: Daemons. ‘Til death do us part.
Ignis: Practicing your vows?
Aranea: The army swore their oaths a long time ago.

(while making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Ignis: What does the empire seek here?
Aranea: Specimens—and we’re stuck harvesting them.
Prompto: Specimens?
Aranea: Daemons.

(while making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Prompto: So what’s all this about the army and daemons?
Aranea: What do you think it is?
Prompto: Nice! I love guessing games!

(still making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Aranea: Turns out the empire makes weapons out of them.
Prompto: “Weapons”?
Aranea: Yeah. I’m sure you’ve seen your share by now.

(still making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Aranea: Something not quite right with the empire lately.
Noctis: It’s not just lately.
Aranea: True. Maybe it’s time I left.
Prompto: Really?

(still making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Prompto: What would you do if you left the army?
Aranea: Whatever I want. I was a mercenary once. Maybe I’ll round up my men and hunt daemons for cash?
Prompto: That’s a…heck of a plan.

(and still making their way through Steyliff Grove)
Ignis: What about the empire strikes you as “not quite right”?
Aranea: The emperor and new high commander, for starters. Then there’s that charmer of a chancellor. I really can’t stand that guy.

(while walking across a stone bridge)
Prompto: Is it safe?
Noctis: Not everything’s gonna—

[A section of bridge collapses]
Noctis: Whoa…
Prompto: What!? Did something collapse!?

[A different section of bridge collapses with Noct and the others standing on it]
Noct: Shit!

(while still making their way through the ruins)
Prompto: You smell that?
Noctis: Smell what?
Prompto: Treasure. The nose knows, dude.
Noctis: Now that you mention it…
Ignis: Let’s not forget our purpose here.

[While crossing another stone bridge, an Iron Giant suddenly manifests]
Prompto: Saw that comin’!
Aranea: To arms!

[The Iron Giant smashes its fist into the bridge, causing it to crumble and sending Noct and the others to the level below; the Iron Giant begins to manifest once more, along with other daemons]
Prompto: Here comes the big one!
Ignis: Right on cue.
Prompto: And it’s got friends!
Aranea: Livelier by the second. C’mon then!

[After defeating the Iron Giant and other daemons, the stonework of the shattered bridge floats into the air and seemingly begins putting itself back together]
Noctis: Huh? What the—?

(upon coming to a staircase leading upward)
Prompto: Never too many stairs! I got a bad feeling about this.

[Prompto begins singing]
Prompto: Stairs they go on,
Forever they go on,
On and on and on
Noctis: He’s gone.

[While exploring deeper in the ruins, Noct and the others can see that they have a couple of ways to proceed]
Prompto: It’s a crossroads.
Aranea: Which way?
Noct: Whichever way leads to the treasure.
Ignis: If only we knew that…
Prompto: Welp, guess we bumble on.
Ignis: Keep the bumbling to a minimum.

(after fighting some daemons)
Aranea: These bastards keep gettin’ stronger.
Prompto: You don’t say.
Aranea: Gotta nip the danger in the bud, The empire’s no exception.
Prompto: Yeah, right on. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

(after a random battle)
Prompto: Where would you guys be without me?
Aranea: Not too shabby.

(arriving at the bottom of the ruins)
Prompto: Ooh, spacious. There’s sooo gonna be a big nasty here.
Aranea: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

[The Quetzalcoatl emerges, swoops down, and begins attacking]

(upon killing the Quetzalcoatl and claiming the mythril Noct and the others came for)
Ignis: That concludes our business here.
Prompto: Say, Commodore.
Aranea: Aranea.
Prompto: You said the empire uses daemons to make “weapons”?
Aranea: Listen—you’ve seen magitek troopers, right?
Noctis: MTs.
Aranea: They’re born from daemons, in a lab.
Prompto: “Born from daemons”…
Aranea: Darkness is coming. If I were you, I’d watch my princely ass. Uh—”kingly” ass.
Noctis: Will do.

(upon returning to the world above)
Aranea: Congrats. That concludes your “training.” You’ve still got a hard path ahead, but don’t let anyone tell you how to walk it.
Ignis: You may have been hired under false pretenses, but your assistance was invaluable all the same.
Aranea: Hmph. Tell me something I don’t know. You can spare the pleasantries.
Ignis: Take care walking your path, Aranea.
Aranea: Oh, right. Thanks—I will. And I’ll “train” you some more if our paths cross again. Oh, and before I forget—His Excellency instructed me to give you boys a ride back. If you need a lift, feel free to hop on.

[Aranea walks off; Ignis pulls out his phone and checks it]
Prompto: Well, glad that’s over with!
Ignis: Noct, I have just received word from Cindy.
Noctis: And?
Ignis: We’re to return to Lestallum. Her friend works as an engineer at the power plant. She’ll take care of the mythril.
Prompto: And that’ll take care of our boat problem!
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “Uh-huh. And that’ll take care of our boat problem!”]
Ignis: Once you’re rested and ready, I suggest we hasten back to Lestallum. Make sure you’re prepared.
Prompto: Shame to say goodbye to such a nice fishing spot. Wanna see what’s biting before we bail?

(speaking with Aranea again)
Aranea: You’re headed to Lestallum, right? I’ll take you there, but no further.
Noctis: Got it.
Aranea: So, ready to ship out?

[A prompt appears saying “Once you proceed, you will be unable to return for some time. Are you certain you wish to continue?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

Noctis: Not yet. Sorry.
Aranea: Well, hurry it up.

Noctis: You bet. Let’s fly.
Aranea: Hold on tight, boys.

[Prompto comments on Aranea’s personal drop ship, which has been hovering overhead]
Prompto: Look at that!
Ignis: A red ship.

CHAPTER 8 – Seaworthy
With the help of Imperial Commodore Aranea Highwind, the makeshift miners hit pay dirt—only to learn raw ore won’t suffice. Cindy refers them to Holly, an engineer in Lestallum who knows how to treat mythril.

[The screen is black; Aranea’s voice cuts in]
Aranea: Rise and shine, Prince Charming. We’re here.

[Noct awakens and stands; he, Ignis, Prompto and Aranea are in the cargo hold of Aranea’s drop ship along with the Regalia; the drop ship’s door opens on a night time view of the EXINERIS Power Plant in Lestallum]
Aranea: Sounds like a spot of trouble’s popped up at the power plant. Wish I could help, but I’m powerless to do anything I’m not ordered to. I’ll leave the keeping of the peace to you.
Ignis: Of course.
Prompto: We got this.
Aranea: Good luck, boys.

Several hours later…

[The scene opens on Prompto and Ignis standing with the engineer Holly outside the gate to the bridge leading into the power plant; Noctis is inside the gate wearing a safety suit]
Prompto: Lovin’ that outfit, Noct!
Noctis: Why don’t you wear one?
Ignis: Well, that’s the only one. And if anyone stands a fighting chance in there, it’s you. Forget about fashion and go.

*optional dialogue*

(if Noctis steps back toward the gate)
Ignis: We’ll be waiting at the entrance.
Prompto: If any daemons escape, we’ll get ’em!


(as Noctis proceeds on toward the power plant)
Holly: Testing! Do you read me? Just wanted to thank you for offering to clear out those daemons! That’ll give me time to treat this mythril for you. There’s a hunter who went in right ahead of you. I imagine there’re too many for one to handle… …but two of you should be fine! And a little heads-up: we’re getting some unstable readings from the generators inside. Too much power and the whole place could blow, so be quick!
Noct: Will do.

[Note: If Noct didn’t step back toward the gate before proceeding across the bridge, at this point, Ignis and Noct will say their respective “We’ll be waiting at the entrance” and “If any daemons escape, we’ll get ’em” lines that were optional a moment earlier]

(on the other side of the bridge, near the entrance)
[The Hunter Holly spoke of is standing here waiting in another safety suit]
Hunter: So, you my backup?
Noct: I thought we were partners.
Hunter: Anyway, place is crawling with daemons.
Noct: Wait a sec. You sound familiar.

[The Hunter heads on over to the entrance]
Hunter: Save the talk. We got hunting to do. Now, if we’re done with the introductions, follow me.

[Noct follows him and the two head inside; once there, they take notice of several daemons along catwalks]
Hunter: There they are. You ready to rumble?

[The Hunter conjures Gladio’s sword]
Noct: Oh, yeah.

(as the two battle the daemons)
Hunter: Some pretty fancy moves you’ve got there. Reminds me of a certain king I know.
Noct: Fancy that. Not too shabby yourself. You’d make a good sparring partner.
Hunter: You think so?

[Holly addresses them over the comm link]
Holly: Red alert, you two! We’re detecting a major power surge. She’s gonna blow! Abort the mission and get outta there!
Hunter: I ain’t one to leave unfinished business. Can’t speak for him, though.
Noct: Then allow me: “I got this.”
Hunter: Well, how ’bout you prove it?
Noct: Gladly!

(after the two of them kill all the daemons)
Noct: That all of ’em?
Hunter: Think so.
Noct: Nice job. You didn’t disappoint.
Hunter: When have I ever?
Noct: Keep it up.
Hunter: Will do. Now, let’s scram.

(back across the bridge)
Holly: Great work in there! As promised, here’s your mythril. And thank you for your hard work.
Gladio: Sure.
Prompto: Hey, big guy!
Ignis: So the “hunter” who went on ahead—
Gladio: The one and only. How ya been, fellas?
Prompto: Not bad. Whoa…someone did a number on you, though.
Gladio: You should see the other guy. Anyway, I’m back and better than ever.

[Iris and Dustin suddenly arrive]
Iris: Noct? Gladdy!? I can’t believe it!
Gladio: Hey. Thanks for looking after her, Dustin.
Iris: So, Gladdy, did you apologize to Noct for storming off like that?
Noct: He made it up to me in there.
Iris: The power plant? Oh, so you got your hands on some mythril! In that case, I’ll go deliver it to Cid. You’ll probably want to freshen up first anyway. Come and meet me in Caem when you’re ready!

*optional dialogue*

(speaking with Holly before walking away)
Holly: You guys don’t owe me a gil! Cindy offered to take me out as thanks.

(speaking with Holly again before leaving)
Holly: Tell Cindy to give me a call!

(while exploring after reuniting with Gladio)
Noctis: Finally ready to set sail.
Prompto: Altissia, baby. Big city, here we come!

(while exploring after reuniting with Gladio)
Gladiolus: Anything happen while I was gone?
Noct: Yeah. The car got roomier.
Gladiolus: Smart-ass.

(beginning the “A Need for Noodles”/”The Perfect Cup” quest when walking near the main thoroughfare in Lestallum)
Gladio: Hey, do you think we could swing by the Cup Noodles shop for a sec?
Prompto: I like Cup Noodles as much as anyone, but I think you might like them a little too much, big guy.
Gladio: There’s nothin’ else like ’em. They’re easy to make whenever you’ve got a craving—and they’re delicious to boot. I’ll never forget my first time.
Prompto: Must have been real eye-opening after all the fine dining you did before that.

[Upon approaching the Cup Noodles shop and activating the quest marker, Gladio will grab Noct’s shoulder to get his attention]
Gladio: Somethin’ dawned on me when I was on my own: any food you make tastes better when you use good ingredients, right? Then, if you take something already delicious like Cup Noodles and add in the finest, freshest ingredients, what do you get? The ultimate flavor experience! So I ask you, Noct: what’s your favorite ingredient?

[A prompt appears to select either “Meat,” “Egg,” or “Shrimp”]

Gladio: That’s what I’m talkin’ about. Minced meat is the key to every perfect cup of noodles. But why stop there? I say we outdo the ordinary. Find ourselves some REAL good meat that’ll surpass perfection! All that’s left is to make our noodle dream a reality. First up, the ingredients.
Noctis: Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say.

(quest description for “The Perfect Cup” when selecting “Meat”)
A huge fan of Cup Noodles, Gladiolus hungers to craft the ultimate cup using only the finest ingredients. In order to sate his urge, he enlists Noctis’s help in retrieving a slab of behemoth meat from the king of beasts himself.

(after speaking with the local tipster to get info on where to find a behemoth, and walking away)
Gladio: With all that muscle, behemoth meat’s gotta have a good texture. Can’t say I’ve ever eaten it before, though.
Noctis: Usually the behemoth’s the one doing the eating.
Prompto: I just hope we’re not next on the menu. Those tipsters know everything. You ask ’em a question and they always got the answer.
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “You ask them a question, they always got the answer”]
Ignis: Their knowledge is impressive as is the freedom with which they share it with others.
[Note: Despite the obvious need for punctuation here between “impressive” and “as,” this is how the line appears in-game]
Gladio: Let’s move, before someone else in the know beats us to the punch.

(upon locating the rogue behemoth)
Noctis: Are you kidding me?
Gladio: According to our tipster, this is the place.

(after killing the rogue behemoth)
Gladio: Oh yeah. That’s a good cut of meat. Can’t wait to slap this baby on the grill.

Behemoth Round x 1

Noctis: Yeah, but good luck eating it.
Gladio: What are we waiting for? Let’s get to camp and get cooking.

Gladio: A lot of places will serve you a hard-boiled egg with your noodles, but when it comes to Cup Noodles, I say if your egg ain’t scrambled, you’re doin’ it wrong. It’s a subtle difference most people overlook, but not you. You get it. All that’s left is to make our noodle dream a reality. First up, the ingredients.
Noctis: Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say.

(quest description for “The Perfect Cup” when selecting “Egg”)
A huge fan of Cup Noodles, Gladiolus hungers to craft the ultimate cup using only the finest ingredients. In order to sate his urge, he enlists Noctis’s help in retrieving an enormous egg from the zu’s nest atop the Rock of Ravatogh.

(upon arrival at the zu’s nest)
Ignis: Our goal is to get the egg and escape. Speed is imperative.
Gladio: Mama bird won’t leave the nest unattended for long.

(after activating the “Pick up” marker at one of the eggs)
Gladio: I say, we take back the biggest one.
Prompto: I can’t carry that thing!
Ignis: Something portable perhaps?

Glimmering Zu Egg x 1

(after acquiring the zu egg and walking away)
Prompto: Sure hope we don’t have an egg-cident on our way back.
Gladio: You break the egg, I break you.

Gladio: Solid choice! After all, the shrimp they use in Cup Noodles was selected from over sixty varieties for their flavor and their shape. It’s perfect, and some say you can’t top that, but I say you never know if you never try.All that’s left is to make our noodle dream a reality. First up, the ingredients.
Noctis: Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say.

(quest description for “The Perfect Cup” when selecting “Shrimp”)
A huge fan of Cup Noodles, Gladiolus hungers to craft the ultimate cup using only the finest ingredients. In order to sate his urge, he enlists Noctis’s help in retrieving a crustacean carapace from the gigantic karlabos.

(upon locating the rogue karlabos)
Gladio: According to our tipster, this is the place.

(after killing the rogue karlabos)
Ignis: Would that I could boil it, shell and all, but I’m afraid it’s too big in its current state.

Karlabos Carapace x 1

Gladio: Then let’s chop it up and enjoy it while it’s fresh. What are we waiting for? Let’s get to camp and get cooking.

(completing “The Perfect Cup” by camping at Entethina Haven for “Meat,” Lambath Haven for “Egg,” or Spelcray Haven for “Shrimp”)
Gladio: You know something? Going through all that trouble to make our own custom cup, it’s made me appreciate Cup Noodles even more.
Ignis: Perhaps we truly can’t improve upon perfection.
Gladio: It’s not about finding the single best ingrdient. It’s about crafting that perfect blend of meat, egg, and shrimp. That harmony of flavors is key.
Prompto: Yeah, you’re right. Makes you appreciate how delicious these noodles really are.
Noctis: I know I sure do.

(upon entering, then attempting to leave the Zu’s nest atop the Rock of Ravatogh after completing “The Perfect Cup” and accepting the “Feathered Giant of the Firesmoke” hunt)
[Prompto dives after Noctis, grabs him by the ankle, and begins trying to pull him to the ground]
Prompto: Noct, there it is!
Noctis: There what is?
Prompto: Giant…BIRD!!!

[The enormous zu comes flying into view]
Prompto: And it’s coming right at us!

[The zu begins a dive toward them]
Noctis: Oh no!
Gladiolus: Get away from there!
Noctis: Let go!
Prompto: I caaan’t!

[Noctis tries to get up]
Ignis: Get down!

[Ignis dives toward the ground, pushing Noct down along with him; the zu flexes its talons at where they had been an instant prior, but misses them; the zu flies back up in the air and begins circling back around]
Ignis: Seems we arrived at feeding time.
Prompto: We’re not staying for the meal, are we?
Gladio: And it’s circling for another peck!
Noct: We might not have a choice.
Prompto: How do you even fight something this big?
Gladio: Looks like it’s either him or us.
Noct: Could try it and find out?
Prompto: I think I already know how that’s gonna end.
Noct: This is gonna take a while.
Gladio: What, you worried?
Noct: You wish.

[Noct and his retinue fight and defeat the zu]

(coming across Iris near the outlook in Lestallum)
[Iris faces Noct with her hands behind her back]
Iris: So, remember how I picked something up at the market the other day?
Noct. Ah… I think so?

[Iris pulls a large moogle plush doll out from behind her back]
Iris: Well, this is for you.
Noct: What…is it?
Iris: You put your life on the line everyday, so I wanted you to have a little insurance—a lucky charm. It’s called a “moogle.” This one’s gonna look for all you guys!

[Iris shoves the moogle into Noctis’s hands]
Iris: Keep him by your side, and he’ll take care of you. And if he gets roughed up, I’ll take care of him—I’ll be in Caem! Later!

[Iris waves as she walks away; Noct holds up the moogle and looks at it, still confused]

(beginning the “O Partner, My Partner” quest)
Hunter: Hey there, “brother.”
Noctis: Hi?
Hunter: Don’t act so surprised. I know a fellow Hunter when I see one.
Noctis: Right…
Hunter: And, as my “brother”… I was hoping you might take care of a little problem for me—a problem named “Melusine.”
Noctis: Melu-who?
Hunter: A real pretty lady who appears at the Vesperpool in the dead of night, luring in fellas who can’t see she’s a daemon in disguise. She’s already had her way with a handful of hunters… Whaddaya say—avenge your “brothers”?
Noct: Fine. Anything for the “family,” right?
Hunter: Attaboy. Good luck!

(after beginning the “O Partner, My Partner” quest and walking away)
Prompto: I dunno. Isn’t it wrong to lay your hands on a girl?
Gladio: If she’s really as irresistible as they say, you’ll be lucky if you can keep your hands off her.
Ignis: Do remember we’re dealing with a daemon. Try to keep your hormones in check?

(quest description for “O Partner, My Partner”)
Men who venture near the Vesperpool at night have been disappearing left and right. Noctis and his friends must track down the daemon behind the disappearances and take it down.

[Once the Chocobros draw near to the daemon’s location, a notification appears]
The daemon will vanish if it detects your presence.
Stay hidden while you wait for it to let its guard down.

[A prompt then appears asking “Wait for the daemon to appear?”; the player can select “Yes” or “No”]

[After selecting “Yes,” the screen briefly fades to black]
Ignis: Then we ought to lie in wait nearby until she arrives.

(when the Melusine arrives)
Prompto: Oh, no. Not another snake woman.
Noctis: Relax—you’ll be fine.
Gladio: As long as you don’t let her wrap you up.
Melusine: Where is he? Bring him to me. Where is he?

[A notification appears]
Topple an enemy to create an opening and perform a cross chain.
However, you cannot link up while an ally is incapacitated.

Ignis: Wait—a frontal assault would be ill-advised with all those serpents keeping her safe.
Gladio: Then how ’bout we stick together and take ’em out one by one?
Ignis: That just might work: we wait for an opening, then strike.
Noctis: No sweat.

(once Melusine is incapacitated and vulnerable)
Warp-strike with △ and initiate a cross-chain.

Press ○ while the meter is active to string together attacks.
You can perform up to 10 successive strikes in a single cross-chain.

(upon delivering the killing strike to the Melusine)
Melusine: Thank you…

Faded Letter x 1

[After the daemon has discorporated, the Chocobros read the letter they discovered upon defeating her]
Hey partner,

Can you believe we’ve been together for three whole years? Whoever said “time flies” was right. And I know it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows, but I want you to know that I care about you more than anything else in this godforsaken world. When we first met, you were like a little sister to me—someone I had to protect, but now I see you for the thoughtful and courageous woman you’ve beco—

Ignis: It appears to be some sort of love letter. Whoever wrote this had some very strong feelings, indeed.
Prompto: Too bad whoever he wrote it to probably never read it.
Gladio: But it might help us identify one of the victims. Let’s take it back to that hunter.
Noctis: Right.

(completing the “O Partner, My Partner” quest)
Noct: We got her.
Hunter: Damn, that was quick. I knew I could count on you, “brother.”
Noct: Found this, too. Dunno if it means anything to you.

[The scene briefly fades to black to transition to after the Chocbros have given him the letter they discovered]
Hunter: …Sadly, it does.
Noct: How come?
Hunter: Because I’m the one who wrote it.
Noct: So, she was your partner.
Hunter: Ex-partner. We had it out a couple of times, and one night she just up and left.
[The hunter makes a “Huh” sound]
Hunter: Now I know why she never wrote back.

[They’re both silent for a moment]
Hunter: Well, what’s done is done—and thanks to you, her killer has been brought to justice.

(during a random battle after Gladio has returned)
Gladiolus: Feels good to be back at work, you know?
Noct: Well, good for you.

(while exploring)
Prompto: You know, we did struggle a bit without you.
Gladio: Oh yeah?
Noctis: Couldn’t get the fire going.
Gladio: You coulda just cast a spell.
Noctis: Kinda overkill, don’t you think?
Gladio: Hopeless. Next time I’ll show you hacks how it’s done.

(while exploring)
Prompto: How’re your wounds treatin’ ya, big guy?
Gladiolus: It’s fine.

(while exploring)
Ignis: The war is won, yet they continue harvesting for soldiers.
Prompto: Now that you mention it, that does seem like overkill.

(while exploring)
Prompto: That Aranea, she’s a little different.
Ignis: Certainly doesn’t fit the imperial army profile.

(while exploring)
Prompto: Aranea’s pretty badass, huh.
Ignis: And nice enough to lend us her lance.
Noctis: Assuming she’s not our enemy, she’d make a great ally.
Prompto: “Ally.” I like the sound of that!

(while exploring)
Prompto: I gotta say, Aranea really impressed me today.
Noctis: With her outfit?
Prompto: Well, yeah—that too. It’s just, I always had this impression the empire was filled with nothing but jerks.
Ignis: She certainly doesn’t fit the mold.
Prompto: Really makes you wonder. You think she was okay with the raid on the Citadel?
Noctis: Ask her yourself.

(while exploring)
Prompto: You reckon Aranea has a boyfriend?
Noctis: She is surrounded by guys, but who knows? Why? You fancy her?
Prompto: No! My interest is purely hypothetical.

(while exploring)
Prompto: I wonder. She really gonna leave the army?
Ignis: You seem quite smitten with her.
Noct: Which one is it?
Prompto: One is what?
Noct: Her or Cindy.
Prompto: Aranea or Cindy!? Wow. Okay. Um, let me think about this for a sec.
Ignis: I’ve no doubt both of them can wait.

(as night begins to fall by hour 15)
Noctis: Is it evening already?
Prompto: Time flies when you’re having fun.

(while near Formouth Garrison)
Gladiolus: Hey, check that out.

[An enormous winged ship comes flying in to land inside the fort]
Ignis: The empire is everywhere now.
Prompto: Take a closer look?

(quest description for “Formouth Garrison”)
Infiltrate the moving base.

(carrying out the “Formouth Garrison” quest)
[Noctis and the others reach the observation level of the watchtower overlooking Formouth Garrison]
Gladiolus: Ooh, this should be fun. What’s the plan?
Ignis: Well, suffice it to say a frontal assault would be ill-advised. Again, stealth is our friend. We enter the base undetected, and cripple it one target at a time. Are you ready?

[A prompt appears saying “Begin infiltration of Formouth Garrison?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(upon selecting “Yes”)
Ignis: We enter under cover of darkness, and withdraw by first light.

(as the royal retinue prepares to infiltrate Formouth Garrison)
Another imperial airbase looms over northern Leide. Determined to rid the region of imperial oppression, Noctis and his friends stage an infiltration of Formouth Garrison.

(as the infiltration begins)
Ignis: There are generators that fortify magitek troopers. Take them out, and the enemy won’t be nearly as fearsome. Let’s go.

(coming upon some dormant magitek troopers)
Noctis: So they’re sleeping?
Ignis: Take care to avoid detection. If a trooper is alerted to our presence, it will awaken its fellows.

(if Noctis is detected or attacks any of the troops inside the base)
Ignis: Not unfolding quite as planned.
Noctis: Who came up with this plan, anyway?
Ignis: I’ve never made a mistake I myself couldn’t remedy. I’ll take point here.

(after destroying the magitek generator and wiping out the forces inside the base)
[An armada of imperial drop ships are inbound]
Gladiolus: Heads up, Noct. More incoming.

[A couple of familiar voices broadcast from the ships]
Loqi: Didn’t expect to meet again so soon, Highness.
[Ulldor laughs]
Caligo: You were foolish to come here. Surrender now, or we will make you wish you had.
Gladiolus: Who the hell are these jerks?
Ignis: Loqi and Caligo, commanders of the imperial army.
Prompto: Noct, this is our chance to settle the score!
Noctis: Yeah, let’s put an end to this.
Ignis: Guerilla tactics served their purpose, but now it’s time for open warfare.

(after wiping out the battalion that drops in)
Caligo: You led us all on a merry chase, but your running days are over. Have at them! Take the prince alive!
Gladiolus: They just keep coming.
Noctis: And we’ll keep mowing ’em down.
Prompto: If they don’t mow us down.

(after destroying the MA Hoplomachus and MA Veles-Bis magitek armors that drop in next)
Ignis: Stay sharp. It isn’t over yet.
Prompto: When will it end?
Gladiolus: Want it to end? Fight more, whine less.

(after eliminating the next battalion)
Loqi: You must be getting tired by now. Here, let me put you to sleep.
Caligo: You humiliated me before. This time the pleasure will be mine.

[Loqi and Ulldor drop onto the battlefield piloting MA-X Cuirass and MA-X Dux magitek armors respectively]

(after destroying Loqi and Ulldor’s magitek armors)
Loqi: Impossible!
Caligo: An unexpected outcome.
Ignis: Noct, our business here is concluded. Let us go.


(arriving at Cape Caem again in the Regalia)
Prompto: Really looking forward to Iris’s cooking!
Ignis: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.
Prompto: Aw, don’t be that way. It’s different when a girl cooks for you.

*optional dialogue*

(overhearing a conversation at Cape Caem)
Man (1): The imperial high commander? Heard he’s been swaggering about with His Majesty’s sword.
Man (2): Heard the same. That guy’s got some nerve.

(overhearing a conversation between Hunters at Cape Caem)
Man (1): It seems some royal tombs aren’t even found in Lucis.
Man (2): No way to cross the pond to hunt those down.
Man (1): Nope. That’s why I been huntin’ in books instead.
Man (2): The things we do, eh?

(overhearing a conversation between Hunters at Cape Caem)
Man: It’s weird. Ravus has a sword, but doesn’t use it.
Woman: He doesn’t use it ’cause he can’t. Who the hell’s he think it belong to?
Man: Why does he bother carrying it at all?

(overhearing a conversation between Hunters at Cape Caem)
Woman (1): The Marshal is so amazing!
Woman (2): Sounds like somebody’s in lurve.
Woman (1): Wouldn’t go that far. Though I wouldn’t mind talking. If only he’d stay still for a moment…

(speaking with Iris on the porch of the house at Cape Caem)
[A prompt appears asking “What would you like Iris to do?”; the player can select either “Tend to the garden,” “Give me a status update” or “Nothing”]

Give me a status update
The air is so crisp and refreshing. Nothing like the city.

(beginning the “Living off the Land” quest by speaking with Iris on the porch of the house at Cape Caem and selecting “Tend to the garden”)
Iris: Good news, Noct! Our garden is up and running! So Noct, you gonna put your green thumb to the test?
Noctis: And do what with it?
Iris: Uh, grow vegetables? You can eat them, or sell them if you want.
Noctis: Fine. So what do I do?
Iris: It all starts with a seed. Here—try these!

You can now grow crops in Iris’s field, namely the rare Caem carrot. Due to Noctis’s strong aversion, Ignis cannot use them in his cooking.

(completing the “Living off the Land” quest)
[In the garden at Cape Caem, Noct plants some of the seeds Iris gave him]

The seeds are in place. Check on them after resting overnight.

[Upon returning to the garden after resting, Noct is able to harvest some Caem carrots; a man in a greyish-blue suddenly approaches]
Tony: Say, are you the ones working this garden?
Noctis: Yeah. Who are you?
Tony: Oh, sorry. The name’s Tony. I run a restaurant not too far from here. On the hunt for some high-quality produce. You have a great plot, perfect for growing all sorts of produce. Any chance you’d be willing to part with some? I pay good gil!

Tony, a local restaurant proprietor, is partial to Caem carrots, and he will offer you various items in exchange for them.

(beginning the “A Feline Feast” quest upon examining the cat behind the lighthouse at Cape Caem)
[Noctis comes across a cat laying on a crate]
Noctis: Hey, you’re the cat we saw in Galdin. Your paws sure brought you a long way from home, little guy. You must be hungry after that walking. No restaurants around, though. Wonder if anyone around here knows a thing or two about cat food.
Gladio: Why don’t you try asking Monica?
Ignis: She mentioned have kept several cats back home.
Prompto: Wow, and she never gave off a “crazy cat lady” vibe! I hope we don’t have to go all the way back to Galdin.
Gladio: ‘Specially after the cat came all the way to Caem.
Noct: What drew him here anyway?
Ignis: His dear friend, Noct, of course.

(quest description for “A Feline Feast”)
Fate reunites Noctis with the cat he chanced upon in Galdin, and the feline appears to be more famished than before. Having a soft spot for animals, the prince once again sets out to fix a dish suitable for this kitty gourmand.

(speaking with Monica during the “A Feline Feast” quest)
Monica: May I help you with something, Prince Noctis?
Noctis: I was hoping you could fix some food for me.
Monica: Gladly. Although I should warn you our pantry is primarily stocked with vegetables right now.
Noctis: Oh, not for me—for a cat.
Monica: Forgive my misunderstanding. I can prepare something provided I have the ingredients, but I’m afraid we’re all out at the moment.
Noctis: If you need fish, I can go catch one.
Monica: I would be most appreciative. I am loath to admit fishing has never come very naturally to me.
Noctis: Lucky for you, I’m a pro.
Monica: Fortunate, indeed. Should the tide prove too troublesome, you might also stop by the stand. I recall seeing some cat food on sale.

(after acquiring the expensive Luxury Cat Food for the cat instead of fishing)
Gladiolus: That can sure put us back.
Ignis: We’ll be eating tinned food, too.

(catching a dark Allural sea bass for the cat instead of buying the cat food)
Noct: A fish fit for a feline.
Gladio: Sure is. Let’s haul ‘er back to Monica.

[Noct lifts the fish up from the water]
Noctis: Whoa, check it out!

Sea Bass Fillet x 1

(upon returning to Monica with the fish)
Monica: Excellent catch, Prince Noctis. I’ll start cooking straight away.
Noctis: Thanks for the help.
Monica: It’s no trouble at all. I love cats. I used to keep three back in the Crown City.
Noctis: Wow, that’s a lot of cats.
Monica: Yes, I enjoyed many fond memories with them. Making this food reminds me of the time we spent together. Sorry to keep you waiting. I hope your furry friend finds this to his liking.

Monica’s Cat Food x 1

(completing the “A Feline Feast” quest using the Luxury Cat Food)
Noctis: You’d better savor every last morsel, buddy. That cat food there cost us a fortune!
Prompto: You’ve really got a soft spot for animals, don’t you?
Ignis: They bring out a nicer Noct.
Gladiolus: Could try being nicer to us.
Noct: Could, but I won’t.

Sky Gemstone x 1

(completing the “A Feline Feast” quest using Monica’s Cat Food)
Noctis: Alright, dinner is served.

[The cat begins to chow down]
Noctis: You’re really eating it up. Don’t forget to thank the chef.
Prompto: You’ve really got a soft spot for animals, don’t you?
Ignis: They bring out a nicer Noct.
Gladiolus: Could try being nicer to us.
Noct: Could, but I won’t.

Sky Gemstone x 1

(beginning the “Steam Valve Inspection” quest)
Holly: Hey, if it isn’t my favorite hunter.
Noctis: Who, me?
Holly: Who else? The name’s Holly, by the way—forgot to tell you earlier. Thanks for taking care of those daemons! I tell ya, that was a real shock, having them show up at the plant. I was so shocked, as a matter of fact, I went and did my back in.
Noctis: Your back?
Holly: Yep. It’s giving me all kinds of grief. I can barely shuffle ten feet. But wouldn’t you know it, the girl in charge of the valves is off today. And her job is to go through town and check they’re all shut down.
Noctis: Want me to go for you?
Holly: What, you? I don’t know… Sure. Why not? If it’s no trouble, that is.

(speaking with Holly again after beginning the “Steam Valve Inspection” quest)
Holly: The valves might be hard to find. I wish I could help.

(speaking with Holly yet again)
Holly: I was wringing my hands, wondering what to do about the valves. When you get to my age, you’ll understand.

(after beginning the “Steam Valve Inspection” quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: Gotta say, the women here have it rough.
Noctis: Yeah. Everyone’s got their hands full.
Prompto: They’re in charge of the inspections and everything.
Ignis: Indeed. They know their way around the machinery like no other.

(quest description for “Steam Valve Inspection”)
Holly of EXINERIS Industries asks the prince for help inspecting the company’s steam valves. To protect people from the scalding steam, Noctis and his friends agree to check that all the valves around Lestallum are firmly shut.

(inspecting the first valve)
Prompto: This one needs a fix—and quick.
Ignis: Something to be said for peace of mind.

(inspecting the second valve)
Noct: This one’s seen better days.
Gladio: Well, all in a day’s work.

(inspecting the third valve)
Prompto: This one needs a fix—and quick.

(inspecting the fourth valve)
Noct: This one’s seen better days.

(inspecting the fifth valve)
Gladio: One more valve, check. If I never see another valve…

(inspecting the sixth valve)
Ignis: This looks fine. Only a few left, I think.

(inspecting the seventh valve)
Prompto: This one needs a fix—and quick.

(inspecting the eighth valve)
Noct: Okay, this one’s fine, as far as I can tell.

(setting out to report to Holly)
Noct: Okay, looks good. That’s the last of them.
Prompto: No way anyone could do this with a bad back.
Ignis: She certainly needed the help.
Noct: She appreciates it for sure.
Gladiolus: Yep. Let’s hurry back and tell her the good news.

(completing the “Steam Valve Inspection” quest)
Holly: You checked them all? Every one?
Noct: Yeah. All working no problem.
Holly: Thank you! While you checked valves, I had my back checked out. But the doctor—he just said it was a bad case of the nerves.
Noctis: Oh, yeah?
Holly: I heard the word daemon, I stiffen up like a corpse. Anyway, here’s a little something. Buy yourselves a meal.

2,500 gil

(after completing the “Steam Valve Inspection” quest and walking away)
Prompto: So…she hears the word “daemon” and that throws her back out?
Noctis: Yep, that’s pretty much what it sounds like.
Gladiolus: Gotta be careful what we say around people, in case we give ’em a hernia or something.
Ignis: Ordinary folks have much to fear in uncertain times as these.

(beginning the “Power to the Pylons” quest)
Holly: Ah, there’s my favorite hunter. Hey, can you do a girl a favor?
Noct: Sure. What is it?
Holly: We’re in charge of operating the ropeway, and it’s acting up. We need to figure out the problem. First thing is fact gathering. Can you go and take a look at the pylons that are outside? There’s no way I can send any of the regular staff out there. It’s just too much for them to handle. I’d go myself, except the plant workers are having a massive dispute. I’m the only one who can sort it all out.

(speaking with Holly again after beginning the “Power to the Pylons” quest)
Holly: Be careful of the daemons. If it starts to get dark, hurry up and find a safe place to spend the night.

(speaking with Holly yet again)
Holly: The fight among the workers is serious. To be honest, I don’t know which of us has the more dangerous job!

(speaking with Holly once more)
Holly: It takes a real tough sort to go outside. No one on my roster’s cut out for it.

(after beginning the “Power to the Pylons” quest and walking away)
Ignis: I don’t envy being caught in that dispute.
Gladiolus: Nope. The folk working here are tough as nails.
Prompto: You think it’s as dangerous as she says?
Noctis: I don’t know, but I don’t wanna find out.

(quest description for “Power to the Pylons”)
Trouble is brewing among the employees of EXINERIS. As floor chief, Holly has to mediate between the two warring factions, which means no one is available to check the power lines. It is up to Noctis and his friends to inspect the pylons and make sure the power keeps flowing.

(after climbing the tall ladder of the first pylon)
Noct: Finally made it.

(inspecting the first pylon)
Noct: This one looks fine. This one’s fine…probably.

(inspecting the second pylon)
Noct: Looks alright to me. This one’s fine…probably.

(inspecting the third pylon)
Noct: Ah, so you must be the problem. Well, guess we’ll let Holly know about this.

(completing the “Power to the Pylons” quest)
Holly: Welcome back. So, you checked things out?
Noct: Yeah. And we fixed the problem.
Holly: Seriously? Thanks. I guess that means I don’t have to worry about it anymore.
Noct: Yeah. We found a damaged pylon.
Holly: Thought so. Thanks for the help. I can take care of the problem now that I know where it is. We can’t afford to lose our power. Without it, we couldn’t keep the lights on and the town safe at night. Thanks again. This is for you.

5,000 gil

(after completing the “Power to the Pylons” quest and walking away)
Prompto: Sheesh! She’ll take any job they throw at her.
Gladiolus: If you’re the only person someone can turn to, what else do you do?
Ignis: The equipment to be inspected is outside of town. Hardly safe for civilians.
Noctis: A job for hunters, in other words.

(beginning the “Holding Back the Dark” quest)
Holly: Hey, hunter. How’re things with you?
Noct: Better than with you, it looks like.
Holly: That obvious? Company asked me to check on all the lights. Our regular hunters are booked on other jobs. So the company picked me. Promised extra danger pay.
Noct: Said you were the girl for the job, right?
Holly: Thing is, it’s too far to get there and back in a day. And I can’t stand daemons. But I said yes, dammit, and now it’s my responsibility.
Noct: We can go for you.
Holly: You can? …I don’t want anyone thinking I’m shirking my duties. But who am I kidding? It’s beyond me. So, yeah, would you help me out?

(speaking with Holly again after beginning the “Holding Back the Dark” quest)
Holly: When I get asked to do something, I just can’t say no. Real bad habit.

(speaking with Holly yet again)
Holly: Even if a task is way over my head, I can’t turn my back on it. Inspections are important, you know?

(speaking with Holly once more)
Holly: The lights are vital, and they need to be checked. But please, watch out for the daemons.

(after beginning the “Holding Back the Dark” quest and walking away)
Prompto: I’m guessing she managed to stop the fight.
Gladiolus: She’s got a quiet sort of strength.
Ignis: Not the sort to throw her back at the mere mention of daemons.
Noct: Nobody’s perfect.

(quest description for “Holding Back the Dark”)
Holly has been ordered to check lighting structures in various locations across Lucis. It would be fantastically dangerous for her to venture outside without a hunter escort, so it falls to Noctis and his friends to check the lights on her behalf.

(when coming near the first lighting structure to be inspected, at the Burbost Souvenir Emporium)
Noct: Is that it, over there?

(inspecting the first lighting structure)
Ignis: I don’t see any problems. Let’s find the next one.

(when coming near the second lighting structure to be inspected, at the Coernix Station in Cauthess)
Prompto: Look. There’s the next one.
Noct: Right. Let’s check it.

(inspecting the second lighting structure)
Prompto: Looks a-okay to me. Let’s go. Time’s a-wastin’.

(when coming near the third lighting structure to be inspected, at the Cauthess Rest Area)
Gladio: Alright, this is the last of them.
Prompto: Fingers crossed this one’s okay, too.

(inspecting the third lighting structure)
Ignis: On your guard.
Gladio: We got company.

[A voretooth pack shows up and begins advancing on the Chocobros]
Prompto: Let’s do it, Mister Hunter.
Noct: Yeah.

(after killing the pack)
Prompto: I can’t believe they’d put Holly through that.
Noctis: She was the best they had, I guess.
Ignis: The best among a field without hunters.
Gladio: Too few hunters, and too many daemons.

(completing the “Holding Back the Dark” quest)
Holly: He’s back! How’d it go?
Noct: We went and we saw. The lights are fine.
Holly: I appreciate your help, but more than that I feel bad. I won’t foist work on you again.
Noct: Oh? How come?
Holly: Fact is, I’ve been taking on too much. I only end up passing it on to other people. Kind people like you. That’s not the way to do a job. It took a while, but I realize that now. I had a dear friend. She was killed…by daemons. That’s why I joined this company. So I could bring more light into the world and prevent tragedy.
Noct: That’s why daemons scare you so much.
Holly: Yeah… I can’t change the past, but I can change my ways. From now on, I won’t hesitate to say no. It’s only the responsible thing to do, if I want to protect people like I mean to. You’ve done so much for me. I can’t thank you enough. But here—please take this as a small token of my appreciation.

10,000 gil

(after completing the “Holding Back the Dark” quest and walking away)
Ignis: She’s a woman who takes a lot of pride in her work.
Noctis: She doesn’t cut herself any slack, that’s for sure.
Prompto: I just hope she can take things easier from here on out.
Gladiolus: I’d say she can do anything she sets her mind to.

(beginning the “The Witch of the Woods” quest while speaking with the tipster at the Verinas Mart near the Rock of Ravatogh and selecting the “Talk” option]
Head Hunter Gone Rogue?
Head Hunter David Auburnbrie (a.k.a. “Hunter Dave”) was sighted heading into the Malmalam Thicket, despite the woods being strictly off-limits to hunters except in case of emergency. No one has heard from him since.

(after beginning the “The Witch of the Woods” quest)
Prompto: What’s the big deal about Dave heading into the woods? Do you really need permission?
Ignis: Can’t say I’ve heard anything to that effect.
Gladiolus: But it’s strange the guy’s gone missing without a trace.
Noctis: So let’s look for him again.

(quest description for “The Witch of the Woods”)
A tipster alerts Noctis that Dave has gone missing. He was last seen heading into the Malmalam Thicket in search of another hunter’s dog tag. Worried about their ally, Noctis and his friends venture into the woods.

(upon locating Dave outside the entrance to the Malmalam Thicket)
Dave: What in tarnation are you boys doin’ here?
Noctis: Heard a hot tip sayin’ you were in the area.
Dave: Worried about me?
Noctis: About you breaking the rules.
Dave: Ah. You got me there. The thicket’s off-limits to official Hunters ‘less it’s a matter of life an’ death. Reckon it’s too late in this case. One of our hunters headed into the woods on a rescue mission and hasn’t come back.
Noctis: If you want, we could take up the search for you.
Dave: Sorry for the trouble, boys. Oughta be a hut a little ways ahead. Lady there might know somethin’ ’bout the hunter. I’d go myself, but regulations say collectin’ tags ain’t reason enough to head into the thicket. I’m headin’ back. Y’all be safe. Hate to lose you boys in there, too.

(when the royal retinue reaches the House of Hexes inside the Malmalam Thicket and speaks with Kimya)
Kimya: Welcome, dearies. It is I, Kimya, you seek?
Noctis: Just…searching for a tag.
Kimya: Belonged to a fallen hunter, it did, yes? Deep inside the woods, it lies. Sent here by their leader, you were?
Noctis: More or less. How come the Hunters aren’t allowed here anyway?
Kimya: Because a strong enmity toward me, they bear. Cast me out into the forest, they did. “A witch,” they called me.
Noctis: Wha—?
Kimya: Brew potions, I do, so a witch I must be.
Noctis: Wait, so… Witch? You?
Kimya: Believe them, you do? Then explain, I shall. But first, go search, you must. Here, I wait.

(after walking away from Kimya)
Ignis: She claimed to be an apothecary, yet I didn’t spy any curatives lying around her hut.
Prompto: She’s really a witch?
Gladiolus: Can’t imagine the Hunters would’ve banished her for nothing.

(returning to see Kimya after finding the Sullied Dog Tag)
Kimya: Find that which went missing, you did. Now, to the man, that tag you must deliver. And a message, I have: “Only one true path, there is not. Follow not others, but your own heart, you must.”
Noctis: Got it. So, are you gonna explain?
Kimya: Brew potions, I do. But very special, they are. Understand them, some do not, so “witch,” they call me.
Noctis: What kinda potions?
Kimya: Repel the daemons, they do. At havens, they are used. The Oracle’s blessing, my potions strengthen. Long ago, healing potions, the Hunters wanted. Brewed them, I did, but very angry, their leader grew. Dangerous, my potions are, my sister said. Make them, if I must, but alone I shall be. Receive help, I shall not.
Noctis: So she made the woods off-limits.
Kimya: Terribly cruel, it was. But fault her, I cannot. Follow her heart, she did. Very important, that is. Learn to decide for himself, her son must. If he does, lead the Hunters, someday he will.

(completing the “The Witch of the Woods” quest upon going to see Dave at Meldacio Hunter HQ)
Dave: Y’all made it back. Did you get it?
Noctis: Yeah, and something extra—words of advice from the witch.
Dave: What’d she say?
Noctis: That there’s more than one true path. That you should learn to trust yourself, or something.
Dave: Is that right? Thanks for lettin’ me know. That’s exactly what I needed to hear. Been beatin’ myself up since I got back to HQ. Felt like I had to go find that tag—so why didn’t I? I was followin’ the rules, just like I should. But if I was doin’ what’s right, then how come it felt so wrong? Reckon I really don’t got what it takes to lead the Hunters quite yet. Least now I know what I’ve been missin’ this whole time, thanks to you boys. Y’all have done more for me than you’ll ever know. May have a long way to go, but I can start by delivering this tag to the people who need it.

(after completing the “The Witch of the Woods” quest and walking away)
Ignis: “Do not follow. Trust yourself.” Sound advice.
Gladiolus: Reasonable enough, if a bit obvious.
Prompto: Though you could say that’s what led Kimya to start a family feud.
Noctis: How can you trust yourself to always be right?
Ignis: Not as sound as I thought, perhaps.

(beginning the “Navyth’s Challenge” quest)
[Noct and the others find Navyth fishing at the Vesperpool]
Navyth: Now this is a funny place for you and me to meet.
Noctis: What’re you after?
Navyth: Knew you’d ask. Vesper gar. But I’ll be damned if the cagey devil ain’t bitin’.
Noctis: Want me to have a go?
Navyth: You think you can do better than a man who’s been fishin’ since before you were knee-high to a guppy?
Noctis: Who knows? Maybe I’ll get lucky.
Navyth: Alright, my boy. You’re on. But don’t wet your pants when he starts fightin’ you.

(completing the “Navyth’s Challenge” quest after catching a Vesper gar and going back to talk to Navyth)
Navyth: If you didn’t go and land yourself a gar!
Noctis: Put up a hell of a fight, like you said.
Navyth: I ain’t never met anyone that got so good so fast. Color me impressed. Hell, I reckon you could land the biggest prize of all.
Noctis: What’s that?
Navyth: The legendary giant they call the Devil of the Cygilian. If a name like that doesn’t daunt you, head to Galdin Quay. I’ll be there too askin’ around. Oh, and before I forget. If anyone can make good use of this, I reckon it’s you.

Invincible Iron Giant x 1

(after completing “Navyth’s Challenge” and walking away)
Ignis: I’d heard tall tales of this fish, but…does it truly exist?
Prompto: We could find out.
Noctis: Yeah, I guess we could.

(beginning the “Angler’s Nightmare” quest)
[Noctis and the others go see Navyth along the shore at Galdin Quay]
Noctis: So. I’m here to talk about this giant fish of yours.
Navyth: Just talk? Or are you plannin’ to do some fishin’?
Noctis: Maybe a bit of both.
[Navyth laughs]
Navyth: I knew I could count on you. But you gotta know, this one ain’t like them other fish. It’s a veritable giant. The folks have seen it, but no one’s landed one—not in livin’ memory. Every angler dreams of reelin’ ‘im in, but so far it’s proven to be an unrealizable dream.
Noctis: Unrealizable, huh?
Navyth: Wanna back out?
Noctis: Nah, I don’t think so. I’m still in.
Navyth: But of course you are! In that case, best of luck to you!

(when Noctis catches the murk grouper, a.k.a. the Devil of the Cygilian)
Noctis: Hey. Looks like I landed a dream.
Gladiolus: Ah, not bad.

[Gladiolus jumps into the water to help lift the fish]
Prompto: That’s what a legend looks like.
Ignis: How shall we cook it?

[Prompto pushes Ignis into the water as well]
Noctis: Ready to grab it?
Gladiolus: Bring it closer.

[Noctis pushes Prompto into the water with his foot; once in the water, Gladio, Ignis and Noct hold the fish up while Prompto takes a picture]

(completing the “Angler’s Nightmare” quest)
Noct: I caught it.
Navyth: I never thought I’d see the day. The Devil of the Cygilian, dragged out of the waves. You’re the real deal, my boy. Though I shouldn’t be callin’ you boy no more. Come to think of it, I never did get your name.
Noct: Gar. Noct Gar.
Navyth: Well, Noct Gar, fisher of the Devil of the Cygilian, your name’s goin’ down in history. You’re part of the legend now. A livin’ legend, in point of fact. I look forward to your feats still to come. You showed me a miracle today, and that’s worth somethin’. Here, this is for you, Noct Gar.

[Navyth hands Noct a fishing rod]

Tranquility x 1

(after completing the “Angler’s Nightmare” quest and walking away)
Prompto: Ha! Noct Gar! Legend!
Gladiolus: I kinda like the sound of it.
Ignis: You were wise not to give him your real name.
Noct Gar: Maybe I’ll change it officially.

(taking the “Liege of the Lake” tour with Gladiolus, which is triggered by camping at Capitis Haven)
[At camp, Noctis comes out of the tent and is immediately greeted by Gladio smacking him on the back to get his attention]
Gladio: Hey, Noct. How’s about we go fishin’ tomorrow?
Noct: What’s this all of a sudden?
Gladio: Well, the Vesperpool nearby. Home to the “Liege of the Lake.”
Noct: Liege, huh? Tell me more.
Gladio: It’s a veritable monster. No one’s ever reeled it in.
Noct: Hmm, I’m intrigued.
Gladio: Well, so you should be. The thing’s freakin’ legendary. Well? Wanna go catch this sucker?

[A prompt appears to select either “Sure” or “No way”]

Noct: Hell yeah I do!
Gladio: Then tomorrow it is, bright and early!
Noct: Ayup!

No way
Noct: It’s not the best time.
Gladiolus: Is that so? Another time, then. But let’s make it happen soon!

(after picking “Sure”)
Your friend has invited you on a tour.
Join him at dawn tomorrow to undertake a special task.
You must remain in the vicinity of your destination.

[In the morning, Noct and Gladio set out from camp]
Gladio: Right, let’s go snag us fish royalty.
Noct: Yeah! We’re coming for you, Lake Liege!
Gladio: You’re really fired up about this.
Noct: You know what they say: “Go big or go home.”

(upon arrival at the nearby dock and beginning to fish)
If you give up before catching the Liege of the Lake,
the tour will end in failure.
You will be required to restart from camp.

(upon reeling in the Noble Arapaima)
Noctis: Ready to grab it?
Gladio: Bring it closer.

[Gladio jumps from the dock into the water, carries the fish out on his back, and lays it on the dock]
Gladio: We did it, Noct! He’s a beast! Wait. Something’s stuck on him.
Noct: What’s this? Some kinda lure?

Big Blaze Bahamut x 1

Gladio: It’s a trophy, something he won from one of his many battles.
Noct: Hmm, still in good shape. We can use it.
Gladio: Nice. Got a fish and a way to catch more. The others are gonna be stoked.

[The generic scene that plays after completing any tour with Gladiolus follows]
Gladio: Good hustle out there.
Noct: Yeah, I know: I’m awesome.

(taking the “A Flower for Iris” tour with Gladiolus, triggered by camping at Lambath Haven)
[At camp, Noctis comes out of the tent and is immediately greeted by Gladio smacking him on the back to get his attention]
Gladio: Hey, uh, Noct. I have a favor to ask. I wanna do something for Iris, and I need your help.
Noct: What’s this now?
Gladio: Well, my sis puts on a brave face, but…I know it’s not easy for her. I just wanted to do something for her to show that I care. And that’s where you come…I hope.

[A prompt appears to select either “Sure” or “No way”]

Noct: Yeah, sure thing. So, what do you need me to do?
Gladio: Pick a flower.
Noct: A flower.
Gladio: A particular flower that only blooms at dawn, indigenous to these parts. Iris has always had a soft spot for ’em.
Noct: An early morning. Well, at least it’ll be easy pickings. You can count on me.

No way
Noctis: I hate to disappoint, but I can’t. It just isn’t a good time right now.
Gladiolus: That’s too bad. Another time, then.

(after picking “Sure”)
Your friend has invited you on a tour.
Join him at dawn tomorrow to undertake a special task.
You must remain in the vicinity of your destination.

[In the morning, Noct and Gladio stand near a series of small cliffs; the Rock of Ravatogh looms above]
Gladio: Okay, let’s go pick that flower.
Noct: Just to check, you sure you know where to look?
Gladio: Yeah, should be just up ahead.
Noct: Alrighty.
Gladio: Here we are. Bound to be around here somewhere.
Noct: It’s a pretty big “somewhere” to look.
Gladio: It’ll feel great when you find it. C’mon!
Noct: If I find it.

[After searching for a little while, Gladio spots what they’re looking for on a cliff above them]
Gladio: Noct, I see one! There!
Noct: Yeah… How am I supposed to reach it?
Gladio: Well, that’s why I’m here—to give you a boost.
Noct: Alright, let’s give it a shot.

[Gladio gives Noct a boost to the cliff where many of the flowers await, then leaps up to follow after]
Noct: Yeah, we got it!
Gladio: Great work, Noct. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Volcanic Bouqet x 1

Noct: Mmm… Not really sure you needed me.
Gladio: Well, I— I’d like you to give her the flower. That’ll mean even more to her.
Noct: Huh? Why? What’s wrong with it being from us?
Gladio: How clueless can you be… Look, just hand it to her for me, okay?

[The generic scene that plays after completing any tour with Gladiolus follows]
Gladio: Good hustle out there.
Noct: Yeah, I know: I’m awesome.

(delivering the flowers to Iris at Cape Caem)
[Noct speaks with Iris inside the house, holding the bouqet of flowers behind his back; Gladio stands nearby, listening]
Noct: Hey, Iris.
Iris: Oh, hey Noct. What’s up?
Noct: Oh, you know…nothing.
Gladio: Noct has a little something he wants to give you.
Noct: Wait, what? I do?

[Iris becomes visibly excited]
Iris: Something from Noct? For me?
Noct: Here.

[Noct hangs his head in resignation, pulls the flowers from behind his back and hands them to her; Iris’s face lights up]
Iris: It’s beautiful! I love it, Noct. You’re so sweet!
Gladio: I’d say you made her day, buddy.
Noct: Yeah. All’s well that ends well, I guess.

Moogle Charm x 1

(beginning the “Berried Memories” quest)
Coctura: My favorite hunters. You couldn’t have come at a better time.
Noctis: Um, you need something?
Coctura: Indeed. And this time my request is as a purveyor of food, not info. I need an ingredient from Tenebrae.
Noctis: Tenebrae?
Coctura: It’s for a new confection I’m adding to our menu. I had actually planned to do so a while ago, in honor of your marriage to Lady Lunafreya. But with all that’s happened, I held off on it.
Noctis: I see.
Coctura: The ingredient’s quite rare in Lucis, but I’m hopeful that you can track it down.

(speaking with Coctura after beginning the “Berried Memories” quest)
Coctura: It’s a fine dessert. Would be a shame if it never had a chance to grace tables.

(speaking with Coctura again)
Coctura: And there’s the special meaning it harbors by marrying Lucian and Tenebraean ingredients.

(speaking with Coctura once more)
Coctura: When it finally debuts, I want you to be the first to try it.

(after beginning the “Berried Memories” quest and walking away)
Prompto: A sweet in your honor, huh?
Noctis: And it could’ve been in my memory.
Ignis: Thankfully, the prince is alive and well.
Gladiolus: And if the prince is willing to help out, then so am I.

(quest description for “Berried Memories”)
Coctura has whipped up an idea for a new dessert: a confection originally intended to honor Noctis’s marriage to Lady Luna. Touched by the sweet gesture, the four friends decide to help the chef by finding the rare ingredient she requires.

(upon acquiring Ulwaat Berries by trading some Caem carrots to Tony)
Noctis: This it? The thing Coctura needs?
Ignis: I believe so. Let’s hurry back with it.

(completing the “Berried Memories” quest)
[A prompt appears asking “Hand over the Ulwaat berries?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(upon selecting “Yes”)
Coctura: Thank you! With this, I can finally make the sweet.
Noctis: So, when can we try it?
Coctura: Right now. The prep is done. All that’s left is the berry on the cake. You’ll find the fragrance quite sublime. Why, I still remember the first time I smelled it. Let me know when you’re ready to dine. And here, take this as a small token of my gratitude.

Leiden Sweet Potato x 1
Fine Cleigne Wheat x 1
Ulwaat Berries x 1
3,000 gil

Prompto: Now that you mention it, it did give off a pretty unique smell.
Noctis: And familiar. I’m sure I’ve had it before.
Ignis: Could it be the confection you received from…Lady Lunafreya?
Noctis: Yeah, that’s the one.
Gladiolus: So it comes full circle. The perfect sweet to honor your marriage, indeed.


(examining the elevator in the lighthouse at Cape Caem)
[A prompt appears saying “Once you depart, you will lose access to the open world for a while, and rental chocobos will automatically return to the post. Set sail for Altissia?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(upon selecting “Yes”)
[Umbra comes running up the lighthouse steps to Noctis; after patting the dog’s head, Noct checks the notebook he carries to find a message from Lunafreya saying “Waiting for you in Altissia”; a prompt appears asking “What will you write back?”; the player can select either “Be there as fast as I can,” “Getting ready to set sail,” or “Got it”; after writing his reply in the book and patting the dog’s head again, Noct puts the book back in Umbra’s bag; the Chocobros then take the lighthouse elevator down to a basement area in a seaside cave; there’s a hidden harbor here and a makeshift living room area; this is where the boat they intend to use to reach Altissia is docked; Talcott, Iris, Cid and Cor are here]
Talcott: Look, Prince Noctis! Even the marshal came to say goodbye!

*optional dialogue*

(speaking with Talcott at the top of the stairs)
Talcott: I heard the Regalia’s going on the boat with you!

(speaking with Talcott again)
Talcott: You didn’t forget to pack anything, did you?

(speaking with Talcott yet again)
Talcott: Have a safe trip, Prince Noctis.

(speaking with Talcott once more)
Talcott: Don’t you worry. I’m gonna be strong and keep everyone safe while you’re gone!

(speaking with Iris on the stairs)
Iris: I guess it’s goodbye for now.

(speaking with Iris again)
Iris: The Regalia’s already waiting below deck.

(speaking with Iris yet again)
Iris: Hopefully she’ll serve you as well across the ocean as she did here.

(speaking with Iris once more)
Iris: Just don’t break her or Cid’ll have your head.


(at the bottom of the stairs)
Cor: Something I gotta get off my chest.
Noctis: What’s that?
Cor: I’m sorry. Sorry I wasn’t there for your father. I swore an oath to protect the king, but I wasn’t strong enough to uphold it.
Cid: Ain’t nothin’ nobody could’ve done to stop what happened.
Noctis: Yeah, I realize that.
Cid: But you need to realize just what you mean to the boys by your side.
Noctis: I do.
Cid: Even if they can’t solve your problems, you can’t hide what’s goin’ on from ’em. It hurts like hell. Remember—those ain’t your bodyguards, they’re your brothers. Trust in ’em. Always.

*optional dialogue*

(speaking with Cor)
Cor: You can never have too many tools. Here—learn to wield not only weapons, but magic as well.

Magic Flask x 1

(speaking with Cor again)
Cor: Just remember: it’s a destructive force that doesn’t discriminate. I suggest putting someone in charge of it.


(speaking with Cid at the boat)
Cid: Waitin’ for an invitation? Get your asses on board!

(as the boat pulls away from the dock)
[Talcott and Iris are watching the boat leave; Talcott suddenly shouts out to Noctis]
Talcott: Hey! Your Majesty!
Noctis: What’s up?
Talcott: Please come back soon! We need our king!
Noctis: Yeah. Count on it.

[Talcott and Iris wave goodbye; Noctis waves back]

CHAPTER 9 – Callings
Noctis receives a warm send-off as he sets sail for Altissia in high spirits. The prince goes forth ostensibly to seek the blessings of the Hydraean, which will enable him to challenge the empire’s might, but his true heart’s desire is to find Lunafreya, his betrothed.

(first scene of chapter)
Yureil Plaza, Altissia

[Ravus stands in the rain staring at the church here; Ardyn approaches him from behind holding an umbrella, which he holds out to cover Ravus]
Ardyn: The wedding day arrives, but alas, without the bride.

[Ravus says nothing, and turns to walk away; Ardyn walks along a few steps behind him]
Ardyn: Of course, we’ve come for the Hydraean, and you’ve gone to such lengths to prepare.

[Ravus stops, as does Ardyn]
Ravus: Merely my duty.
Ardyn: Ah, but for an outsider to lead the imperial army must be a battle in and of itself.

[Ravus begins to walk away again]
Ardyn: You’ve spoken to Lady Lunafreya?

[Ravus stops once more, then slowly turns to face Ardyn]
Ravus: No.

[Ardyn takes a few steps whimsically)
Ardyn: That obstinate secretary, standing in the way. While you rush off to slay the Hydraean for your poor sister’s sake.

[Ardyn stops, lowers the umbrella to cover his face, then slowly raises it to look at Ravus knowingly]
Ardyn: I know the price of the covenant.

(Noct and his retinue make their way to Altissia by boat, with Cid driving)
Prompto: Y’know, I’ve always wanted to go sailing like this.
Gladiolus: Not many opportunities living in Insomnia.
Prompto: Out here, it’s just us and the horizon! It’s amazing—it’s life changing!
Ignis: We’ve quite a ways to go until we reach Altissia, so keep gushing to your heart’s content.
Prompto: When we step off the boat, we’ll be in a foreign country.
Ignis: The anticipation alone is a foreign sensation.
Gladio: And to think this is where we were headed to begin with.
Noctis: We’ve been through a lot.
Ignis: And there’s still more to come.
Prompto: So next on the docket is Leviathan.
Gladiolus: What sort of deity are we dealing with?
Ignis: A serpent said to embody the roar and rage of the sea.
Noctis: We’ll have to “sea” for ourselves.
Prompto: Can’t let Lady Lunafreya do all the heavy lifting. You must be so psyched to see her.
Noctis: Luna?
Prompto: Yeah!
Noctis: Well, we need to make sure she’s alright before anything else.
Ignis: Indeed. Her well-being is top priority.
Gladio: Don’t like this going down on imperial turf.
Prompto: You think Lady Lunafreya’s in danger there?
Ignis: The empire did invade Lucis for the ring. I have no faith their ruthless ambitions will stop short of harming the Oracle.
Gladio: Without the ring, the Crystal’s no more than a rock.
Prompto: Hmm… I suppose… Does anyone know how Lady Lunafreya came to have the ring?
Ignis: It seems likely His Majesty entrusted it to her safekeeping back at the Crown City.
Gladio: So she’s held onto it this whole time, all the way to Altissia.
Noctis: The ring is important, and so is Leviathan—but Luna comes first.
Ignis: You know, I was thinking back to our encounter with Ravus.
Noctis: Hmm?
Ignis: Do you recall an apparatus in place of his arm?
Gladio: Yeah, I remember.
Ignis: Seems he lost his old one in the invasion. But in its place, he seems to have acquired new power.
Noctis: Power?
Gladio: That would help explain how a son of Tenebrae suddenly came to command Niflheim’s army.
Prompto: Now that you mention it, his strength did seems sorta…supernatural. I just chalked it up to the Oracle lineage.
Gladio: His ancestry may be part of it, but that alone wouldn’t account for his freakish strength.
Noctis: I wonder what could’ve happened to him?
Ignis: There’s a disturbing rumor about. Lord Ravus has taken to brandishing His Majesty’s sword.
Noctis: My dad’s?
Gladio: And what’s the big idea behind that?
Prompto: That his power’s the same as the power of kings?
Ignis: I cannot say for sure, but I have my doubts. Ravus wears the sword, yet does not wield it.
Gladio: For all his newfound powers, he’s still the chancellor’s lapdog… …holding on to the enemy king’s sword like some badge of honor.
Prompto: It might help if we knew what he was after.
Noctis: Who can say?
Prompto: What are the odds the empire will crash the pool party with Leviathan?
Ignis: Consider it a guarantee. They felled a god to prevent Noct from receiving his blessing, and they’ll do so again.
Prompto: But we beat ’em to the big guy…thanks to our friendly “guide.”
Gladio: Never know which way that one’s gonna move next.
Ignis: The chancellor has an agenda all his own.
Prompto: Sometimes it helps—like when he called off his army and let us escape.
Noctis: But he was still a creep about it.
Gladio: Well, it feels like he’s only helping us because he wants something… I just don’t know what.
Prompto: Reckon we’ll see him again?
Ignis: Certainly hope not.
Prompto: Not your type?
Gladio: No love lost for phonies.
Ignis: As Gladio said, his actions are motivated not by altruism, but by self-interest. And when he does come to our aid, I see only condescension in his eyes.
Noctis: Yeah, can’t argue with that.
Prompto: Ever think you think too much?
Ignis: Sometimes, but it’s always preferable to the alternative.
Prompto: Are we there yet?
Gladio: Didn’t you just say you always wanted to go sailing?
Prompto: Yeah, but all this ocean gets kinda bland after a while.
Gladio: Last time I checked it was “amazing” and “life-changing.”
Cid: So, soon you’ll have yer old man’s ring back.
Noctis: Yeah. When we arrive in Altissia.
Cid: Good thing. To him, it was his heritage.
Noctis: Is that what my dad said?
Cid: Carrying a royal line ain’t a task to be taken lightly. For a small thing, that ring can sure weigh heavy. After he became king, I only ever saw his face in the paper.
Gladio: Wait—weren’t you at the coronation?
Cid: Nah, I was long gone from the city.
Noctis: Must’ve been invited at least.
Cid: Had a fallin’ out o’ sorts with your old man. Right at the end of the trip.
Prompto: You did?
Ignis: I was given to understand you stayed in touch.
Cid: We buried the hatchet years later, but never talked face to face again. Shoulda paid a visit while I had the chance. Well, no use dwellin’ on it now. Got the Regalia in the hold, but y’all gonna stay in Altissia for a good while, right?
Ignis: Yes, we believe so.
Cid: In that case, I’ll tune her up for y’all. Not that I’ll have much to do, though, what with Cindy lookin’ after the old girl.
Prompto: If you say she’s good, she must be great.
Cid: She was never afraid o’ hard work. Heaven knows she had a hard childhood.
Prompto: “A hard childhood”?
Gladio: He means her parents.
Cid: Lost ’em both when she was little. Was big enough to understand, though…an’ to hurt. But ya wouldn’t guess that, seein’ her now.
Prompto: Not at all. She’s always so cheerful.
Cid: Well, that oughta tell ya how far she’s come.
Gladio: Man, you must have seen your fair share of Altissia by now.
Cid: Yeah… Only done been the once. Stayed a good while, though.
Prompto: What’s it like?
Cid: Big ol’ city.
Noctis: “Big.” Okay.
Cid: Well, it ain’t the Crown City.
Noctis: “Different.” Got it.
Ignis: You’ll see for yourself: foreign lands seldom lend themselves to trite explanations.
Cid: Change o’ scenery oughta do you good.
Gladio: Well, I’m all talked out. Can’t be far to Altissia now, right?
Cid: We’ll be there in no time. Nice having the wind at our backs.
Ignis: Lodgings are our first order of business.
Prompto: All work and no play.
Noctis: Makes Ignis a dull boy.
Gladio: Someone has to babysit you two.
Ignis: And you’re welcome to sleep in the wild.
Cid: Ain’t no hotel, but I know a fella has a place.
Gladio: Hey now.
Cid: Weskham—ran with Reggie and me way back when.
Prompto: Oh, was he the other one in that photo at the garage?
Cid: Yep. Runs himself a diner or café or somethin’. Go and see for yourselves.
Noctis: Sure.
Gladio: Does the place have a name?
Cid: “Magee”? Or “Magoo”? Or—”Maagho,” that’s the one.
Noctis: Nice.
Cid: You can count on ol’ Wes. He’ll chew your ears off.

[the radio comes on as the boat enters the waterway leading into the city]
The government issued a statement promising that the reasons behind awakening the Hydraean would be clarified in the ceremonial address.

Prompto: Got a signal!

Delivering the address will be Lady Lunafreya, who was previously reported dead. This will mark her first public appearance since the violence that befell the signing ceremony.

Prompto: Lady Lunafreya’s gonna give a speech?
Gladio: Sounds like it.
Cid: Lord knows—this world could use some wisdom.
Ignis: Won’t be much longer now, Noct.
Noctis: Yeah.

[The boat pulls up to a guard who stands along the waterway]
Altissian Guard: Does this vessel have an entry permit?
Prompto: Uh, entry permit?
Cid: Relax. I got one.

[Cid holds it up for the guard]
Cid: Here.
Altissian Guard: That’s as old as they get. Seems in order. You may pass.

[Cid drives the boat on ahead]
Ignis: Prepared in advance?
Cid: You could say that. Thirty-odd years ago.
Gladio: That’s what the guy meant by “old.”
Cid: Lucky us, eh?
Noctis: That could’ve ended badly.

[Cid slowly brings the boat into dock; everyone makes their way off the boat and toward the city]
Prompto: What’s next? Immigration?
Noctis: What do you mean? There’s still more?

[Noct walks up to a customs cue where some gatekeepers await]
Gatekeeper: Sir! What is the purpose of your visit?
Noctis: Purpose? Uh…

[A prompt to choose either “Ask Ignis” or “Leave it to Cid” appears]

Ask Ignis
Noctis: Ignis, a little help.
Ignis: We are scholars of the culinary arts, and we’ve come to study the renowned cuisine of your fair nation.
Gatekeeper: Is that so? I wish you an enlightening stay.
Ignis: Another one you owe me.

Leave it to Cid
Noctis: Cid, it’s all yours.
Cid: Hey, didn’t we just— Well, we’re here to visit a…a joint. Maagho. Maagho’s the name. Yeah.
Gatekeepr: Never heard of it. Unless you’re referring to the “alternate entry program.” In which case, you may pay the “levy” directly to me. This amount should suffice.
Cid: Ugh, what a racket. This is your trip—you cough up the cash.

Cid reimburses himself 3,000 gil from the party’s funds.

[They now make their way into Altissia]
Gladio: You wanna check Weskham’s place out?
Prompto: Yeah. “Let’s all go to Maagho!”
Ignis: Perhaps we’ll even make it in time for tea.
Noctis: Then we better start looking now.

*optional dialogue*

(as Noct and his retinue begin moving about the harbor area)
Prompto: So, we’re looking for the guy from the picture.
Ignis: An estranged friend of the king.
Prompto: Noct, you ever meet him?
Noctis: Nope.

(speaking to Cid at the harbor)
Noctis: You’re not staying at a hotel?
Cid: Fancy rooms were never my style.
Noctis: Need food?
Cid: Managed to stay fed all these years. Not gonna starve to death now. An’ ol’ Wes’ll see that I don’t go thirsty either.

(speaking with Cid again)
Cid: Why’re you dawdlin’ here? Go on, git!

(speaking with Cid once again)
Cid: What/ Already done your business?

(and speaking with Cid once more)
Cid: Don’t ya have better things to do?

(advertisement at the harbor)
Leide League
“The scorched earth comes to Altissia!”

Dual Horns, Sabertusks, Anaks, and more!

Prompto: Whoa! Pretty cool, huh?

(while walking around near the Leville)
Gladiolus: Are we staying here? Just so you know, I’m cool with camping.

(overhearing a conversation at the harbor)
Man (1): I-I’m so glad Lady Luna’s safe, I-I could cry.
Man (2): Yeah, man. Me, too.

(overhearing a conversation at the harbor)
Man (1): So someone caught the secretary at Maagho again?
Man (2): She and the barkeep sure are friendly.
Man (1): There’s gotta be something going on. She wouldn’t spend so much time at that place if there wasn’t!

(while exploring Altissia)
Noctis: The entire city’s built like a maze.
Ignis: Take care not to get lost.

(while exploring Altissia)
Noctis: So, what’s your plan if your glasses break?
Ignis: I’ve got another pair, just in case.
[Prompto laughs]
Prompto: The man always has a plan.

(beginning the “A Symbol of the Peace” quest)
Woman (1): They’re extend the exhibit for Lady Lunafreya’s wedding dress.
Woman (2): The Vivienne Westwood? But wasn’t that a memorial for her passing?
Woman (1): Well, now it’s a memorial for her safe return. Let’s go see it while we still can!

Prompto: Could that be the dress we read about in the papers?
Ignis: Doubtless. The designer’s name is the same.
Prompto: Wanna check it out?
Gladiolus: That depends on the groom. Might still be a sore spot, what with his wedding getting called off.
Prompto: Who says we can’t call it back on? It can still happen.
Ignis: True enough. Let’s keep an eye out for it.

(drawing near a stairway that leads to the Vivienne Westwood store)
Woman (1): The Vivienne Westwood store should be up these stairs.
Woman (2): It’s farther than I thought.

Ignis: Seems everyone is making for the shop.

(continuing up the stairs)
Man (1): They spared no expense on the dress. I’m glad I caught it when I did.
Man (2): If the prince is still alive, they should go ahead with the wedding.
Man (1): Yeah, they just need him to show up. Doesn’t he know it’s rude to keep a lady waiting?

[Prompto laughs]
Prompto: The people have spoken.
Ignis: Good to know the prince isn’t completely forgotten.

(drawing closer to the Vivienne Westwood store)
Girlfriend: Oh, the dress is so beautiful. I want mine to be like that.
Boyfriend: And it shall be, my love—as surely as I am your Prince Noctis!

Gladiolus: Looks like the prince has a following as well.
Prompto: Not bad, for a “Symbol of the Peace.”

(overhearing another conversation about the dress)
Woman: Excuse me, could you point us to the shop with Lady Lunafreya’s dress?
Man: Just follow this road toward the secretary’s estate, and brace yourself for the insane crowds.
Woman: Oh, well, I guess that’s to be expected. Thank you.

Gladiolus: She’s a big deal.
Prompto: Big? Think you mean huge!
Ignis: You truly get the sense.

(overhearing yet another conversation about the dress)
Man (1): Nest stop, Lady Lunafreya’s wedding dress.
Man (2): Let’s take the gondola back.

Prompto: Hmm. Sounds like we’ve gone off track.

(overhearing a conversation in the small fountain plaza below Port West Station)
Woman (1): This way to the dress?
Woman (2): Yep, same street as the estate.

Ignis: Seems we’re on the right track.

(completing the “A Symbol of the Peace” quest)
Prompto: One helluva crowd.
Ignis: And that’s the dress. My word.
Prompto: Everyone looks so happy. And it’s all because of this one dress.
Noctis: Yeah.
Prompto: Real glad for you that Lady Lunafreya is safe and sound.
Gladiolus: That settles it. You gotta make it happen—become a symbol of the peace. After we tie up all the loose ends, let’s think about the ceremony.
Ignis: A fine idea.
Noctis: Yeah, I’ll think about it.

(reading a sign near the Vivienne Westwood store)
We serve a full selection of
popular Accordo wines.
Ask one of our certified sommeliers
to help you choose.

Gladiolus: I wanna get me a glass of this.
Noct: Then why don’t you?
Gladiolus: Yeah. Let’s hit up Maagho later.

(overhearing a conversation about Lunafreya)
Woman (1): She doesn’t rub shoulders with the empire by choice. Everybody knows she wants independence.
Woman (2): Maybe she can ally herself with the prince now that he’s “come back to life.” Wait—is that why she went to Maagho!?
Woman (1): Oh my gosh—that Weskham guy’s from Insomnia, too. You don’t think the prince is here, do you!?

(overhearing a conversation about Ravus)
Woman (1): He just stood there, staring at the church and looking all sad.
Woman (2): Can you blame him? His sister was supposed to get married there…
Woman (1): But he knew what was going to happen that day. He could’ve at least warned her.
Woman (2): Well, what if he wanted to but couldn’t? It must be eating him up inside.

(overhearing another conversation about Ravus)
Man (1): His arm’s so cool! I mean, not like I actually want one of my own or anything.
Man (2): No, dude, I totally feel the same way. They say that thing’s got, like, superpowers!
Man (1): The empire makes some sick stuff.

(overhearing yet another conversation about Ravus)
Man (1): I thought that guy was from Tenebrae.
Man (2): He is—so it must have been a hard pill to swallow, being forced to lead his enemy’s army.
Man (1): Poor souls, he and his sister.

(coming near and examining the plaque on the monument in the small fountain plaza below Port West Station)
Ignis: Do you see that, Noct?
Noctis: What is it?

A goddess as merciful as the sea is wide.
May Leviathan long protect this land.
Peace be unto the Province of Accordo.

Iedolas Aldercapt, Emperor of Niflheim

Ignis: “Peace be unto the province”…

(sign in front of the statue of Leviathan)
Wish Birds
Write a wish on the paper bird.
Throw the wish bird toward the mouth of the Tidemother.
If the wish bird flies into the sea goddess’s mouth, she will grant you your wish.

Prompto: Makin’ wishes? Throwin’ stuff? Count me in!

(speaking to a vendor near the statue of Leviathan)
Prompto: What do you think they’re doing, Noct?
Proprietor: They’re launching wishing birds. Would you boys like to give it a try?
Noctis: “Wishing birds”?
Proprietor: They’re an old Altissian tradition. You write your wish on a paper bird, and you throw it at the statue. If it lands in the mouth, your wish will come true.
Prompto: You hear that? Our wishes are waiting in the wings.


(arriving at Maagho)
Weskham: Welcome to Accordo, lads. Cid mentioned you’d be dropping in. Weskham Armaugh, as you’ve gathered. My word, you’ve grown, little Prince.

[Noctis makes a “Hm?” sound]

Weskham: Ah, but of course—you were only a babe at the time.

*Pocket Edition-only dialogue*

Gladio: So that’s the final member of His Majesty’s retinue? Hmph. Bet there’s a lot we can learn from him.

*optional dialogue*

(walking about for a moment after arriving at Maagho)
Ignis: After the journey with His Majesty, he settled here and opened shop. He’s an odd specimen.

(continuing to walk about for a moment at Maagho)
Ignis: The Archaean’s awakening resulted in the destruction of the Disc, yet the government proceeds with the rite. There’s more to this than we understand.

(continuing to walk around Maagho further)
Ignis: Based on the government’s actions, it would seem Accordo is supportive of the Oracle.
Noctis: Despite being under the empire’s thumb.
Ignis: Therein lies the riddle: is Lady Lunafreya truly safe?

(walking around Maagho more)
Gladiolus: If Ravus is in town, seems it’s only a matter of time before that chancellor shows up. Another unknown we don’t need.

(still walking around Maagho)
Prompto: Your dad’s friend seems like a cool guy. Just wonder how he ended up here.


(speaking with Weskham)
Weskham: So, this is your maiden visit. Enjoying it so far? You doubtless have many questions, so ask away.
Noctis: This country is a part of the empire, isn’t it?
[Weskham chuckles]
Weskham: You’re wary, I understand. But there’s no need to jump at every shadow. Just be aware that the terms of our independence grant the empire free reign to come and go as they please.
Ignis: We’ll bear that in mind.
Weskham: It’s admittedly a one-sided arrangement. Most everything we do requires Niflheim’s permission, and they wouldn’t knowingly permit the Oracle to appear before the public. How our government spun that is quite a mystery. Is there anything else?

Ask about the Oracle
Noctis: You really think Luna will make an address?
Weskham: If every recent radio broadcast is to be trusted, absolutely.
Ignis: Where is Lady Lunafreya?
Weskham: In the city somewhere, but no one has caught so much as a glimpse of her. The media has been conspicuous in its silence on the matter, which speaks volumes of government intervention. That’d certainly explain the rumors of disgruntled imperial officers leaving the city.

Ask about the empire
Noctis: So you see lots of Niffs around here?
Weskham: We do. Sometimes even at my place. Theirs is a familiar presence, and the citizens don’t think much of it. Though, the high commander did cause a stir when he showed up the other day.
Noctis: Ravus…
Weskham: So soon after they felled the Archaean in Lucis, his arrival fuels rumors that they will next come to Altissia. The empire’s not content ruling all the land—they want the heavens as well.

Ask about Leviathan
Noctis: Is anything changed with Leviathan?
Weskham: For now, it’s business as usual at port, but word is the government will soon open the Altar of the Tidemother.
Gladiolus: In preparation for the rite.
Weskham: Ah, but on the other hand, they’re scrambling to stockpile emergency provisions. This begs the question: if they’re anticipating that the Hydraean will wreak havoc, why would they allow the rite to proceed?

Weskham: Well, if you need anything else, you know where to find me.
Noctis: Thanks, ‘preciate it.

(after speaking with Weskham, Camelia Claustra enters)
Weskham: My dear Camelia, it’s been a while.
Camelia: I heard about your distinguished guests.
Weskham: Ah, you’ve an ear for gossip.

(speaking with Camelia)
Camelia: Gentlemen, I won’t waste your time. My name is Camelia Claustra.
Ignis: First secretary of the Accordo Protectorate.
Camelia: You should know we have Lady Lunafreya in our care. And the empire demands we surrender her.
Noctis: What?
Camelia: Yet I am loath to acquiesce unless we stand to profit. Hence I’ve come to discuss terms…with the King of Lucis. If you’ve a mind to talk, come to my estate.

[Camelia leaves]
Weskham: She can be oblique at the best of times, but I assure you her heart is in the right place.
Prompto: Oh. Okay.
Weskham: At any rate, you must be weary from your journey. Might I suggest you seek your beds for now and ponder matters anew in the morning?
Noctis: Yeah, think we’ll do just that.

*optional dialogue*

(speaking to Weskham once more)
Weskham: Remember, your heart is yours to follow. Just see to it that you proceed with caution. Should you ever need it, Maagho is at your disposal.


(encountering Gentiana at the Leville)
Noct: …Gentiana.
Gentiana: Ahead lies a future uncertain, yet sure is the astral memory, wherein the King may walk.

Through Umbra’s power, you can now revisit past memories.
Summon him when you rest at lodgings.
•Characters will retain their current levels and abilities.
•Rental chocobos will automatically return to the post.
•The place you called Umbra will be set as your last rest point.

Messengers’ Amulet x 1

(leaving the Leville after the encounter with Gentiana)
Prompto: Well, guess we need to go talk to Camelia.
Gladiolus: Yeah, like we have any other option.
Ignis: There’s no telling how events will unfold. Let us prepare before making our way.
Noctis: Yeah, she can sit tight a while.

*optional dialogue*

(when discovering daemons during a hunt in Altissia)
Prompto: Daemons…here? But how?
Gladiolus: Doesn’t matter how they got here. What matters is we make ’em gone.

(after killing some daemons)
Prompto: I just don’t get why they’re here.
Gladio: It ain’t a good sign, that’s for sure.
Prompto: The world’s really out of whack.

(approaching a guard near the catacombs of the first secretary’s estate while progressing with the “The Cursed Canvas” quest)
Estate Guard: You’re here to deal with the haunting? Go on. The Lakshmi is through there.

[The Chocobros descend the steps leading to where the Lakshmi is on display]
Noctis: So here we are, about to see the famous painting.
Gladiolus: Infamous, more like.
[Prompto shudders]
Prompto: Anyone else got goose bumps?

[The four walk up to the painting]
Ignis: So there’s the Lakshmi.
Prompto: Whoa! It’s big.

[Mist begins emanating from the painting]
Ignis: What’s that?
Noctis: Is it fog?

[Hands begin to take shape in the fog and emerge from the painting followed by an apparition with the form of a naked young woman]
Prompto: Whoa. No. Friggin’. Way.
Gladiolus: Pretty bold of ‘er.
[The apparition laughs]
Ignis: Prompto. Camera.
Prompto: Um, this isn’t what I signed up for.
Noctis: Just do it, okay?
Prompto: I got it, you guys!
Gladiolus: Time to take ‘er down!

(completing the “The Cursed Canvas” quest)
Vyv: Don’t tell me…
Noctis: Yeah. We got the photo alright.

[Noct shows him the picture that Prompto took]
Vyv: Whoo-ee. You could knock me down with a chocobo plume right now.
Noctis: This is the scoop you wanted.
Vyv: I can’t print this! Kids read my magazine. Wouldn’t want their parents suing me! Plus, this thing was hauntin’ the painting, right? So, who’s to say it’s not hauntin’ this photo, too? This shot could come back to haunt me—I better hide it.
Noctis: After all that trouble?
Vyv: Look, I’ll still pay you. You did what I asked. Heck, I’ll sweeten the prize for you.

25,000 gil

(speaking with Vyv after completing all of his quests)
Vyv: I’m on the hunt for my next big scoop. What’re you boys up to?

(beginning the “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie” quest by traveling to “past” Lucis via Umbra for the first time)
[Noctis’s cell phone rings; he answers]
Cindy: Howdy, Prince. D’you mind swingin’ by the garage for a hot minute? We been experiencin’ some awful strange shakes back here in Leide. The Hunters’re already lookin’ into it, but I reckon they could use a couple more hands.
Noctis: Got it. On our way.

[Note: The “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie” quest can be begun and completed during Chapter 9, but one possible NPC who can show up will be missing if the player progresses to the last stage of the quest prior to completing certain tasks that will be unavailable until Chapter 15; as such, the remainder of the quest will be chronicled here under the section for Chapter 15]


[Upon speaking with the guard outside the gate to the first secretary’s estate, a prompt appears saying “Once the negotiation begins, you will be unable to return to the city. Are you certain you wish to continue?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”; upon selecting “Yes,” the scene transitions to Camelia Claustra’s office, where she sits at her desk while Noctis stands across from her on the other side of the desk; Ignis, Prompto and Gladio wait on the other side of the room; two Altissian guards stand in the middle of the room]
Camelia: Thank you for coming.

The negotiation is about to begin with First Secretary Claustra. Engage her in a manner befitting a king, and strive to win her trust and cooperation.

Noctis: No sweat. First things first…

No sweat. First things first…
[A prompt appears to select either “Express gratitude,” “Probe knowledge,” or “Pry into private affairs”]

Express gratitude
Noctis: Thanks for coming to greet us in person.
Camelia: It’s the least I could do for a king. Weskham didn’t extend me an invitation, so I decided to extend my own. Though circumstances have changed, both the king and the Oracle are finally in Altissia.
Noctis: You said that you have Luna in your care.

Probe knowledge
Noctis: What did Weskham tell you about us?
Camelia: He didn’t even tell me you were here. Fortunately, I have my own ways of finding out. Though circumstances have changed, both the king and the Oracle are finally in Altissia.
Noctis: You said that you have Luna in your care.

Pry into private affairs
Noctis: Are you and Weskham lovers?
Camelia: If you want gossip, go to a café. I, for one, am here for business. Though circumstances have changed, both the king and the Oracle are finally in Altissia.
Noctis: You said that you have Luna in your care.

(The empire demands that Luna be handed over…)
[A prompt appears to select either “Show concern for Accordo,” “Doubt Luna’s security,” or “Demand to see Luna”]

Show concern for Accordo
Noctis: Doesn’t that pose a risk to your nation?
Camelia: Is the king concerned for our relations with the empire? But it’s true, the Oracle is a risk—one we are prepared to shed with. Whether we do so depends on you. Now, let me ask some questions of my own. Why does the Oracle seek to awaken the Hydraean?

Doubt Luna’s security
Noctis: She better be safe.
Camelia: She is. But whether she remains so depends wholly upon you. Now, let me ask some questions of my own. Why does the Oracle seek to awaken the Hydraean?

Demand to see Luna
Noctis: I want to see her now.
Camelia: So hasty. Surely you can spare a moment to talk. Now, let me ask some questions of my own. Why does the Oracle seek to awaken the Hydraean?

Why does the Oracle seek to awaken the Hydraean?
[A prompt appears to select either “Be truthful,” “Answer vaguely,” or “Tell her nothing”]

Be truthful
Noctis: She wants to forge a covenant so I can receive Leviathan’s blessing.
Camelia: The answer I wanted to hear. And yet, king or not, it can’t be a simple affair for you to receive a god’s blessing. Let me be frank: the potential chaos worries me. You know better than most what took place in Lucis with the Archaean. Tell me, what happened?

Answer vaguely
Noctis: She just wants to talk with Leviathan.
Camelia: She would wake a slumbering goddess just to have a chat? Somehow I doubt the Tidemother will take kindly to being roused on a mortal whim. Let me be frank: the potential chaos worries me. You know better than most what took place in Lucis with the Archaean. Tell me, what happened?

Tell her nothing
Noctis: Doesn’t matter why she’s doing this.
Camelia: So the Oracle can do as she pleases? A precarious attitude to take before a god. Let me be frank: the potential chaos worries me. You know better than most what took place in Lucis with the Archaean. Tell me, what happened?

You know better than most what took place in Lucis with the Archaean. Tell me, what happened?
[A prompt appears to select either “Be truthful” or “Be cheeky”]

Be truthful
Noctis: I met Titan and he gave me his power.
Camelia: Just like the legends. Though the empire doesn’t like the way the story goes. Even as we speak, they mobilize their forces. It seems there’s no avoiding chaos. It will most likely come to war. However, I don’t care to host a battle on my soil, the gods and the empire be damned.

Be cheeky
Noctis: The big guy woke up and went on a trip.
Camelia: Really? A mild way to put it. It will most likely come to war. However, I don’t care to host a battle on my soil, the gods and the empire be damned.

I don’t care to host a battle on my soil, the gods and the empire be damned.
[A prompt appears to select either “Allude to a common enemy,” “Show concern for the city,” or “Be realistic”]

Allude to a common enemy
Noctis: I don’t suppose you’d cry over the empire’s losses.
Camelia: An intriguing suggestion…

(She needs help defeating the empire…)

[A prompt appears to select either “Cut to the chase,” “Question reliance on Leviathan,” or “Leave her hanging”]
Cut to the chase
Noctis: Seems to me you want a proxy to fight the empire.
Camelia: Very sharp, Your Majesty. But before we go into that, there is one matter I’d like to settle. Without further ado, let us talk terms. If you wish to hold the rite, you must ensure my citizens’ safety and aid in their evacuation.
Question reliance on Leviathan
Noctis: You’re placing your chips on Leviathan.
Camelia: Not all of them—I’m not so naïve as that. There are things that you must do for yourself. Without further ado, let us talk terms. If you wish to hold the rite, you must ensure my citizens’ safety and aid in their evacuation.
Leave her hanging
Noctis: Just sayin’. Don’t read into it.
Camelia: Then you’re shallower than I gave you credit for.

Show concern for the city
Noctis: Would be a disaster if a battle took place in the city.
Camelia: Indeed. We must be prepared to evacuate our citizens.

Indeed. We must be prepared to evacuate our citizens.
[A prompt appears to select either “Cut to the chase,” “Agree with her,” or “Distance yourself”]
Cut to the chase
Noctis: That’s the deal you wanna make.
Camelia: Perceptive and direct. Makes things that much easier when you can dispense with the dance. Without further ado, let us talk terms. If you wish to hold the rite, you must ensure my citizens’ safety and aid in their evacuation.
Agree with her
Noctis: No doubt about it.
Camelia: We’re in the midst of making plans. And it was to discuss your involvement in them that I called you here. Without further ado, let us talk terms. If you wish to hold the rite, you must ensure my citizens’ safety and aid in their evacuation.
Distance yourself
Noctis: Well, good luck with that.
Camelia: How obtuse can you be? Without further ado, let us talk terms. If you wish to hold the rite, you must ensure my citizens’ safety and aid in their evacuation.

Be realistic
Noctis: Not much you can do when it comes to the gods.
Camelia: You’d suggest I accept my city’s destruction?

(There’s a limit to what we can protect…)
[A prompt appears to select either “Be positive,” “Be pragmatic,” or “Withhold comment”]
Be positive
Noctis: Just protect everything.
Camelia: Wishful thinking. We must be realistic and discuss what we can and cannot do.
Be pragmatic
Noctis: Gotta choose what you wanna protect.
Camelia: I wasn’t expecting you to say that. Perhaps you’re not as unthinking as I first thought. Without further ado, let us talk terms. If you wish to hold the rite, you must ensure my citizens’ safety and aid in their evacuation.
Withhold comment
Noctis: Um…
Camelia: Nothing of worth to contribute? Without further ado, let us talk terms. If you wish to hold the rite, you must ensure my citizens’ safety and aid in their evacuation.

(She wants us to evacuate her people…)
[A prompt appears to select either “Agree to help evacuate,” “Suggest further measures,” or “Feign apathy”]

Agree to help evacuate
Noctis: Alright. I’ll do as you ask.
Camelia: I’m pleased to hear it. As long as the people’s safety is assured, I have no qualms with your rite. And that is not all. Once the rite has begun, I will not be accountable for what follows. You are on your own.

Suggest further measures
Noctis: That’s fine, but what about damage to the city?
Camelia: Your concern is appreciated, but I am prepared to accept some structural damage. Keeping the citizens safe is my chief concern, and therefore yours. And that is not all. Once the rite has begun, I will not be accountable for what follows. You are on your own.

Feign apathy
Noctis: Nah, can’t be bothered.
Camelia: Come now, we both know you want the rite. I will pretend that was a joke. And that is not all. Once the rite has begun, I will not be accountable for what follows. You are on your own.

(She expects us to deal with the empire by ourselves…)
[A prompt appears to select either “Act displeased,” “Act confident,” or “Act worried”]

Act displeased
Noctis: You’re basically telling us to fight the empire alone.
Camelia: In a manner of speaking. But to rephrase it from our perspective, Accordo has no troops that can aid you. Not amid such chaos, at any rate. That is all for the terms. To review, you are to ensure our citizens’ safety and engage the empire. Do we have an agreement?

Act confident
Noctis: Not a problem. We know how to take care of ourselves.
Camelia: Thank you. I’m sorry we cannot do more, but as I’m sure you are aware, few armies can stand against the might of the imperial fleet. That is all for the terms. To review, you are to ensure our citizens’ safety and engage the empire. Do we have an agreement?

Act worried
Noctis: Well, that puts us in a bind.
Camelia: Likewise. Let me rephrase. When the rite concludes, you are responsible for the Oracle’s welfare. That is all for the terms. To review, you are to ensure our citizens’ safety and engage the empire. Do we have an agreement?

To review, you are to ensure our citizens’ safety and engage the empire. Do we have an agreement?
[A prompt appears to select either “Agree amicably,” “Accept casually,” or “Respond pompously”]

Agree amicably
Noctis: Alright. Let’s fight together as allies.
Camelia: Allies? Such a vote of confidence. Well, you can trust us to do our part to do our part and keep the Oracle safe. A final warning, though I doubt it’ll come to it. My duty is to my citizens. Should any harm befall them, there will be a reckoning—for both king and Oracle.

Accept casually
Noctis: We’ll help however we can.
Camelia: Lest you forget, this is a business deal. A flippant attitude will earn you a flippant response. A final warning, though I doubt it’ll come to it. My duty is to my citizens. Should any harm befall them, there will be a reckoning—for both king and Oracle.

Respond pompously
Noctis: Just to be clear, we’re doing you a favor.
Camelia: Hmph. A final warning, though I doubt it’ll come to it. My duty is to my citizens. Should any harm befall them, there will be a reckoning—for both king and Oracle.

My duty is to my citizens. Should any harm befall them, there will be a reckoning—for both king and Oracle.
[A prompt appears to select either “Empathize with her position,” “Return the threat,” or “Remain silent”]

Empathize with her position
Noctis: Alright. You do what you must for your people.
Camelia: You’re just like your father.

You’re just like your father.
[A prompt appears to select either “Say thanks,” “Reject the association,” or “Ask her meaning”]
Say thanks
Noctis: Thanks.
Camelia: You’ve made the right decision.
Reject the association
[Noctis chuckles a little]
Noctis: Don’t think so.

[Camelia chuckles as well]
Camelia: I look forward to working with the new king.
Ask her meaning
Noctis: What do you mean like my father?
Camelia: Sometimes I can’t tell whether you’re sharp or dull.

Return the threat
Noctis: There’ll be a reckoning for you, too.
Camelia: A leader must know when to bring out the steel. Surely you understand this.

A leader must know when to bring out the steel. Surely you understand this.
[A prompt appears to select either “Show understanding,” “Put up a strong front,” or “Brush the subject aside”]
Show understanding
Noctis: Yeah, I think I get it.
Camelia: Yet “getting” is not the same as accepting.

[Camelia chuckles]
Camelia: Still so young, and still so much to learn.
Put up a strong front
Noctis: There won’t be any casualties.
Camelia: Again you intrigue me. You and your father are cut from different cloths. I wonder what manner of king you’ll make.
Brush the subject aside
Noctis: Yeah, not interested in that sort of talk.
Camelia: Interest doesn’t into it. You’ll see.

Remain silent
[Noct grunts]
Camelia: You understand what I must do. I will stop at nothing to protect my people.

[The prompt to select either “Empathize with her position,” “Return the threat,” or “Remain silent” is repeated]
Empathize with her position
[See the result of selecting “Empathize with her position” above]
Return the threat
[See the result of selecting “Return the threat” above]
Remain silent
[Noct grunts once more]
Camelia: A difficult choice, I know. But if you try to protect everything, you’ll end up protecting nothing.

Altissian Guard: Madam, it’s time.
Camelia: Assign three of your own for the evacuation effort. Whom you choose is up to you. According to our intel, the imperial fleet will be four warships strong. Steel yourselves for a full-scale battle.

[If the negotiations didn’t go well at all]
Camelia: This meeting didn’t instill me with confidence, be we must make do.

Noctis somehow managed to secure terms.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

[If the negotiations didn’t go all that well]
Camelia: I trust you understand your part in this? What happens next is up to you.

Noctis managed to secure terms.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 2

[If the negotiations went well]
Noctis made a positive impact on the first secretary.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 3

[If the negotiations went very well]
Camelia: I’m glad we could talk. We can each act in our own interest to our mutual benefit.

Noctis won the first secretary’s unreserved trust!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 4

[After the negotiations between Noctis and Camelia, she watches from a window as he and his friends leave her residence]
Camelia: I can’t promise something I can’t help.

[Weskham is revealed to be in the room with her]
Weskham: Of course. You certainly opened up to them, though.
Camelia: What can I say? I have a soft spot for the young and tragic. They’ve lost Regis, they’ve lost the Crystal… Was it so long ago the last Oracle was taken from them? We’ve seen the empire go mad these ten-odd years.

The day of the rite…

[The Chocobros are riding a gondola around Altissia’s waterways]
Ignis: During the rite, we must see to it the empire does not harass Leviathan.
Gladiolus: Gonna be tough to pull off, before the king receives her power.
Prompto: And with three of us on evacuation detail.
Ignis: Indeed. The best we can realistically do is to help the Hydraean help herself.
Gladiolus: What kind of help you talkin’ about?
Ignis: Just like Titan, the empire will seek to immobilize Leviathan.
Prompto: Ah, with the harpoon things?
Ignis: If we can dislodge them from the goddess, she will have a fighting chance.
Gladiolus: Sounds good in theory, but don’t push it. It’s pointless unless you can get that blessing.
Ignis: Stay flexible, stay alert.
Noctis: Alright, will do.

[In the first secretary’s estate, Camelia is having a conversation with Lunafreya]
Camelia: If worse comes to worst, you can threaten to throw the trident into the sea. Then they’ll listen. In the meantime, it will be well guarded. Better than the Oracle herself.
Lunafreya: Understood… I shall reclaim it at the altar.
Camelia: Remember: you’ll be under imperial watch.
Lunafreya: Right.
Camelia: Think of it as a necessary evil in order to forge the covenant.
Lunafreya: I am in your debt.
Camelia: Once it’s over, you may go as you please. But you do so without our protection.
Lunafreya: So be it.
Camelia: You had better get going.

[Camelia stands and leaves the room; a moment later, several imperial troopers rush into the room and point their guns at Lunafreya; she sits in silence for a moment under their weapons, then stands, brushes one of the guns out of her face with the back of her hand, and leaves the room]

[Noct stands among the throngs in Yureil Plaza before the church here, where Lunafreya is to make her speech; he’s on the phone with his friends]
Prompto: Noct, you in position?
Noctis: Yep.
Gladiolus: Don’t forget the plan.
Noctis: You guys, too.
Ignis: Of course.

[Noctis hangs up and begins making his way through the crowd to get close to the podium where Lunafreya will speak]
Noct: Talk about a crowd… Like the whole city’s come to watch.

[While Noctis is making his way toward the front, Lunafreya emerges and walks to the podium; many in the crowd shout out to her with adoration; at the podium, she momentarily places her hands before her, as if in prayer, and the crowd quietens to hear her speak]
Lunafreya: Dear friends, I stand before you today with little hope the words I speak shall reach beyond these walls.

[Noct reaches the front and stops to listen]
Lunafreya: For slowly, but surely, the Light fades from our world. And as it does, the shadows shall loom ever longer until all succumbs to the darkness. Darkness that evokes terror, hatred, and sorrow in the hearts of men. The ashes of Lucis… A dream of peace twisted into a nightmare of death and destruction, claiming innumberable lives and leaving myriad souls to suffer.

[Cor is shown listening to Lunafreya’s speech in the makeshift living room area beneath the lighthouse at Cape Caem; Iris and Talcott are shown listening in Lestallum; Noct looks on at her with sadness in his eyes]
Noctis: Luna…
Lunafreya: Yet I beg you, do not surrender to despair. Have faith, for our gods watch over us. By their blessings, by the Stars that light the heavens above, our world will be delivered from the perils of the dark. I stand before you here, in Altissia, to call upon Leviathan, Goddess of the Seas, spirit of the deep. By the sacred rite, I will commune with the Hydraean. But first, I offer you my solemn vow. On my honor as Oracle, I will not rest until the darkness is banished from our world and the Light is restored.

[Many people in the crowd clap and cheer]
Lunafreya: Bless you all.

[Noct and Luna make eye contact; she smiles and nods at him; he returns her smile and nod; Lunafreya walks away from the podium; the screen briefly fades to black; as it fades back in, Noct’s phone is ringing; he answers]
Ignis: Noct, the empire’s here.

[From his spot at the front of the crowd, Noctis looks to the sky; many imperial dreadnoughts and drop ships are apparoaching]
Noct: I can see ’em.
Ignis: Drop ships are closing in on the port. Look for a vantage point to approach them.
Noct: Okay. Look after the citizens.
Gladiolus: We got ’em covered.
Prompto: So…it begins…

[The screen fades to black]

[As imperial dreadnoughts loom above Altissia, Lunafreya stands on an altar overlooking the sea; she now wields her trident as she vocalizes an eerie melody]
Leviathan: What fool mortal dares break the slumber of the Tide!?
Lunafreya: It is I, Lunafreya, blood of the Oracle! Goddess of the Seas, I beseech you: enter into this covenant that the King might reclaim the Stone!

[After a moment, the enormous serpentine water goddess rises from the waters and hovers before Lunafreya; the creature then unleashes an angered threatening roar at the Oracle]
Leviathan: This wretched pile of bone and flesh, ignorant of that which governs All, comes to requisition the might of a goddess?
Lunafreya: I do.

[The camera pans back to show the imperial dreadnoughts all around Leviathan and Lunafreya; Ignis contacts Noctis by phone]
Ignis: Noct. The Hydraean has awoken.
Noctis: The civilians?
Gladiolus: Almost there. We’ll join you when we’re done.
Ignis: The empire has the Hydraean surrounded. Hurry, Noct!
Noctis: I’m on it.
Gladiolus: Then the rite’s already begun?
Noctis: Most likely.
Prompto: Time to lend the Hydraean a hand.

[Noctis fights his way through a couple of magitek troopers; afterward, he sees a coil of water in the shape of Leviathan fly through the air and destroy an imperial drop ship]
Noctis: What’s this water…?

[After Noctis fights his way through several more magitek troopers, he sees Leviathan looming above, speaking to Lunafreya]
Leviathan: What does a lowly, ephemeral speck know of All Creation!?

[Leviathan swings her body into the upper portion of the altar Lunafreya stands upon, breaking the upper stonework off and sending it into the sea in pieces]
Lunafreya: I know what you must know—that the King of Kings is to drive the darkness from our star.

[Note by Glenn Morrow: When Luna says “I know what you must know—that the King of Kings is to drive the darkness from our star,” what she refers to as “star” is 星 (i.e. hoshi) in Japanese; the word used for celestial bodies in general. It can mean “star,” but can also refer to planets — and, indeed, is not only what everyone in FFVII refers to that game’s planet by, but also what FFXV’s Lore Guide from the game’s opening tutorial explains the word to mean in this game.

In the Japanese version of FFXV, the segment of the Lore Guide entitled “The Six and the Oracle” ends with an additional line that says ちなみに、これらの話題でいう「星」は「世界」の意です — “By the way, ‘star’ in these topics means ‘world.'” This either became “star” in the official English localization due to an error in translation or, as is more likely, a deliberate choice on the part of the localization to give some linguistic flair to the game’s dialogue.

Click here for a screenshot or here for a video showing this segment of the Lore Guide in the Japanese version, and for further reference, this is Luna’s line above in Japanese: 聖石に選ばれし王は それはおまえも承知であろう]

[Leviathan roars and launches one of her water coil copies at Lunafreya, knocking the Oracle to her knees, leaving her bruised and her dress torn; Lunafreya uses her trident to remain propped up; she coughs, then stands once more]
Leviathan: Blasphemous ingrates, all men, quick to forget the ages their goddess stood watch!
Lunafreya: It is in receiving mercy than men offer praise, and in shedding grace that the gods solicit worship.
Leviathan: Yet this profane speck speaks her “King” heresies before a goddess! Insufferable sacrilege!

[Leviathan clamps her jaws down over the altar Lunafreya stands upon; from within her mouth, Lunafreya raises her trident]
Lunafreya: Leviathan!

[A yellow column of light emits from Lunafreya’s trident and Leviathan recoils]
Lunafreya: I vow the King will prove himself worthy!
Leviathan: If not, then the Feeding shall begin, and it shall not end until every last speck is devoured! So let the covenant be forged. Heaven and Earth, High and Deep, Birth and Return…

[Leviathan raises a large wall of water enclosing herself and all those in her vicinity; the scene transitions back to Noctis]
Ignis: Noct! Prompto is headed your way.
Noctis: But, what about you guys?
Ignis: We’ll wait below—there’s only room for two.

[As Noctis reaches a balcony, Leviathan destroys a couple more imperial drop ships not far from him; he suddenly hears Prompto]
Prompto: Noct, jump!
Noctis: What!?
Prompto: No time for questions!

[Noctis prepares to jump]
Noctis: Man…

[He jumps over the balcony and lands on a small flying imperial machine commandeered by Prompto]
Noctis: The hell is this?
Prompto: Ha! New ride we borrowed from the Niffs. This’ll get us in close.
Noctis: Serious?
Prompto: Here she comes!
Noctis: I got this.

[Leviathan begins sending water coil copies at them, which Noctis deflects]
Prompto: I’ll get as close as I can. Then it’s up to you.
Noctis: Alright. I won’t be long. Hey, nice job finding this baby.
Prompto: Moment I saw her, I knew we’d go places.

[More of Leviathan’s coils close in]
Prompto: Not again!
Noctis: Not making this easy.
Prompto: Noct, hold on tight!

[Noctis deflects them again before slipping and almost falling; Prompto grabs his hand and pulls him back up]
Prompto: Dude! Don’t let go!

[Noctis notices that Leviathan herself is turning toward them]
Noctis: Hey! Heads up!

[Leviathan opens her jaws and prepares to snap them on Prompto and Noctis; Prompto steers them out of harm’s way]
Prompto: Noct, can you reach? Now!

[Noctis point-warps to Leviathan’s face]
Noctis: Leviathan.

[Her eye turns toward him]

[A prompt appears to select either “Request her power” or “Demand her power”]

Request her power
Noctis: I need your power.

Demand her power
Noctis: Hey! Your power, give it up!

[A prompt appears to select either “Adopt a reasonable tone” or “Maintain a commanding tone”]

Adopt a reasonable tone
Noctis: I need your power.
Maintain a commanding tone
Noctis: Don’t you understand!? I’m the King!

[A prompt appears to select either “Adopt a reasonable tone” or “Maintain a commanding tone”]

Adopt a reasonable tone
Noctis: I need your power.
Maintain a commanding tone
Noctis: So, you wanna do this the hard way? Fine.

Leviathan grows stronger!

Earned 10 AP.

[Leviathan roars and violently shifts side to side, throwing Noctis off to the ground far below; he gets back up as she kicks up a cyclone that begins destroying the area]
Noctis: So the only way you’ll help me is if I take you down?

[Noctis manages to land a flurry of warp-strikes against her, but she doesn’t fall]
Noctis: Son of a bitch!

[After Noctis attacks her some more, Leviathan lands a blow against him that sends him to the ground; he doesn’t get back up this time; Lunafreya attempts to run to him, but falls down herself, hacking, the toil of her duty catching up to her; suddenly, Ardyn walks into view beside of her]
Ardyn: Now, about that ring…

[He kneels in front of her]
Ardyn: On second thought… You let him have it.

[Ardyn suddenly stabs Lunafreya in her stomach; both she and Noctis gasp; Ardyn looks into Lunafreya’s eyes]
Ardyn: And do remind him about the Crystal.

[Ardyn jerks the blade out of Lunafreya and wipes it off; he then turns to Noctis]
Ardyn: Oh, Prince! Your bride awaits!
Lunafreya: I will pass the ring…to the rightful King…

[Ardyn grabs her by her jaw and smiles at her; she places her hands on his arm and a yellow light appears where she touches him; he releases her jaw]
Lunafreya: When the prophecy is fulfilled, all in thrall to darkness shall know peace.

[Ardyn’s expression briefly turns from his mocking smile to a calm expression before turning to anger; he jerks his hand back and then backhands her with it; he quickly stands and begins walking away; he stops for a moment, looking down at his hand as his personal drop ship approaches]
Ardyn: How sweet… But please, Lady Lunafreya, you first.

[Ardyn gives her a mocking half bow before departing into his ship; it flies away; Lunafreya looks over to Noctis, who still hasn’t moved; she grabs her trident, raises it, and begins channeling a yellow column of light from it; a similar column descends on Noctis as other such columns arise from the royal tombs across Eos; Noctis slowly rises into the air as spectral currents of blue and yellow energy swirl around him; he and Lunafreya briefly make eye contact as her trident turns to one of the energy swirls and flies to Noctis; all the swirls of energy suddenly converge on him and leave him flying in the air, surrounded by spectral images of the royal arms; he faces off against Leviathan once again, now fully empowered by his ancestors; he unleashes a devastating salvo of energy weapons on her before severing one of her fins with the Oracle’s trident; Noctis lands one powerful blow after another, even breaking off two of the sea goddess’s three horns; finally, he delivers an explosive attack with energy forms of his ancestors’ weapons before conjuring the trident once more and jamming it into Leviathan’s neck, then using it to cut her open from neck to where her body touches the surface of the sea; water sprays from her massive wound; the screen briefly fades to black before transitioning to an exhausted Noctis slowly falling to the ground near Lunafreya]
Noctis: It’s done…

[He gently lands on his back a few feet from her; he’s unconscious; she crawls over to him and puts her forehead against his; yellow light begins to emanate from them]
Lunafreya: Blessed Stars of light and life…

[Leviathan roars in pain and fury; seeing this, Lunafreya cradles Noctis in her arms; suddenly, Titan emerges from the sea in front of the serpentine deity; Titan punches his fist into the sea directly in front of Leviathan, sending up columns of earth that engulf the other god; the wall of water Leviathan had raised begins to collapse, along with the pillars of earth Titan caused to emerge; all around Lunafreya and Noctis is falling water and crumbling rock; the screen fades to white; when it fades in again, Noctis as a child is laying asleep in a field of sylleblossoms; there is no proper sky; it is just a white void; Lunafreya calls to him]
Lunafreya: Noctis.

[Noct awakens and sees Lunafreya, as he knew when she was a child, striding toward him]
Noctis: Luna?

[Noct rises to his knees]
Lunafreya: So, you found your way here.
Noctis: And you found me.
Lunafreya: A chance to see you once more… Who would have thought?

[She turns away; Noctis gets to his feet]
Noctis: What do you mean? Why wouldn’t you see me?

[She turns back to him]
Lunafreya: Because my prayers have been answered. My calling fulfilled.
Noctis: But…that doesn’t have to come between us.

[Luna steps closer to him and bends down to look him in the eyes]
Lunafreya: You are the One, Noctis. The Stars shine for you now. That which is yours by right shall be restored to you.

[She walks a few steps away, then turns back to look at him]
Lunafreya: Do you remember the flowers of Tenebrae? It seems so long ago. You’ll find they await you still, blooming from hill to vale.
Noctis: Will you be there?

[She is silent for a long moment, then solemnly shakes her head; a strong wind suddenly picks up, blowing sylleblossoms about; Luna now looks as she did moments ago while Noctis still appears as a child]
Lunafreya: Would that I could join you… but this moment will have to be enough.

[The field around Noctis begins discorporating into dark wisps]
Noctis: It’s not right… All I… All I wanted…was to save you.

[As the dark wisps begin enveloping them, and what wasn’t a sky begins to look like the sea, Lunafreya reaches down and plucks a sylleblossom]
Lunafreya: When the world falls down around you, and hope is lost, when you find yourself alone, amid a lightless place, look to the distance. Know that I am there, and that I watch over you always.

[Lunafreya holds out the sylleblossom and releases it toward Noctis as she sinks into the mirk]
Lunafreya: Farewell, dear Noctis.

[Noctis’s face is wracked with pain as he begins clawing at the sea to try to reach her; he shifts into his adult appearance as he does this; failing, he reaches his hands out to her as she disappears from view and the sylleblossom released to him suddenly disperses, revealing the Ring of the Lucii floating toward Noctis; his face still twisted with heartbreak, he closes his hands around the ring; the scene briefly fades to white before transitioning to Noctis awakening with a groan in a bed in Altissia; he slowly sits up to see Ignis sitting across the room from him in a chair facing the other way; Ignis turns his head as if looking at Noctis over his shoulder; he isn’t, however]
Ignis: Back with us?

[Ignis clumsily finds a grip on the arm of the chair before standing]
Ignis: I’ll tell the others…though it may take a bit.

[Around the edges of the sunglasses Ignis is wearing, Noct can now see the scars framing his eyes; Noctis is startled]
Noctis: You’re hurt…
Ignis: A small sacrifice in the greater battle.

[Noctis is quiet for a moment]
Noctis: And Luna?

[Ignis turns away and is silent for an equally long moment]
Ignis: She has passed.

[Noctis grips his left hand before realizing something is there; he opens it to see the Ring of the Lucii; he gasps and begins to shake; Ignis gestures toward the notebook on the bed]
Ignis: Umbra left that for you.

[Ignis leaves; Noctis opens the notebook and flips to the page with the sylleblossom; he grits his teeth and clenches his fist around the ring as he begins sobbing; the scene fades to black before transitioning to Noctis leaning along a railing by the docks; Prompto, Gladio and Ignis walk past him, Gladio helping guide Ignis; he stops, though, and turns to look at Noctis, who turned his head to watch them; Prompto puts his hands on Ignis to continue guiding him while Gladio stares at Noct; after a moment, Noctis follows them]

CHAPTER 10 – The Heart of a King
Across the water and onto the rails, the royal retinue makes for Gralea, the imperial capital. Their objective: reclaiming the Crystal, that they might reclaim their homeland. However, the ring’s weight proves too much for Noctis to bear.

The Scourge of the Stars

Several weeks later…

[Noctis and the others are riding a train past a savannah-like landscape dotted with the occasional tree; Prompto and Ignis are sitting together in one seat; Noctis sits alone across the aisle from them, hanging his head]
Prompto: So…we’re gonna roll through Tenebrae.
Ignis: Not before visiting the royal tomb in Cartanica.
Prompto: You’re sure you’re up to that?
Ignis: The wounds have mended. Eyesight’s a matter of time.

[Gladio suddenly walks up to them and stares at Noctis]
Gladiolus: The hell is wrong with you?

[Noctis slowly raises his head]
Noctis: What?
Gladiolus: We’re not stopping in Tenebrae. You need to grow up and get over it.

[Noctis stands and confronts his friend]
Noctis: I am over it. I’m here, aren’t I!?

[Gladiolus grabs Noctis by his jacket and pulls him close]
Gladiolus: Maybe when you’re not too busy moping, you can look around and give a shit about someone worse off than you.
Noctis: Let go of me.
Gladiolus: How’s that ring fit ya? You’d rather carry it around than wear it? She gave her life so you could do your duty, not so you could sit around feeling sorry for yourself.
Noctis: You don’t think I know that!?
Gladiolus: You don’t! Ignis took one for you too, and for what!?
Ignis: Enough, Gladio!
Gladiolus: You think you’re a king, but you’re a coward.
Noctis: Shut up!

[Noctis shoves Gladiolus and grabs him by his jacket as well; Prompto stands and addresses Gladio]
Prompto: Don’t do this—!

[Gladio puts his hand on Prompto’s face and shoves him back]
Noctis: I get it, alright!? I get it!

[Noct shoves Gladio away]
Gladiolus: Then get a grip! Pull your head outta your ass already!

[Noctis turns and walks away; Prompto calls after him]
Prompto: Noct!
Gladiolus: Leave him.

[Gladio turns and walks away in the other direction; Noctis walks to the other end of the train car and takes another seat; after a moment, he holds his closed hand up and slowly opens it to reveal the Ring of the Lucii; his hand is shaking; Noct closes his fist tight around the ring and grits his teeth; he’s also grunting, as though in pain; after a long moment, he stands]

[A notification appears saying “Noctis is free to roam about the train until it pulls into the station.”]

*Pocket Edition-only optional dialogue*

(when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: Hey, we’re almost at Cartanica.
Ignis: We’ll be on foot in Cartanica. The Regalia may be aboard, but she won’t be of much use without paved roads.

(alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: We’re almost there. Let’s all take a deep breath before we leave.

(another alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: Do the glasses help at all?
Ignis: I’m afraid not.

*optional dialogue*

(when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: If there’s a tomb here, you bet we’ll be raiding it.

(alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: I hope at least one ancestor of yours had the sense to build his tomb somewhere safe.

(another alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: The tomb is just a station away. You think we’ll be okay—all of us?

(another alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Ignis: We’ll be on foot in Cartanica.

(yet another alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: Do the glasses help at all?

(yet one more alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
[Prompto sighs]
Prompto: We’re almost there.

(and yet another alternate result when passing Prompto and Ignis on the train bound for Cartanica)
Prompto: Hey, we’re almost at Cartanica.

(overhearing a conversation in the dining car on the way to Cartanica)
Man (1): Still no sign of Lady Lunafreya anywhere.
Man (2): It’s not looking good…
Man (1): What I wouldn’t give to see her again.


[A notification appears saying “The train is now arriving at Cartanica Station.”]


(upon approaching Prompto at Cartanica Station after arriving)
Prompto: There’s an elevator that should take us straight down to the mine. Wonder if the tomb’s inside. Those two went to grab a bite in that glorified dining car they call a restaurant.

(upon approaching Prompto again)
Prompto: Man, this place is deserted.

*Pocket Edition-only optional dialogue*

(upon approaching Gladiolus in the dining car)
Gladiolus: Hmph.

(upon approaching Gladiolus in the dining car a second time)
Gladiolus: Takin’ his sweet old time.

(upon approaching Ignis in the dining car)
Ignis: Noct?


(overhearing a conversation at Cartanica Station)
Woman: It’ll still be some time until we reach Tenebrae.
Man: Hopefully we hear some good news about Lady Lunafreya before then. I hope she’s okay.
Woman: Me, too. I’m hoping for another miracle.

(overhearing another conversation at Cartanica Station from these same NPCs)
Woman: I haven’t seen any sylleblossoms around here.
Man: The climate’s more accommodating in Tenebrae.

(overhearing a conversation at Cartanica Station)
Woman: Nothing like nature, am I right?
Man: More like nothing but nature.

(overhearing a conversation at Cartanica Station)
Man (1): I’ll bet you don’t know why they closed Caestino off to the public.
Man (2): I’ll bet you don’t either.
Man (1): These spelunkers found something fierce down there.
Man (2): Don’t believe everything you hear, buddy.


(when examining the elevator that will lead the Chocobros down from the train station)
[A prompt appears asking “Head down into the quarry?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(upon selecting “Yes”)
[Ignis taps Noctis on his shoulder]
Ignis: Ready to set out?

[A prompt appears to select either “Take Ignis along” or “Leave Ignis behind”]

Take Ignis along
Ignis: I’ll manage somehow.

Leave Ignis behind
Ignis: Don’t worry about me.

Fodina Caestino
Once rich in resources, this mine fell out of use in recent years, and now serves as little more than a watering hole for wild beasts. According to Cor, however, a royal tomb lies in the quarry’s depths, waiting to be uncovered.

(as the Chocobros begin to make their way through the Fodina Caestino mine)
Prompto: Feeling a little out of my element.
Ignis: We’re a foreign species in this environment. Mind we don’t end up prey.
Noctis: Right, good tip.

Ignis walks at a slower pace due to his eye injury.
Be sure not to leave him behind.

(as they begin their exploration of the mine)
Gladiolus: Footing’s bad. Watch your step.
Ignis: As best I can.
Prompto: Go at your own pace. We’ll wait.

*optional dialogue*

[If Noctis gets too far ahead]
Gladiolus: Is it too much to ask the royal procession sticks together?
Noctis: Too much to ask you to shut it?

[If Noctis gets too far head]
Gladiolus: Don’t run ahead.

(if Noctis accidentally brings his weapons out near Ignis)
Prompto: Whoa, what’d Ignis do to you!?
Noctis: My bad.
Prompto: Not just bad, dude—really bad.

(if Noctis accidentally brings his weapons out near Ignis a second time)
Gladiolus: Hey! Don’t you think you’ve hurt Iggy enough already?
Noctis: Sorry…


(as a battle begins)
Gladiolus: Watch out, Iggy, they’re on top of us.
Ignis: Ah, thank you.
Gladiolus: Don’t thank me yet.

(as a battle begins)
Ignis: Prompto… Where’s the enemy?
Prompto: Don’t worry, Ignis. We got this.

(as a battle begins)
Gladiolus: Keep an eye on Iggy.
Prompto: I’ll keep both on him!
Gladiolus: That’ll do.

(following a battle)
Noctis: Hey, you should hang back.
Ignis: Was I in the way?
Noctis: No, you weren’t. It’s just—

(following a battle)
Prompto: Glad that’s over!
Ignis: I only wish I could do more.
Gladiolus: You staying alive is enough.

(following a battle)
Ignis: It’s proving a challenge.
Gladiolus: What did you expect?

(following a battle)
Prompto: These tombs are always in the darndest places.
Gladiolus: Glad you’re taking this seriously.

(following a battle)
Gladiolus: Hurry up. Ain’t got time to waste.
Noctis: Think I don’t know that?

(while exploring)
Gladiolus: Don’t push yourself Ignis.

(as night falls in the Fodina Caestino)
Ignis: Prompto, perhaps it’s time for some light.
Prompto: Yeah. How did you…?
Ignis: The hour is late. That much I can tell.
Prompto: Oh, I see. That’s…good.

*optional dialogue*

[If the royal retinue should camp at Plantagh Haven within the mine, they will have only Chilled Food Tin or Cup Noodles to pick from for dinner; Gladiolus will sit by himself away from the others, while Noctis is also absorbed in his own thoughts even though he’s still sitting around the fire; Prompto and Ignis will be the only ones to talk to one another]

(when Prompto begins to peruse his newest photos at camp)
Prompto: Took more photos today. You…wanna see?
Noctis: No, not really.
Prompto: Yeah. Of course.

(when leaving camp in the morning)
Prompto: We should get moving. You okay, Ignis?
Ignis: I’m fine. Don’t mind me.


(as the royal retinue comes to a downward sloping path)
Gladiolus: Tomb must be down below.
Prompto: Whoa. Careful, Ignis.
Ignis: Right.

[Continuing down the path, the party finds some mining machinery blocking the way further down]
Gladiolus: They parked here?
Prompto: Wish we could write ’em a ticket.

(upon examining the machinery up close)
Gladiolus: Nothing but a giant roadblock.
Prompto: Ironic for a vehicle.
Ignis: If we get its motor running, perhaps we can move it out of the way.

[The party locates a control panel]
Prompto: This looks promising!
Ignis: Is it operational?
Noctis: We’ll see.

[Noctis inspects the control panel and starts up the machinery; black smoke begins to pour out of its smokestacks, but abruptly stops after a moment]
Gladiolus: Hey. What’re you stopping for?
Noctis: I’m not.
Prompto: Let’s see here… “In case of power failure, use backup generators.” There’s a key in the shed!

(upon locating the key)
Noctis: Found it.
Gladiolus: Good.
Prompto: That takes care of the key!
Ignis: And the generators?
Prompto: Apparently they’re back by the control panel.
Noctis: Then let’s go.

(when the party gets to one of the generator controls with the key)
Noctis: Where is it?
Prompto: Riiight here!
Ignis: How does it look?
Prompto: She’s wired and ready. Give it a go!
Gladiolus: And don’t blow it up.
Noctis: Thanks for the advice.

[After Noctis activates the generator, a red light on the controls turns from red to green]
Ignis: Did it work?
Prompto: Yep! One more to go.

(upon finding and activating the other generator)
Prompto: We’ve got the power!
Gladiolus: Might not have it for long, though. Hurry up and move the machine.
Noctis: Yes, sir.

[Noctis and the others return to the machinery’s primary control panel; the mechanism that has been serving as an impediment is shown rising out of the way]
Noctis: Did you hear that?
Prompto: Sounds like we’re clear!
Ignis: Grand.
Gladiolus: Then let’s move.

(as the royal retinue begins to make their way down the newly cleared path)
Gladio: Hold up.

[Noct stops and turns to face Gladiolus]
Gladio: You sure you’re ready for this? You got what it takes?
Noct: To do what?
Gladio: To face your ancestors and convince them to lend you their strength. Got a long road ahead. Can you see this through? To the end?

[A prompt appears to select either “Show frustration” or “Show resolve”]

Show frustration
Noct: As if I have a choice! You think I like the idea of people sacrificing themselves for me, one after the other?
Gladio: Enough. Forget it.

[Gladio takes a few steps past Noctis and stops]
Gladio: I thought you’d accepted your duty. I thought wrong.

Gladio’s words lit a fire in Noctis’s heart.
Now riled, Noctis’s strength has increased by 50%.

Show resolve
Noct: Can and will. Whether I like it or not, I’ve got a duty to fulfill—as king.
Gladio: You’re damn right, you do. Then that means you’d better start taking this seriously.

[Gladio walks on past Noctis]

Gladio’s words spurred Noctis to self-reflection.
Now roused, Noctis’s vitality has increased by 50%.

(upon visually confirming that the machinery is no longer in their way)
Noctis: Good to go.
Prompto: We did it! Together!

(continuing down the path)
Prompto: This cave is huge!
Ignis: The tomb’s further in?
Noct: You wanna wait here?
Gladiolus: Alone, here.
Noct: Not what I said.

(as the royal retinue draws close to the swamp at the bottom of the mine)
Prompto: Man, something stinks around here. Don’t slip and fall in whatever that is.

[In the swamp at the bottom, outside the entrance to the royal tomb, Noct and the others come across several large organic sacs hanging between some tree roots]
Prompto: What is this?
Gladiolus: I hate eggs.
Prompto: Do we really wanna know what’s back there?

[Suddenly, large squirming tentacles come out of the swamp followed by the malboro they belong to]
Prompto: That looks like a mouth. Is that its face!?
Ignis: What? What is it?
Noctis: Something real bad!

(as the battle carries on, malboro sprouts begin to hatch and attack)
Prompto: Whoa! Look who’s hatching!
Gladiolus: Bust ’em up!

(as the battle with the malboro continues)
Gladiols: It’s useless.
Prompto: What do we do!?
Noctis: This might be a good time to panic.
Ignis: No. There must be a way!

The malboro has gone berserk.
Keep your distance to avoid its Bad Breath.

[Noct and the others fall back]
Noctis: Gotta shut that thing’s trap!

[As the malboro sucks in air and prepares to unleash its Bad Breath, inspiration dawns on Ignis’s face]
Ignis: Noct, I have an idea.

[Ignis reaches into his jacket and pulls out a magic flask]
Ignis: If I may…

[Ignis hurls the magic flask down the malboro’s gullet; a second later, flame erupts from the creature’s throat]
Ignis: Ah, as I suspected!

Prompto: It really worked!
Gladiolus: Nice one, Iggy.
Ignis: Now, we’ve a fighting chance.

Ignis has rejoined the fray!
• Obtained technique: Libra Elementia

[Using Libra Elementia, Ignis torches the malboro to a crisp]
Ignis: Is it dead?
Prompto: It is—and it’s all thanks to Iggy!
Gladiolus: Iggy, you saved us.
Prompto: Seriously. We’d be plant food if it wasn’t for you.
Ignis: Happy to help.
Gladiolus: What, no royal commendation from His Majesty?
Noctis: None for you, at least.

(upon returning to where the eggs were hanging)
Gladiolus: Whisking them just makes a mess—better fry ’em.

[Noctis incinerates the eggs, revealing the door to the royal tomb in this area]
Prompto: I think we found it!
Noctis: Just wish they found a better place to build it.

[Inside the tomb, Noctis acquires the Katana of the Warrior]
Gladiolus: Alright, let’s haul ass.
Noctis: Yeah, let’s.

(as the royal retinue walks back out into the swamp)
Ignis: A moment?
Gladio: Is everything okay?
Ignis: It bloody well isn’t. And I won’t suffer this pointless bickering in silence any longer. Let’s be frank. My vision hasn’t improved, and probably won’t. Yet in spite of this… I would remain with you all. Til the very end.
Gladio: Sorry, but I object. War is a matter of life and death.
Prompto: But, we’ll be there!
Gladio: It’s not about us looking out for him!
Prompto: Uh-huh. Well, then he should be free to choose.
Gladio: There’s more to it than just what he wants!
Ignis: I know full well! I won’t ask you to slow down. If I can’t keep up, I will bow out.
Gladio: What says “His Majesty”?
Ignis: Noct, you are king. One cannot lead by standing still. A king pushes onward always, accepting the consequences and never looking back. Gladio, Noct will take his rightful place, but only once he’s ready.

[Gladio is quiet for a moment before relenting and turning his back]
Gladio: Have it your way. We’re still taking a big risk.

[Gladio turns to look at Noct]
Gladio: We better all be ready.

[Gladio walks off]

(as Noct and the others return to the train station)
Noctis: You guys mind if we stop in Tenebrae?
Prompto: Might as well hop off.
Gladiolus: If it helps him move on.

(as the royal retinue prepares to reboard the train)
[Noctis is addressing Ignis]
Noct: We’re here for you.
Prompto: Yeah, let us help you.

[The boarding bell begins to ring]
Prompto: And we’re off!

[Prompto makes for the train; Gladio comes along behind him, guiding Ignis]
Gladio: Are we clear?
Ignis: Crystal.
Noct: Hey, watch your step.
Gladio: You’re not “pushing onward”?
Noct: Not at his expense.
Gladio: Fair enough.

[They all board the train; none of them notice Ardyn standing down the platform from them, watching them; Ardyn boards the train; the train departs from Cartanica Station]

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