Final Fantasy XV chapter-by-chapter lore exposition and development, part 3

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Compiled by Glenn Morrow

CHAPTER 11 – In the Dark
Ignis’s resolve forces a reconciliation between Noctis and Gladiolus and restores harmony to the group. With renewed vigor, the four friends reboard the train and head for Tenebrae, home of the late Lady Lunafreya.

(first scene of chapter)
[Noct and Ignis sit at a table in the dining car of the train]
Ignis: Feels good to ride the rails.
Noct: Sure does.
Ignis: Eager to drive once we’re in Gralea?
Noct: If they’ll let me.
Ignis: We’re fortunate to have the Regalia at all. We owe the first secretary our thanks.
Noct: She’d get more thanks if she gave us a discount.
Ignis: Those transceivers are top-notch. I recall when the Hydraean raged— In the midst of the empire’s retreat, one conspicuous craft remained behind: the chancellor’s. The last thing I remember seeing was his ship, heading for the altar. I fell unconscious…and was powerless to stop him.
Noct: I’m just glad you’re alive.

[Noct makes a startled sound and leans into the aisle slightly to look past Ignis]
Ignis: Is someone else there?
Noct: Gladio—he just came back. Where did he go anyway?
Ignis: On a brief reconnaissance. Something caught my ear.

[Gladio walks up to their table]
Gladio: Hey captain, mission complete.
Ignis: Splendid.
Noct: So what “caught your ear”?
Ignis: Rumors of longer nights.
Gladio: They’ve been growing longer, day by day.
Ignis: There was talk of it back in Lucis, but recent days have shown an unseasonably sharp change. Should this trend continue, before long…
Noct: There won’t be daylight.
Gladio: Well, it’s not out of the question. The empire’s already slain half of the Six. No wonder the whole world’s in disarray.
Noct: I…guess.
Ignis: And longer nights mean more daemons.
Gladio: Seen that with our own eyes.
Ignis: I happened to overhear a fellow passenger discussing this very same phenomenon.
Gladio: So he sent yours truly to seek ’em out.
Noct: Nice police work.
Gladio: Well, don’t wanna keep ’em waiting.
Ignis: No, we don’t. Back in a moment.
Noct: Sure.

[Noct sits in silence for a moment looking out the window; as the train begins to pass a snowy mountain range covered in mist, Prompto comes running by, then tries to stop and slips when he realizes he’s passing Noctis]
Prompto: Whoa! There you are, buddy! Did you see this? It’s unreal!
Noct: Yeah. Never seen anything like it. Doesn’t make any sense.

[Noct looks around the dining car and suddenly realizes that no one else is moving; everything is blanketed in grey and everyone is frozen in place; Prompto is missing; Noctis stands]
Noctis: What’s going on?

[Noctis suddenly hears Ardyn’s voice behind him]
Ardyn: It’s a real mystery.

[Noct turns to find Ardyn standing in the dining car]
Ardyn: I’m not liking that snow cloud. Kind of gives me the chills. Like, who comes up with this stuff? I couldn’t dream something like this if I tried. It’s a wondrous world.
Noctis: The hell are you doing here!?

[Noctis springs to punch Ardyn in the face, but he dodges]
Ardyn: Whoa, what’s going on!? Easy there, buddy. Didn’t see that coming. You alright?

[Noct conjures a sword and swings it at Ardyn, who steps back just out of range]
Noctis: Shut up!
Ardyn: Be careful there! Wait—is this for real?

[“Ardyn” begins to run away; Noctis pursues him into the cabin car; Ardyn runs into one of the cabins and shuts the door; Noctis jerks the door open]
Noctis: Show yourself!

[Suddenly, Ardyn leaves over from behind Noctis]
Ardyn: Uh…Noct?

[Noctis swings around with his fist, hitting nothing but air; Ardyn has vanished again]
Noctis: That son of a bitch…

[Noctis runs to the next car, where he sees Ardyn backing away]
Ardyn: C’mon, Noct. You’re scaring me! Seriously, man, cut it out!

[Ardyn passes to the next car, where Noctis continues to doggedly pursue him]
Ardyn: It’s not safe. Plus, you’re causing a scene. Quit playing around, okay?

[Noctis catches up to him and conjures a sword once again, which he immediately takes swing with, attempting to bisect Ardyn horizontally]
Noctis: You think this is funny!?

[Ardyn ducks the blade, then quickly scrambles to his feet, and runs toward the next car]
Ardyn: Dude, are you seriously trying to kill me!?

[Noctis follows him into the space between these two cars]
Noctis: Why wouldn’t I!? I’ve got you now.

[Ardyn is barely able to stand, so out of breath is he; he’s holding one hand out, trying to convince Noctis to stop]
Noctis: What’re you after, following me around this whole time? It’s all YOUR fault—

[Noctis puts his elbow against Ardyn’s neck and shoves him against the door to the next car]
Ardyn: What are you talking about? Do you really mean that, Noct?

[A prompt appears to select either “Yeah” or “Maybe”]

Noctis: Of course I do! You can’t talk your way out of this!
Ardyn: You won’t even let me! Noct, please. Can’t we talk for a sec?
Noctis: Never.

Noctis: What—are you saying it’s not?
Ardyn: Yes! What good would it do me to hurt you!?
Noctis: Who cares!?
Ardyn: Noct, please. Can’t we talk for a sec?
Noctis: Never.

[Suddenly, Noctis is thrown violently to the floor as the train’s brakes bring it to a screeching halt]

[Note: The reason “Ardyn” is talking like Prompto throughout this scene is because the person Noct sees as Ardyn actually is Prompto; Ardyn is using his powers to swap appearances with Prompto, which continues into the next scene where Noctis thinks he’s now talking to Prompto but is actually speaking with Ardyn]

The deserts of the western continent have long been littered with imperial armories and outposts. The slaying of the Glacian, however, gave birth to a paradoxical phenomenon: snow fields and sand dunes coexisting mere miles apart. Noctis and his friends would be wise to flee this treacherous terrain posthaste.

[Noct comes to on the floor with “Prompto” awakening him]
Prompto: Noct! Are you okay?
Noctis: No. Where’s Ardyn?
Prompto: Wait—he’s here? If he is, that would explain all this weird stuff happening. I bet he’s behind the train stopping. Ignis and Gladio went up to inspect the engine room. I say the two of us go check out the rear.
Noctis: Yeah.

[Not runs back the way he had come while in pursuit of “Ardyn”; in the car before the cabin car, the train suddenly shakes and windows shatter all around; Noctis falls to the floor, but quickly gets back up]
Prompto: Did they bomb us!? Noct, we have to protect the people!

[Noctis runs onward into the cabin car, where a magitek trooper jumps through the glass and pursues several people; the civilians run past “Prompto” and Noctis]
Prompto: Head to the next car!
Noctis: Leave these guys to us!

[Noctis destroys the magitek trooper]
Prompto: So much for a safe ride. More of ’em might be on board. Let’s check the rear!
Noctis: We need to get the train moving again.
Prompto: I’m sure Ignis and Gladio will come up with something.
Noctis: Hope so. Let’s go.

[Noctis runs onward, moving through the dining car]
Prompto: How bad do you think it is? Hope nobody got hurt.

[Noctis continues on through another cabin car, where the glass all shatters as yet another violent shake rocks the train; when he reaches the car past the passenger car after that, he’s thrown back by an explosion that takes out the side of the car;
Noctis: It blew up!
Prompto: Man, the MTs can self-destruct.

[A multitude of magitek troopers are visible through the twisted wreckage; they’re either firing upon the train or trying to reach it]
Noctis: We can’t let them inside.
Prompto: Well then! We take the fight to them!

Imperial shock troopers are attempting to blow up the train.
Take them down before they get too close.
If the train takes too much damage, the game is over.

[Noctis and Prompto head outside through the hole created when the side of the train car was blown open; visible in the distance is a massive pyramid-shaped flying fortress; many smaller imperial drop ships are emerging from the fortress and flying toward the train]
Prompto: That thing’s huge! We’ve got company!
Noctis: Sure do.
Prompto: Let the party begin!

[“Prompto” and Noctis begin dismantling the magitek troopers]
Noctis: It’s us against an army…
Prompto: What’re the odds we’ll win?

(as the two continue fighting their way through the advancing horde)
Noctis: There’s just too many of ’em.
Prompto: Oh, the fun never ends!

[After the two destroy a great number of the magitek troopers, a number of imperial tanks in the area begin firing on the train]
Prompto: Looks like they’ve rolled out the big guns!
Noctis: Prompto, stay back!

An imperial tank has also begun firing on the train.
Point-warp to the tank and destroy it before it shoots.
If the train takes too much damage, the game is over.

[Noctis point-warps to one of the tanks, rips open a hatch leading to some explosive cylinders, conjures a sword, shoves it through the cylinders, then point-warps to the safety of a water tower as the tank explodes; meanwhile, the train has begun moving again; Prompto’s voice rings out]
Prompto: C’mon, we’re leaving!

[“Prompto” is back on board the train; Noctis point-warps to the top of the train]
Prompto: Look—they’re hot on our tail! They’re gonna blow us to bits!
Noctis: Not if we blow ’em up first!

[Noctis takes out two more magitek troopers that had gotten on board]
Prompto: How’s that now?
Noctis: Shoot ’em.
Prompto: Oh, now there’s an idea.

Imperial assault crafts have also begun firing on the train.
Point-warp to the ships and destroy them.

[Noctis point-warps to the inside of one of the ships, where he begins hacking the magitek troopers to bits]
Noctis: Every single one of ’em’s a bomber!

Once inside, force the shock troopers to self-destruct, or use the turret to take down the four assault crafts. If the train takes too much damage, the game is over.

(after taking out the four ships carrying shock troops)
Noctis: That’ll do it! Better head back down.

[Down below, on top of the train, stand “Ardyn” and “Prompto,” the former holding one of the latter’s own guns on him; Prompto’s hands appear to be up; Noct point-warps down to the train near them]
Noctis: Prompto!

[Noct takes a swing at the gun “Ardyn” is holding, knocking it to the roof of the train, and then another swing at “Ardyn,” causing him to fall backward off the train; at this point, Noctis becomes able to see that it is Prompto who is falling; so horrified is Noctis at the realization, he doesn’t even look behind him to see Ardyn standing there, holding up one of Prompto’s guns]
Ardyn: How long were you in the dark?

[Noctis turns to look at Ardyn but is left completely open to the blow to the back of his head that Ardyn administers with the butt of Prompto’s gun; Noct falls to the roof of the train, unconscious]

CHAPTER 12 – End of Days
Ardyn uses a stitch in time to switch appearances with PRompto, and tricks Noct into hurting his closest friend. Nevertheless, a king pushes ever onward, accepting the consequences, and never looking back.

[Noctis comes to, still laying on the roof of the train]
Noctis: Dammit.

[He pulls out his cell phone and calls Ignis]
Ignis: What’s wrong?
Noctis: Ignis, you’ve gotta stop this thing! Prompto fell off the train. I pushed him—I mean, Ardyn made me. I don’t know where he is, but we can’t leave him!
Ignis: Stay calm, Noct. I’m as concerned for Prompto as you are, but stopping the train would endanger everyone onboard. We’d be sitting ducks for the daemons.
Noctis: What do we do!?
Ignis: First, we drop the passengers off at Tenebrae. We’ll be arriving shortly.
Noctis: What about Prompto!?
Ardyn: Given the chancellor’s involvement, it’s probable he’s no longer where we left him. In any case, he may try to contact us. Let us wait and hope for now.

[The train begins going through a mountain tunnel]
Ignis: Can you make your way here? Gladio is with me.
Noctis: Are the two of you okay at least?
Ignis: Yes.
Noctis: Okay, on my way. I’ll be there as soon as I take care of these stowaways!

[The walls and ceiling of the tunnel are crawling with daemons, many of which begin converging on Noctis]
Noctis: And things just got worse.

[Noctis fights through daemon after daemon as he makes his way toward the front car of the train]
Noctis: Where do they keep coming from?

[Noctis reaches the front car and realizes it’s no longer broad daylight; night has begun to fall suddenly and swiftly beyond the end of the tunnel; however, the air also begins to fill with the crystals of light that accompany the appearance of a summoned god]
Noctis: What!? No light at the end of the tunnel!?

[Noctis takes notice of many large spider-like daemons hanging from the ceiling ahead of the train]
Noctis: What in the world…?

[The daemons drop onto the train, which emerges into the rapidly disappearing daylight; the train is being swarmed as it reaches Tenebrae; Fenestala Manor looms in the distance, but Noctis is about to face a potentially overwhelming horde; suddenly, Leviathan emerges from the valley below and begins unleashing its water coil copies at the daemons, knocking them loose and shattering even more windows; a water cyclone the sea god has kicked up sucks in the daemons as they are knocked off the train; having saved the train, the great serpent departs, but is at that moment Noctis realizes Fenestala Manor is burning]

[Having arrived at Tenebrae, Noct sits on the train platform along with the many other beleaguered passengers; Gladio and Ignis stand beside him; from behind Noct, he suddenly hears a familiar voice]
Aranea: Well, look who’s here.
Noctis: Aranea. Guess we’ve got you to thank for this mess?
Aranea: More to it than meets the eye. You wanna know who to thank? Come with me.

[Slowly, Noct gets to his feet]
Noct: Can’t wait to hear this.

*optional dialogue*

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Old Man: Curse those imperials.
Woman: Are you alright?
Old Man: Really did a number on me.
Woman: We ought to get you to a doctor. By the sound of it, we’ll be departing for Altissia in a short while.
Old Man: Good. The sooner, the better.


[Noct and his two remaining companions walk along behind Aranea toward some imperial drop ships]
Aranea: What did you do to your eyes?
Ignis: Oh, uh… Just a flesh wound.
Aranea: Can you see?
Ignis: I’m…afraid not.
Aranea: Wow. That sucks. It’s a cruel world.

[Aranea suddenly stops and looks at them]
Aranea: Uh, wasn’t there one more of you guys?
Noctis: Yeah…there was.
Gladiolus: We…lost track of him.
Aranea: Is he dead?
Noct: I…I don’t know.
Aranea: Then quit moping, keep hoping.

[Aranea resumes walking]
Aranea: And in the meantime, handle what’s at hand.
Gladiolus: So if it’s not you we thank…
Aranea: Thank the daemons, pawns of the imperial army.
Gladiolus: The army that you fight for.
Aranea: Fought for. My men and I are in the search and rescue business now.
Ignis: You mentioned being part of the relief effort. We have a favor to ask.
Aranea: Ask away.
Ignis: In light of what you’ve told us, we can’t allow the other passengers to continue on.
Aranea: Sure, leave ’em to me…but, who’s gonna drive the train?
Gladiolus: Now that you mention it, yeah. You know anyone?
Aranea: I do. In fact, I know two.

[Aranea walks the trio up to two other familiar faces]
Aranea: Your new engineers. Biggs and Wedge. No need to worry—they can take a lickin’.
Biggs: Only if we have to. What’s all this about?
Aranea: Driving a train. To Gralea.
Biggs: That all?
Aranea: Well, who would you have me ask?
Biggs: You got us there.
Wedge: We’ll do it.
Gladiolus: Hey, really appreciate you going out of your way.
Aranea: Yeah. No sweat.

(speaking with Biggs)
Noctis: Hey, thanks for the lift.
Biggs: We’re happy to help. Can’t say the climate will be as cooperative, though. Y’know?
Wedge: Right. ‘Specially the gorge.
Biggs: The place is freezin’! Makes sense, what with the ice goddess’s cold corpse lyin’ around. It’s a rather long ride, so I suggest you bundle up before we ship out. By the way, I bumped into a woman from the manor, used to serve House Fleuret. Must’ve gone off looking for ya. Said she had something important to discuss.
Noctis: With me? Guess I oughta find her, then.

*optional dialogue*

(speaking with Biggs again)
Noctis: So, you’ve cut your ties with the empire?
Wedge: Yeah.
Biggs: The only way we could help the people was by leaving the army. Lady A’d about had it with them as it were.
Noct: “Lady A”?
Biggs: Aranea, the Commodore.
Noct: Ahhh.
Biggs: Nothing but daemons in the capital. Meanwhile, the Crystal’s just sitting there. No one in the army signed up for this!
Noct: What about the civilians?
Wedge: Holed up in their homes.
Biggs: They’re either lying quiet behind closed doors or lying dead. Your guess is as good as mine.

(speaking with Aranea)
Aranea: The chancellor is running some circus. The high commander got the axe—literally, and the emperor’s no more than a husk at this point. Everyone in charge is gone now. It’s total chaos—all hell broke loose in the daemon labs.
Ignis: Elaborate.
Aranea: Unprogrammed MTs left to run amok… Same for the daemons we caught. And now they’re everywhere.
Ignis: They emanate from the empire?
Aranea: Yeah, the capital’s crawlin’ with ’em. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the bastards are stronger than ever now. It’s gotten too far out of hand for the army to deal with. There’s not enough daylight anymore to keep the daemons in one place.
Gladiolus: And so that’s how they got here.
Aranea: Then there’s the Crystal they stole ‘for the good of the people,’ which never sees the light of day. A lot of good it’s doing anyone now, locked away in the imperial fortress.

(speaking with Ignis)
Ignis: If you intend to linger here a while, might I suggest you take a moment to speak with the people of the manor? I’m sure they’d relish the chance to share their tales of Lady Lunafreya.
Gladio: Better hear ’em while you can. We won’t be coming back soon.


(upon locating the woman from Tenebrae Manor whom Biggs mentioned)
Maria: My word… Is that you, Prince Noctis?
Noctis: Uh, yeah…have we?
Maria: Oh, blessed be the Stars. Just look at what a fine young man you’ve grown into. I am Maria, a retainer in service to House Fleuret. I doubt you’ll remember me after these long years.
Noctis: I…uh…can’t say I do.
Maria: Don’t worry. Who I am is of little import—in light of what I wish to discuss. Lady Lunafreya risked everything to spirit the Ring of the Lucii away from the Citadel. Did she deliver it to you?

[Noctis is silent for a moment]
Noctis: Yeah.
Maria: Stars above! My fears have been assuaged. Lord Ravus, too, will be overjoyed to hear this news.
Noctis: “Ravus, too?”

[Maria nods; the scene transitions to a flashback in Altissia of Lunafreya having difficulty sitting up straight in her chair due to the toll her toil is taking on her; Ravus’s hands appear on her shoulders to help right her; she’s trying to catch her breath; she opens her palm to look at the Ring of the Lucii; her hand is shaking; Ravus sees the ring and takes a step back]
Lunafreya: I beg of you…please…see the ring to Noctis on my behalf.

[Ravus turns and takes a few steps away]
Lunafreya: Already…my flesh has begun to fail me.
Ravus: No, I cannot accept it.

[Lunafreya’s expression turns to surprise, then frustration; a tear falls down her face]
Ravus: By your hand it must be done.

[Ravus turns back to face her]
Ravus: To deliver the ring and inspire the king is your calling. You mustn’t fall.
Lunafreya: But…I lack the strength to go on…

[Ravus kneels in front of her, and takes her hands into his own]
Ravus: Find it, Lunafreya. You have the will. Go to Noctis. Show him the truth of your heart.

[The scene transitions back to the present]
Maria: I understand you will go hence to the imperial capital.
Noctis: Yeah.
Maria: Lord Ravus has King Regis’s glaive in his safekeeping, and it was his wish to return it to you, my Prince. Though I imagine it will not be easy for you to find each other.
Noctis: I’ll get it from him somehow.
Maria: I pray it shall be so.

*optional dialogue*

(speaking with Maria again)
Maria: I learned from Lord Ravus that poor Pryna also passed that tragic day, by Lady Lunafreya’s side. Perhaps there is some solace that they could remain together to the end. Umbra must be distraught, having lost his mistress and dear friend.
Noctis: Yeah… Umbra’s toughing it out.
Maria: May the stars watch over you, Prince Noctis.

(speaking with Aranea again after talking with Maria)
Aranea: About the Crystal… Remember how I said it was locked away?
Noctis: Uh, yeah?
Aranea: They really don’t allow anyone near the thing. The emperor himself never got close to it. The lab rats had a theory that the Crystal posed some kind of…threat to the daemons. The way they see it, that’s the reason the chancellor had the emperor go after it in the first place. Dunno, but that theory holds water in my book.

(speaking with Aranea one more time)
Aranea: Certainly explains why the kings have always guarded the Crystal, and how they kept the daemons at bay. Long story short, we’re stuck in this rut until you go and take back what’s yours.


(as Noctis returns to the train platform)
[A young girl comes running up to him]
Girl: Prince Noctis!
Noctis: Yeah?
Girl: Prince Noctis, were—were you excited to marry Lady Lunafreya? Because she was really excited to marry you! She looked so excited the day her dress arrived! She really loved you, Prince Noctis.
Noctis: I… Thank you.

[The scene transitions to a flashback of Lunafreya talking with Gentiana in Fenestala Manor]
Gentiana: At first, the father had mourned the fate of his chosen son. Yet in Tenebrae, the two found solace. It was not the Oracle who assuaged their fears. But the girl…she holds…the true power.
Lunafreya: I have little to offer a king, other than the voice afforded the Oracle. Nevertheless…

[Luna turns to look at the wedding dress]
Lunafreya: And—I’m afraid he might find this foolish… But…to be together with Noctis again, even if only for a short while… It…would mean the world to me.

[Luna turns back to Gentiana]
Lunafreya: I do not seek to guide him, merely to stand beside him.

[Gentiana smiles and nods; the scene transitions back to the present]
Girl: Lady Lunafreya worried she was burdening you with the wedding. That’s not true, is it?
Noctis: No, not at all.

*optional dialogue*

(speaking with the young girl again)
Girl: Lady Lunafreya was lucky to find a nice guy like you.
Noctis: Thanks.

(overhearing an NPC on the train platform)
Man: Will we ever see the dawn again? What has become of our world?

(overhearing the same NPC again)
Man: It was such a beautiful place. If only Lady Lunafreya were still with us…

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Man: Let me go find you something to eat.
Old Man: No, it’s fine. Don’t worry about me. How could this happen?
Man: Took the words right out of my mouth.
[The elderly man sighs]
Man: You okay, Grandpa? They said we’ll be leaving soon. Hang in there.
Old Man: Don’t worry: I’ll be fine as long as they get me back to Accordo.

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Woman: It’s been dark for so long.
Old Man: Looks like the night will never end.

(overhearing a conversation between two elderly women on the train platform)
Old Woman (1): How in the world could something like this happen?
Old Woman (2): Perhaps this is the way it ends.

(overhearing another conversation between the two elderly women on the train platform)
Old Woman (1): That Aranea girl is an imperial, isn’t she?
Old Woman (2): Yes, but she’s not with the army. Not anymore, at least.

(overhearing yet another conversation between the two elderly women on the train platform)
Old Woman (1): Perhaps it’s for the best Lord Ravus never made it back here.
Old Woman (2): Promoted to high commander one day, executed for high treason the next.

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Man (1): I swear I saw a giant serpent back there.
Man (2): You too, huh? Good to know I’m not goin’ crazy.
Man (1): This has been one wild ride.
Man (2): We should hop off before it gets any wilder.
Man (1): I don’t wanna keep going. Can’t we go home?
Man (2): I’ll go and have a word with the conductor.
Man (1): You don’t think the soldiers here will hurt us, do you?
Man (2): I certainly hope not.

(speaking with a woman on the train platform)
Woman: I listened to Lady Lunafreya’s address on the radio. To think she gave that speech in the very place she was to be wed… I can only imagine how she must have felt.

(overhearing an NPC on the train platform)
Woman: I can’t believe my eyes. What do we do now? How could something like this happen? Is the capital okay?

(speaking with an elderly man beside the train)
Old Man: Lady Lunafreya once tended a garden filled with sylleblossoms, watering the flowers herself. Sadly, the whole field went up in flames. It’s heartbreaking to see what’s become of it.

(speaking with a young boy beside the train)
Boy: So you’re Lady Lunafreya’s “fee-on-say,” right? Wanna know something?
Noctis: Okay, then?
Boy: Everyone knows she liked pretty flowers, but you know what else she liked? Cool stickers. It has to be true!

(speaking to Ignis/listening to Ignis and Gladio on the train platform)
Ignis: Is the manor badly damaged?
Gladio: It’s seen better days. So have the civilians. They’ve been through a lot.
Ignis: And the chancellor’s the one who put them through it.
Gladio: Put us through a hell of a lot, too. Never gets in our way, but he sure loves messing with us. Well, there’s a good chance he got his hands on Prompto. Just hope he doesn’t mess with him too bad.

(speaking to Gladio/listening to Gladio and Ignis on the train platform)
Gladio: Ravus didn’t have it much better than Lady Lunafreya.
Ignis: Pity we never got the chance to talk things out. Hopefully His Majesty’s glaive awaits us in the capital.
Gladio: Should be, as long as Ravus has it on his person. Just hope the chancellor isn’t awaiting us, too. Still can’t believe House Fleuret has reached the end of its family line.

(speaking with an elderly woman on the train platform)
Old Woman: It’s rather strange. Lady Gentiana has not graced us with her presence as of late. Perhaps she has no reason to stay now that the Blood of the Oracle is no more. Like her, others will eventually leave, and the land of Tenebrae will be lost to memory.

(speaking with an elderly man beside the train)
Old Man: The empire has declared Lord Ravus a traitor and sentenced him to death. I believe the attack on the manor was further punishment.

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Man (1): I guess we should give up on the capital.
Man (2): Yeah, oughta find somewhere safer to hawk our wares.
Man (1): Sounds like the lab in Gralea’s a real mess. Wouldn’t surprise me if it really is haunted.
Man (2): Wonder where Emperor Iedolas went off to.
Man (1): Somewhere six feet under—like the high commander.

(overhearing a woman who is crying as she sits on a bench on the train platform)
Woman: Lady Lunafreya…

(overhearing a conversation on the train platform)
Woman: Take heart, everything will be alright.
Man: I don’t see what good it does me to come here. I never even got to thank her for all that she’s done.
Woman: Then show your thanks by praying for her safety.
Man: I’m gonna ask an imperial about it again later.
Woman: And I’ll go with you when you do.


(speaking to Biggs on the train platform)
Biggs: Ready to depart. Just swapped out the damaged cars for some new ones. Give one of us a holler when you’re ready to shove off, then.
Wedge: Dining car’s open. If you need a break.

(speaking with Biggs again)
Biggs: Shall we shove off, then?

[A prompt appears asking “Depart for Gralea?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(if the player selects “No”)
Wedge: Fine. We’ll wait.

(when the player selects “Yes”)
Wedge: Climb aboard.

[The scene briefly fades to black; when it fades back in, Aranea is standing in front of Noct, Ignis and Gladio]
Aranea: Don’t worry about the civilians. They’re in my good hands. Can’t say the same for you. Watch yourselves in the capital.
Ignis: We will.
Noctis: Thanks, Aranea. We’ll see you around.

[Gladio and Ignis turn and board the train; Noct turns and begins to follow, then stops, looking up as he takes notice of snow beginning to fall]
Noct: It’s…snowing.
Gladiolus: Get your ass on board.
Noctis: Yes, sir.

[He, too, boards the train]

Ghorovas Rift
A frozen ravine where the fallen Shiva lies, a solitary railroad carved through its unforgiving snowscape. With Biggs and Wedge driving, the train makes its slow and steady way toward the imperial capital.

[The three remaining Chocobros are sitting in the dining car, Ignis and Gladio at a table, Noctis at the bar by himself; Biggs addresses them over the loudspeaker]
Biggs: Oi! Uh—attention all passengers! We’re on our way to our final destination in the imperial capital. Enjoy the ride. I’ll be in touch if anything comes up.

[Biggs ceases his address]
Gladiolus: Look at all that snow. No wonder it’s so cold in here.
Ignis: We must be approaching the Glacian’s cadaver.
Gladiolus: Won’t be a blessing if all we got’s a body.
Ignis: Let us hope we pass through the gorge without incident.
Gladiolus: It’s what’s after the gorge I’m worried about.

[Noctis stands]

[A notification appears saying “Noctis is free to roam about until the train arrives.”]

*optional dialogue*

(upon approaching Gladio and Ignis in the dining car)
Gladiolus: Once we get through Ghorovas, we’re there.
Ignis: We’ve come quite a long way.

(upon approaching Gladio and Ignis in the dining car a second time)
[Gladio grunts]
Gladiolus: It’s depressing when it’s always dark out.
Ignis: Still dark? Seems there’s scarcely anything left of day.
Noctis: It’s all gone wrong.

(when approaching Gladio and Ignis in the dining car a third time)
Gladiolus: Still no word from Prompto.
Ignis: Let’s hope he’s safe.


[Before long, Noctis’s cell phone rings]
Noctis: Who could this be?

[He answers]
Noctis: Hey, what’s up?

[He listens]
Noctis: Okay. Thanks for letting us know.

[Note by Glenn Morrow: If Noctis is in the dining car with Ignis and Gladio when the train arrives at the next story beat, he doesn’t receive the phone call]

[The locomotive begins barreling through large chunks of ice that have formed over the tracks, causing the front of the train to start icing up; the train’s brakes bring it screeching to a halt]
Gladiolus: I wonder what it could be this time.

[Biggs addresses them over the loudspeaker once more]
Biggs: Attention, eh!
Noctis: Yeah?
Biggs: You may have noticed we’ve stopped. As for the cause… Outside, ya think?
Noctis: We’ll take a look.

[Noctis begins to head outside]
Biggs: Oh. Well.
Gladiolus: Hope it’s just a quick snow-shoveling job.
Ignis: Indeed.

[Gladio and Ignis follow after Noct; outside, Noct has his arms wrapped around himself]
Noctis: It’s freezing!
Gladiolus: Better keep moving to stay warm.
Ignis: The Glacian did this.
Noctis: I think I can see her.

[Indeed, Shiva’s lifeless face can be seen in the snow beyond the tracks]
Gladiolus: It’s a shame. She’s lying dead. Damn, it’s cold!
Noctis: Let’s clean up out here, warm up in there.
Gladiolus: Better make this snappy.

[Suddenly, they’re attacked by several daemons; after disposing of the creatures, Noct stands outside the train trying to catch his breath; from the doorway to get back onboard, Gladio is leaning out and calls to him]
Gladio: Hey, Noct! You’d better get in here. Something’s not right.

[Gladio goes back inside]
Gladio: C’mon, Iggy.

[Noctis begins to follow them inside; just as he’s about to walk up the steps to get inside, he sees Ardyn walk past him, already inside the train]
Noctis: No way.

[Noctis runs inside]
Noct: You! Hold it! That son of a bitch.

[Noct follows Ardyn into the train car where Gladiolus and Ignis were headed to find the car filled with mist and cold air]
Noctis: What the hell?

[Making his way into the next car, Noctis opens the door to be buffeted by snow and cold winds; he can make out Ardyn’s silhouette at the other end of the car; wrapping his arms around himself, Noctis struggles through each step to keep advancing]
Noctis: Stop! Stop, dammit! Where is he? Where’s Prompto?
Ardyn: Oh, there you are! I’m worried about your friends. They’ve fallen and they can’t get up. Why not lend them a hand?

[Noctis manages to get a few feet from Ardyn. Beyond him, Noctis can see Ignis and Gladio on the floor being covered in ice]
Ardyn: A coldness that can only be hers.

[Noctis falls to his knees; as his vision begins to blur, he takes notice of a woman in the doorway past Ignis and Gladio; it’s Gentiana; Ardyn turns and realizes she’s there as well; his expression momentarily becomes one of surprise, then nonchalance; Gentiana begins walking toward them]
Ardyn: Ahh, the face you wore the day you—

[Gentiana touches her pointer finger to her lips, then touches Ardyn’s lips with it, instantly turning his entire body to ice; she then walks up to Noctis]
Gentiana: Let it now be done…as promised to the Oracle.

[Gentiana gestures widely with her arms and floats into the air before being obscured by a flash of blue and white light; as the light fades, the form of Shiva has taken Gentiana’s place]

(original version of this scene, as depicted prior to the Version 1.16 update of September 29, 2017)
Noctis: Gentiana—it’s you. You’re the Glacian. Wha—
Gentiana: O King of Kings, restore Light unto the world.

[She raises her hands and conjures Lunafreya’s trident; she hands it to Noctis; he leans forward and grasps it; the two are enveloped in another flash of light; a flashback of Lunafreya and Ravus in the field of sylleblossoms at Tenebrae is now shown; her back is to him]
Ravus: Sister, cease this madness. That boy will never be King.
Lunafreya: Noctis is chosen. It is ordained. You of all people should know.
Ravus: I know that you are throwing your life away!

[Lunafreya turns and shouts back at her brother]
Lunafreya: That may be! But…it’s my choice. If only…

[Lunafreya begins to cry]
Lunafreya: If only I could…hear his voice once more… If we could laugh together as we did as children…

[She grips her hands together and continues to cry as the flashback ends, fading back to Noctis on the train in the present; Gentiana is gone, as is the blizzard that was enveloping the train car]

Trident of the Oracle x 1
Mark of the Glacian x 1

[Noctis walks up to the frozen Ardyn, conjures the Trident of the Oracle, and shatters the imperial chancellor’s frozen body with Lunafreya’s weapon]
Noctis: Damn you.

[Noct then loses his balance and stumbles to his downed friends]
Noct: Hey. Wake up.

[They begin to stir]
Gladiolus: The hell happened?
Noctis: Yeah. I saw the Glacian. It’s okay, she’s gone now. You guys check on our drivers.
Gladiolus: Got it.

[Gladio turns to Ignis and places his hand on his shoulder]
Gladiolus: You good?
Ignis: Yes, I’m fine. Let’s go.

[Noctis remains on the floor as they leave; after they’ve left, he begins to see the spectral image of sylleblossom petals floating past his feet; as his eyes move up, he sees first her feet, then a spectral image of Lunafreya herself]
Noctis: Luna.

[Noct slowly rises to his feet and reaches out to Luna; she smiles at him; just as he’s about to touch her, she vanishes; Noctis falls forward; as he sits back up, the last of the sylleblossom petals floats into his open palm; he clenches his fist around it and begins to cry]
Noctis: It’s so hard. Guess it was hard for you, too. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you.

(updated version of this scene, as depicted in the Version 1.16 update of September 29, 2017)
Noctis: Gentiana—it’s you. You’re the Glacian.
Shiva: Tales of the past and hopes for the future are manifest in the King of Kings. The Frostbearer’s blessing shall be his.

[A prompt asking “What should I ask her?” appears; the player can select “Ask about tales of the past,” “Ask about hopes for the future” or “Nothing”]

Ask about tales of the past
[The scene briefly fades to black, then transitions to the cover of the Cosmogony]
Shiva: The Six have safeguarded this star since time immemorial—each of a different mind, but united by this common purpose.

[The scene transitions to an image of Shiva freezing some humans to death in a blizzard]
Shiva: The gods’ protection extends to all creatures here below—even to the mortals created in their image. They are feeble creatures leading fragile lives and clinging to foolish fancies. The Frostbearer scorns these visions of “hope” which melt like snow in the sun’s light.

[The scene transitions to an image of Ifrit lighting a fire in front of a gathering of humans]
Shiva: Yet the Pyreburner admires their strength of will. For their reverence, he grants unto them his flame, and the world of man flourishes.

[The scene transitions to an image of Ifrit and Shiva floating in the sky locked in a loving embrace]
Shiva: His benevolence warms the heart of the Frostbearer.

[The scene transitions to an image of the lofty spires of a technologically advanced human settlement; an airship is flying across the sky in the image]
Shiva: It is not long, however, before some among those men ascend to new heights of hubris. The people of Solheim spurn the gods who blessed them—the gods they once worshipped.

[The scene transitions to an image of an enraged Ifrit casting fire down upon fleeing humans]
Shiva: The ungrateful mortals incur the wrath of the Pyreburner. He seeks to raze the very civilization his flames once helped build.

[The scene transitions back to Shiva speaking to Noctis]
Shiva: But the Six are sworn to defend the star and all its inhabitants from harm—and, at times, from one another.

[The scene transitions to an image of the other five gods confronting Ifrit; a number of other divine entities are also present for the battle, some seemingly allied with Ifrit]
Shiva: The flames of war surge as Solheim fends off the Pyreburner’s fire. The gods’ pleas for peace fall on deaf ears, and the battle rages on. When the smoke clears, the world of man is in ruins, their star left scarred for time eternal. Wearied from war, the Six seek solace in slumber.

[The scene fades to black as Shiva continues to speak]
Shiva: This tale of our shared past is entrusted to the King of Kings…

[The scene fades back in on Shiva and Noctis]
Shiva: …that he may see it to its conclusion.

Ask about hopes for the future
[The scene briefly fades to black, then transitions to an image of Ifrit rising to his feet at the Rock of Ravatogh; parts of his body are glowing with deformity]
Shiva: In the days that follow the war, while the Six are still asleep, the Pyreburner is sought by a man who draws him away from the Light.

[The scene transitions to an image of Shiva swarmed by imperial dreadnaughts and drop ships]
Shiva: His peril is sensed by the Frostbearer. She rushes to his aid, only to be felled by the foreign hordes.

[The scene transitions to daemons flying over Gralea as explosions rock the city]
Shiva: Those masses are now one with the darkness—darkness that, before long, will swallow the Six and the star they protect.

[The scene fades to black as Shiva continues to speak]
Shiva: This star’s fate no longer rests in the hands of the gods. It sits on the shoulders of the Chosen.

[The scene fades back in on Shiva and Noctis]
Shiva: Deliver this world from darkness—and grant my love release.
Noctis: I promise I will.

Ask nothing
[The dialogue picks up with Shiva’s next line below]

Shiva: The Oracle is no longer of this world, but her thoughts remain—and they must be known.

[A prompt appears to select either “Ask about Luna’s thoughts” or “Receive her blessing”]

Ask about Luna’s thoughts
[The scene briefly fades to black, then transitions to footage from the FFXV “Dawn” trailer of five-year-old Noctis in his father’s arms]
Shiva: When the boy begins his existence on this star, the girl is met by the High Messenger.

[The scene transitions to an image of eight-year-old Noctis and 12-year-old Luna looking at their notebook together]
Shiva: It is ordained that she will work with him to return the Light. The girl reaffirms that promise.

[The scene transitions to an image of Gentiana conversing with 12-year-old Luna]
Shiva: The High Messenger is moved by the girl’s determination, her heart warmed by the girl’s benevolence. Her faith in mankind is restored once more.

[A flashback of Lunafreya and Ravus in the field of sylleblossoms at Tenebrae is now shown; her back is to him]
Ravus: Sister, cease this madness. That boy will never be King.
Lunafreya: Noctis is chosen. It is ordained. You of all people should know.
Ravus: I know that you are throwing your life away!

[Lunafreya turns and shouts back at her brother]
Lunafreya: That may be! But…it’s my choice. If only…

[Lunafreya begins to cry]
Lunafreya: If only I could…hear his voice once more… If we could laugh together as we did as children…

[She grips her hands together and continues to cry]
Lunafreya: If we could…live out our days together as we once dreamed…

[Gentiana suddenly addresses her]
Gentiana: Wherefore does the lady weep?
Lunafreya: Forgive me. I vowed to only cry where prying eyes cannot see the tears in mine.

[The camera pans to show Gentiana standing before Luna]
Gentiana: Yet others need not hide their grief. Is she so different from them?

[Lunafreya shakes her head]
Lunafreya: No… She is no different at all. She wants exactly what they do: to be with the one she loves. But want though she may, it is not to be.

[Gentiana walks up to her]
Gentiana: The lady’s thoughts have been heard. The love she bears the king shall never fade—and, in time, her feelings shall be known unto him.

[Gentiana wipes away a tear from Luna’s left eye as she says the last few words of the previous line; Luna cries more]
Lunafreya: Gentiana…
Gentiana: And if the words are not spoken from her lips, then the Messengers shall see that they are heard. The gods’ favor and the lady’s love shall be with him evermore.

[Gentiana smiles at her, then takes Luna’s hand with one of her own and places her other on Luna’s upturned palm]
Gentiana: Thus it is promised between the Oracle and her familiar.

[Luna composes herself and takes hold of Gentiana’s hands with both of her own]
Lunafreya: I am undeserving of your kindness… Thank you.

[Luna smiles at her; Gentiana smiles back and a single tear streaks down Gentiana’s cheek; the scene transitions back to Shiva and Noctis]

Receive her blessing
[The dialogue picks up with Shiva’s next line below]


Shiva: And so the promise is fulfilled. As her words go with him, so shall my blessing.

[She raises her hands and conjures Lunafreya’s trident; she hands it to Noctis; he leans forward and grasps it]
Noctis: Yeah… Thanks.
Shiva: O King of Kings, restore the Light unto this world.

[The two are enveloped in a flash of light; several glimpses are shown of eight-year-old Noctis and 12-year-old Lunafreya, then of her recent departure from Eos as an adult]
Lunafreya: Farewell, dear Noctis.

[The scene fades to white for a moment before fading back to Noctis on the train in the present; Shiva is gone, as is the blizzard that was enveloping the train car; Luna’s trident is still in Noctis’s hand, but it quickly dissipates]
Noctis: Luna… I’m sorry… I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you. Not even when you needed me most.

[He begins to cry]
Noctis: There was so much you wanted to say. So much I wanted to say… And now I’ll never have the chance. I’m so sorry…

[He then notices the sudden light emanating from spectral sylleblossom petals as they float down toward him; Noct slowly rises to his knees as his eyes move up, seeing first her feet, then a spectral image of Lunafreya herself; she smiles at him; he reaches out to touch her, but just as he’s about to, she vanishes; Noctis falls forward; the last of the sylleblossom petals floats into his open palm; he lifts himself back to his knees; he closes his hand around it, pulls his hand to his chest and begins to cry once more; in another brief flash of white, Noct briefly flashbacks to when he and Lunafreya were together as children again]
Noctis: I won’t let you down.
Lunafreya: I know you won’t.

[With another brief flash, Noct is back in the present]
Noctis: Luna… You and I will be together again someday. I promise.

[Noctis rises back to his feet and brushes away his tears]

Trident of the Oracle x 1
Mark of the Glacian x 1

[Noctis walks up to the frozen Ardyn, conjures the Trident of the Oracle, and shatters the imperial chancellor’s frozen body with Lunafreya’s weapon]
Noctis: What’re you looking at?

[Noct then loses his balance and stumbles to his downed friends]
Noct: Hey. Wake up.

[They begin to stir]
Gladiolus: The hell happened?
Noctis: Yeah. I saw the Glacian. It’s okay, she’s gone now. You guys check on our drivers.
Gladiolus: Got it.

[Gladio turns to Ignis and places his hand on his shoulder]
Gladiolus: You good?
Ignis: Yes, I’m fine. Let’s go.

[Noctis remains on the floor for a moment as they leave before the scene briefly fades to black; when it fades back in, Noct is standing once again; now back on his feet, he makes his way through the next train car, where he realizes he’s not alone; he turns to find Ardyn standing a few feet away]
Ardyn: I feel I’ve earned the right to call you Noct. For a moment I felt death’s chill wind, such is the might of the gods. But then, I remembered I’m immortal. Such is my blessing and curse. Your attack hurt me, nevertheless…

[He suddenly scowls fiercely at Noct, and his voice becomes something of a growl]
Ardyn: My feelings at least.

[He’s quite for a moment]
Ardyn: And after all the memories we’ve shared. Remember this?

[Ardyn raises one of Prompto’s guns, pointing it at Noctis]
Ardyn: Ah, I should have asked if you remember him. Truly a blast from the past, nay?

[Ardyn casually walks up to Noctis and places the side of the gun against Noctis’s chest; Noct tries to grab it, but Ardyn pulls it away and turns away]
Ardyn: Ah, ah, ah! You mustn’t take what’s not yours.
Noctis: Where is he!?
Ardyn: “He”?

[Ardyn turns back to face Noct]
Ardyn: The little gunman’s a short shot away.

[Ardyn raises his finger and points]
Noctis: Where?
Ardyn: Where else but Gralea, the seat of the empire? I’m sure he’ll be delighted to see you. And you might even find your Crystal. With all these daemons about, you could certainly use it.

[Ardyn walks past Noctis, deliberately pushing past him as he does so, then comes to a stop]
Ardyn: Off you go, then. I wouldn’t want to keep you from your friend.

[Ardyn raises his rand hand, in which he is holding a small device; he presses a button on the device with his thumb, then leaves without another word; Noctis stares after Ardyn, gritting his teeth]

CHAPTER 13 – Redemption
Having stolen Noctis’s country, Crystal, and cherished companions, Ardyn waits implacably in Gralea.

(first scene of chapter)
[Noctis, Ignis and Gladio are sitting in the dining car of the train as it heads for Gralea]
Ignis: We should be drawing close to Gralea.
Noctis: Yeah.
Gladiolus: I can’t imagine what it’ll be like.
Noctis: Swarming with daemons, but you knew that.
Gladiolus: Don’t remind me.
Ignis: Once we arrive, we’ll make for the Keep.
Noctis: The Keep?
Ignis: Zegnautus. An imperial megafortress said to be impregnable.
Noctis: With Prompto and the Crystal inside it.
Gladiolus: What goes in, must come out.

[The three are silent for a moment]
Gladiolus: So, are we buying this story that the Crystal can purge daemons?
Ignis: The proof is in the purging, but it does stand to reason. We’ve observed that as the nights have grown longer, the daemon hordes have grown stronger. If they are in fact averse to the Crystal’s Light, it could save not only Lucis, but the world.
Noctis: We’ll find out once we take it back.

[Suddenly, the train comes screeching to a halt]
Gladiolus: The hell?
Ignis: What is it?
Gladiolus: My guess? Something to sidetrack us.

[The three get up and move into the cabin car; as they walk past the series of large windows here, they all suddenly crack and the train car shakes]
Gladiolus: What now?

[Biggs speaks to the three over the loudspeaker]
Biggs: City’s trying to keep us out…with the daemons.

[Small imp-like daemons, called snaga, begin swarming across the windows]
Gladiolus: Whoa-whoa.

[Biggs speaks over the loudspeaker again]
Biggs: Gotta run! Don’t worry about us.

[One of the daemons busts through the glass and lands in front of Noctis and the others; he holds out his hand to tell Gladiolus to move back, then attempts to conjure a weapon into his hand]
Noctis: Let’s get to work…

[Noctis looks at his hand, confused]
Gladiolus: What’s wrong?
Noctis: The weapons…they’re stuck!
Gladiolus: Get back!

[Gladiolus pulls Noctis away from the now charging daemon and kicks it in the face]
Ignis: Run!

[As Ignis retreats, Gladio pats Noct’s shoulder]
Gladiolus: C’mon, move it!

[The following notification appears:
“Ardyn has stripped Noctis of his weapons.
Flee to the freight car at the back of the train.

The ability to call Umbra is also unavailable.”]

(as the three make their way through the train, pursued by the daemons)
Ignis: Only a matter of time before we run out of room to run!
Noctis: Got a better idea?
Ignis: We trade the train for the Regalia!
Gladiolus: C’mon!
Noctis: On my way!
Ignis: Noct! The freight car!
Noctis: Keep moving!

[The trio make it to the Regalia; Noct gets into the driver’s seat while Gladio gets in the passenger’s seat and Ignis in the back]
Noctis: Strap in.
Gladiolus: Gun it!

[Noct drives the Regalia out of the freight car and out onto the train tracks; an automated message then rings out]
Announcement: Threat upgraded. Activating level 4 security measures. Sealing all gates.

[The following notification appears:
“The city’s defense system has begun sealing all entrances.
Make it into Gralea before the gate closes!

R2 Accelerate
L2 Brake/Reverse”]

Gladio: Put the pedal to the metal!
Noct: That’s the idea!
Gladio: Don’t crash!
Noct: Thanks for the tip.
Ignis: Where are we now!?
Noct: inside a tunnel—on the train tracks!
Gladio: Don’t slow down, or they’ll catch us up!
Noct: Going as fast as I can—hang on!

[Noct drives the car through the tunnel and onto a tracks bridge in the city proper; as the royal retinue races down the bridge, an artillery shell suddenly strikes near the car, causing a small explosion]
Ignis: What was that!?
Noct: They’re trying to blow us off the tracks.

[Artillery continues striking around the Regalia]
Gladio: One clean hit and it’s over.
Ignis: It’ll take a bit more than that to stop His Majesty’s trusty steed.

[The artillery strikes begin hitting their mark; an imperial drop ship can then be seen falling out of the sky]
Gladio: Dodging one thing to run into another.
Ignis: The Regalia can take the punishment. Just focus on your driving.

[More artillery strikes the Regalia; the vehicle is now on fire]
Noct: You can do it, girl. You can get through this.

[As the Regalia closes in on the gate, several more strikes land directly on the car]
Gladio: It’s closing! Floor it!
Noct: C’mon, old girl…

[Just as the Regalia makes it through the rapidly closing gate, another strike lands square on the royal contraption, briefly engulfing it in flame; Noct brings the car to a screeching halt on the other side of the gate near the debris of a train car that stretches across the width of the bridge, one end propped up above the tracks; the Regalia now sits sizzling on the tracks, all its windows shattered; it has taken its final run]
Gladio: That’s all she’s got.
Noct: It’ll do.

[Noct, Ignis and Gladio get out of the car and begin to walk away; Noct turns to look back at the car with a somber expression, recalling a memory from childhood of his father stepping out of the car and embracing him]
Noct: Dad… Thanks for everything.

[After a moment, Gladiolus speaks up]
Gladio: Are we seriously marching into the capital empty-handed?
Ignis: And with no assurances the Crystal can beat back the daemon hordes.
Gladio: Guess we’ll find out the hard way. No turning back now, right?

(as the trio make their way toward the wreckage of the train car that sits propped across the bridge)
Gladio: This thing could come down at any time…
Ignis: Let’s be quick.
Noct: C’mon, this way.

[Noctis makes his way under the wreckage, but before Gladio and Ignis can follow, the train car collapses, separating the latter two from their charge]
Noct: Hey! Ignis! Gladio!

[Ardyn begins broadcasting his voice to Noctis]
Ardyn: Look at you. All by your lonesome.
Noctis: You again. You know, for an imperial chancellor, you are one sick son of a bitch.

(as Noct makes his way through the wreckage of another train car)
[Daemons begin emerging and attempting to swarm Noctis]
Noctis: Daemons…

[Noct addresses Ardyn]
Noctis: The hell do you want? Leave me alone! This is getting out of hand.

[Noct manges to make it into a now derelict building where he stops to catch his breath; after a moment, he drops to one knee, reaches into his pocket and pulls out something clenched in his fist; he slowly opens his palm to reveal the Ring of the Lucii; Noct’s hands begin to shake as he stares at it and he grunts rapidly, as though wracked with pain; continuing to shake and grunt, he unsteadily slides the ring onto his finger, roaring in pain and his eyes briefly glowing red as he succeeds in this struggle; catching his breath once again, Noctis stares at the ring of his ancestors, flexes his hand, and rises from his knees]
Noctis: The time has come.

[A notification appears saying “Harbored within the Ring of the Lucii, arcana encompasses three powerful spells. The first of these is Death, which drains a foe’s life force to restore your own.”]

[A snaga falls from above, lands in front of Noctis, and comes at him]
Noct: How did they get in here?

[After killing the snaga and making his forward, Noctis gets a good look at an illuminated cylindrical structure connected to the bottom of the floating Zegnautus Keep]
Noct: Looks like it’s connected below. Might be my ticket to the top.

[In this area are doors Noctis can’t immediately get through]

(when trying)
Noctis: No go.

(alternate reaction to Noct unsuccessfully trying to open one of these doors)
Noctis: Maybe another.

[Noct finds a generator in the area; activating unlocks one of the doors that wouldn’t open; a notification appears saying “Find switches to power up doors and elevators in order to continue on to Zegnautus Keep, where the Crystal is being held.”]

(when trying the newly powered-up door)
Noctis: Nice.

(upon locating and entering a dormitory in one of the buildings in the area)
[A notification appears saying “Save manually at dormitories located throughout Gralea and Zegnautus Keep.”]

Noct: Should be safe to rest here.

[While making his way across the rooftop of one of the abandoned buildings, Noct is attacked by four snaga at once, prompting the reveal of the second arcana spell; a notification appears saying “A spell of the arcana, Alterna consigns entire hordes of enemies to the void at the cost of all MP.”]

(as Noct operates a control panel that opens the door to the building containing the elevator that will allow him access to he Keep)
Noctis: That’s the way to the elevator taken care of.

[As Noctis makes for the Keep, the third arcana spell makes itself known; a notification appears saying “A spell of the arcana, Holy counters with a blast of sacred light when evading, making it effective against melee enemies.”]

(as Noctis reaches the building housing the elevator leading up to Zegnautus Keep)
Noctis: Dead quiet. Where did everybody go?

[When Noct approaches the elevator, its doors open, revealing more daemons]
Noctis: Not these bastards again.

(upon killing the daemons and entering the elevator)
[The doors close and the elevator begins to ascend toward Zegnautus Keep above]
Noct: This whole city gives me the chills.

(as Noctis steps out of the elevator into Zegnautus Keep)
Noct: Too quiet for comfort.

[Ardyn broadcasts his voice to Noctis once again]
Ardyn: How does it feel to be powerless? Can’t help your friends if you can’t help yourself.
Noctis: Gotta hurry and find them. Wherever they are.

(as Noct continues making his way through the halls of the Keep)
Ardyn: Can’t you simply taste the air of foreboding?

[When rounding one corner, Ardyn can be seen at the other end of the hall walking away from a downed magitek trooper that suddenly stands, taking a zombie-like posture]
Rogue axemen patrol along a set route.

Hiding from rogue axemen allows you to avoid conflict and recover MP.

Noctis: These don’t look like typical MTs.

(upon being discovered by one of the rogue axemen)
Noctis cannot operate doors and devices while the enemy is aware of his presence. End the state of conflict by taking out all hostiles or simply leaving the area.

Ardyn: Must be tiring, having to run all the time.

(after Noctis uses an arcana spell on a rogue axeman)
Ardyn: That magic is a royal disappointment.

[As Noct walks past a gated-off hallway, one of the zombie-like magitek troopers suddenly reaches through the bars and grabs him; he manages to break the MT’s group and it falls backward on the floor in a disheveled heap]
Noctis: Something different about them—something off.

[Checking a lounge area, Noctis finds an empty uniform laying on the floor with a cardkey]
Noctis: Missed some streaker running around here?

Security Card x 1

[Now possessing the cardkey, Noct is able to open a door at the opposite end of the hallway leading to the lounge; while walking across the bridge this door blocked access to, Ardyn can be heard laughing]
Ardyn: It’s all coming along swimmingly, isn’t it?

(while navigating the halls)
Noctis: Can’t afford to get spun around.

[As Noct rounds a corner after making the statement above, he sees what appears to be Prompto run down the hall in the opposite direction]
Noctis: Hey, Prompto! Wait!

[In one of the Keep’s rooms, Noct finds a machine that upgrades one’s security clearance]
Noctis: What have we here? “Clearance level”? Nice.

(upon using the machine)
Card security clearance raised to level 2.

[An automated message rings out]
Announcement: Security clearance raised to level 2. Access to level 2 zones authorized.

[Making his way down more hallways he can now access, Noct continues catching sight of what appears to be Prompto going the other way]
Ardyn: Poor Prompto must be feeling the heat right about now.

[Very soon after Ardyn’s comment, Noct comes to a gated-off room with what appears to be Prompto sitting slumped over in a chair inside]
Noctis: Dammit! It won’t budge!

[Making his way to a nearby storage room, Noctis finds a narrow passageway leading into the room where Prompto appears to be; Noctis begins squeezing his way through; while doing so, he hears Prompto’s voice]
Prompto: Noct! Help me!

[Noctis makes it into the other room and is immediately beset by an uttu daemon and two rogue axemen]
Noctis: Get out of my way!

[After killing his attackers, Noct squeezes between some stacked crates to find “Prompto”; when he touches him, however, Ardyn’s illusion is lifted, and “Prompto” is revealed to be a dead magitek trooper, which falls out of the chair]
Noct: Another trick! Back to square one…

[In the same room, Noct is able to update his security card]
Card security clearance raised to level 3.

[An automated message rings out]
Announcement: Security clearance raised to level 3. Access to level 3 zones authorized.

[As Noctis proceeds, Ardyn’s voice returns to taunt him once more]
Ardyn: That’s one of my personal favorites. You should have seen the look on your face. You’d best hurry. Next time, it might really be your friend.
[Note: The audio here has Ardyn say “Oh, you should have seen the look on your face” for that line]

(as Noctis continues navigating the halls)
Ardyn: Are you certain it wasn’t the real thing? Wouldn’t want to make a mistake.

(as Noct comes to a locked door in another hallway)
Ardyn: Oh, it’s just so unfair!

[Ardyn chuckles]

[Noct takes an elevator to an upper level and proceeds across a bridge leading to Zegnautus Keep’s central elevator]
Ardyn: Your heart’s desire, so close now. Soon it will be within your grasp. I suggest you take the central elevator. It will take you to your goal.
Noctis: Aren’t you helpful now.

(while walking across a nearby catwalk to a control panel)
Noctis: Don’t look down, don’t look down.

(when trying to operate the panel)
You do not have a suitable keycard.

Noctis: Gotta find a way to make it move.

[Coming to two large slightly ajar blast doors, Noctis sees a cargo area on the other side; an enormous gargantuan daemon walks by within]
Search for the keycard to operate the central elevator.

*optional dialogue*

(if Noctis gets spotted within the cargo area)
Ardyn: Oh, now they’ve found you.


[Within the cargo area, Noctis locates the Generator Keycard at a desk]
Noctis: All keyed up.

[Making it back to the central elevator area, Noctis uses the Generator Keycard to restore power to the elevator; as Noctis then begins to walk back across the catwalk from the generator panel to the platform the elevator rests on, Ardyn broadcasts his voice again]
Ardyn: The higher you climb… …the further you fall.

[A gargantua daemon suddenly lands on the platform, just beyond the end of the catwalk]
Noct: The hell?

[The gargantua raises its sword; Noct begins to retreat back across the catwalk, but the daemon brings its sword down, shattering the catwalk and sending Noct into the depths of the Keep]

Zegnautus Keep
The height of imperial might, this flying megafortress houses the Crystal of Lucis in its uppermost level. Yet for all its imposing vastness, it appears utterly devoid of human presence.

[Noctis comes to laying on his back at the bottom of the Keep’s central shaft, surrounded by debris and the bodies of human imperial troopers; he slowly gets to his feet; as he takes a few steps, Noct comes upon Ravus’s body, unceremoniously left here at the bottom level of Zegnautus Keep; as rumored, the last of the Oracle’s bloodline is indeed deceased, his severed magitek arm still clinging to the haft of King Regis’s glaive; the blade stands impaled in the floor beside Ravus’s corpse; Noctis gazes at Luna’s brother in silent sadness; after a moment, he reaches out toward the haft of his father’s sword; at his touch, Ravus’s severed arm falls to land on the first son of Tenebrae’s chest; Noct pulls his hand back from the weapon, taking a moment to first kneel beside Ravus and look upon his face a final time; finally, Noctis stands, takes grasp of his father’s royal arm, and pulls it free]

Sword of the Father x 1

(when examining Ravus’s body)
Noctis: Rest easy. Your work is done.

[As Noctis begins to walk out of the room across the narrow catwalk that serves as the only way out, a magitek trooper sprawled out on the floor of the catwalk rises to attack Noctis]
Noct: Well Dad, let’s see what your sword can do.

Noctis can now wield Regis’s sword in combat.
Together with the Ring of the Lucii, it affords him a better chance of survival while his other abilities remain sealed.

[As Noctis leaves the room, Ardyn can be heard laughing]

(as Noct makes his way through the next room and into the next hallway)
Ardyn: Can’t you simply taste the air of foreboding?

(further down the same hallway)
Ardyn: Did you hear that? There’s something out there…

[Shortly after Ardyn’s ominous notice, the walls around Noctis begin spraying a green mist]
Noct: What’s this smoke?

[Suddenly, Noct begins coughing and falls to one knee]
Noctis: Where’s it coming from?

[If Noct tries to go from here down a hallway to the right, he will begin coughing, as it is being sprayed full of the green mist]
Noctis: No can do.

(making his way instead in the opposite direction down the hallway)
Ardyn: A-ha! Well, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

(continuing onward)
Noctis: Getting thicker by the second. Need to stop it.

The poison gas reduces Noctis’s HP.
Watch his health as you search for a way to clear the air.

[Noct manages to locate a room with giant fans; operating the nearby control panel, he activates the fans, causing the poison gas to be sucked out of the area]
Noct: It’s clearing… That was close.

[He’s then attacked by two snaga daemons]

(after killing the daemons)
Ardyn: Oh, you’re such a tease.

[As Noct makes his way further, he comes to a storage room with yet another machine for updating security cards]
Card security clearance raised to level 4.

[An automated message rings out]
Announcement: Security clearance raised to level 4. Access to level 4 zones authorized.

[Continuing onward, Noct fights his way through a room of several rogue axemen and shock trooper magitek troopers]
Ardyn: You really are helpless without your friends babysitting you.

(as Noct leaves this room and makes his way across a bridge)
Ardyn: I have grave doubts about your friends.

[Soon thereafter, Noctis opens the door to a room with an elevator]
Ardyn: Tragedy could strike at any moment.

[Noct presses the button to call for the elevator; while he is waiting for it to arrive, a large bat-like daemon called “Foras” descends behind and begins attacking him]
Wait while the elevator descends.

Noct: Whatever the hell that is, I don’t think I want to mess with it.

(after surviving against Foras long enough)
The elevator has arrived.

Noctis: I’ll take a rain check.

[Noctis uses the opportunity to escape; however, the Foras daemon will continue stalking him through the halls of the Keep]

[As Noctis gets off the elevator and begins making his way through the next hall before him, the lights go out]
Noctis: Power must’ve gone out. First keys, now power. What next?

[While Noctis navigates these dimly lit halls, Ardyn broadcasts his voice again]
Ardyn: What was that noise? Is it scary being on your lonesome?

[Noctis soon finds a power breaker and flips its switch, restoring some light to the area]
Noct: Ain’t much, but it’s better than nothing.

[The Foras daemon begins manifesting in the halls of this area and attacking Noct]
Ardyn: I love surprises! Oh, you’ll fall for anything.

[Going up a staircase to another level, the lights begin to flicker]
Noct: You serious!?

[Noctis must find yet another breaker, which he locates in a room with four magitek troopers resting within modules in the walls; he flips the switch, restoring some power]
Noctis: Ain’t much, but it’s better than nothing.

[He is then immediately attacked by two of the magitek troopers; and in the halls outside, Noct will again be beset by the Foras daemon]

[With power restored to the area, Noctis is able to take a nearby elevator up to the lab area of the Keep; as he begins making his way through the labs, Ardyn’s voice is once again broadcast to Noct]
Ardyn: The empire made considerable inroads into the science of daemons. Well, after I showed them the way, of course. We’d managed to make daemons…right here.
Noctis: Make?

[Noct soon locates a room full of control panels and learns how to navigate this area]
Different combinations of active circuits unlock specific sets of doors. To proceed, locate the keycard for each panel and activate the right combination.

(as Noct continues making his way through the labs, fighting magitek troopers and daemons along the way)
Ardyn: Ever wonder where daemons come from? Once upon a time, they were children of nature—beasts and men. Aw, and you’ve killed so many.

(as Noct continues on)
Ardyn: The infantry units you callously dub “MTs” all began as babes in this very facility. Imprinted with serial codes and incubated until they were strong enough to fight. What a pity. Innocent souls fated to suffer…at the hands of a foreign king. Well, not so “MT” after all, are they?

(as Noct continues progressing through the lab areas, he comes across and reads the West Gralea Quarantine Report)
West Gralea Quarantine Report
Including cases around the village, the number of missing now stands at 1,657. Early reports from the MRF attribute the disappearance to an infectious disease, and investigations continue as regards a potential connection to the daemon outbreak. At the time of writing, the quarantining of West Gralea is complete, and other sections remain infection free.

Noctis: A “vanishing sickness.” Huh.

[Within the same room as the report, Noct is attacked by several snaga daemons before he can make his way through a door into the next hallway]

(after defeating the daemons and entering the hallway)
Ardyn: Oho! Well done, my boy.

[Ardyn’s laughter echoes through the area]

(as Noct leaves the hallway and enters a lounge area)
Ardyn: The most fascinating tidbit about your dear Prompto…
Noctis: What—?
Ardyn: Turns out he’s not empty either. He’s got quite the “skeleton in his closet.”

[Noct comes across and reads the Magitek Research Facility Damage Report in this lounge area]
Magitek Research Facility Damage Report
Following their outbreak in the north and west, daemons have swept through the MRF, causing extensive damage to equipment. Control was subsequently lost over unprogrammed MTs, and strategies are being deliberated on the collection of rogue units. 125 patients undergoing testing at the facility have vanished in a manner reminiscent of the first disappearances.

Noctis: All the patients up and disappeared? That makes no sense.

[Noct soon locates another machine for updating security cards]
Card security clearance raised to level 5.

[An automated message rings out]
Announcement: Security clearance raised to level 5. Access to level 5 zones authorized.

[Noctis is now able to enter an enormous open area with a wide, round platform at its center; a round, ornate single-room structure sits at the middle of this platform; along the walls of the large open space are countless small-paneled metal doors that make the walls resemble rows of lockers]
Noctis: The hell is this place? What’re they keeping inside?

[Affixed to the ceiling above the structure in the middle of the room is a large apparatus emitting red electricity]
Noctis: Not sure what that is, but I got a hunch it’s bad. Don’t like it one bit.

(upon approaching the door of the structure in the center of this place)
Noctis: Bet there’s something here. Which means it’s locked. And if there’s a lock, there’s a key.

[On the back of the structure, Noct finds a control panel with a switch; when he flips the switch, the platform begins rising]
Noctis: Wasn’t expecting that. Things are lookin’ up.

[Ardyn interjects]
Ardyn: How will this story end, I wonder.

[An automated message rings out]
Announcement: Intruder alert. Mobilizing dormant magitek infantry.

[A swarm of magitek troopers begin leaping out of the panels along the walls]
Noctis: What the—!? Wait… Is that what’s waiting inside? Even more of ’em!

(as Noct battles the incoming magitek troopers, Ardyn taunts him further)
Ardyn: Where are your friends? You don’t think they ran off without you?
[Note: the audio for this line has Ardyn pause and gasp mockingly after he says “think”]
Ardyn: You still haven’t found Gladio? Only a matter of time before Ignis bumbles into a trap. You must feel very much alone right now.

(after the battle, Noct follows a catwalk leading away from the central platform and locates another machine that upgrades one’s security clearance]
Card security clearance raised to level 6.

[An automated message rings out]
Announcement: Security clearance raised to level 6. Access to level 6 zones authorized.

[Noct is then immediately beset once more by magitek troopers]

(as the battle wears on)
Ardyn: Your buddies have bright lives ahead of them. Don’t take it personally if they choose their own over yours.

[After defeating the second wave of magitek troopers, Noct is confronted by a wraith daemon and more magitek troopers]
Noctis: No time, no time!

(as the battle wears on)
Ardyn: Not so tough without your borrowed toys, are you?

(after the battle continues a bit longer)
Ardyn: You really are helpless without your friends babysitting you.

[After the battle continues a little while longer, Ardyn’s laughter rings out]

[The imperial chancellor’s taunting continues as the battle goes on]
Ardyn: Where does it hurt? You can tell me.

[Once the wraith and all the magitek troopers have been destroyed, Noct is able to pass through a door into a new hallway, where Ardyn’s laughter is soon heard; from here, Noct enters a room filled with control panels; on the other side of this room is the entrance to a hallway littered with the bodies of magitek troopers]

(as Noct enters the hallway)
Ardyn: In case there was any doubt: it’s a trap.

[Translucent, electrified doors close at either end of the hallway and begin closing in on Noctis; the magitek troopers also rise and begin attacking]
Noctis: Didn’t see that coming!
Ardyn: A little pain never hurt anyone. On you go. Hurry. While you dawdle, people are dying.
Noctis: I’ve really gone and done it now.

[Ignis’s voice suddenly calls out from the other end of the hallway in the direction Noct had been going]
Ignis: Noct? Is that you?
Gladiolus: Hey! Noct! Can you hear us?
Noctis: Ignis, Gladio!
Ignis: Where are you?

[Gladio is able to see through the doors at the other end of the hallway and take stock of Noctis’s situation; the doors have almost finished closing in on him now]
Gladiolus: Noct’s in trouble!
Ignis: Gladio! There ought to be a kill switch nearby—find it!
Gladiolus: How do you know that?
Ignis: I believe it’s the reason we were brought here.

[Gladio finds the switch and is able to open the doors for Noctis; he leaps into the room with them and lets himself fall backward on the floor]
Gladio: That was close.
Noct: The hell’d you get here?

[Gladio holds out his hand to Noct]
Gladio: You’re welcome?
Noct: Thanks.

[Noct takes Gladio’s hand, and Gladio pulls him to his feet]
Ignis: After we were separated, we received “help”—from the usual suspect.
Gladio: That bastard’s playing with us. But at least we’re together.
Ignis: All but one of us.
Ardyn: Reunited with your retainers at last. How very touching. Must be a fine feeling, having friends. Look how happy you are! I pray you find your dear Prompto soon.

(as Noct, Ignis and Gladio discover Prompto in his prison cell shortly after reuniting with one another)
[They free Prompto from the device he was being restrained to, and he falls to the floor; Noctis bends down to help him; Prompto has multiple bruises across his body; seemingly, he has undergone some degree of torture]
Gladio: Hey, you alright?
Ignis: Are you hurt? Do you need help?
Prompto: I’m fine. Thank you, Noct.

[Prompto manages to sit upright]
Prompto: Tell me. Were you worried about me?

[A prompt appears to select either “Yeah” or “Not really”]

Noct: Of course I was. What kind of question is that?
Prompto: Of course. That’s why you came, like I believed you would.
Noctis: Prompto…
Prompto: That’s why I told myself I couldn’t die. Not until I could see you and hear you tell me I’m not a fake—that I’m the real me.
Noctis: I’m sorry.
Prompto: Don’t be. Everything’s alright now.

Not really
Noct: No. Why would I be?
Prompto: Don’t tell me you still think that I’m Ardyn.
Noct: It’s not like that. I knew the real you wouldn’t kick the bucket so easily.
Prompto: I couldn’t—at least not until I got to lay a guilt trip on you in person.

[Prompto gets to his feet; Noctis stands as well]
Noct: Yeah.
Prompto: The thought of that alone gave me the will to survive.
Noct: I’m sorry.
Prompto: Don’t be. Everything’s alright now.

(as the Chocobros make their way back toward the central area of this level of Zegnautus Keep after rescuing Prompto)
Ignis: Noct, do you hear that?
Noctis: Hear what?
Ignis: I’ve heard this sound before—on the train, just before your weapons failed you. It’s nearby, and it may hold the key to restoring your power.

(as the four of them make their way across the catwalk leading to the central area of this level of the Keep)
Ignis: It’s here.

[Noctis stops at the large closed metal doors in the center of the enormous room]
Noctis: This thing?

[Noctis places his hand against the doors]
Noctis: Door’s locked.
Ignis: It’s coming from within. Is there no way through?
Prompto: There’s a way.

[The others look at him; Prompto hesitantly steps up to the door’s scanner and raises the back of his right wrist to it; the doors slide open; Prompto resumes speaking, staring off into the room, unable to make eye contact with the others]
Prompto: So, MTs… They’ve got those codeprints…just like I do.
Noctis: Do they? Never looked.
Prompto: Yeah… So, as it turns out…I’m one of them. Not exactly something I could tell people growing up in Lucis.

[Prompto is fighting back tears, but continues speaking]
Prompto: Still… You guys are like…the only friends I’ve ever known. I just hope that things can stay the way they were.
Noctis: Whatever. Who cares where you were born?
Ignis: I don’t see you turning against us. Not now, or ever.
Prompto: Thanks, guys. Still…I can’t change where I came from. What I am.
Noctis: Since when does where you come from matter to you? You never once treated me as a prince.

[Noct playfully punches Prompto’s shoulder]
Gladiolus: He’s got you there.
Ignis: Never so much as a “Highness.”
Noct: We’re done here. C’mon, crown citizen.

[Gladio steps over to Ignis to help guide him into the room; he gives Prompto’s shoulder a friendly smack as they walk past]
Gladiolus: You’re one of us, right?

[Ignis stops and turns back toward Prompto over his shoulder]
Ignis: Unless you’d rather not be.

[Prompto smiles, nods, and follows them]

[Inside the room Prompto opened, they find the emperor’s abandoned clothing laying upon the throne; he, too, has become a daemon; they also find a large bank of computers, the cause of Noctis’s lost powers; Noctis rams his father’s sword through the machines]
Prompto: So…did it work?
Ignis: With the device down and out, Noct’s power should be up and running.
Gladiolus: Go on, try it.
Noctis: Alright. Moment of truth.

[Noctis holds out his hand and conjures a sword; Prompto claps in celebration]
Gladiolus: We’re back, baby.
Noctis: Let’s roll.

With all his powers restored, Noctis can once again travel to the past by calling Umbra at dormitories.

(as the fully reunited and re-empowered Chocobros leave the emperor’s throne room)
[The gargantua daemon that caused Noct’s earlier fall suddenly lands on the platform in front of them; it’s quickly joined by other daemons, who begin manifesting]
Noctis: Not you again.
Prompto: New friend?
Gladio: You really need to pick ’em better.

(as the bros battle Noctis’s “new friend” and the other daemons)
Prompto: Iggy! Can you see again?
Ignis: ‘Fraid not, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fight.
Prompto: Well, just don’t overdo it, okay?

(after defeating Noctis’s “new friend” and the other daemons)
Prompto: I see you decided to rock the ring.
Noctis: Had to. No weapons, no friends, no choice, really. Y’know, somebody here’s got to fight to rescue the Crystal… …not to mention rescue all of your asses.
Gladiolus: Spoken like a true king. About time.
Ignis: The ring represents a great burden, but you don’t bear it alone.
Noctis: You can say that again. Especially now that you all have your weapons back.

(beginning another battle after the four friends are reunited)
Gladiolus: Keep an eye on Iggy.
Prompto: I’ll keep both on him!
Gladiolus: That’ll do.

(during another battle after the four friends are reunited)
Gladiolus: You really can hold your own.
Ignis: At the very least, I must try.

(as the four friends make their way through the Keep)
Ignis: Hopefully Biggs and Wedge both made it to safety.
Prompto: Who and who?
Gladio: Our train drivers.
Noctis: And soldiers. They can fend for themselves.

(as the four friends make their way through the Keep)
Prompto: So, where’d you guys park the Regalia?
Gladiolus: Outside. Though “park” ain’t the right word.
Ignis: She’s broken down, alas.
Noctis: Took one for us, saved our lives.

(as the four continue making their way through the Keep)
Ignis: Now then, the Crystal.
Gladio: I’m guessing the way is locked.
Prompto: Well, I guess it’s a good thing somebody has keys to the whole fortress.
Noctis: You’re no better than a burglar.
Prompto: Aren’t I?

(when the four are confronted by the Foras daemon)
???: The ring… It’s mine…
Ignis: Truly be…the emperor?
Gladio: Does seem kinda keen on the ring.
Prompto: So we fight him?
Noctis: We take mercy.

(when the Foras daemon is killed)
Iedolas: The empire shall span…all the lands… By the Crystal’s Light…we shall flourish… I shall arise…as ruler…of the world!

(as the royal retinue makes their way through the hangar area)
Gladio: One helluva hangar.
Prompto: Look at all this space.
Noctis: So, the central elevator’s through here.
Gladio: And out of the loading bay.

[The large doors at the other end of the hangar begin opening]
Ardyn: Your Majesty, your precious Crystal awaits you. To liven things up I thought I’d take you on a stroll down memory lane. Of course, memories decay with time.

[Ravus’s body walks through the doors, now grotesque and daemonic, transformed into a monster]
Ravus: Kill me… End it…
Gladiolus: Is that Ravus?
Prompto: Or what’s left of him…
Noctis: Dammit…

(when Ravus’s body has been defeated)
Gladiolus: A sorry end for the high commander—for anyone. He was a man with hopes and dreams.

[Ravus’s body begins to discorporate]
Prompto: It’s horrible.
Ignis: What kind of fiend makes daemons of men?

[Ravus’s body finishes discorporating and is gone; Noct looks sadly at the floor where his body had been]
Gladio: Look alive—company!

[The room suddenly fills with daemons; they begin to attack]

(after the battle goes on for a moment)
Gladio: We’re getting nowhere!
Prompto: And they just keep coming!
Ignis: Noct, you must go alone.
Noctis: What?
Ignis: If you can obtain the Crystal’s power, we may yet turn the tide. Elsewise, we are all like to perish here.
Gladio: Iggy’s right. It’s our only chance.
Noctis: But what about you?
Prompto: We’ll manage somehow! Just get moving!

[Ardyn broadcasts his voice to Noctis]
Ardyn: You could still get to the Crystal…if you went on your own. Your friends will have to stay behind.

[The elevator to the loading bay comes up to this level for Noct; he takes it down to the loading bay and begins running for the elevator on the other side]

[An automated message rings out]
Announcement: Hangar gate closing Please stand clear.

[The gate to the elevator begins to close]
Ardyn: You’d better think fast. I don’t envy you your decision.

[Noctis continues to run as daemons begin manifesting and pursue him]
Noctis: So this is the way to the Crystal?
Ardyn: Betraying your friends for the greater good—the mark of a monarch! Step forth, Your Majesty!

(as Noct makes it through the hangar gate)
Ardyn: If you wish to obtain the Crystal’s power, you must be prepared to lose all else.

[Noct stops and looks back, seeing his friends absolutely swarmed by daemons, but fighting on; he turns to face the elevator, allowing the hangar gate to close behind him, separating him from his friends once again; he runs toward the final elevator]
Announcement: Gate closed.
Noctis: Don’t die on me.

(after Noctis enters the elevator and it begins to rise)
Ardyn: Do you suppose your dear friends are still alive? Those who died for you—do you ever wonder what went through their minds? Can you even recall their final words?
Noctis: I’ll come back for you all. I swear.

(as Noctis exits the elevator and races down the final hall leading to the Crystal)
Noctis: How far’s this go? The Crystal had better be here. Everyone’s counting on it…counting on me.

[Noctis runs into the room housing the Crystal; Ardyn broadcasts his voice to him once more]
Ardyn: Your journey is over, Noct.

[Noctis stands before the Crystal and holds his hand out to it]
Noctis: Please… Help me stop the daemons.

[Suddenly, the Crystal becomes very bright and seizes Noctis’s hand; it begins to slowly pull him inside itself; as Noctis struggles in futility to get free, Ardyn swaggers into the room]
Ardyn: Unharmed by the Light. The Chosen King, indeed. Allow me to regale you with a tale. In an age long past, an incurable scourge ravaged mankind. A tiny menace that twisted men into monsters, the likes of which you’ve seen. In Lucis lived a savior who could cure the afflicted. His body would come to host myriad daemons, that countless lives be spared. But a jealous king, one not yet chosen by the Crystal, ostracized and demonized this healer of the people. Making a true monster of him. I gave you my name earlier, but you should know that it was not the name given to me at birth. Ardyn Lucis Caelum is my proper name. You’ll never guess whose name Izunia was. Noct, killing you as a mortal will bring me scant satisfaction. Claim the Crystal’s power. Arise as its champion. Only once the Crystal and King are no more…can I know redemption. Come back soon. I shall keep your friends company until you are ready.

[Note by Glenn Morrow: In the original Japanese script for what Ardyn says here, he reveals that the one named Izunia who betrayed him not only made a pariah of him, but also either executed him personally or caused his execution. The line that became “But a jealous king, one not yet chosen by the Crystal, ostracized and demonized this healer of the people” in the official English localization was が、まだクリスタルに選ばれていなかった王は
その 人々を救える 唯一の男を殺してしまった in Japanese.

A more direct translation of this would be “However, a king not yet chosen by the Crystal killed that only man who could save the people.”]

[After Noctis has been completely pulled into the Crystal, Prompto, Ignis and Gladiolus arrive, but are unable to do anything to help him; Ardyn turns to them, gestures nonchalantly at the Crystal and begins to walk away; Gladiolus swings his sword through Ardyn’s head, releasing a puff of dark smoke from where the blade strikes; Ardyn falls back a little, but maintains his balance and holds onto his hat to keep it from falling off his head; he then continues walking away; Prompto shoots Ardyn in the back before he can take more than a couple of steps, releasing another puff of dark smoke and hurling his body onto the floor; Ardyn’s hat rolls away and lays still for several seconds before Ardyn’s hand suddenly reaches down to collect it and place it back on his head; once more unharmed, Ardyn is again standing; he smiles at Ignis, revealing corrupted daemonic features as he does so, but they go unnoticed since Ignis is blind; Ardyn walks away, leaving Noctis’s closest friends unharmed but devastated]

Believing this sacred stone would purge the world of daemons, Noctis reached out to it, only to be pulled inside.

[Noctis finds himself floating in an ethereal void resembling the Lifestream from Final Fantasy VII; he floats down into the palm of an enormous humanoid figure clad in dragon-like armor]
Bahamut: Gather strength, O Chosen. The fate of this world falls to the King of Kings, His Providence consecrated in the divine Light of the Crystal. So it is ordained—the revelation of Bahamut.

What is this place?
The heart of the Crystal, wherein lies the soul of the star, and it is in this place that the King will gain the power to fulfill his calling. By the covenants awakened, the Six have seen the coming of the prophesied hour—a time when the Crystal shall have shed the entirety of its Light unto the ring. Only then, once the sacred ring is replete, can the True King complete his ascension. And only by the True King’s hand can the immortal Accursed be banished and the Light restored to this world.

Where are my friends?
Bahamut: They stand against the darkness and abide in hope, sustained by faith unfaltering that their King shall arise and bring deliverance.

Who is “the Accursed”?
Bahamut: A man cursed with life eternal, whose immortality stems from the selfsame scourge that wrought the daemons. One so impure of body and soul was deemed unworthy of the Crystal’s Light, and forbidden to ascend. His mind twisted by spite and bent on revenge, the Usuper came to bring darkness down upon our world. Only the True King, chosen by the Crystal and guarded by his forebears, can end the Accursed’s madness.

What is “Providence”?
Bahamut: It is the sole means to ending the immortal Accursed. A power greater than even that of the Six, purifying all by the Light of the Crystal and the glaives of rulers past. Only at the throne can the Chosen receive it, and only at the cost of a life: his own. The King of Kings shall be granted the power to banish the darkness, but the blood price must be paid. To cast out the Usurper and usher in dawn’s light will cost the life of the Chosen. Many sacrificed all for the King; so must the King sacrifice himself for all.

[Bahamut suddenly pulls his hand away and Noctis descends into the ether]
Bahamut: Now enter into Reflection, that the Light of Providence shine within.

[Note by Glenn Morrow: When Bahamut explains that the Lifestream-esque place Noctis finds himself in is “The heart of the Crystal, wherein lies the soul of the star,” what he refers to as “the star” is 星 (i.e. hoshi) in Japanese; the word used for celestial bodies in general. It can mean “star,” but can also refer to planets — and, indeed, is not only what everyone in FFVII refers to that game’s planet by, but also what FFXV’s Lore Guide from the game’s opening tutorial explains the word to mean in this game.

In the Japanese version of FFXV, the segment of the Lore Guide entitled “The Six and the Oracle” ends with an additional line that says ちなみに、これらの話題でいう「星」は「世界」の意です — “By the way, ‘star’ in these topics means ‘world.'” This either became “star” in the official English localization due to an error in translation or, as is more likely, a deliberate choice on the part of the localization to give some linguistic flair to the game’s dialogue.

Click here for a screenshot or here for a video showing this segment of the Lore Guide in the Japanese version, and for further reference, this is Bahamut’s line above in Japanese: 聖石の中 星の魂が宿そところ]

[Additional note by Glenn Morrow: When Bahamut describes Ardyn with “One so impure of body and soul was deemed unworthy of the Crystal’s Light, and forbidden to ascend,” by “ascend” he means “become king.” This turn of phrasing for the English localization, while elegant, is confusing, coming as it does right after “A man cursed with life eternal, whose immortality stems from the selfsame scourge that wrought the daemons.”

The reasonable implication to take from “deemed unworthy of the Crystal’s light, and forbidden to ascend” is that it ties directly to Ardyn becoming “cursed with life eternal.” In other words, that Ardyn cannot die and “ascend” because he became “one so impure of body and soul” that the Crystal rejects his soul returning to itself, the soul of the planet.

This understanding, while the reasonable conclusion to draw, is an unfortunate misunderstanding encouraged by the wording chosen here for the localization. What Bahamut actually says in Japanese is その汚れた身体を聖石に拒まれ王位に就くことなく葬られた愚かな男. A more direct translation of this would be “A foolish man who was rejected by the Holy Stone for that unclean body and was buried without ascending to the throne.”

Ardyn’s immortality, meanwhile, is a result of the Starscourge itself rather than due to the Crystal’s rejection of him for absorbing the Starscourge.]

[The screen briefly fades to black before revealing Noctis floating about in a meditative position; as he recalls memories from throughout his journey and from his childhood, the white light in the Ring of the Lucii on his hand grows ever brighter before briefly engulfing the whole screen]
Bahamut: The Light waxes full. Go forth to the kingdom, where the Usurper awaits. Reclaim the throne, and fulfill the calling of the True King.

[When the screen fades back in to reveal Noctis, he has disheveled facial hair and his youthful features have hardened; he’s sitting inside a small stone structure and appears to slowly become aware of his surroundings as the white light emanating from the Ring of the Lucii fades

Stone Prison

[Noctis slowly rises to his feet and walks down a short series of steps to a beach outside where he finds Umbra waiting for him, a note in the dog’s mouth]
Noctis: Umbra…

[Noctis takes the note from Umbra and reads it]
Noctis: “Be waiting…in Hammerhead.”

Chapter 13, Verse 2: For King and Comrade
Zegnautus Keep
At long last, the group infiltrates the imperial capital of Gralea, only to lose their king behind enemy lines. Gladiolus and Ignis storm Zegnautus Keep in pursuit of Noctis.

[As the chapter begins, Gladio is pulling Ignis up to stand beside him on top of the train car that collapsed and separated them from Noctis]
Gladiolus: Going up.

[Gladio places Ignis’s cane back in his hand once they’re both on top of the wreckage]
Ignis: Is there a way forward?
Gladiolus: There’s a way, but I don’t see us going forward without facing off with the daemons.
Ignis: But now Noct is facing them alone. There must be some way we can help him.

[Ardyn’s voice suddenly rings out]
Ardyn: Perhaps I could be of service.

[Ardyn saunters out of the wreckage of another train car]
Gladio: What are you doing here?
Ardyn: Why, I come bearing gifts.

[Ardyn snaps his fingers; as he does so, Gladio’s sword materializes in his hand and a dagger materializes in Ignis’s]
Gladio: The hell?
Ardyn: See? Gifts! Now, I believe a “thank you” is in order.
Gladio: For what—another one of your stupid tricks?
Ardyn: Here I am, helping for a change, but I can see I’m not wanted.

[Ardyn gestures a farewell, turns, and walks away]
Ignis: I’m loath to trust him.
Gladio: Same…but at this point, we need all the help we can get.

[He looks at his sword for a moment before dispelling it; Ignis and Gladio begin to make their way down on the other side of the wrecked train car]

(as the duo makes their way through the train wreckage in the area)
Ignis: I ought to have been more cautious. If anything were to happen to Noct, I…
Gladio: Can’t move forward if you’re always looking backward. Quit thinking about what you could’ve done then and start thinking about what you can do now.
Ignis: You’re right. What’s done is done.

(after encountering their first wave of daemons and killing them)
Gladio: So if we can conjure our weapons again, does that mean Noct can, too?
Ignis: I have a feeling the chancellor isn’t so generous.
Gladio: How come?
Ignis: He may have feigned friendship, but he’s proven a foe before. We’d best be careful.

*optional dialogue*

(playing a radio while passing through one of the same buildings Noctis did)
This is the Imperial Security Bureau. A situation has arisen in several research sectors. All civilians must relocate to their designated refuge stations immediately. Failure to evacuate will result in incarceration or other appropriate disciplinary procedures. This emergency broadcast will repeat until the situation has been resolved. The Imperial Security Bureau thanks you for your cooperation.

Gladiolus: You think that “situation” is us…or something else?
Ignis: The latter, I presume. Whatever it is must be a matter of considerable scale to warrant such a warning. Keep your ears open. These broadcasts may help us understand what’s going on outside.


(as Gladio and Ignis enter Zegnautus Keep)
Ignis: It’s dead silent.
Gladio: More like undead silent. Place is crawling with daemons.

[While they make their way through the Keep, Ardyn broadcasts his voice to Ignis and Gladio]
Ardyn: Right this way, gentlemen.
Ignis: Proceed with caution.

(as the two make their way in the direction Ardyn intends)
Ardyn: Keep going… A little closer… Yes, that’s a good boy.

[A wall suddenly begins to slide open; Gladio holds his hand up to halt Ignis]
Gladio: Hold up.
Ignis: What is it?
Gladio: Found some kinda secret passage.
Ignis: Lead here by our “guide”
Gladio: Long as it’s a step in the right direction, I’ll take it.
Ignis: Where are we now?
Gladio: Whatever it is, it’s a mess. Watch your step.

*optional dialogue*

(as they begin to make their way through the labs, they find and play another radio)
This is a status report from the Imperial Defense Force. The daemon outbreak stemming from several research facilities has been suppressed in most areas. Magitek infantry units have been deployed to remaining sectors. The situation is under control. For your safety, a temporary curfew is imposed on all areas. Your cooperation is required to ensure the security of yourself and other civilians.

Gladiolus: They’ve got their hands full. Bet they never thought their little “pets” would bust outta their cages.
Ignis: I doubt even the daemons could simply escape from such a secure facility. It’s more likely their “master” set them free.


(as Gladio and Ignis enter a control room)
Gladiolus: Hey, Iggy. Think we might’ve found the control room. Got lotsa…monitors and stuff.
Ignis: Which may help us monitor the rest of the keep. Does anything look operable?

[Gladio begins examining a control panel]
Gladiolus: I’m more of a low-tech kinda guy, but I’ll see what I can do. What have we here? Huh. Looks like they wiped everything.
Ignis: All of it?
Gladiolus: Yep. Wait—I’ve got something. There’s one surveillance tape they forgot to erase—almost like they wanted us to see it.
Ignis: Then we’d best have a look. Whatever’s on that tape may help us locate Noct and Prompto.

[Gladiolus plays the tape; a static-filled screen appears]
Iedolas: What of the Hydraean’s power? What of my precious ring?

[The picture on the tape comes into focus; Ravus stands before the emperor in the throne room, King Regis’s sword in hand; dark energy like that which rises when the daemons appear is rising off the emperor’s hands]
Ravus: By the hand of the Oracle, they are with the King now—their rightful owner. And someday soon, he shall use them to purge our star of its scourge.
Iedolas: But the Crystal is mine… I am the one True King!
Ravus: Nay, it is Noctis and none other.

[Note by Glenn Morrow: When Ravus says “And someday soon, he shall use them to purge our star of its scourge,” this line is a callback to earlier in the English localization when Lunafreya said “Only the true king, anointed by the Crystal, can purge our star of its scourge” — and as gone over there, what she referred to as “our star” there actually means the planet Eos.

For the Japanese version of this line from Ravus, all he actually says is “As the True King, he will certainly cleanse this world of its darkness.” Here is the line in Japanese for further reference: いずれ真の王として必ずや世の闇を晴らしましょう]

[Daemons begin coalescing behind Ravus; he turns his head slightly, taking notice of them]
Ravus: Certainly not a puppet of the darkness and the daemons it has borne.
Iedolas: You are the puppet…and you must die.

[The daemons begin to attack Ravus; he skillfully begins fending them off, wielding Regis’s sword; a sudden blast of daemonic energy hits him from behind, though, pushing him out of the throne room and toward a railing; a second blast descends on him, but he is able to deflect it with the sword; a third blast, however, hits him squarely in the chest and launches him over the railing into the depths of the Keep; the picture on the tape descends into static again briefly before regaining focus, now with Ravus once more; he’s pulling himself to his feet, holding to a railing and using King Regis’s sword for support; he can barely stand; suddenly, what appears to be Noctis walks into the room; Ravus turns to him]
Ravus: At last you have arrived, Noctis. The gods have shown you their favor. As Blood of the Oracle, I present you your father’s glaive.

[Ravus holds the haft of the sword out to him, gripping it with his magitek arm]
Ravus: Now go forth, my king. Shine your light unto the world.

[The one who appears to be Noctis begins to reach for the haft of the sword, then suddenly conjures a red-bladed facsimile of the Sword of the Father; he swings the sword at Ravus, cutting off his magitek arm just below the shoulder and seemingly injuring him elsewhere as well; Ravus takes a few clumsy steps forward, then collapses onto his back, dead; “Noctis” leans down and picks up the Sword of the Father, Ravus’s severed arm still gripping it, then carries it over beside of Ravus’s body; he shoves the blade into the ground, leaving it standing over Ravus]
Noctis: Spare me your sycophancy. I’ve indulged your false heroism for far too long.

[“Noctis” kneels down over Ravus’s body and begins speaking with his real voice: Ardyn’s]
Ardyn: You tried to save the world in my stead, but it wasn’t enough. The Crystal chose me—not you.

[Now appearing as himself again, Ardyn stands and places his hat on his head before reaching into his coat and pulling out the letters Ravus had written to Lunafreya, discovered by Noctis in Chapter 13; Ardyn dismissively tosses the papers on Ravus’s body, then begins walking out of the room]
Ardyn: Rejection hurts, doesn’t it?
[Note: The audio here has Ardyn say, “Aw, rejection hurts, doesn’t it?”]

[The picture on the tape reverts to static; the scene reverts to Ignis and Gladio]
Ignis: Was that Noct?
Gladiolus: No. Just that scumbag chancellor posing as him.
Ignis: It sounded like Ravus tried to return His Majesty’s sword.
Gladiolus: Yeah. Guess he finally got over his grudge. Even called Noct “[his] king.”

[The two are silent for a moment]
Gladiolus: Let’s move. If that’s what he did to Ravus, there’s no telling what he’ll do to Noct.

*optional dialogue*

(while making their way to an elevator beyond the Keep’s loading bay area, Ignis and Gladio find another radio)
This is the Imperial Security Bureau. A state of emergency has been declared, effective immediately. Movement out of and around the city is restricted at this time. All civilians must relocate to their designated refuge stations and await further instruction. Civilians who fail to comply with official bureau directives will be subject to incarceration or other appropriate disciplinary procedures. This emergency broadcast will repeat until the situation has been resolved. The Imperial Security Bureau thanks you for your cooperation.

Gladiolus: They’ve got nowhere to run.
Ignis: And, at this point, no one left to protect them, either.


(as Ignis and Gladio enter the control room where the Crystal is displayed on the monitors)
Gladiolus: Hey, there it is.
Ignis: What is it?
Gladiolus: The Crystal—right here on the screen.
Ignis: Then we’re close. Do you see any sort of control panel?

[Gladio examines the control panel]
Ignis: If it’s anything like the Citadel, there should be a barrier barring access.
Gladiolus: Then we un-bar it. You just tell me what to do.
Ignis: Right.

[Gladio begins to touch some of the instruments; the screen briefly fades to black; when it fades back in, Gladio is stepping back from the control panel, having just entered a command; he looks at the monitors in anticipation; the barrier blocking access to the Crystal turns off; suddenly, the foot of a daemon lands heavily on the floor behind Ignis and Gladio; they turn to face the creature; it’s the Foras daemon from Chapter 13]
???: Thieves cannot escape the hand of justice. The Crystal is mine… Never shall I lose my grip! The Crystal, the Light, the power… All of it… Mine!

[As the daemon shouts that last word, the emperor’s face is briefly superimposed over that of the creature; the daemon roars, preparing to attack; Ignis and Gladio conjure their weapons and fight back; after sustaining enough damage, the daemon growls, folds its wings over itself and vanishes in a puff of dark smoke; Gladiolus is breathing heavily]
Ignis: I can’t hear it anymore. Is it dead?
Gladiolus: Not yet—thing just disappeared. Ain’t never seen one that talked like that before.
Ignis: Nor one so fixated on the Crystal.
Gladiolus: I thought Aranea said the daemons were afraid of the Crystal.
Ignis: It may be like moths to a flame—or it may be one of the empire’s “alternative facts.”
Gladiolus: Whichever it is, that monster’s still on the loose.
Ignis: And we need to find it before it finds Noct and Prompto.

*optional dialogue*

(inside a dormitory, they find another radio)
Imperial soldier
Calling all frequencies—hey. Hey! Is anybody out there? …Anybody who hasn’t turned yet? Anybody? This is—no, forget it. What does it matter? Only a matter of time until I turn just like everyone else did. He was right. “Ain’t long until the empire falls—and when she does, it’ll hit like a ton of bricks.” Should’ve taken his advice and got out when I had the chance. Y’hear that, Callux? You were right. Go on—tell me, “I told you so.” Sorry I won’t be able to pick up my tab.

Gladiolus: Think anyone else heard that?
Ignis: If they did, I suspect they’re no longer human enough to sympathize.
Gladiolus: Whole place has gone to hell…

(checking the radio one more time)
Gladiolus: All the rest is probably just fake news.
Ignis: Assuming all of what we heard is true.


(as Gladio and Ignis make their way past a hallway, a door at the other end slides open)
Gladio: If that son of a bitch even—
Ignis: Wait. Can’t you hear that?
Gladio: Hear what?
Ignis: Noct’s voice. I heard it clear as day. This way—follow me!

[Ignis quickly sets out down the hall]
Gladio: Hey, wait up!

[Gladio takes off after him]

CHAPTER 14 – Homecoming
Noctis leaves his prison to find himself on Angelgard. His father’s ship is moored at shore, none the worse for wear. It now carries him back to Galdin Quay—back to his kingdom.

(as Noctis drives the boat toward Galdin Quay)
Noctis: Man… How long was I out?

(upon arrival at the dock)
[Noct and Umbra stand on the dock; even from here, Noct can already see that Galdin Quay is deserted and in shambles]
Noctis: Where’d everybody go?

[As Noctis takes a few steps forward, daemons begin pouring out of the main venue at Galdin Quay and rush the dock]
Noctis: Daemons everywhere. The hell happened?


(as Noct makes his way through the debris of Galdin Quay)
Noct: This is it? This is all that’s left of Lucis?


(after Noct makes his way through the debris of the main venue at Galdin Quay to the boardwalk that leads to shore)
Noctis: Hope everyone’s okay.

(upon making it to the main highway)
[Umbra begins barking]
Noct: What is it, boy? Something’s coming.

[After a few seconds, a truck pulls into view around the bend and approaches]
Noct: A truck?

[The vehicle pulls over and comes to a stop when it reaches Noct; he walks up to the driver’s side door; the driver is a young man]
???: Uh…
Noct: Yeah?
Talcott: It’s me, Talcott. My grandpa served the Amicitia family?
Noct: Talcott?
Talcott: Yeah.
Noct: No way.
Talcott: Yes way. Welcome back, Your Majesty.

[Talcott smiles; the scene transitions to inside the truck; Noctis and Umbra are now Talcott’s passengers; Talcott is on the phone]
Talcott: Yes, sir, that’s right. Hm? Just a second.
[Note: The audio here has Talcott say “Yes, sir, that’s—that’s right. Hm? Oh. Just a second.”]

[Talcott hands the phone to Noct]
Talcott: Said he wants to have a word with you?
Noct: He can have it in person.

[Talcott puts the phone back up to his own ear]
Talcott: He said you can have it in person. Okay. We should be there shortly, sir.

[Talcott begins to drive them all to Hammerhead; along the way, they pass a number of daemons prowling the land]
Talcott: Wow. I can’t tell you how good it is to see you again.
Noct: Yeah. You sure look different, though.
Talcott: You think so? Guess I’ve grown some these ten years.
Noctis: Ten years?
Talcott: The guys must be pinching themselves right now.
Noct: Where are they anyway?
Talcott: Lestallum, more often than not, but they take a lot of trips to Hammerhead.
Noct: For…?
Talcott: For Miss Cindy—y’know, back at the garage. She’s a tough one, but when she needs a little extra muscle out on the road, she gives ’em a call.
Noct: Huh.
Talcott: Ah—speaking of which, the guys said they’re near Hammerhead right now, so we’ll be meeting them there. Y’know, ever since you disappeared, Your Majesty, it’s been nothing but nighttime nonstop. Lestallum still has light—thanks to the power plant—so just about everyone’s taken refuge there.
Noct: Only there?
Talcott: Everywhere else’s been abandoned. Daemons moved in, forcing the people to move out. People still swing by the garage at Hammerhead from time to time, but it usually isn’t for repairs. These days, it’s less of a service station and more of a “slayer station”—a base for daemon-hunting. The garage’s still open, though…one of the few places that is.
Noct: So, um…Cid. Is he still alive and kicking?
Talcott: He’s kicking alright, just not as hard as before. He hasn’t really been himself lately. At lesat, not since he moved out to Lestallum. Someone suggested he move the garage there, too… …but old man Cid wasn’t having it. He called it “a big, fat chocobo turd of an idea.” Said it just wouldn’t be the same anywhere else.
Noct: That sounds like Cid alright.
Talcott: Miss Cindy said she didn’t mind either way, so the garage will probably stay put for a while. And without any tinkering to do, Ignig’s gourmet seafood is about all Cid has left to look forward to. With all the daemons prowling around, more folk were getting hurt…or worse. So Iris talked the marshal into taking out the daemons themselves. “Iris the Daemon Slayer,” they call her. Gladio and the others, they lend ’em a hand whenever they can. Prompto spends most of his time hunting around Hammerhead. He tries to impress Miss Cindy…but she’s already married to her work.
Noct: And Ignis?
Talcott: He hunts, too. We tried to stop him, but he wouldn’t listen. He said, if anything, he’s more used to the darkness than we are.
Noct: Never did get his vision back…
Talcott: I’m afraid not. But, that being said, he gets by pretty well on his own. Gladio and Prompto usually hunt on their own as well. It isn’t often you see the three of them together nowadays. They still work as a team every once in a while, but each has his own set of tasks to keep him busy.
Noct: Is that so?
Talcott: We’ve arrived, Your Majesty. Everyone’ll be so happy to see you. Don’t worry—I won’t be going anywhere. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

[Talcott drives through the new perimeter gate at Hammerhead, then parks near Takka’s Pit Stop; Ignis, Prompto and Gladio are standing there, waiting; Noct gets out and walks over to them]
Noctis: Hey.
Gladiolus: “Hey”? That’s all you have to say for yourself—after all this time?

[Gladio puts his hand on Noct’s shoulder and playfully shoves him]
Prompto: Noct, it’s you! It’s really you!
Noctis: Is it? I hadn’t realized?
Ignis: Well, well. You kept us waiting.

[Noct walks up to Ignis and places his hand on his shoulder; Ignis smiles]
Noct: Not like I wanted to. We’ve got catching up to do.
Ignis: Let’s head inside.

[The four friends walk toward Takka’s Pit Stop]

The final battle will commence once you leave Hammerhead.
Be sure to spare no preparation.

*optional dialogue*

(speaking with Talcott beside his truck)
Talcott: I’m more than happy to tell you everything I know.

What will you talk about?
The imperial army
The empire

The imperial army
Talcott: We’ve even got some former imperials fighting for us. The toughest of ’em said she used to lead a band of mercenaries.
Noctis: Aranea?
Talcott: So you do know her. I’m not surprised; the marshal said she used to be feared far and wide back in the day. But now she’s revered among the Lucian masses—same with her men, Biggs and Wedge. Each of them leads their own small army.
Noctis: That’s great.

The empire
Talcott: Oh, right—about the empire.
Noctis: Huh.
Talcott: Gladio brought back word that both the emperor and high commander were dead. With those two gone, Niflheim pretty much fell apart.
Noctis: Yeah, figured.

Talcott: The chancellor’s still around, though…in Insomnia. Nobody who saw him had any clue what he might have been up to, but their stories piqued Ignis’s curiosity. I ended up helping Ignis look into the matter—digging through old records, even joining him on trips to the royal tombs.
Noctis: Royally roped into it.
Talcott: It’s cool—I’m a bit of a history buff myself. But we did discover something pretty weird.
Noctis: Hm?
Talcott: While we were poring over all those ancient texts, one name caught our eye: Ardyn’s. Apparently he was hailed as a savior, healing all those who were ravaged by daemons… …only to end up branded a daemon himself—a dubious charge, I’d say. By all accounts, he was just as human as you and me.

Talcott: On the bright side, we’ve come a little closer to understanding the daemons. Y’see, I’d always thought they were animals, only more hideous and savage. But…it turns out they’re just ordinary people… …unlucky folk infected by something or other that transformed them into monsters. There’s no known cure as of yet, so death is the only mercy.

We’ve got a lot of survivors pouring in from Accordo, too, what with all the daemon attacks there as of late. Not like it’s much better here. Lestallum’s practically overflowing with refugees from Insomnia. The empire’s “recovery assistance” fell by the wayside, and daemons overran the city. Thankfully, Iris and the marshal managed to evacuate the civilians. Now there’s no one left…except the daemons. I spent my childhood in the Crown City. It’s sad knowing it’s gone, y’know?
Noctis: Not for long. I became the king to reclaim our home, and now I’m back—as promised.
Talcott: All these years, and you remembered.
Noctis: You bet.

Talcott: Your Majesty…do you remember my grandfather?
Noctis: Yeah.
Talcott: There’s something I wasn’t able to tell you back then. Grandpa died because of me… It was my fault. An imperial officer approached me in town, asked if I was from the Crown City. And that was just the beginning: “What brings you here, young man? You didn’t come here by yourself, did you?” “Your grandfather is a butler at a manor? How very grand!” “He rubs shoulders with the royal family? You must be ever so proud!” I answered him without thinking. A little after that, the man showed up at our hotel.
Noctis: Talcott…
Talcott: Think what you will of me, but please know that Grandpa didn’t give you away.
Noctis: Listen.
Talcott: Yeah?
Noctis: You’re not a kid anymore. You should know by now what happened that day wasn’t your fault—none of it. Y’know, it’s hard to ask someone about their pain, but it’s just as hard to share your own with someone else. I appreciate you opening up to me, and I swear I’ll make things right. But believe me when I say nobody blames you. Not me, not your grandpa. Trust me: you have the king’s word.
Talcott: I suppose you’re right, Your Majesty. Thank you.

(after resting at the caravan)
Noctis: So Ignis, you’re really cooking like you used to.
Ignis: More or less. I can manage with far less help than I required before.
Prompto: Y’know, it’s okay to ask for help. You don’t need to prove anything to us.
Gladio: Probably more about proving it to himself. I say we leave him to it.
Prompto: Yeah, I guess that’s how he got so good. Even better than before, if you can believe it.
Noctis: My taste buds sure do.
Ignis: Perhaps I’ve developed a culinary sixth sense.
Gladio: Hey, Iggy. You oughta follow Weskham’s example, open up a restaurant.
Ignis: I’ll give the matter some thought—assuming such demand still exists in a post-apocalyptic world.

(alternate conversation after resting at the caravan)
Ignis: Prompto’s even capable of hunting alone these days. He really has come a long way.
Prompto: Had to become a functioning adult sooner or later.
Noctis: Doesn’t feel like you’ve changed, though.
Gladio: Not nearly as much as he claims.
Prompto: You gonna spoil my moment?
Gladio: What’s there to spoil?
Noctis: Y’know, even after all this time, you guys haven’t changed.
Ignis: Not as individuals, perhaps, but we no longer need to ask one another for help in times of need. We’ve reached the point where that sort of synergy is second nature.
Prompto: Yeah, and it only took us ten years to get here.

(another alternate conversation after resting at the caravan)
Gladio: So yeah, no wedding just yet.
Prompto: No wedding ever.
Noctis: Go figure.
Gladio: Hey, don’t hate me.
Prompto: “Hate the game.” Yeah, yeah.
Ignis: So we can’t expect a formal introduction for some while, then.
Gladio: Yeah. At least not ’til all of this is over. Can’t in good conscience leave a girl to worry while I rush headlong into danger.
Noctis: Right.
Prompto: Gee, you oughta teach a master class in romance.
Ignis: Or acting.
Gladio: No acting here. I keep it real with the ladies.


(when examining the perimeter gate)
[A prompt appears asking “Return to Insomnia?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(when selecting “Yes”)
[The four have now walked outside the gate]
Gladiolus: Well, fellas, we’re homeward bound at last. Time to suit up.
Prompto: Finally get to rock these threads.
Ignis: Wear them with pride.
Noctis: Yeah, just hope they still fit.

[The four make camp on the same hill overlooking Insomnia where they once bore witness to the imperial invasion; Ignis cooks their dinner, just as he did in the old days]

After ten long years of solitude, Noctis is reunited with his friends. Breaking camp for the final time, they return to the Crown City of Insomnia, where the Chosen King will make his stand and restore the Light to the world.

[Noct and his retinue walk into view, prepared to fight their way to the Citadel in the heart of Insomnia; he now wears the Kingly Raiment, as he did in the game’s opening sequence during the battle with Ifrit; likewise, the others wear the uniform of the Kingsglaive]
Gladiolus: Home, sweet home.
Prompto: Yeah, at long last.
Ignis: What we’ve been waiting for…
Prompto: Sure is.
Gladio: Next stop: the Citadel.
Noctis: Yeah.

[Noct puts on the Ring of the Lucii]

(as the first battle begins in the streets of Insomnia)
Noct: This is it—give it your all, guys!
Gladiolus: Yeah.
Prompto: You got it!
Ignis: With pleasure.

(after winning that first battle)
Gladio: We haven’t fought together like this in ages.
Noctis: Really takes you back, doesn’t it?
Prompto: We may have struggled before, but now nothing can stand in our way!

*Pocket Edition only*

Gladio: Leave it to the MTs to stick around. Ten years, wandering aimlessly.

*optional dialogue*

(quest description for “The Cure for Insomnia”)
The King and his retinue return to Insomnia after ten years. Now, the time has come to return the Crystal’s power to the planet, to purge the scourge of the stars and restore the dawn. With the gods and the kings of yore at his side, Noctis must go to the throne and reclaim it from Ardyn.

(taking notice of a dormitory in a subway station)
Prompto: Could catch some Z’s here.
Ignis: Certainly! It’s a spot worth taking note of.

(when entering the dormitory in the subway station)
Gladio: Still think back to the all good times we had at camp.
Prompto: Staying up all night, sleeping in all morning.
Ignis: We certainly lived at our own pace.
Noctis: Those were the days.

(if Noct begins randomly swinging his weapons around his friends)
Gladiolus: Ten years and you’re still acting like a kid?
Prompto: C’mon, Noct.

(drawing near a daemon)
Ignis: I sense trouble.
Prompto: You sense right. Nice, Iggy!
Ignis: No time for compliments.
Noctis: Yeah, I got work to do.

(drawing near a daemon)
Prompto: I’m sensing a powerful aura…and some anger.

(during a battle)
Ignis: That’s the way!
Prompto: Better snap some shots while I’ve got the chance!

(during a battle)
Noctis: You’ve got this.
Ignis: Of course.

(during a battle)
Noct: You’re a pretty good shot in the dark.
Prompto: Glad to see my ten years of practice is finally paying off.
Noctis: Well, keep it up.

(during a battle)
Ignis: Sullied garments are ill-fitting for a king.

(after winning a battle)
Gladio: Guess we’ve still got a little fight left in us.
Noctis: You say that like we’ve already peaked.
Prompto: Yeah, we haven’t even reached our prime!
Gladio: Huh. Guess you’re right.

(after winning a battle)
Gladiolus: Glad that’s over.
Ignis: Indeed.
Noctis: No time to waste.
Prompto: But of course, Your Highness.

(while exploring near all the wreckage and debris blocking direct access to the Citadel)
Prompto: Not makin’ it through here.
Gladio: Think there’s any other way around?
Prompto: We might want to head…under.
Noctis: Wow—it’s one hell of a battle they waged here.

*Pocket Edition only*

(while exploring)
Noctis: Wow—it’s one hell of a battle they waged here.
Prompto: What a mess.
Gladio: Ten years of neglect will do that to a city.
Noctis: Good luck building it all back up.
Prompto: Hey! Don’t count yourself out so quick!
Noctis: You know it’s gonna be up to you guys.
Ignis: But we’d rather not remember.

(as they head into the subway)
Prompto: Let’s take it down to the underground.

(while making their way through the train station)
Gladio: You really got it all out, didn’t you?
Noct: Said all I have to say.
Prompto: You’re starting to sound like a real king.
Noct: That’s because I am a real king.
Ignis: Yes… Our king.


(when Noct and co. enter the Citadel Station area of the subway)
Prompto: It’s worn down, but still the same. Gladio: Just like I remember.
Ignis: Always came in handy.
Noctis: Used to be filled with people. Let’s see that it is again.

*optional dialogue*

(during a battle in the subway station)
Gladio: We got a good thing going here.
Ignis: Perfect synergy!
Prompto: Let’s show ’em the power of teamwork.

(during a battle in the subway station)
Noctis: Y’know, you don’t seem as jumpy as before.
Prompto: Maybe I’m just better at hiding it?
Noct: Maybe.

(during a battle in the subway station)
Noctis: You doin’ okay?
Ignis: I don’t need sight to sense what’s around me.

(while making their way through the subway station)
Noct: Follow me.
Ignis: What kingly confidence you’ve acquired.
Gladiolus: And, it only took you ten years.

(on the other side of the Citadel Station)
Gladio: Only a little bit further from here. I think my heart might be slowing my legs down.
Noct: Fight through it—can’t make it without you.
Gladio: Ah—yes, sir, Your Majesty.

(while exploring)
Prompto: We’ve really upped our game as hunters, haven’t we? Cor sure ran us through the ringer!
Ignis: Even Aranea’s been taught a thing or two.
Gladiolus: It won’t be for naught. There’s still gonna be cleanup when all is said and done.
Noctis: Yeah, I’m sure you can handle it.

(while exploring)
Ignis: Once this is all over…
Noct: One thing at a time.
Ignis: Fair enough.

(while exploring)
Gladiolus: Might be able to salvage the buildings without structural damage.
Prompto: Yeah—with a cleaning.
Gladio: Lestallum’s packed to the gills now.
Ignis: Many would return, given the chance.
Noctis: Then let’s bring ’em home.

(while exploring)
Prompto: Hah! Remember when we used to hang out here?
Noctis: Yeah, like every day?
Ignis: And the prince worked part-time nearby.
Gladiolus: Wearin’ a scowl on his face the whole time.
Noctis: Hey, I smiled as much as I could!

(while exploring)
Gladiolus: Used to frequent a joint around here, but those days are over.
Prompto: So there was fighting in the streets.
Ignis: And if we’d been at the signing, we’d not be here now.
Noctis: It’s because my father sent us away that we can come home.

(while exploring)
Ignis: We left here that day, knowing nothing of what lie ahead.
Gladio: We were too focused on the road trip.
Prompto: I was so pumped to go outside the city.
Noctis: It was gonna be the best day.

(while exploring)
Noctis: Ignis, can you…sense light?
Ignis: To a degree, yes.
Noct: So when dawn breaks, you’ll know it.
Ignis: I should.
Noct: Good to know.


(when entering the courtyard in front of the Citadel)
Ardyn: Ifrit, the Infernian. He doesn’t share the Glacian’s fondness for mankind. But you can expect a…warm welcome. I shall await you…above.

(after Bahamut and Noctis perform a joint strike against Ifrit)
Gladio: So even that wasn’t enough?
Ignis: It’s taken a turn for the worse.
Prompto: Out of the frying pan, dot, dot, dot?
Noctis: We need to put this thing out!

*optional dialogue*

(still fighting Ifrit)
Noctis: Feels like I’m just hitting air!
Gladiolus: What can we do to kill it?
Prompto: Stay back so it doesn’t kill us!

(still fighting Ifrit)
Gladio: The flames never stop.
Prompto: Burning super hot now!
Ignis: Going out in a blaze.
Noctis: Can’t fight fire with fire.

(still fighting Ifrit)
Gladio: Someone got a little rusty.
Noct: Ten years without a sparring partner will do that to you.

(as the fight with Ifrit nears its end, if it’s been going on for a while)
Shiva: Pyreburner. That heart of flame was turned to ash once… A dead fire must burn no more. Taste again the chill wind of death.


(original version of the dialogue after Shiva kills Ifrit, as depicted prior to the Version 1.21 update of February 1, 2018)
Shiva: O Chosen King of the Stone, restore the Light to this world.
Prompto: What did she say?
Noct: Told me to bring back the Light.
Gladio: That’s our next stop.
Ignis: On we go.

(updated version of the dialogue after Shiva kills Ifrit, as depicted in the Version 1.21 update of February 1, 2018)
Shiva: Rest, my love. May your soul know peace at last. King of Kings, the grace of the gods is with you always.
Noct: I made a promise…one that I intend to keep.

(when the royal retinue enters the Citadel)
Ignis: At long last, the Citadel.
Noctis: The throne is just up ahead.
Prompto: It’s all lit up.
Gladio: Guess he’s expecting company.
Noct: He wants this as bad as we do.
Gladio: Think the elevator’s workin’?
Prompto: Huh… Sure looks like it.
Ignis: He is really taking us by the hand.
Noct: It’ll save our legs the walk up.

(in the elevator)
Gladio: The throne room…waits outside.
Prompto: Yeah… And so does Ardyn.
Gladio: Acting like he owns the place.
Ignis: It’s time to take it all back.
Noct: It ends here. Tonight.

(when Noct and his retinue enter the hall outside the throne room)
Gladiolus: Remember how nervous we were in front of King Regis the day we left?
Ignis: That was the last time we were in here.
Prompto: Yeah. They even let me in that day.
Noctis: Feels like forever ago.

*optional dialogue*

(when examining one of the large wall murals in the hall outside the throne room)
Ignis: Do the paintings of the prophecy still adorn the walls?
Prompto: Yeah. Intact…and amazing.
Gladiolus: We’ll witness firsthand whether their story comes true.
Noctis: Oh, I’ll make sure it does.

(when examining one of the large wall murals in the hall outside the throne room)
Noctis: Hmm. Guessing Ardyn was meant to appear in these, too.
Gladio: Hmph. Never would have guessed that guy for royalty.
Noctis: He’s been living a long time. In a world he could share with no one.

(while lingering in the hall outside the throne room)
Noctis: I always hated this room as a kid.
Prompto: Yeah? And why’s that?
Noctis: Coming here always made my dad all serious and sad.
Ignis: It no doubt reminded him of the fate his son would come to bear.

(while lingering in the hall outside the throne room)
Ignis: I recall a young prince leaving his mark on a painting. Is it still there?
Noctis: I don’t think anyone could spot it. Had one of my attendants cover it up pretty good.

(when examining the painting at the far end of the room)
Prompto: So Ardyn…is the darkness of the legends.
Ignis: Ironically, since he was to be the King of Light.
Noctis: And only I can deliver him from his own darkness.
Prompto: My buddy’s gonna write the last chapter of the legend. So cool.


(as Noct and the others approach the doors to the throne room)
Prompto: Hmm, not much farther.
Ignis: Well, shall we, Noct?

[Not begins to put his hand out toward the doors, then suddenly stops and turns around]
Noctis: Yeah, but… Ah. Hold on a sec. Prompto. Can I see your photos?
Prompto: Um…yeah!
Noctis: I just need one…to take with me.
Prompto: Oh… Yeah. I get it. Um… You can take whichever you like.

[The four huddle together to examine the photographs one last time]

(as the Chocobros begin to peruse the photos)
Prompto: Think of all the places we’ve been. All the shops along the way.
Ignis: Always something new around every corner.

*optional dialogue*

(while passing a photo that includes the Regalia)
Ignis: Only befitting the Regalia be included in the shot.

(while passing a photo that includes the Regalia)
Gladiolus: No car like the Regalia…took us around the world and back.
Ignis: Ah, yes… It wouldn’t have been a road trip without her.

(while passing a camping photo)
Prompto: Ignis sure cooked up a culinary cornucopia at camp.

(while passing a camping photo)
Gladiolus: We sure had good times around the campfire.

(while passing the large group photo taken at the end of Chapter 8)
Ignis: How about a shot of us as we set off from Caem?

(while passing a battle photo)
Gladiolus: A shot of us in combat might be cool.

(when selecting a battle photo)
Gladio: That was a real knock-down-drag-out rumble.
Ignis: We conquered insurmountable odds on many an occasion.

(while perusing the photos)
Ignis: Really brings back memories, doesn’t it?

(while perusing the photos)
Noctis: Wish I had a photo of everywhere we went. But, this’ll do.
Ignis: The camera can only hold so many pictures.

(while perusing the photos)
Prompto: What. Somethin’ catch your eye there, bud?

(while perusing the photos)
Ignis: Really brings back memories, doesn’t it?

Gladiolus: You thinkin’ back to when we took that?

(while perusing the photos)
Prompto: Gotta take one from our zany adventures.

(when making some selections)
Gladio: So you’re good with this? No regrets?

(when making some selections)
Prompto: That the one you want?
Ignis: This is it. Listen to your heart, Noct.

(when making some selections; e.g. a picture of Vyv, Ravus, Sania, Dave or Camelia)
Prompto: Huh. Well…not the one I would’ve picked, but it’s your call.

(when selecting a photo lacking obvious significance)
Gladiolus: That really stuck with you, huh? Fair enough.

(when selecting a photo lacking obvious significance)
Prompto: Hmm, I’m sure it’s really hard to settle on just one.

(when selecting a landscape shot or a non-stock photo that otherwise features no human, animal or daemon subjects)
Noctis: I…like this one, even though no one’s in it.
Ignis: You…chose a picture with nobody in it. Must have some significance to you.

(when selecting a photo of Cor)
Gladiolus: Oh man, Cor really showed us the ropes when we were starting out.
Ignis: Indeed. It was always reassuring to know that the marshal was in our corner.

(when selecting a non-stock photo that features Ardyn)
Gladiolus: Heck of a choice. Hmph, guess a king forgives and forgets.

(when selecting a non-stock photo that either features only Aranea, or one in which Aranea occupies most of the frame)
Prompto: Hohoho… I totally know where you’re coming from, dude.

(when selecting a non-stock photo that either features Iris and Noctis together, only Iris, or one in which Iris occupies most of the frame)
Gladiolus: Uh, interesting choice there, Noct. Guess, uh, Big Brother’s gotta turn a blind eye every now and again.

(when selecting a photo that either features Prompto and Noctis together, only Prompto, or one in which Prompto occupies most of the frame)
Prompto: Ah, uh, you sure you want a picture with just me, buddy? It’s sweet and all, but a little bit creepy.

(when selecting a photo that either features Gladio and Noctis together, only Gladio, or one in which Gladio occupies most of the frame)
Gladiolus: Bah, it’s just me in this picture. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m flattered and all, but—

(when selecting a photo that either features Ignis and Noctis together, only Ignis, or one in which Ignis occupies most of the frame)
Noctis: I’ll take…this one. With Iggy in it.
Ignis: Was I not present in the majority of photographs?

(when selecting a non-stock photo that either features only Noctis, or one in which Noctis occupies most of the frame)
Prompto: This one!? Go figure. The guy who hated having his picture taken likes a shot of just himself.
Ignis: You can really see the change.

(when selecting a photo of Noct taken during Chapter 14, if he’s wearing the Kingly Raiment in the picture)
Prompto: Yeah, I’ve added some swagger these 10 years. And Noct…looks a little bit more like his dad.
Ignis: Suppose you found your regality, Noct.

(when making some selections; e.g. of moments from cutscenes)
Prompto: Really takes you back, doesn’t it? Makes you think about everything that came before, and after, too.
Ignis: The pictures of those days are still fresh in my mind.

(when making some selections; e.g. a shot with only two or three of the Chocobros in it)
Noctis: This one’s a classic. It takes me back.
Ignis: Hmm. Easy to get lost in all the memories we’ve shared.

(when making some selections; e.g. a shot with only two or three of the Chocobros in it)
Gladiolus: The more I look at it, the better it looks.

(when selecting a photo that includes all four Chocobros)
Gladiolus: Now can’t beat that… A shot of all four of us together.
Ignis: Through it all, we had each other.


[Noctis pushes open the doors to the throne room, flanked by Gladio, Prompto and Ignis; Noct grits his teeth as he looks ahead]
Prompto: What is that?

[Ardyn sits above, on the throne of Lucis; facsimiles of the corpses of the emperor, Regis, Lunafreya and Nyx Ulric hang from chains before the throne; Ardyn smirks as his guests walk to the center of the room to stare him down]
Ardyn: I’m afraid you’re out of luck. The throne brings you here? It seats only one.
Noctis: Off my chair, jester. The king sits there.

[Ardyn stands and places one foot on the throne before scowling down at Noctis]
Ardyn: Oh, Noct… How I have waited for this. Longer than you could ever know.

[Ardyn slowly raises his hand into a fist]
Ardyn: Tonight, the dreams of the blood royal…come to an end.
Gladiolus: Spite’s all that’s kept him going.
Prompto: Talk about a grudge.
Ignis: Ardyn sits the throne?
Noctis: Not for long. This is my ascension.

[Ardyn suddenly fires three flaming purple energy blasts from his hand; each one finds a target in Noctis’s brothers, rendering them unconscious]
Noctis: What did you do!?
Ardyn: They have no place in this, the battle of kings! Come, Noctis!

[Ardyn departs the Citadel through a large hole in the wall of the throne room; as Noctis goes up the stairs toward the throne, the bodies hanging from the ceiling, along with their chains, disappear in purple fire; Noctis stops to watch]
Noctis: It ends now.

[Noctis proceeds to the hole in the throne room wall and follows Ardyn to the ground outside]
Ardyn: The once helpless and hapless prince. Is he now ready to claim his crown? Don’t let us down.

[The two kings warp-strike at one another before briefly clashing their swords, launching one another into buildings on opposite sides of the street; they then warp back to the ground to continue facing off as buildings crumble around them]

(very beginning of fight)
Ardyn: Let it be done. Until only one remains.

(very shortly into the battle)
Ardyn: So you are the Chosen King… …but you are a second choice, at best.

*optional dialogue*

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Do you like what I’ve done with the world? I twisted it all…just for you.

[Note: can also be a parry line]

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Does it hurt? The pain is proof you’re mortal!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Cutting it close!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: How long must I wait!?

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Where is your head?

(during the battle)
[Ardyn laughs maniacally while performing an attack]

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Truly, a pity.

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Over here.

(during the battle)
Ardyn: The legend proved to be a myth.

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Really!?

(during the battle)
Ardyn: No more!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: One step behind!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: A gift for you!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: And so it ends!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Let it be done!

[Note: can also be a parry line]

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Ah, terribly disappointing!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Is that really the best you can do? Perhaps it’s time you threw yourself on my mercy.

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Even were the dawn to break now… …it would only bring the horrors to light!

(during the battle)
Ardyn: Behold, O King. This realm in darkness.

(while parrying with Ardyn)
Ardyn: Oh, yes, you’ll be the very death of me.

(while parrying again)
Ardyn: Chosen, indeed. Chosen to die!

(another parry)
Ardyn: The ten years you spent accumulating your power… …I spent assimilating daemons and accumulating mine.

Ardyn: Let me know when you’re ready to begin.

Ardyn: Did I mention? I’m immortal.

[nothing said]

Ardyn: I was so close… …so very close to taking those friends of yours… …and making them into daemons.


(beginning of the second round of the battle)
Ardyn: Ah… My revenge is soon at hand… How long have I waited…?
Noct: Don’t worry. It’s far from over.
Ardyn: Well, let’s have it, then. You and your Crystal… …against all I have become.
Noct: Power…of light!
Ardyn: Ahh, a king! At last!

(beginning of the last round of the battle)
Ardyn: A war…of attrition, then.

[The spirits of the Lucii appear around the courtyard]
Ardyn: The Kings of Yore are on hand. Calling you forth…to oblivion.

(during the final round of the battle)
Ardyn: Yet when your father died… …you were off playing with your friends! When your beloved died… …you lay watching, powerless to stop it! You think ten years is a long time!? It is nothing to me! I have lived in darkness for ages!

(when Noct delivers the killing strike)
Ardyn: So, that is how you would end it.

[Ardyn falls over backward]

[The spirits of the Lucii slowly vanish one by one while Ardyn lays on the ground dying]
Ardyn: Now it is over, Majesty.

[Noctis walks up to his dying adversary]
Ardyn: What will you do?

[Noct crouches down beside Ardyn]
Ardyn: Banish the daemons and bring peace? Erase me from history once more?
Noctis: This time…you can rest in peace. Close your eyes…forevermore.

[Ardyn closes his eyes]
Ardyn: I will await you…in the beyond.

[Ardyn’s head tilts to one side as his body begins discorporating; Noct shuts his own eyes as the last embers of Ardyn’s body vanish into the rainy sky; the scene briefly fades to black, then fades back in to Noctis and his friends standing at ground level in front of the steps of the citadel]
Ignis: So this is farewell.
Noctis: Yeah. Here we are.
Gladiolus: It’s all you.

[Noct nods, turns and begins ascending the steps]
Prompto: No turning back now.

[Noct does indeed stop and turn around, however; he addresses each of his friends in turn]
Noctis: Prompto. Gladio. Ignis. I leave it to you. Walk tall…my friends.

[All are silent for a moment]
Ignis: Godspeed…and take care.

[Ignis, Gladio and Prompto all put their hand over their chest and bow]
Ignis: Majesty.

[Behind them, two iron giants begin manifesting up out of the ground; Noct puts his own hand over his chest]
Noctis: The time has come.

[Noct turns and continues ascending the steps; his friends turn to face the coming daemons, as at least three more iron giants begin manifesting; the scene briefly fades to black, then resumes with Noctis walking up the steps in the throne room; he comes to the throne, and places his right hand on the left armrest]
Noctis: I’m home. I walked tall… And though it took me a while, I’m ready now.

[He sits down on the throne]
Noct: I love you all. Luna, guys…

[The Ring of the Lucii begins glowing on Noctis’s hand]
Noctis: Dad…

[Regis’s spirit appears]
Noctis: The time we had together… I cherish.

[Noctis lifts his head and closes his eyes]
Noctis: Kings of Lucis…

[Outside the Citadel, Ramuh, Leviathan, Titan and Shiva appear floating in the air; Shiva is holding Ifrit’s severed horn; they all turn to energy that rapidly flows into the sky directly above the Citadel, where it joins with energy in the shape of Bahamut; back in the throne room, Noctis’s eyes jerk open as he conjures his father’s sword]
Noctis: Come to me!

[He stabs Regis’s sword into the floor in front of him; as he does so, energy in the shape of the other 12 royal arms descend from above and impale the floor around the throne; the spirit of each weapon’s corresponding Lucii rises from the floor in front of the weapon; they each take hold of their weapon and float into the air in front of Noctis; then, one by one, they descend upon him and skewer him with their weapon before being absorbed into the ring until all but Regis have done so; his head bowed in pain, Noct pictures Gladio, then Ignis, then Prompto, then Luna in his mind; slowly, weakly, he lifts his father’s sword and holds its hilt out to him]
Noctis: Dad… Trust in me…

[Regis’s spirit takes the sword, rises in front of Noctis, and holds the weapon aloft, poised to strike; after hesitating for a moment, the strike is delivered through Noctis’s abdomen; his body is left pinned to the throne by his father’s sword; after a moment, the Ring of the Lucii begins to glow once more, then unleashes a blinding light that fills the throne room; the scene transitions to Noctis’s spirit floating above a swirling pool of white light, his father’s sword in hand; he lifts the sword, then throws it into the swirling mass below, blade-warping to someplace else; that other place is revealed to be the ethereal void resembling Final Fantasy VII’s Lifestream where Noct encountered Bahamut at the end of Chapter 13; here, his spirit descends to float face to face with Ardyn’s spirit; Ardyn smiles and bows to Noctis; as he straightens back up, his face takes on a look of confusion; he sees apparitions of Regis, Ignis, Prompto and Gladio all beside Noctis; suddenly, Ardyn’s head thrashes violently as his eyes turn black and an inhuman growl emerges from him; Ardyn has taken on his daemon appearance; Noctis holds out his right hand, the one which bears the Ring of the Lucii; Ardyn likewise holds out his right hand; suddenly, Lunafreya’s spirit places her hands on Ardyn’s right arm, as she had done during Chapter 9 shortly before her death; as golden light bleeds up his arm, Ardyn jerks away from her, growling as though in pain; Ardyn’s spirit doubles over, growling and heaving; he looks up at Noctis; a flash of light bursts from the Ring of the Lucii, vaporizing the sleeve off his jacket and shirt; Noctis grunts in pain, the skin along his arm cracking; he spasms in further pain as blades of energy tear out of his back; after seemingly coming to a halt, the weapons of the Lucii suddenly burst from Noctis’s back and swirl out into the ether, each finding a home in the hand of its owner’s spirit; all thirteen Lucii stand assembled; Noctis makes a fist with his right hand, hauls back, and then directs the Lucii forward as though throwing a baseball; the spirits of the deceased kings fall upon Ardyn, who lets out a final, fearful growl before being overwhelmed by the Lucii’s onslaught; his spirit floats backward for a moment, then dematerializes into crystal shards; Noctis stands exhausted for a moment, then allows himself, too, to fall back and dematerialize into crystal shards; the Ring of the Lucii floats away, then itself quickly and completely disintegrates]
Noctis: It’s finally over…

[The scene fades to black; after a protracted moment of silence while sitting on the black screen, the honking of a car horn honking twice is heard, and then dialogue from the beginning of Chapter 1 begins to play again]
Gladio: Can it. Ready… Steady…
Noct: Really?
Gladio: Push!

[Prompto, Gladio and Noct’s grunting can then been heard once more as they push the Regalia down the highway toward Hammerhead]
Noct: Un. Believable.
Gladio: Not exactly a fairy tale beginning, huh, Prince Noctis?
Ignis: We let ourselves get carried away.
Prompto: Look, these things happen!
Gladio: Let’s just hope this isn’t some omen.
Noct: Gladio, do me a favor.
Gladio: What?
Noct: Push this thing by yourself.
Gladio: All by myself?
Prompto: You won’t even notice if we just let go.
Gladio: Prompto, don’t even think about it.
Ignis: Save some breath for pushing.
Noct: Ignis, c’mon—time to switch!
Gladio: Nuh-uh! We just switched back there!
Prompto: And it’s my turn, Noct!
Ignis: His “turn.”

[“Stand by Me,” performed by Florence + the Machine, begins to play as the credits roll; approximately halfway through the song, the Chocobros can be heard bickering again as they push the Regalia]
Gladio: You guys even pushing?
Prompto: Hard as I can!
Noct: With everything I’ve got!
Ignis: We’ll be there in no time.
Prompto: Check it out!
Noct: What?
Prompto: Up ahead, the sign!
Gladio: Nice.
[Noct sighs]
Noct: You made me think we were close.
Gladio: Hey, is that all you got?
Noct: Pretty much.

[Once the audio fades away, the scene fades in on the Chocobros sitting around a campfire on the hill overlooking Insomnia; the occasion is the final camp they shared before the battles in Insomnia]
Noct: The four of us around a campfire. How long’s it been?
Ignis: Hmm… An eternity.
Noct: So, yeah.

[They all sit quietly for a long moment]
Noct: I, um…
Gladio: Out with it.
Noct: I just…

[Noct leans forward and looks down; they’re all silent for another moment; Noct’s left hand clenches; he sighs and fidgets with his hands]
Noct: …Dammit. The hell is this so hard?

[He laces his fingers]
Noct: So, I…

[He leans back and lets his left hand rest on his leg; he looks at his friends]
Noct: I’ve made my peace. Still… Knowing this is it, and seeing you here, now.

[Noct’s voice cracks and a tear streaks down his face as he says this next line]
Noct: It’s…more than I can take.

[He looks down once again and clenches his hands together; all of them are silent for a few seconds; Gladio wipes away a tear with the back of his hand]
Prompto: Yeah. You’re damn right it is.
[Gladio makes a “Huh” sound]
Gladio: You spit it out.

[After another brief silence, Iggy sighs as a tear streaks down his cheek from under his sunglasses]
Ignis: It’s good to hear.

[They all look down in silence for a long moment; at last, Noct stands and looks at each of his friends in turn]
Noct: Well… …what can I say?

[Prompto looks down and rubs away tears; Noct looks at them all with tear-filled eyes]
Noct: You guys…

[The scene cuts to black]
Noct: …are the best.

[The game’s credits resume and conclude; after they’ve ended, the scene fades in on the Dawn returning to the lands all across Eos; following a shot that lingers on the hill overlooking Insomnia, where the Chocobros’ camping chairs still sit, the scene transitions to within Insomnia; in the Citadel’s courtyard, Umbra is sleeping, but awakens to the Dawn’s arrival; Regis’s voice can then be heard overlaid on the visuals that follow of Noctis’s funeral; as Regis speaks, the scene transitions to the still-damaged throne room of the Citadel, where a banner bearing the name “Noctis Lucis Caelum CXIV” hangs below a great many flowers set before the throne]
Regis: Dearest Luna. You did well to deliver the ring to Noctis. Wayward though my son may indeed be… He has made me proud. May you two know happiness.

[The scene slowly zooms in on the throne, then upon the left armrest; here sits the picture Noct chose to take with him before the final battle; after the camera has lingered on the photo for a moment, a white gloved-hand reaches down and picks it up; it is Noctis, dressed in ceremonial wedding attire; he hands the photo to Lunafreya, who sits beside him; she takes the photo and looks at it for a few seconds; after a moment, Noct removes his gloves, caresses Lunafreya’s face, and the two pull one another into a kiss; they smile at one another as they pull out of the kiss; Lunafreya then lays her head against Noct’s arm, and closes her eyes; his head propped against his hand, Noct closes his eyes as well; the visual of the two napping together is held in the frame for a moment before it transitions into the logo for Final Fantasy XV as bells begin to ring; after holding the logo on the screen for several seconds, the sound of bells fade and the screen fades to black]
Noct: Thank you.

CHAPTER 15 – End of the Road
Call Umbra and tour the world at your leisure. You might even find some new treasures buried right under your nose.

(beginning the “Menace Beneath Lucis” series of quests)
Ezma: Well met, Prince Noctis. I’ve heard all about you. You and your exploits. I think it’s time you took the next step. Don’t you?
Noctis: Um… What next step?
Ezma: Well, my boy, let me explain. I look after eight seals. Seals that help protect this kingdom. Maybe you’ve seen them, in your to-ing and fro-ing. Strange doors, tucked away in caves and ruins. This here is the key that opens them all. Beyond each door lurks a terrible evil. One that not even our most seasoned hunters dare to take on. But you’re more than that now. That’s right—you have the power of kings flowing through your veins. You’re the only one I’d trust this key to. No one else.

(speaking with Ezma again)
Ezma: Those seals are bound to break sooner or later. It’s better to strike first, on our own terms.

(speaking with Ezma once again)
Ezma: Listen up. Death lurks behind every one of those doors. You must go prepared.

(quest description for “Menace Beneath Lucis” and all eight of it its “A Menace Sleeps in …” sub-headings)
There are eight sealed doors located around the Lucian frontier, and behind each one slumbers a ferocious fiend that attacked the realm in ancient times. As the latter-day king, it is Noctis’s royal duty to eliminate the menaces once and for all.

(unsealing the first “Menace Beneath Lucis” dungeon)
Prompto: this door here. Is it one of the seals?
Ignis: It seems highly likely.
Gladio: Well, we got the key. Do we use it?

[After Noctis uses the key, the door slowly unlocks as the large circle at the center of the door turns and various glyphs around it begin to glow; finally, the perimeter of the circle itself glows as well; as the glow of the glyphs and the circle fade, the door begins parting]
Gladio: Hey, now! Finally making some headway.
Ignis: At last, we have broken the seal.
Prompto: Yeah, I don’t think that means what you think it means.
Noct: Means we have to go.
Prompto: I know that. Oh, in there?

(completing the “Menace Beneath Lucis” series of quests)
Ezma: Good to see you back, boys. I heard what you did. You faced the threats, and defeated them all. With this, you fulfilled a promise that was made long ago by none other than your father.
Noctis: What?
Ezma: It was some thirty years ago. His Majesty came here, stood on that very spot, and took the vow.
Noctis: To chase out the threats?
Ezma: Mmm-hm. Exactly. As soon as the war was over, he said.
Noctis: The war.
Ezma: When the Crown City fell to the empire, I thought it spelt the end of Lucis. I truly did. But a light that burns so brightly, doesn’t go out so easily. Thank you, Prince Noctis. For everything. So long as you’re alive, I know that the kingdom is safe.

Hunter’s Medal x 1

(speaking with Ezma again after completing the “Menace Beneath Lucis” series of quests)
Ezma: Ah, here to report a hunt, are ya?

(speaking with Ezma once more)
Ezma: You got a story you wanna share with old Ezma?

(beginning the “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie” quest by traveling to “past” Lucis via Umbra for the first time)
[Noctis’s cell phone rings; he answers]
Cindy: Howdy, Prince. D’you mind swingin’ by the garage for a hot minute? We been experiencin’ some awful strange shakes back here in Leide. The Hunters’re already lookin’ into it, but I reckon they could use a couple more hands.
Noctis: Got it. On our way.

[Note: The “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie” quest can be begun and completed during Chapter 9, but one possible NPC who can show up will be missing if the player progresses to the last stage of the quest prior to completing certain tasks that will be unavailable until Chapter 15; as such, the totality of the quest is being chronicled here under the section for Chapter 15]

(quest description for “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie”)
Noctis receives an emergency call from Cindy, who warns him about a sudden rash of earthquakes rocking the Leide region. The prince and his friends agree to investigate.

(progressing the “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie” quest by speaking with Cindy)
Cindy: Some sizable seismic activity down south near Longwythe. Dave an’ his boys are on the beat as we speak. It’s the darndest thing. Ain’t never felt so much as a rumble ’round these parts. Got a lotta folks worried. Got me worried, too. Aint’ easy tunin’ up a shakin’ chassis. Anyhoo, hope Dave and y’all can do somethin’.

(progressing the “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie” quest by speaking with Dave in Longwythe)
Dave: I see your hunter’s instincts brought y’all back here. Mine’re tellin’ me there’s somethin’ real shady ’bout these shakes. Got all my hunters foragin’ the field for clues as we speak. Even enlisted the help of a fella from Galdin. Name’s Dino, real upright fella. Said he found himself a suspect spot. Y’all mind goin’ to check it out for me?

[The scene transitions to the Longwythe Crow’s Nest, where the Chocobros and a number of NPCs have gathered]

Friends made during the journey have caught wind of the incident and gathered at the Longwythe Rest Area. (14 of a possible 14.)

(a sign nailed to the door)
Meldacio Hunter HQ

(speaking with Cid)
Cid: How in tarnation’s a man supposed to get any work done when his tools’re flyin’ off the shelves all will-nilly!?

Potion x 1

Cid: In all my years livin’ on the outside, I ain’t never felt anythin’ like these earthquakes. Ain’t good for nothin’ but givin’ me a backache!

(speaking with Takka)
Takka: All these recent quakes are givin’ me the chills.

Mettle VX x 1

Takka: Can’t even boil a pot of water without worryin’ it’s gonna spill all over the place! Only got a splash of stock left in the fridge. Like to run dry if these quakes don’t quiet down soon.

(speaking with Iris)
Iris: We heard rumblings of an earthquake around here and came to check it out. It’s a little too close to the capital for comfort.

Elixir x 1

Iris: Normally, Jared’s notebook has the answer, but it came up blank this time—except for a weird legend about Longwythe. Something about the mountain “awakening” every few centuries and making the earth shake by its rousing. That’s the best I’ve got.

(speaking with Talcott)
Talcott: Prince Noctis! Are you helping look for earthquakes? Well, guess what—I’m helping, too!

Phoenix Down x 1

Talcott: I started looking in Grandpa’s notebook, and here’s what I found. It said there’s a legend about the mountain, and that’s all he wrote. Oh! But y’know what else? He drew a picture of a turtle. Not only was Grandpa smart, but he was a good drawer.

(speaking with Holly)
Holly: If it isn’t my favorite hunters! You looking into what’s causing all these earthquakes?

Power EX x 1

Holly: Everyone at the power plant’s up in arms. They’re all wondering if the Meteor has got anything to do with ’em. The company’s offering a bonus to anyone who can solve the mystery, so I figured I’d take up the cause and earn some extra gil.

(reading a note left on one of the tables)
Howdy, boys.

So, I heard you’re investigating the recent tremors, and I wanted to wish y’all good luck. If you could shake us of these shakes, me and my birds would be most grateful. We’re rooting for you, now.

Your friend,

Spirit ZX x 1

(speaking with Navyth)
Navyth: Noctis, m’boy! You seen it out there? These quakes have got the guppies scared outta their gills!

Flesh Fortifier x 1

Navyth: Wonder if there’s a new fish done set ’em all astir. Whatever it is causin’ these quakes, it’s gotta be a real whopper! Either way, I’m gonna keep on fishin’. And don’t worry: if I get any good bites, you boys’ll be the first to know!

(speaking with Vyv)
Vyv: I see you boys are on the beat, too. Not surprising, given the scale of this “incident,” if you will.

Mega-Potion x 1

Vyv: My buddy Dino’s been searching for a scoop. Sounds pretty dangerous… Think of how many copies we’ll sell! And apparently there are some old legends about Longwythe. “Past Myths Back to Haunt the Present?” People’ll eat it up!

(speaking with Sania)
Sania: Well, look what the coeurl dragged in! You boys curious about these quakes, too?

Remedy x 1

Sania: As it were, I was going through some old biology docs, and I stumbled upon something that might pique your interest. Longwythe Peak! Ooh, baby, this is monumental. I’ve gotta check it out up close!

(speaking with Coctura)
Coctura: Well, I guess my cover’s blown. I didn’t come here to cook—I came here as an informant.

Ether x 1

Coctura: Thought about picking up some ingredients while I was in the area, but now’s not really the time for grocery shopping. If the quakes shake the quay and our ships stop sailing, our restaurant’s sunk. We need to solve this now.

(speaking with Dino)
Dino: Well, if it isn’t ince-pray Octis-nay! Dave probably told you, but I’m out here reportin’ on the earthquake.

Verve WX x 1

Dino: Since we’re on good terms, let me share a little scoop: word on the street is that the crag itself is the key. That, uh, Crown City chick Monica? Yeah, well uh, she’s followin’ up on a lead in Longwythe for me.

(speaking with Kimya)
Kimya: O-ho-ho! Come to investigate these earthquakes, have you?

Muscle Stimulant x 1

Kimya: Very unsettling, they are. A great disturbance in the earth, I sense—something outside the purview of the Stars. Whence does all this energy flow? The answer, you and I must together seek.

(speaking with Ezma)
Ezma: Well met, boys. All this commotion had me curious, so I came down from HQ to check it out.

Hi-Elixir x 1

Ezma: I see they weren’t making a mountain out of a molehill. This one might even be too much for the Hunters to surmount. Doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying, though—and this old girl ain’t about to let her boy Dave have all the fun.

(speaking with Dave)
[A prompt appears asking “Head out?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(after leaving the Crow’s Nest and speaking with Dustin and Monica near Longwythe Peak)
Dustin: The cause of the quakes? Ah, I’m afraid I must direct you to Monica. I’m simply here to look out for Lady Iris and young Talcott. And that’s all I have to say. Apologies for not being of help.

(completing the “Let Sleeping Mountains Lie” quest by speaking with Dustin and Monica again)
Monica: Good to see you, Prince Noctis. Dustin and I have been investigating the recent tremors in the region. I believe we’ve discovered the source of the quakes: a long-dormant creature called the “adamantoise.” The beast is far too dangerous for us to approach. If you decide to venture closer, do exercise caution.

[The mountain suddenly “awakens” as the Adamantoise begins to move about]
Noctis: Whoa! What is THAT!?
Prompto: Whoa! Oh, no. No way. Dude. That’s a turtle!
Gladiolus: Look at the size of it! It’s freakin’ huge!

(if Noctis keeps trying to fight the Adamantoise rather than flee)
Prompto: Dude, you can’t be serious. Oh crap, you are!
Gladiolus: That’s not a beast, that’s a mountain.
Ignis: Perhaps this is one hunt we should reconsider.

(if Noct persists further in trying to fight the Adamantoise)
Ignis: Noct! Do you seriously mean to do this?
Prompto: Noct! C’mon, man, not cool!
Gladiolus: I’ve heard of moving mountains, but taking one down? That’s a twist.

(after the Chocobros either flee or are unable to defeat the Adamantoise within three minutes)
[The creature retreats into its shell]
Prompto: It’s a mountain again…
Gladiolus: Reminds you just how tiny we are in the big picture.
Ignis: Tiny and short-lived, besides. Some mountains aren’t meant to be climbed, though with time, we might conquer it.

Speak to Takka to join the hunt for the adamantoise.

[Note: Should the player actually kill the Adamantoise during this quest, as seen in this video, rather than the “Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe” hunt, a glitch that freezes the game will occur when speaking to tipsters due to turning in a hunt that doesn’t exist yet]

(beginning the “Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe” hunt by speaking with Takka and asking to join the hunt)
The adamantoise will duck into its shell if you flee from battle. If you wish to rejoin the hunt, you will have to start from the beginning.

[The entire area around Hammerhead begins to shake]

The citizens have all gone into hiding in fear of the adamantoise.

Noctis: Whoa! What is THAT!?
Prompto: Whoa! Oh, no. No way. Dude. That’s a turtle!
Gladiolus: Look at the size of it! It’s freakin’ huge!

(completing the “Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe” hunt by defeating the Adamantoise)
Adamantite x 1

[Prompto tries catching his breath]
Prompto: We actually did it.
Gladiolus: Piece of cake, huh?
Ignis: After an infinite regression, we arrived at an answer: the turtle’s all the way down.

The frightened citizens have come out of hiding.

(speaking with Dave in Longwythe after completing the “Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe” hunt)
Dave: Y’all oughta be proud of yourselves for takin’ down that adamantoise. You boys made hunter history. Congratulations.

[The scene transitions to the Longwythe Crow’s Nest once more, where the NPCs from before have assembled once again]

(speaking with Cid)
Cid: You boys took down the adamantoise!? Reggie wrassled with that ol’ fella back in the day, an’ now you’ve finished the job.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Takka)
Takka: Finally, I can cook in peace, an’ it’s thanks to y’all. Ah, the sounds of simmerin’—music to my ears!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Iris)
Iris: Hey, I heard about Longwythe. Seriously, that’s amazing. You guys are gonna go down in history!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Talcott)
Talcott: You defeated an adamantoise!? Woah! I’m gonna write that down in Grandpa’s notebook!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Holly)
Holly: Hey! So you know, I submitted my official report to the company, and I made sure to say what a great job you did!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(reading a note left behind on a table)
Howdy, boys.

You really did it. You put an end to the tremors—and by taking down a mountain, no less! You’re nothing short of legends, and I’m mighty proud to know y’all. Come visit the birds again soon, y’hear?

Your friend,

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Navyth)
Navyth: Well, I’ll be. Never thought I’d see a movin’ mountain! I betcha there’s a whopper like that out there just waitin’ to be caught!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Vyv)
Vyv: Well, look-ee here: the Heroes of Legend! You guys are the talk of the town—no, the land!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Sania)
Sania: So, you made it out alive! Not bad. Thanks to you boys, my research of Longwythe is going swimmingly.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Coctura)
Coctura: Oh, hello there. Thanks to you, my kitchen’s safe. But tell me, did the adamantoise seem…edible?

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Dino)
Dino: Whoa! ‘Ey, congrats on taking that thing down, huh? I mean seriously, impressive stuff. I tell you it, uh, kinda makes me want to write articles again.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Kimya)
Kimya: Calmed the earth, have you? Into eternal slumber has the adamantoise fallen. Learn its secrets of long life, I must. Ohoho!

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Ezma)
Ezma: So you boys came face-to-face with the adamantoise. Gotta admit I’m a little jealous. You’ll have to tell me all about it sometime.

Oracle Ascension Coin x 1

(speaking with Dave)
[A prompt appears asking “Head out?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

(beginning the “A Legend is Born” quest)
Randolph: At last. A skilled hunter, worthy of my trade. I’m Randolph, the smithy. Bet you’ve heard my name. I make legends of men, forgin’ ’em in my furnace.
Noctis: How do you do that?
Randolph: By making weapons like you’ve never seen. Weapons fit to be wielded by the hands that will shape the world. What say you? Are you man enough?
Noctis: Let’s find out. What do I do?
Randolph: Bring me what I need. My creations require rare ores and wood, the finest around.

(when speaking to Randolph between beginning and completing quests)
Randolph: Only the finest materials are fit for the legend we build. Finding them—it won’t be easy.

(randomly selected alternate line)
Randolph: That material has great power. And the power gives the weapon strength.

(randomly selected alternate line)
Randolph: I’m not like other smithies. Don’t you ever lump me with them!

(randomly selected alternate line)
Randolph: I will forge your legend with these two hands, before I die.

(randomly selected alternate line)
Randolph: Is it a weapon worth dying for? Maybe not.

(after beginning the “A Legend is Born” quest and walking away)
Gladiolus: Old guy’s a character, huh?
Ignis: He has an uncommon zeal for his craft.
Prompto: You think he’s the real deal, though?
Noct: Maybe. Guess we’re gonna find out.

(quest description for “A Legend is Born”)
And so are legends born. This is the first chapter in a latter-day mythology, a tole woven by a smithy who forges wondrous weapons and the heroes who wield them. Noctis, the hero of this legend, must slay the blue bennu and bring back material for a new weapon.

(after slaying the bennu)
Prompto: Whoa! Look at this guy!

Jet-black Beak x 1

Ignis: That’s it. Let’s deliver it to Randolph.
Gladiolus: Cool. Let’s take this stuff back to the old man.

(completing the “A Legend is Born” quest)
Noctis: So, will this do?
Randolph: That’s it. You did good, hunter. Now you just leave the rest to me. You’ve taken the first step on a journey. I can see it in your eyes. The legend you will be. The legend goes with you.

Iron Duke x 1

(beginning the “Dreadful Legend” quest)
Randolph: I feel it now. The legend is a-stirrin’, waxin’ strong. Don’t delay. This is what you need next.

(quest description for “Dreadful Legend”)
To craft the ultimate weapon, a great evil must be slain. No one said creating legends was easy—which is why Noctis must vanquish the malbodoom marauding the Cleigne region and bring back material for a new weapon.

(after killing the malbodoom and malboro brats)
Ignis: This is the material that Randolph seeks.
Noct: So this is the material we need.

Malboro Tentacle x 1

(completing the “Dreadful Legend” quest)
Randolph: We’ll forget you another legend, hunter. The legend goes with you.

Dragoon Lance x 1

(beginning the “Legend Wrapped in an Enigma” quest)
Randolph: Ya ready to take the next step to becoming a legend? Then bring me this, and do not waver, no matter how daunting the task.

(quest description for “Legend Wrapped in an Enigma”)
To craft the ultimate weapon, a great evil must be slain. No one said creating legends was easy—which is why Noctis must vanquish the mysterious tonberry knight daemons and bring back material for a new weapon.

(after killing the sir tonberry daemons)
Prompto: Randolph’s Material of Legends, TM.
Noctis: Nice. Just what the old man wanted.

Chef’s Knife x 1

(completing the “Legend Wrapped in an Enigma” quest)
Randolph: We’ll forge you another legend, hunter. The legend goes with you.

Ziedrich x 1

(beginning the “Cursed Legend” quest)
Randolph: Ya ready to take the next step to becoming a legend? Then bring me this, and do not waver, no matter how daunting the task.

(quest description for “Cursed Legend”)
To craft the ultimate weapon, a great evil must be slain. No one said creating legends was easy—which is why Noctis must vanquish the cursed phalaris and bring back material for a new weapon.

(after killing the phalaris)
Noctis: Nice. Just what the old man wanted.
Gladiolus: Cool. Let’s take this stuff back to the old man.

Resplendent Hollowhorn x 1

(completing the “Cursed Legend” quest)
Randolph: We’ll forge you another legend, hunter. The legend goes with you.

Soul Saber x 1

(beginning the “Wondrous Weapon” quest)
Randolph: Your legendary journey ain’t over yet. Take the challenge. This is what I need.

(quest description for “Wondrous Weapon”)
The smithy and heroes have slain many great evils in order to make the ultimate weapon, but now the bloodied warriors face their greatest challenge. Noctis and his companions must vanquish the dread daemon Naglfar and complete the greatest legend ever told.

(after defeating the Naglfar)
Prompto: Oh, yeah! Soon we’ll be legends of our own!
Noctis: Nice. Just what the old man wanted.

Squirming Bone x 1

(completing the “Wondrous Weapon” quest)
Randolph: We’ll forge you another legend, hunter. The legend goes with you. This is my last chapter. Everything I am, and ever have been, is in this weapon.
Noctis: Alright, but don’t go dying on us or anything.
Randolph: Fear not, lad. I have no intention of seeing the other side before I see this legend come to life. With this, the final chapter of the legend we have created draws to a close.
Noct: Yeah, but seriously, don’t go dying on us.
Randolph: Legends never die. I will remain here until the next legend is ready to be forged.

Zwill Crossblades x 1

(beginning the “Into Unknown Frontiers” quest in Chapter 15, having acquired the Strange Engine, Warped Wings and Unstable Stabilizer parts)
Noctis: Found another weird piece of scrap.
Prompto: Hold up! Pretty sure if we combine this with the other pieces, they form some kind of part.
Ignis: Let’s not speculate. Let’s ask an expert.
Prompto: Yeah—Cindy!

(quest description for “Into Unknown Frontiers”)
Noctis and his friends have assembled an assortment of unusual parts from the imperial bases around Lucis. Unable to discern their purpose, they return to Hammerhead to have Cindy take a closer look.

(speaking with Cindy)
Cindy: Well, ain’t you a sight for sore eyes! What’s that ya got there?
Noctis: Kinda hoping you could tell me.
Cindy: Bet yer britches I can. Y’all musta traveled around the world an’ back again if ya managed to get your hands on one of those. Okay! Give me a little alone time with the ol’ girl. Once I install this baby in ‘er, y’all ain’t gonna recognize her.

[The scene briefly fades to black, then fades back in]
Cindy: Off you go now! I reckon you’ll be seein’ the world from a brand new point-a-view.

The Regalia Type-F is equipped with flight capabilities.
Press ○ after achieving a certain velocity to take off.
Tilt [left stick] up and down to adjust your altitude and course.
When above a road, tilt [left stick] down or hold Ⓧ to begin your descent.
If you fail to land, the game will be over.

(taking flight in the Regalia Type-F for the first time)
Gladiolus: Whoa, this is awesome!
Ignis: Taking the high road.
Noctis: Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

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Special Thanks

LeilaLucinia for providing screenshots confirming the in-game designations for the old man and his adult grandson seen/heard on the train platform at Tenebrae during Chapter 12
JasonTandro for providing a video of the dialogue in Chapter 14 when Noctis selects a photo with no one in it