Final Fantasy XV chapter-by-chapter lore exposition and development, part 4

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Compiled by Glenn Morrow

Episode Gladiolus

After suffering a humbling defeat at the hands of Ravus, Gladiolus embarks on a journey of self-discovery. His destination: the Tempering Grounds, where he seeks to undertake a trial of body and mind that has heretofore afforded but a sole survivor.

[Shortly after Gladiolus reunites with the others in Chapter 8, the Chocobros sit around a campfire; Gladiolus and Ignis are each drinking a cup of coffee; Noct and Prompto are on their cellphones]
Gladiolus: I’m stuffed.

[Gladio raises his cup in Ignis’s direction]
Gladio: My compliments to the chef.
Ignis: My pleasure. Did you enjoy your time with the marshal?

[Gladio nods]
Prompto: So, uh, what’s that thing on your face?

[Gladio points to his new scar]
Gladio: This?
Noctis: Yeah—X marks the spot.
Gladio: Just a scratch. The other guy got off a lot worse.
Noctis: Worse than looking like some kind of thug?
Ignis: Speaking of which, who was this “other guy”?
Gladio: They call him… …”The Blademaster.”

[The screen fades to black as Gladio begins his flashback account of where he was and what he was doing during Chapter 7 of the main game]

[A prompt appears asking “Begin the combat tutorial?”; the player can select either “Yes” or “No”]

[Gladio sits in a field near the Talepar Rest Area with his legs crossed after taking out a voretooth pack; his cell phone begins to ring; he answers]
Cor: Gladio?
Gladiolus: Yeah—who do you think it is?
Cor: Catch you at a bad time?
Gladiolus: Are you here yet?
Cor: Yeah, I’m at the Crow’s Nest.
Gladiolus: Good. Thanks for agreeing to meet with me.
Cor: Sure.
Gladiolus: So… Are you ready to move out?
Cor: What about you? Are you mentally prepared?

[Gladio is silent a moment]
Gladiolus: Of course. I’ll be right over.

[The scene transitions to inside the Crow’s Nest; Cor is sitting at the bar with a cup of coffee]
Cor: ‘Bout time.

[Gladio takes a seat beside him; the restaurant server approaches]
Server: What’ll it be?
Gladiolus: Just a water’s fine. Thanks.

[The server walks away; as Cor and Gladio begin to talk, Cor just looks straight ahead]
Cor: Allow me to ask you once more: are you sure you’re ready to take on the Blademaster?
Gladiolus: I went up against the high commander and got my ass handed to me. I didn’t stand a chance. And I never will unless I get more power.
Cor: Then answer my question: are you ready or not?
Gladiolus: You think I would’ve called you here if I weren’t?

[Cor now turns his head and looks Gladio directly in the eyes]
Cor: So you’re ready to face death?

[Both men are silent for a moment]
Cor: Gilgamesh awaits challengers in the deepest recesses of those ruins. It’s been thirty years since we uncovered the caves. We’ve sent countless expeditions, but all of our efforts have afforded us no rewards… …and no survivors.
Gladiolus: Except for you. You undertook the trial, and you made it back alive.

[Cor says nothing for a long moment; finally, he casts his eyes down as he speaks]
Cor: Barely.

[Cor gets up from his seat]
Cor: Let’s move.

[The scene transitions to Cor and Gladio standing along the path leading into the Tempering Grounds]
Cor: Did you tell your friends why you were taking off?
Gladiolus: Just said it was “business.” Didn’t want ’em getting all worried about me.
Cor: Or knowing your pride took a beating.

[Gladio and Cor proceed into the Tempering Grounds; almost immediately, they’re greeted by the sight of corpses of long-dead warriors littering the gorge; and almost immediately after that, they witness smoke-like azure-colored energy float down into the corpses, followed by the cadavers rising to their feet]
Gladiolus: They’re alive!?
Cor: Not for long!

(as Gladio and Cor battle the dead warriors)
[One of the spirits here in the ruins projects its voice to Gladio]
Soul: Have you come to prove your might?
Gladiolus: Who are you?
Soul: One of many who haunt these grounds, following our leader in death as in life. Naught but our souls remain, clinging to the vestiges of our past.
Gladiolus: Why?
Soul: To test those determined to become the King’s Shield, and prepare them to inherit the power they pursue.
Cor: The Blademaster’s men have sworn their loyalty both before and beyond the grave, scaring off the unworthy.
Gladiolus: Then they’d better prepare for disappointment. I don’t scare easy.

[As Gladio and Cor proceed into the crevasse, they soon come to a cavern entrance requiring they crouch to gain entry; a short distance within, they come to a rapidly running brook running down a slope]
Gladiolus: Only way to go is down…

[Gladio gets into the water and lets it carry him down into the depths of the cavern, landing in an area filled with water slightly higher than ankle-deep; suddenly, an enormous snake called a brunnrsomr emerges from the water and begins to attack]
Gladiolus: He ain’t going down without a fight.

(after Gladio and Cor kill the brunnrsomr)
[The cavern begins to take on an eerie green hue; Gladio looks around to find himself alone, Cor nowhere in sight; suddenly, a tall, hooded humanoid figure materializes from azure smoke; the figure holds a katana in its right hand; its left arm is missing]
Giglamesh: You come to prove yourself worthy of my mantle?
Gladiolus: I do. I am here to undertake the Trial of Gilgamesh.
Gilgamesh: And what is it you hope to glean?

[Gladio raises his hand and clenches it into a fist]
Gladiolus: Power—and you’re gonna give it to me.

[Gilgamesh dispells his katana]
Gilgamesh: Is that so?

[Gilgamesh replaces the katana with a large broadsword, then quickly charges at Gladiolus]
Gladiolus: Ready or not!

(as the battle ends)
[Gladio finds his sword locked with Gilgamesh’s in a recreation of the position he was in when he fought Ravus]
Gilgamesh: Brute force alone does little to impress. Only he who possesses both muscle and mettle of equal caliber deserves the honor of fighting beside the Chosen King as his sworn Shield.

[Gladio briefly flashes back to his confrontation with Ravus]
Gladiolus: You saying I don’t?

[Gilgamesh breaks their sword lock, knocking Gladiolus to the ground]
Gilgamesh: A great evil threatens the people of your world. It is but the King of Kings and his Shield who can safeguard their lives. All those unworthy or unwilling to rise to the task meet their end here, by my blade.
Gladiolus: I ain’t meeting mine any time soon. This “trial” hasn’t even begun.
Gilgamesh: If you do not fear death, then go forth with reckless abandon and prove your worth.

[Gilgamesh turns and vanishes in more azure smoke; the lighting of the cave returns to normal; after a silent moment alone, Gladio speaks aloud to himself]
Gladiolus: You are ready for this.

[Cor suddenly returns at that moment]
Cor: In that case, let the trials begin.
Gladiolus: So, the Blademaster…
Cor: He’s a master of blades. What—were you expecting something profound?

[The two continue on, scaling a small ledge and ascending a stone stairway that begins to lead them up out of the cavern; before long, they come to a campsite]
Gladiolus: Better rest here while I can.

*optional dialogue*

(while resting by the fire at the campsite)
Cor: The Blademaster isn’t here to train you; he’s here to test you. He won’t go easy on you just because you joined the Crownsguard.
Gladiolus: So, no mercy for newbies like me.

[A prompt appears to select either “Tell me more” or “That’s enough”]

Tell me more
Gladiolus: So what—the weak aren’t worthy of serving as Shield?
Cor: In his eyes, the weak aren’t worthy of living. All of them are fools, punished for aspiring beyond their station. I was a fool back then, too—and I was punished.
Gladiolus: But you weren’t killed. Maybe you weren’t worthy of serving as Shield, but he must’ve seen you as worthy of living.
Cor: Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.

That’s enough
Gladiolus: No point in overthinking it.
Cor: But don’t forget it.


(as the two leave camp behind)
Cor: Keep your eyes and ears open.
Gladiolus: Done and done.

(as they continue making their way through the cavern)
[The spirit from before continues projecting its voice to Gladio]
Soul: Your skill is impressive. You may have the strength to defeat the darkness… …but do you have the spirit to survive these trials?

(as Gladio and Cor run into yet another battle)
Gladiolus: Not good—they keep on coming!

(as this battle progresses)
Cor: Just like I taught you. Ready?
Gladiolus: And raring to go!

(as they progress a short way past the previous battle)
[Gladio and Cor come to a wall made of rock formations curved inward on one another; it is also seemingly sealed by a magical talisman consisting of a sword stuck in the ground with several ropes tied to it; the sword’s blade glows with blue energy]
Gladiolus: What’s this?
Cor: A trial chamber. The hand-holding stops here—good luck.

[Gladio grabs the grip of the sword, and the ropes vanish in a flash of light; he pulls the blade from the ground and the entire weapon then vanishes in a burst of light; the rock wall crumbles away, revealing a small cave; Gladiolus enters and is confronted by a host of skeletons and a wraith-like entity called a nergal as the cave wall behind him becomes sealed once again]
Soul: Prepare yourself, Young Warrior, for the trial that awaits. Prove your might, and our power shall be yours.

(after Gladio defeats the nergal)
[He approaches a small shrine made from rocks within the chamber; inside burns a blue flame; Gladio places his hand on the flame and endures the subsequent winds and energy that buffet him from within the shrine; he then pulls his hand out of the shrine; his hand now briefly burns with the blue flame]
Soul: Our power goes with you now, Young Warrior.

[The rocks the shrine is made from turn to light and vanish as the wall behind the shrine splits and slides open to allow Gladio further passage]

Gladiolus has completed the first of the souls’ trials.
He can now perform blocks capable of withstanding the mightiest of blows—even those dealt by the Blademaster himself.

Soul: Stand tall, for the Shield of the King must kneel in subjugation before no man.

[Cor rejoins Gladio at this point]
Gladiolus: Thanks for the advice—and for the pick-me-up.

(as Gladio and Cor proceed through the next passageway)
Cor: Well, you made it out alive. Your first trial may have ended, but many more await you on your road to an audience with the Blademaster. Prepare yourself.

[Gladio and Cor soon emerge from the cavern onto a ledge along the cliffside within the Talepar Crag; there’s a campsite here]

*optional dialogue*

(while resting by the fire at the campsite)
Gladiolus: My father never undertook the Trial of Gilgamesh, did he?
Cor: No. You wanna know why?

[A prompt appears to select either “Yeah” or “Not really”]

Gladiolus: I do. I mean, it can’t be because he was scared, right?
Cor: Not of the Trial. He was scared of failing as leader of the Crownsguard—and as Shield of the King. He couldn’t leave His Majesty alone, weakened by the Wall as he was. After all, what good is a Shield with no one to protect? What about you? Worried about leaving Your Majesty alone?
Gladiolus: A little, but I’m gonna do what’s right for me like my father did what was right for him.

Not really
Gladiolus: He never pried into my business, so I won’t dig into his.
Cor: Like father, like son.


[From the ledge with the campsite, the path ahead is a ramp running up the face of the cliffside; the ramp appears to be made of wood that has long-since rotted, but it holds; it also leads to two other such ramps, which allow the two warriors to gradually ascend along the cliffside]

(as they proceed up the ramps)
Gladiolus: How long has it been since you undertook the Trial? Thirty years or so?
Cor: Give or take. I was a lot younger than you are—and far less experienced. It’s a wonder I even made it out alive.
Gladiolus: This place look familiar to you?
Cor: Vaguely. The younger me had little mind for taking in the sights.

[Before long, Gladio and Cor reach additional wooden pathways, which they follow to an actual stone path along the cliffside; from there, they reach the entrance to another cavern within the cliff wall; after disposing of the creatures that attack them by the entrance, they proceed into the cavern]

(a short distance into the cave)
[Gladio and Cor come across a talisman and wall similar to the one from earlier]
Gladiolus: Another trial chamber.
Cor: And another chance for the warriors to impart their wisdom. It won’t come easy, though—you’ll have to earn it.

[Gladio proceeds to the new trial chamber in the same manner as the first, only this one is actually a stone bridge spanning the divide of the Taelpar Crag; as Gladio walks out onto the stone bridge, he looks up to find himself being targeted by a fiery winged creature called an enkidu]

(as Gladio’s battle with the enkidu begins)
Soul (1): How many moons has it been?
Soul (2): Since our last visitor? Far more than I can count.
Soul (1): Let us see how our latest challenger will fare.

(once Gladio defeats the enkidu, he proceeds across the bridge and climbs through a fissure in the cliff wall to enter a stone chamber housing the next power shrine; akin in design to the first, Gladio proceeds in like manner]

(after acquiring the power within the second shrine)
Soul: Venture forth, Young Warrior, bearing our hopes and dreams.

[This shrine vanishes in the same fashion as the first, and the wall beyond it likewise splits and slides open as before]

Gladiolus has completed the second of the souls’ trials.
He can now perform the Maelstrom Glaive Art when his valor is high.

Soul: Look ahead, for the Shield of the King must safeguard our future.
Gladiolus: Leave it to me.

[He’s now rejoined by Cor]

(as the two proceed on ahead and battle more spirits dwelling here)
Soul: The skills shared by these souls have been passed down for generations. The Shield of the King would do well to put them to good use.

(while clearing another room of enemies)
Gladiolus: Gotta say, this place ain’t like anywhere else in Lucis.

[After defeating all the enemies in this room, an exit back to the cliffside is revealed as part of the wall splits and slides open]

(as Gladio and Cor step out onto a ledge within the gorge)
Soul: Thousands set foot on these grounds, all of them fools unprepared for the dangers lurking within. They all meet with the same fate—as will you.
Gladiolus: I don’t think so.
Soul: Think what you may, but I know otherwise. The Lucis you call home is nothing like the Lucis I once served. Your age has forgotten the horrors of war, coddled by the king and drunk off the complacency of peace. No Shield worthy of defending the True King could be born from such depravity.
Gladiolus: Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Cor: Look at the bright side: everyone loves an underdog.

[Gladio and Cor proceed across another wooden path, then down another series of wooden ramps, eventually coming to a second stone bridge spanning the chasm; several large creatures are on the bridge]

Gladiolus: Aww. A warm welcome, just for me.

(as Gladio and Cor make their way up the stone staircase on the other side of the bridge, then climb to a ledge above)
Soul: Will you stand tall, even when your flesh fails you, or will you fall to your knees?

[After reaching a higher ledge, battling some more large creatures, and then ascending more wooden ramps, Gladio and Cor find another campsite on a ledge]

Gladiolus: Time to take a load off.

*optional dialogue*

(while resting by the fire at the campsite)
Cor: Never thought I’d make my way back to the Tempering Grounds.
Gladiolus: You said it’s been thirty years. Were you as “immortal” then as you are now?
Cor: If you wanna know, I’ll talk.

[A prompt appears to select either “Yeah” or “Not really”]

Gladiolus: The Blademaster—what was he like?
Cor: I don’t remember much…except for those eyes. They pierced my heart and peered right into my soul. It was like he knew my every move even before I did. Try as you may, there’s no fooling those eyes.
Gladiolus: We’ll see about that.

Not really
Gladiolus: Nah, I’m fine not knowing.
Cor: Some stories are better left untold.


[From the campsite, Gladio and Cor enter another cavern passageway within the cliff face]

(as they continue on)
Soul: He who protects the king… …must boast muscle and mettle, both finely tempered. Should he lack either, the Shield will shatter.

[Shortly thereafter, the two warriors come to a wall upon which a demonwall-like entity manifests; this being is called an inannaduru, and is accompanied by soul of fortitude enemies]

(after defeating the inannaduru)
[The creature discorporates and the wall it had been bonded to shatters]
Cor: The penultimate trial awaits. Prove to them you’re prepared to serve as the Shield of the Chosen King.

[Soon thereafter, Gladio and Cor find the next trial chamber, one much like the first]

(as Gladio unseals the trial chamber)
Soul: Be true, for the Shield of the King must deceive none—not even himself.
Gladiolus: Yeah, easier said than done.

[Gladio enters the trial chamber, emerging into a short cavern passageway; after making his way down a couple of stone stairways, he finds himself in a room with another shrine; suddenly, a large creature resembling the red giant daemons begins to manifest; called a humbaba, it also manifests in the same manner as those daemons]
Soul: The Shield is bold, shrinking before none. Waste not the arsenal at your behest.

[When Gladio defeats the humbaba, it discorporates like a red giant daemon as well; Gladiolus then claims the power in the nearby shrine as he has during previous trials]
Soul: Now, naught but the final trial awaits you.

[As has been the case after claiming the power at previous shrines, the wall behind this one likewise splits and slides open]

Gladiolus has completed the third of the souls’ trials.
An aura envelops his blade, allowing him to deal damage to Gilgamesh.

[Gladio is rejoined by Cor]
Cor: Nice work. Maybe you’ve got what it takes after all.
Gladiolus: Maybe, but it ain’t for you or me to decide.
Cor: True—and the Blademaster is a more formidable foe than any you’ve faced thus far.

[Venturing through the new opening, Gladio and Cor find another campsite]

*optional dialogue*

(while resting by the fire at the campsite)
Gladiolus: Well, what about you? I wanna know what was going through your head back then.
Cor: You that interested in me?

[A prompt appears to select either “Yeah” or “Not really”]

Gladiolus: I mean, you were a lot younger than I am.
Cor: And a lot brasher too, if you can believe it. Wouldn’t listen to a single word anyone said. I thought I was invincible. No one could stop me…until he cut me down to size. I was cast out in defeat, my hubris laid bare for all to see. “You really are immortal,” they said—and it stuck.
Gladiolus: That’s rough… Still, you made it back alive—something no one else has ever done—and I respect that.

Not really
Gladiolus: Don’t flatter yourself. Forget I even asked.
Cor: It would be my pleasure.


(as Gladio and Cor continue on down another series of wooden ramps)
Soul: Come here to die, have you?
Gladiolus: You looking to die again?
Soul: You amuse but do not impress. You lack his conviction.
Gladiolus: Whose?
Soul: He who traversed these caves some thirty years ago. Turning a deaf ear to our wails and wishes, he proceeded unfazed, eyes ever forward. Yet he proved powerless before the general, cast out in defeat. If even he could not succeed, I see no hope for you.
Cor: That guy must’ve left quite an impression… …when he landed flat on his face.

[Making their way down to yet one more ledge, Gladio and Cor soon find themselves at a sealed wall in the cliff face; unlike previous trial chambers, this one is not sealed by a talisman, just rock growth; Cor stands before the wall, and raises his katana, still in its sheath; he unsheathes the blade a foot or so; the rock growth barring Gladio’s entry dissipates; Cor sheathes his katana once more and lowers the weapon; he speaks to Gladio without turning to look at him]

Cor: Clarus would’ve tried to stop you, you know—just like he tried to stop me all those years ago.
Gladiolus: How come?
Cor: Because one aspiring to the role of King’s Shield can stake his life for none but his liege—not even for himself.

[Cor looks at Gladio]
“Do you dare risk all for naught in return?” His words stayed with me. And he was right: I barely made it back with nothing to show for it.
Gladiolus: So, you gonna stop me?
Cor: No, I won’t. But I will warn you one last time of the danger you’re about to face—just like your father warned me. Once you set foot through that door, there’s no turning back—and no one to help you if you fall. One false step, and it may prove your last.

[Gladio takes a couple of steps forward]
Gladiolus: I’ll be fine. Maybe I’ll come back with a souvenir.

[He smiles at Cor, then proceeds on ahead]

Cor: Just come back alive. Be safe, Gladio.

(as Gladio makes his way through the final passage)
Gladiolus: There’s a chill in the air… I can feel his presence. He’d better be ready for me.

[He comes to a final stone bridge spanning the Talepar Crag; embedded in the stone bridge on either side along its full length are a great multitude of swords; Gilgamesh stands at the other end of the bridge, his back turned; Gladio approaches and announces himself]
Gladiolus: I’m here.

[Gilgamesh slowly turns his head]
Gilgamesh: Brandishing your brute force?
Gladiolus: Yeah. Let’s see if you can handle it.

[Their battle begins; Gilgamesh wields a broadsword in the hand of his only remaining arm]

(as the battle continues)
Gilgamesh: You only delay the inevitable, O Unworthy One. Look how you tremble!
Gladiolus: I ain’t afraid of you.
Gilgamesh: With every passing second, the fear in your heart grows greater still.
Gladiolus: So what do I do? Just roll over and die?
Gilgamesh: Yes. Why else would you have come here, if not to join the other lost souls?
Gladiolus: Because I’ve got what it takes—and I’m gonna prove it!

[At a certain point in the battle, Gilgamesh parries Gladio’s sword, then simply stands and stares]
Gilgamesh: Blind reliance on strength alone reveals your weakness of will.

[As Gilgamesh utters his next line, Gladio turns to look across the many blades found here]
Gilgamesh: Countless disappointments met their end here, and so shall you!
Gladiolus; No. I didn’t come here to die. I came here to prove to you I’m worthy!

[At a certain point, Gladio seemingly has Gilgamesh defeated and brings his blade down for a bisecting swing intended to finish him off; Gilgamesh forms a fiery left arm from his energy, however, and catches Gladio’s blade]

Gilgamesh: You are strong—yet so long as fear binds your heart… …the power you possess is wasted on you.

[Gilgamesh dispells the broadsword in his right hand and replaces it with a katana that he begins to wield in both hands]
Gladiolus: I’ve still got a few tricks up my sleeve, too. Ain’t no way I’m backing down now!
[Note: The audio here has Gladiolus say “I’ve still got some tricks up my sleeve, too.”]

[After depleting half of Gilgamesh’s remaining energy, Gladio will attempt a horizontal slash across Gilgamesh’s midsection; Gilgamesh blocks the attack, however, and counters with a slash that cuts Gladio across his forehead; this is the origin of the new scar Gladio carries when he returns to Noctis and the others in Chapter 8 of the main game; eventually, Gladio is able to defeat Gilgamesh, delivering a strike that throws Gilgamesh off balance and down onto one knee; his fiery left arm dissipates as he falls]
Gladiolus: I kneel before no man!

[Gladio just stares at Gilgamesh for a moment, then seems to become aware of the pain in his forehead, grunting a couple of times and placing his hand there; he lets out a chuckle]
Gladiolus: Not exactly the “souvenir” I had in mind. It took me a while, but I realized something: you’re right—I am afraid. Afraid of accepting the fact that maybe I’m not really cut out for the job I’m expected to do. But hey, at least I’m not walking away empty-handed. I’d better get going. I may be all muscle and no mettle, but I’m gonna keep protecting Noct the only way I know how.

[Gladio turns and starts walking away; Gilgamesh rises back to his feet and addresses him]
Gilgamesh: Spoken like a true Shield of the King.

[Gladio stops and turns back to face the undead warrior]
Gilgamesh: Fear and doubt beget death alone. He who averts his gaze from his own faults cannot himself a true Shield call, but you—having made peace with your inner self—have proven you are worthy. The Chosen King should be so fortunate as to have a man like yourself serving at his side.
Gladiolus: You mean…?

[Gilgamesh looks at his katana, then holds its grip out to Gladio]
Gilgamesh: And with this glaive, I entrust my power to you.

[Gladio stabs his own sword into the ground, then approaches Gilgamesh to receive his gift, the Genji Blade; as he takes the weapon into his hands, Gladio notices a medallion bearing the Crownsguard symbol hanging from the katana]
Gladiolus: Where did you…?
Gilgamesh: Taken from the young man who impressed me with his strength of will. It was with this very blade he stole from me my arm.
Gladiolus: But…I can’t accept this.
Gilgamesh: If he still walks among the living, a man of his mettle will have doubtless transcended attachment to mere material possessions.
Gladiolus: You’re probably right. In that case, don’t mind if I do.
Gilgamesh: Now, hasten forth—with mind unclouded by doubt and will unmoved by fear. The Last King of Lucis is ill fit to fight without his Shield.

[Gladio nods and smiles]
Gladiolus: Thanks again.

[He turns and leaves, carrying the Genji Blade at his side]

(as Gladio exits from the final trial chamber)
Cor: You made it.
Gladiolus: Sure did.
Cor: And so quickly. I’m impressed.

[Gladio raises the Genji Blade, and shows it to Cor]
Gladiolus: Brought this back with me, too. Figured you might get a kick out of it.
Cor: I wondered where I put that thing.

[Cor stares at it for a moment, then realizes Gladio is presenting it to him]
Cor: Keep it. Makes for a better souvenir than that scar.

[Cor turns and begins to walk away; Gladio follows after; the scene transitions to the two walking back down the path they took into the Tempering Grounds]
Gladiolus: Y’know, he mentioned he lost his arm in battle with a real hot-headed young guy back in the day.
Cor: That so?
Gladiolus: Whoever it was left a lasting impression on him. Talked about how the guy had the strongest will he’d ever seen.
Cor: Takes more than will to complete the trial. You need to wield your weapon with a primal finesse. If you fail to prove your might, you get cast out empty-handed.
Gladiolus: I dunno. He didn’t seem to think the guy would let it bother him. Said the guy’s too old to care about material things anymore—if he’s still alive.

[The scene transitions to the two walking back out into the wider world]
Cor: Gladio.

[Gladio comes to a stop, then turns back to Cor]
Gladiolus: Huh?
Cor: I hope you feel more confident in light of your success today. Few men can lay claim to such an accomplishment—not even Cor the Immortal.
Gladiolus: Yeah, but I didn’t earn myself a badass nickname like he did. Still, I’m glad I went through with it.

[Gladio turns back to the outside world]
Gladiolus: I can finally say I’m truly ready to fulfill my duty.
Cor: Good.

[Gladio stretches his shoulders]
Gladiolus: Well, I guess this Shield better mosey on back to his King. Wouldn’t want him to get scared without me.

[Gladio and Cor continue on; the screen fades to black for a long moment, then transitions back to the time of Chapter 8 in the main game, with Gladio finishing up his story]
Prompto: So that’s how you got it.
Gladio: Whaddaya think?
Prompto: Very perpendicular. Really complements the one you got when you saved Noct from that bully.
Gladio: Yeah. Only difference is, this time, I ended up taking a pretty bad beating, too.
Ignis: Not unlike the licking the marshal received back when he was a lad.
Prompto: Musta had a lotta guts to go up against Gilgamesh back then.
Noctis: Yeah, Dad said he used to be a real firecracker.
Prompto: The more you know…

[Ignis looks down, as though pondering, and makes a “Hm” sound]
Ignis: If the Blademaster sequestered himself during the Founder King’s reign, then he’s haunted those halls for some two millenia.
Prompto: That’s a long time.
Gladio: All those years waiting for the Chosen King to arise. You sure know how to take your sweet old time.
Noctis: What can I say? I’m worth the wait.
Prompto: Gimme a break.
Ignis: And I, as well.
Gladio: Just because you’ve got a Shield to protect you now doesn’t mean you get to slack off.

[Gladio leans back in his chair, then looks at the Genji Blade propped up beside him and smiles]
Gladio: But if you do, I’ll be ready.

[The screen fades to black]


*optional dialogue*

(when beginning the Final Trial battle against Cor after completing the episode)
Cor: Congratulations, Gladio. You accomplished that which I couldn’t. Care to show this failure how it’s done?
Gladio: First the Blademaster and now the Immortal? I can’t catch a break.
Cor: Not on my watch. Ready?

(upon winning)
Cor: At ease. Thus ends your final “trial.” You did Clarus proud today. Now go. Walk tall as the Shield of the Chosen King.


Episode Prompto

A schism splits the royal retinue when Noctis inadvertently pushes Prompto from atop a speeding freight liner. Seemingly betrayed by his best friend, Prompto suppresses feelings of sadness and trudges through the snow in search of answers.

[The episode opens on Prompto slowly making his way across a snowfield during a blizzard, his left arm raised to shield him from the wind and snow; since being separated from his friends, he’s also donned attire more appropriate for this environment, such as a fur-lined jacket and boots, as well as a skull cap; even with these measures at protecting himself from the cold, he grunts with each step, and ice has formed on his hair and face; a caption informs us that this is “Several days later…” following his fall from the train in Chapter 11 of the main game]
Prompto: It’s freezing out here.

[After taking a few more steps, Prompto begins having great difficulty just remaining on his feet]
Prompto: No…

[After barely making it any further, Prompto gasps and collapses to his knees; after managing to get back up, he continues shuffling forward, more slowly than before]
Prompto: What a way to go.

[Prompto makes it no more than a couple of steps further before collapsing face first into the snow with a weak grunt; as the elements continue their relentless assault upon him and his vision begins to fade, Prompto looks up to see imperial soldiers jumping down onto the snowfield from drop ships above; the soldiers stand over Prompto, examining him as his body succumbs and his awareness fades to white]

[A vision plays of Prompto as a child walking across the courtyard outside the Citadel with his eyes cast down; Prompto’s voice can be heard]
Prompto: My whole life, all I ever wanted was friends…

[The vision of Prompto as a child looks up to see Gladio, Ignis and Noct as adults coming down the steps of the Citadel, then walking past him across the courtyard; they seemingly don’t even notice him]
Prompto: …but no one ever wanted me back.

[Prompto watches them go, then hangs his head]
Prompto: So when I finally found people who [I]did[/I] want me, I did everything I could to make them stay.

[Young Prompto starts to run after his friends, but they vanish; he hangs his head once more, and turns to walk back toward the Citadel steps once again]
Prompto: And ever since then, I’ve lived my life in fear:

[Young Prompto sits down on the steps]
Prompto: that, one day, they’d find out who I really was, and they wouldn’t want me anymore.

[Young Prompto looks up as this vision fills with memories of Prompto’s journey with Noct, Gladio and Ignis, culminating in his memory of Noctis attacking him atop the train from which he fell; after a fade to white, Prompto awakens laying face down on the floor in a research lab; he grunts, looks around him, and slowly gets up onto one knee; he also now realizes the bracelet he wore to hide the barcode on the back of his right wrist is missing]
Prompto: It’s gone.

[He stands]
Prompto: What… What is this place?

*optional dialogue*

(a newspaper Prompto can find on a desk while inspecting his surroundings)
A New Hope
Construction finished today on the First Magitek Production Facility. Rising military star and leading authority on magitek Verstael Besithia has been selected to oversee the plant’s operation. Reports say Besithia will relinquish his field duties in order to serve at the compound full-time.

Date of Publication: M.E. 723-XI-26th

(a tape recording Prompto can find at another workstation while inspecting his surroundings)

Research Log: 722-VII-8th

Research log: Year 722, Day 189. I received a proposal regarding a way to improve the infantry’s performance by leaps and bounds: outfit the troopers with magitek cores. Preliminary tests suggest sublimating daemons for fuel will result in an unstable infantry unfit for the field. If the calculations he provided are correct, though, this could solve all our problems. The Deathless Project marks the advent of a new age. No longer will our soldiers fall on the field of battle. The empire shall rise, and soon, all the world shall bask in our glory!


(upon inspecting a control panel beside a closed set of sliding metal doors)
[Prompto lays his right hand on the panel; a feminine automated voice begins speaking]
Announcement: Scanning production code.

[Prompto gasps and looks around him; he takes a step back as the automated voice continues]
Announcement: Unit 05953234 confirmed.

[The metal doors before him slide open; Prompto looks down at his barcode; the voice speaks once more]
Announcement: Warning: this unit has been compromised. Initiating retrieval of compromised unit.
Prompto: What’s going on?

[Suddenly, Ardyn’s voice mockingly chimes in from behind Prompto]
Ardyn: She still remembers you, after all these years.

[Prompto turns to face him]
Prompto: You…

[Prompto tries to conjure his weapon, but nothing appears; he looks down at his hand]
Prompto: What gives?

[As Ardyn walks toward Prompto, he pulls out the confused younger man’s gun and waves it aloft]
Ardyn: We can’t have you spilling blood here.

[Prompto takes a step back]
Ardyn: Although to most this compound is known only as the First Magitek Production Facility, birthplace of the myriad magitek troopers and daemons the empire holds dear, to you this place should have some sentimental value. After all, it is your home sweet home.

[Prompto’s expression becomes intense]
Prompto: Shut up.
Ardyn: I’m not the one who almost killed you.
Prompto: You’re wro—

[Ardyn suddenly lets Prompto’s gun turn upside down over his finger, and shoves its handle against Prompto’s chest; Prompto reaches up to grab it and Ardyn releases it into Prompto’s hand; Ardyn then takes a step back]
Ardyn: You really ought to take a rest.

[Ardyn continues taking steps back]
Ardyn: Perhaps the estimable Chief Besithia will help heal that broken heart of yours.
Prompto: …Who the hell is that?
Ardyn: Oh, how quickly they forget. But fear not: I’ve no doubt a reunion would refresh your memory.

[Ardyn turns and begins walking away; Prompto raises his gun and points it after Ardyn, but he’s already vanished; Prompto lowers and holsters the gun]
Prompto: I’m gonna find ’em—wherever they are.

[Prompto leaves the room]

[After rounding the corner of the hallway outside the room, Prompto spots a magitek trooper at the other end of another hallway; a message appears]
Imperial soldiers are patrolling the area.
Equip the handgun with [up directional button], then shoot at them with R1.
The handgun will never run out of ammo, so fire away!

Land 3 shots with a handgun.

[After Prompto has landed the three shots, then disposed of the soldier, another message appears]
Switch from ranged to melee attacks with [left directional button].

[Upon proceeding through the sliding doors at the end of this hall into a shorter one, Prompto finds windows to his left overlooking a large, open room filled with many dormant magitek troopers]
Prompto: Shit… Was he telling the truth about this place?

*optional dialogue*

(another tape recording, this one on a shelf at the end of this hall)

Research Log: 722-X-21st

Research log: Year 722, Day 294. I acted on the proposal mentioned in my log of Day 189. My attempts to infuse the troopers’ magitek cores with daemonic energy proved successful. Only in the most basic sense, however. While the soldiers are indeed deathless, they are far from fit for fighting. Thus, I’ve decided to take a different approach: rather than relying on daemons to power the magitek infantry, why not use humans instead? Frankly, I had never considered employing my fellow man in any magitek related experiments. But countless men and women succumb to the plasmodia each day. Rather than let them die victims of an ignominious disease, why not help them ascend to nobler heights? I’ve lost many a comrade on the field of battle, and I’ve no intention of allowing any more of their deaths to go in vain.

Prompto: How could he even think of using those innocent people for his twisted experiments?


[Proceeding into an even shorter hallway, Prompto spots another magitek trooper at the end]
Prompto: I can’t let them find me.

[Another strategy message appears]
Approach an enemy undetected to deliver a stealth-kill.

Land a stealth-kill.

[After Prompto has performed this stealth-kill, he takes the downed soldier’s Rapidus SMG, and more messages appear]
Stealth-kill imperial soldiers to steal their weapons.

Press [right directional button] to equip your new submachine gun, the Rapidus SMG.

Ready your submachine gun by holding L1.
Tilt [right analog stick] to aim, then press R1 to fire.

The crosshairs will turn orange when an enemy is in your sights,
and turn green when you target an enemy’s weak point.

*optional dialogue*

(another research tape at the end of this hall)

Research Log: 722-XII-5th

Research log: Year 722, Day 339. Another day, another mental breakdown. All my tests so far have resulted in the former soldiers suffering ego deaths. Today, however, I developed a new hypothesis: I will continue to sublimate daemonified humans to harvest the miasma, but, if a sense of self is the source of these snags, why not inject infants with the plasmodia instead? We’ve little time. If we are to combat the Lucian threat, we must explore new options. I, too, will set aside my personal misgivings and do what I must for the empire.

Prompto: What kind of a maniac experiments on kids?


(upon approaching a staircase leading to the next area)
Prompto: Everything about this place gives me the creeps.

[Two magitek troopers come into sight at the top of the stairs, and another message appears]
Prompto has been spotted!
Use a stolen weapon to clear the area.

[After Prompto lands a few shots on one of the MTs, yet another message appears]
Vulnerable enemies are temporarily incapacitated.
Capitalize on this opportunity and land a powerful strike.

Press △ to deliver a devastating crackshot against a vulnerable enemy,
or approach and press x to deliver an overkill strike and steal their weapon.

[Proceeding further, Prompto is confronted by two more MTs, and a new message appears]
Press to perform a roll-dodge and evade attacks.
Hold to crouch down and take cover behind low objects.

Prompto: I can do this.

[Proceeding a short distance further toward a gun rack holding Rapidus SMGs, another strategy message appears before rounding a corner into the next long hallway]
Land 20 shots with the Rapidus SMG.

[As there are explosive barrels in this hallway, another message appears]
Detonate explosive objects to inflict massive damage on enemies.

[Yet another message appears shortly thereafter]
Steal stray weapons strewn about the facility for extra firepower.

[Entering a large room under patrol by several MTs, along with four dormant magitek trooper axemen in the center of the room, another message appears]
One of the enemies possesses a sniper rifle.
Steal the weapon and use it to turn the tables.

Land 2 shots with the Sagitta Rifle.

[Upon acquiring a Sagitta Rifle, another message appears]
Ready your sniper rifle by holding L1.
Tilt [right analog stick] to aim, then press R1 to fire.

Press [right directional button] to equip your new sniper rifle, the Sagitta Rifle.

[After clearing the active enemies in the room, then walking past a certain spot in the vicinity of a floating metal orb, a new set of messages appear]
If a defense node detects an intruder,
it will activate all dormant magitek troopers in the area.

Put all your skills to good use and clear the area.

[The automated voice from earlier makes another announcement]
Announcement: Target detected. Eliminate immediately.

[A new strategy message appears]
Wipe out the enemies.

[The automated voice continues speaking]
Announcement: Commence elimination of compromised unit.

[The four dormant magitek trooper axemen at the center of the room begin to move, and other additional magitek troopers enter the room as well]

(after eliminating the additional MTs)
Prompto: I’ve just gotta find my way out.

[Making his way out of this large room, Prompto travels a short way down a hall, passes through some sliding doors, then exits the facility onto a snowy cliffside overlooking a mountain range; after a brief walk down the path here, Prompto has to enter the facility once again through another pair of sliding doors; after making his way down a lengthy hall, Prompto finds himself in what appears to be a workplace lounge area]

*optional dialogue*

(a document left on a bench)

Prototype Numbering Instructions
M.E. 746-VI-3rd

In order to better monitor the large number of new magitek models entering production, the Imperial Defense Council motions to reform the coding system as follows:

– Troopers: 5-digit model number + 8-digit production code
– Infants: 4-digit production year + 8-digit production code

Prompto: We… We’ve all got the same barcodes.

(another tape recording on a shelf near the bench)

Research Log: 723-III-11th

Research log: Year 723, Day 70. I pondered how I might find the necessary number of infants, and then it dawned on me: why not make them myself? If I clone them from my own genes, I can eliminate the pesky process of breeding them. Mass production remains a pipe dream for now, but I’m confident I can creative a massive infantry once the process picks up. If everything goes according to plan, the empire will boast a million-man army in no time at all.

Prompto: All this time, those things I’ve been fighting have been…

(yet another tape recording, this one sitting on a box against the wall on the other side of the room)

Research Log: 736-V-3rd

Research log: Year 736, Day 123. It seems my laboratory is not nearly as secure as I once believed. Some thief―likely a Lucian―made off with one of my experiments. Absconding with a single infant will do nothing to enlighten them of the grandeur of my research. That said, I will see to it such an incident never arises again. I’ve posted magitek troopers around the facility and instructed them to keep a vigilant watch. It is their home, after all.

Prompto: The kingdom kidnapped one of those infants? Does that mean, I…? No, it couldn’t be. There’s no way.


[When Prompto attempts to exit this room through the sliding doors opposite those he came in through, he’s immediately greeted by a magitek trooper axeman crackling with leaking energy; the MT swings its weapon at Prompto, who catches it by its haft, sending him over backward with the MT on top of him; Prompto is able to shove the magitek trooper off him, at which point its physical deterioration reaches critical; the magitek trooper breaks down and dies while Prompto gets back to his feet; a moment later, the automated voice from before speaks]
Announcement: Target detected. Eliminate immediately.
Prompto: I can’t take this anymore.

[As Prompto proceeds down the next hall, the automated voice speaks once again]
Announcement: Commence elimination of compromised unit.

[Prompto enters another large open room similar to the one he passed through before his exit onto the snowy cliffside from earlier; as he makes his way through this room, several MTs enter]
Prompto: Let’s do this.

[After eliminating all the MTs in the room, Prompto reaches a circular passageway closed by metallic petals that originate from along the perimeter of the circle and meet at its center; a small control panel similar to the one Prompto activated after waking up earlier sits beside the entrance to the passageway; Prompto looks down at his barcode, grits his teeth and places his wrist over the control panel; the passageway opens]
Prompto: …Lucky me.

[A moment later, Prompto speaks his thoughts again]
Prompto: …What the hell am I?

[After making his way down the newly opened passageway, Prompto enters a room containing several large glass cylinders, each holding a human figure resembling Prompto]
Prompto: How could he do that? Who… What am I?

*optional dialogue*

(a document laying on the floor in the corner of the room)

Termination Report
M.E. 755-VII-25th

ATTN: Research Chief Verstael Besithia

The following specimens have been eradicated:

0755-06000326 0755-06000327 0755-06000328
0755-06000329 0755-06000330 0755-06000331
0755-06000332 0755-06000334 0755-06000334
0755-06000335 0755-06000336 0755-06000337

0755-06000338 0755-06000339 0755-06000340
0755-06000341 0755-06000342 0755-06000343
0755-06000344 0755-06000345 0755-06000346
0755-06000347 0755-06000348

All 23 samples listed have been incinerated to avoid potential daemonification of personnel.


[After making his way up the stairs at the back of this room, Prompto finds himself looking through glass into another room filled with more glass cylinders containing figures that resemble him; there are also some MTs laying on the floor, seemingly dead, while a few others stand dormant along the perimeter of the room]
Prompto: Is somebody in there?

[Verstael Besithia and Ardyn are in that room]
Prompto: Deep breaths…

(upon sneaking up closer to the glass)
Ardyn: My friend, do you recall the child who was stolen from this facility?
Verstael: The one those Lucians absconded with?
Ardyn: Precisely. I thought you might like to see the fine young man he’s become these twenty odd years later. So, as thanks for bringing your pets to Insomnia, I’ve brought the boy to you.

[Ardyn suddenly turns toward the glass where Promtpo is watching from]
Ardyn: The time has come to meet your maker. Any questions for daddy dearest? Father and son! Oh, how I love bringing families together.
Prompto: No… It’s not true. You’re wrong, dammit!

[Prompto makes his way through a doorway at the end of this room into another lounge area]
Prompto: I don’t care what he says. This place will never be my home. My “home” is in Lucis—not here.

*optional dialogue*

(another tape recording, this one on a coffee table)

Research Log: 756-IV-8th

Research log: Year 756, Day 98. Finally, my daemon-infused magitek armor is complete. I have christened my creation “Diamond Weapon.” It has exhibited an extremely unstable psyche, immediately unleashing unmitigated horrors upon activation. Its destructive capabilities, however, are indeed beyond compare. Not even the “impenetrable” Insomnia could withstand its onslaught. Why, the Crown City would fall in a mere matter of minutes. The Stone of legend will soon be mine. To think that, in less than a month’s time, the Crystal will be mine to play with as I please!

Prompto: So he’s the one behind the attack on Insomnia… He planned the whole thing. Everything we lost that day is gone because of him.

(a document on another coffee table)

Diamond Weapon Report
M.E. 756-IV-8th

ATTN: His Imperial Majesty Iedolas Aldercapt

It is with great pride I inform Your Radiance that development has finished on the new daemon armor, Codename: Diamond Weapon. I encourage Your Radiance to visit the First Production Facility at Your Radiance’s earliest convenience. I am most confident the final product will prove to Your Radiance’s liking.

Verstael Besithia
Chief of Magitek Research


[Prompto enters the room where he saw Ardyn and Verstael with his weapon raised; only Verstael is here now, his back turned away from Prompto]
Verstael: What’s the matter? Have you never seen a man turn before?

[Verstael turns to face Prompto; the right side of his face is becoming daemonified, and appears similar to the left side of Ravus’s face near the end of Chapter 13 in the main game]
Verstael: If those Lucians hadn’t intervened, you could have turned, too.
Prompto: Why me?
Verstael: Because you were cloned from this genius’s genes, born of my own flesh and blood. You are but one of millions created to serve our great empire in the magitek infantry.
Prompto: Created…to serve you?
Verstael: Yes—and now you’ve finally come home to Niflheim, my son.

[Prompto fires his gun into the air]
Prompto: Shut up!

[Prompto hangs his head, his gun still pointed aloft for a moment before letting it hang by his side]
Prompto: You’re wrong… I’m a Lucian!

[Tears begin to go down Prompto’s face]
Prompto: I am not one of your experiments!

[Verstael begins slowly walking toward Prompto]
Verstael: Not anymore. Now, you’re nothing but a failure. I ought to return you whence you came. Perhaps then you might serve some useful purpose.

[Verstael has nearly walked up to Prompto by now; he reaches out to grab him]
Prompto: Never!

[Prompto raises his gun and points it at Verstael, who laughs; he begins speaking with a daemonic echo; as he does, Prompto lowers his gun in horror]
Verstael: With your help, my ascension to divinity is now all but complete.

[He holds his right hand out and grabs Prompto’s shoulder]
Verstael: Soon, neither the kings of Lucis nor the gods themselves will be able to challenge my reign!

[Verstael reaches out with his left hand and grabs Prompto’s face; Prompto screams, raises his gun and fires; a cloud of dark smoke emerges from where Prompto’s shot pierces Verstael’s chest; Verstael groans and falls onto his back; Prompto looks down at Verstael in shock for a moment before dropping his gun and falling to his knees; after a moment of silence, Ardyn’s voice can be heard gasping in faux horror]
Ardyn: Look what you’ve done. You’ve gone homicidal—no, patricidal!
Prompto: No…
Ardyn: You lose your friends and murder your family. Now you’ve no one left!

[Ardyn begins laughing]
Prompto: Shut up!

[Prompto begins beating the floor with each time he repeats himself]
Prompto: Shut up, shut up, shut up!

[The automated voice heard throughout the facility up to now begins speaking once again]
Announcement: Vital functions decreasing. Plasmodium index activity increasing.

[Prompto looks up at Verstael’s body to see that it has now completely discorporated into the dark smoke that was rising from it, leaving empty clothing behind]
Announcement: Daemonification complete. Initiating transfer to Unit XDA-1002: Immortalis.

[The dark smoke from Verstael enters machinery at the center of the room; the lighting in the room turns red as the machinery begins to move; the room itself begins to shake; Prompto looks around him in confusion; suddenly, the roof caves in about twenty feet from Prompto, the body of an Iron Giant having fallen through from somewhere above; Aranea Highwind stands atop the daemon’s body, her lance in hand and impaling the daemon]

Aranea: You always play hard to get like this?

[She hops down from the daemon’s corpse and walks toward Prompto]
Prompto: Aranea…
Aranea: Save it, Blondie. On your feet!

[Prompto doesn’t move; after a moment of waiting for him, Aranea puts her hands on her hips, then walks away from Prompto to a countertop with blueprints spread out upon it; she looks them over]

Aranea: So this is that new model they’re working on.

[After another moment, she turns her attention back to Prompto]
Aranea: I dunno what’s got you so shook, but you can deal with it later. Let’s move.

[Prompto just looks at the floor; after a few seconds, Aranea walks over to him, grabs him by the collar of his jacket and pulls him up enough to straighten out his back; she looks him in the eye]
Aranea: I’m only gonna say this once:

[She jerks him to his feet]
Aranea: Lose your will to live, and you lose all hope of me helping your sorry ass. Got it?

[The facility’s automated voice speaks again]
Announcement: Target detected. Capture and retrieve immediately.

[Aranea conjures her lance in preparation for battle; the dormant magitek troopers along the wall of the room awaken; several Ice Bomb daemons also appear]
Announcement: Commence capture and retrieval of compromised unit.

[Aranea rushes ahead to clear the way; following her out of the room and down a hall, Prompto finds himself on a platform overlooking a cargo bay; a snowmobile sits below by an exit out of the facility; a timer counting down from three minutes appears along with a message]
Escape the facility before the gate closes.

*optional dialogue*

(usually said by Aranea right around this point)
Aranea: Move it.


[The platform becomes swarmed by Snaga and Alberich daemons in addition to whatever other assailants from before remain; Aranea works to help Prompto get past them]

*optional dialogue*

(upon taking out several of the daemons, if Prompto hasn’t yet reached the snowmobile)
Aranea: They’re down. Now’s your chance!


[Moving down the staircase at the end of the platform, Prompto still has to get past a cargo bay filled with magitek troopers wielding guns, an MA Veles magitek armor and any remaining daemons; when he reaches the snowmobile, Aranea shoves a map against his chest]
Aranea: Head there—I’ll catch up later.

[Prompto takes the map; Aranea turns and heads back toward their enemies]
Prompto: But what about you?

[She conjures her lance as she’s confronted by an Ice Bomb and a Snaga, with more daemons still manifesting]
Aranea: I said I’ll catch up.
Prompto: But what if y—
Aranea: Just go!

[Prompto gets on the snowmobile; a message appears]
Prompto will take damage when hit while riding the snowmobile.
When HP is low, hop off and use a restorative to recover health.

Hop on or off the snowmobile with x.
Hold R2 to speed up, and hold L2 to slow down or back up.
Tilt [left analog stick] to steer, and press ○ to jump.

Press L1 to adjust your view.
Tilt [right analog stick] to look around.
Hold or R1 to fire while driving.

[Prompto rides the snowmobile out of the facility]

[Initially, Prompto faces fire from magitek troopers wielding guns while he races across the snowscape, but he’s soon under fire by missiles launched from drop ships as well, in addition to taking fire from three MA Hoplomachus magitek armors further along the path; after eventually going over a cliff, Prompto falls from the snowmobile and comes to a stop on his side; he slowly rolls onto his back and lay there looking up for a moment at the falling snow and his rising breath; he shuts his eyes]
Prompto: Catch ya later, Aranea…

[After a quiet moment passes, Prompto pushes himself to his feet and stands silently looking into the sky; he eventually returns to the snowmobile and makes his way to the rendezvous point marked on the map Aranea gave him]

[After nightfall at Decratom Haven, Prompto waits for Aranea by the campfire; he’s eating food from a can]
Prompto: Almost as good as what Iggy used to make.

[He sets the can down]
Prompto: Well, at least it’s quiet for a change.

[After a moment, he pulls the sleeve of his jacket back to reveal the barcode on the back of his wrist; he grunts and grits his teeth, then begins frantically trying to scratch the barcode away; it doesn’t work]
Prompto: Damnit!

[He looks into the fire, reaches down and picks up a burning stick; he looks down at his barcode and begins lowering the stick toward it; he holds the burning wood above his barcode and begins breathing heavily; a prompt appears to select either “Burn wrist” or “Give up”]

Burn wrist
[Prompto places the stick onto his wrist and screams as the skin sizzles; he drops the stick after a moment and grips his burned wrist with his other hand; after a moment, he removes his hand and begins chuckling]
Prompto: …Branded for life.

[He hangs his head; suddenly, Aranea speaks up]
Aranea: Don’t tell me you thought that would work.

[He looks up at her]
Aranea: “Prompto,” right?

[She walks over to him, takes his right hand and uses a potion on his burn; she then sits down by the fire with him]

Give up
[Prompto hesitates and drops the stick; it rolls away]
Prompto: What the hell am I thinking?

[He hangs his head; suddenly, Aranea speaks up]
Aranea: Don’t tell me you thought that would work.

[She walks over and sits down by the fire with him]

Aranea: You could at least look happy to see me.

[Prompto just looks down, saying nothing]
Aranea: I ran into your buddies in Tenebrae.

[He looks up]
Aranea: You’ve got ’em worried sick.

[Prompto looks back down]
You gonna go see ’em or what?

[After a brief moment of silence, Prompto finally speaks]
Prompto: I… I can’t.

[Aranea stares at him as he goes silent for another moment]
Prompto: I can’t. …I’m not like them. I was born here—in Niflheim. All this time and I’ve never told them. And that’s not even the worst part. I wasn’t born into a happy family. I was made—created in some laboratory. The entire reason I exist is to make Noct and all of them miserable. How could I possibly see them? They’d never accept the real me.

[Aranea smiles]
Aranea: You spent all that time driving around together and you still don’t know what kinda guys they really are. In case you forgot, your princely pal and I weren’t always on such friendly terms. But you know what? He put all that aside and asked me to make sure you were safe.
Prompto: …He did?
Aranea: Think he’d do that for someone who “makes him miserable”?

[A prompt appears asking “What should I ask her?”; the player can select either “Ask about the guys,” “Ask about me” or “Nothing”; choosing “Nothing” skips ahead to the next part of the conversation]

Ask about the guys
Prompto: Is everybody okay?
Aranea: All things considered, I guess. Sounds like they’ve been through a lot since you left, but they’re still dead set on getting to the capital.
Prompto: …Hope they make it.
Aranea: They’d have a better shot with you around.

Ask about me

Prompto: Did they say anything else about me?
Aranea: Not that I can recall.
Prompto: …Right.
Aranea: His Highness was so worried about you he could barely speak, but don’t worry—I whipped him into shape.
Prompto: So…he doesn’t hate me after all.

[Aranea stands]
Aranea: Look—I can tell you want to get back together with them. So why not let them know?

[She begins walking away]
Prompto: You think they’d let me back? After all this?

[She stops and turns back toward him; after a brief silence, Prompto speaks again]
Prompto: And even if they did let me back, I’d probably cause them nothing but trouble. I don’t know how I could live with myself…

[Aranea exclaims in frustration and begins walking back toward him]
Aranea: Because you’re doing such a great job of living with yourself now.

[She kicks him onto his back and crouches down over him]
Aranea: What do you want then? You worry so much about what other people want from you that you don’t even know what you want anymore! Your life isn’t yours to live!

[Aranea grabs both sides of his hand in her hands]
Aranea: Forget about what everyone else thinks for a second and figure out what it is you’re really after here.

[She stands and takes a few steps]
Aranea: I’m going after that new model in the morning. You’re on your own now, kid.

[She leaves; Prompto remains on his back for a long moment before finally pushing himself back up into a huddled position]

[In the morning, Prompto hears barking; following it into a forest, he finds a magitek trooper axeman laying on its back in the snow; he sits down in front of it and closes his eyes; he seemingly falls asleep, and when he awakens, night has fallen and the magitek trooper has gone; realizing someone is behind him, Prompto leaps to his feet and turns, finding what seems to be Noctis conjuring his Engine Blade and walking toward him; Prompto begins stepping back and raises his hand to ask Noctis to stop; through Prompto’s eyes, however, the hand he’s holding up appears to be that of a magitek trooper; Prompto begins to run away while Noctis warp-strikes after him and swings his blade at him]
Noctis: This’ll be quick.

[After getting away from “Noctis,” Prompto looks down at his hands and sees that they appear to be his own again; suddenly, he hears more barking and turns to see what appears to be Pryna trotting away; he follows her until they emerge into an open snowfield with several magitek troopers scattered about, seemingly dead; one of them, laying on its back, is still somewhat functional, however; it raises its hand toward Prompto, as though pleading for help; Prompto stares into its eyes; suddenly, his eyes widen and he’s seeing himself laying in the snow reaching out with his hand for help; Prompto shakes off the vision and looks back at the MT, seeing it for what it is once more; he then slowly, shakily raises his gun; briefly, he lowers his weapon and looks away; he then just as quickly finds his resolve, raises the gun once more as he sheds a tear, takes aim and pulls the trigger; the scene cuts to black briefly; when it fades back in, the figure of Prompto as a child is sitting huddled by the now dead magitek trooper; Prompto kneels behind him and places his hand on his child self’s back; the scene fades to a vision of Prompto as a child sitting on the steps of the Citadel looking up at falling sylleblossom petals; as young Prompto traces a petal toward the ground, he discovers Pryna sitting in front of him with a letter in her mouth; he reaches out and takes the letter from the divine canine, unfolds it and reads it; it’s from Lunafreya, and we hear her voice]
Lunafreya: All I ask is that you continue to support Noctis, and that you remain ever at his side.

[Young Prompto pulls a few photographs from among the pages of the letter; we then hear the voice of his child self speak his anxieties]
Prompto: How does she expect someone like me to support him? Am I good enough?

[We can now see that the first photograph in the child’s hands is the photo Cindy took of Prompto, Noctis, Ignis and Gladio at Hammerhead early in their adventure]
Prompto: Does he want me around?

[Young Prompto pulls the top photo aside and the second we see is one of the royal retinue at the Wiz Chocobo Post]
Prompto: Is that really what Noct and everyone else want? For me to be with them?

[Young Prompto pulls this second photo aside, revealing the photo taken at Cape Caem before the royal retinue departed for Altissia; the child then speaks aloud]
Prompto: Wait—but what about me? What do I want?

[Young Prompto stands and becomes his adult self as he does so; adult Prompto also speaks out loud]
Prompto: It took me a while, but I finally found my answer.

[He bends down and picks his camera up off the steps, then looks up at the Citadel]
Prompto: It’s time.

[Prompto runs up the steps and the scene fades to white; when it fades back in, Prompto opens his eyes; he’s sitting on the ground with his camera in his hand; he stands and walks on]

[When the next scene begins, Aranea is walking to her snowmobile; Prompto suddenly speaks]
Prompto: Aranea.

[She turns]
Prompto: I’m ready.

[He walks up to her]
Prompto: I thought about what you said, and I’ve decided to face my fears once and for all. I can’t choose where I came from, but I can choose where I’m going.
Aranea: Alright—but slow me down and you’re going to get left behind.

[She smiles at him]

*optional dialogue*

(document that can be found on a table in a shack)


So thanks to yesterday’s fiasco, my boss made
me throw all the remaining plasmodium samples into
the incinerator. What a waste of resources!
My boss told the chief we used them in a
series of experiments, but the thought of lying
about what happened doesn’t sit well with me
at all. The whole thing is eating me up inside.


So I ended up telling Chief Besithia the truth
about the other day. Here I was, ready for him to
tear me a new one—and he ended up praising my
loyalty instead!
Everyone made it sound like the chief was
some kind of hardass, but he seems to be a really
reasonable guy if you actually take the time to
sit down and talk with him.


Another one of the plasmodium samples started
leaking today. How does this keep happening!?
Clearly someone isn’t doing their job. The worst
part is that some of the researchers seem to have
been infected. I need to get out of here ASAP.


There’s a rumor going around the lab that
those “leaks” from before weren’t accidents at
all. My buddy says he thinks the chief is actually
trying to expose us all to the virus. I don’t
want to believe it, but…


The whole compound is crawling with daemons
these days… I shiver every time I turn the corner.
What the hell am I doing here? When can I go home?


We are all…
Together, we…Insomnia.
As the ultimate…we…
Thank you… Farewell…


[Aranea and Prompto make their way to the Annex research facility]
Prompto: Alright—this is it. I’m going in.

*optional dialogue*

(occasionally said as the magitek troopers become aware that they’re under attack and begin defending the facility en masse)
Prompto: Let’s do this.

(alternate comment for this moment)
Prompto: Ready or not!

(alternate comment for this moment)
Aranea: Rise and shine, Shortcake!


[Prompto and Aranea fight their way through the imperial soldiers guarding the outside of the facility, then operate the main gate’s controls to gain access to the inner courtyard; after taking down several more soldiers and an MA Veles magitek armor, they access the control panel to a large blast door, open it, and then head down a long, downward sloping corridor]
Aranea: According to my intel, they’re housing the new model here.
Prompto: It’s some kind of magitek armor, right? What’s so “new” about it?
Aranea: This one’s got a ghost in the machine: Chief Besithia himself. Managed to fuse his soul with the core.

[At the bottom of the corridor, they find an elevator, which they enter]
Aranea: The daemons this guy created destroyed Insomnia. If we don’t take him out now… …he’s liable to destroy the whole world.

[The lift takes them further underground; they exit from it into a room with red lighting]

*optional dialogue*

M.E. 745-XI-22nd

ATTN: Research Chief Verstael Besithia
It has come to my attention that the Glacian’s recent assault was quelled by your magitek infantry. As commendation for your service to our great nation, I have approved your petition to increase funding for your research.
Your work is the centrifugal force that will propel the empire beyond our borders to greatness on the world stage. I eagerly await further reports of your progress.

Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt


I’ve been assigned to Chief Besithia’s lab!
Not many people can say they’ve worked under the
supervision of a living legend. I mean, this
the guy who saved the empire from eternal winter.
He’s practically our savior!


My boss pulled me aside today to issue me
a “special task.” Said it’s “highly confidential”
and that I’m the only one qualified for the job.
But how? I barely even know my way around the
compound. Well, whatever this “task” is, I’ll
deal with it in the morning.


I found out what my “special task” is
today—and frankly I wish I hadn’t. If only I
could unsee the things I saw today… I really
ought eat something before I go to bed, but
that shit totally killed my appetite.


I had the honor of seeing His Imperial Majesty
in person today. To think His Radiance would travel
all that way through the ice and snow just to observe
our progress… If the emperor is putting all his
faith in magitek, then so should I!


Just my luck. One of the plasmodium samples
started leaking, and yours truly was the one
blessed with the “privilege” of cleaning it up.
And then my boss had the nerve to yell at me—as if
the whole thing were my fault! If he wants to criticize
the real culprit, he oughta look in a mirror!


[As Aranea and Prompto enter the hallway leading out of this room, they hear an eerie sound somewhat like a mechanical howl]
Prompto: What was that sound?
Aranea: Our cue to go.

*optional dialogue*

(a tape recording that can be found in this hall)

Research Log: 745-XI-21st

Research log: Year 745, Day 325. Today marks a momentous triumph for our great nation. The Glacian herself graced us with her presence in the Ghorovas Rift, and, through the combined efforts of the magitek infantry and my precious daemons, we killed her. The resulting casualties were great, but these sacrifices afforded us something far more valuable than a few units. With the data I collected, I intend to begin developing a new magitek weapon codenamed “Godslayer.” Soon, all the Astrals shall bow before me and the might of my magitek. Soon, they shall know my wrath.

Prompto: What the hell is wrong with this guy?

(document found on a shelf in this hall)

Proposal for Operation: Countersign
M.E. 755-IX-18th

As Deputy High Commander, I hereby propose a large-scale assault on the Lucian capital of Insomnia. Preparations are to begin next month.

Our future is far too precious to entrust to our enemy. We must retrieve the Crystal and Ring of legend; only then shall our world know true peace.

Deputy High Commander Ravus Nox Fleuret


[Prompto and Aranea enter a large open room]
Announcement: Target detected. Eliminate immediately. Commence elimination of compromised unit.

[The two Niflheimer heroes wipe out numerous magitek troopers and an MA Hoplomachus magitek armor]

*optional dialogue*

(a compliment Aranea may give Prompto during combat)
Aranea: Hey, you’re not so worthless.

(another compliment Aranea may give Prompto)
Aranea: Not half bad.

(yet another compliment Prompto may receive from Aranea)
Aranea: You’re a natural.


[Prompto and his dragoon companion enter the facility’s final set of halls]

*optional dialogue*

(a tape recording found on a shelf near a couple of Ebony vending machines)

Research Log: 724-X-24th

Research log: Year 724, Day 297. Mass production of the magitek infantry was a success. We’ve overwhelmed the Lucians with our numbers and surrounded Insomnia. But to rest on our laurels now would be unthinkable. On occasion, harvesting the plasmodic miasma produces some “side effects.” The daemons born of this process have been disposed of on sight—until now. How foolish I was to let these sublime creatures go to waste! What they lack in adaptability, they make up for in sheer power. I realize now that I ought to channel my efforts into exploring the true potential of these daemons for the sake of the empire. Perhaps this has been my true calling all along.

Prompto: He’s mad. This guy has completely lost his mind.


[Descending a short set of stairs, Prompto and Aranea enter into a short hallway illuminated by red light; it is the final hallway of their journey; they hear a loud roar]
Prompto: It must be close.

*optional dialogue*

(final document, found on the floor in this hallway)

Report on Unit SAS-0822
M.E. 756-V-21st

After several years of experimentation, we have finally succeeded in fusing mammal and magitek. Although we are still conducting various tests on Codename: Barbarus, the unit should be functional enough to fend off would-be intruders until development finishes on Unit XDA-1002: Immortalis.

(final tape recording, found on a shelf in this hallway)

Research Log: 756-VII-9th

Research log: Year 756, Day 190. At long last, my life’s work is complete. Not only have I found a way to preserve the ego, I’ve also managed to sustain that consciousness through the sublimation process and transfer it into my magitek troopers. The prototype has proven slightly less powerful than the Diamond Weapon, but this presents no real problem. After all, one’s consciousness can be transmuted again and again and again. All that remains is to fully surrender myself to my research and become my own final test subject. I will conclude my mortal life by offering a word of thanks. Chancellor Ardyn Izunia, your assistance has proved invaluable. You have my eternal gratitude. It is through your aid that I have completed my work and begun my ascension to an existence beyond divinity.

Prompto: Of course it was Ardyn… Everywhere we go, his name just keeps coming up. Everything that’s happened to us, it’s all his fault.


[Prompto and Aranea enter one more room; here, they are greeted by a large half-mammal, half-magitek creature, the Unit SAS-0822: Barbarus spoken of in the final document found in the hallway outside this room; the remains of dead magitek troopers litter the room; the fusion of mammal and magitek immediately attacks the intruders]
Prompto: Bring it on!

[Aranea and Prompto manage to kill the creature; once they have, they stand a few feet from its crackling remains; Prompto is gasping to catch his breath while Aranea is composed]
Prompto: Made it out alive.

[The room suddenly begins to shake]
Prompto: What’s going on?

[The facility’s automated voice speaks one more time]
Announcement: Unit XDA-1002: Immortalis. Plasmodic miasma transfer complete. No psychic obstructions detected. All systems operational. Activating Immortalis.

[Prompto has a realization]
Prompto: It’s outside!

[He and Aranea run back to the surface; once there, they see what Verstael’s “life’s work” has amounted to: an enormous magitek-powered worm; in place of a head, it features an enormous cannon with seven rotating components resembling drill bits spinning around the core]
Prompto: It’s gigantic…

[Aranea runs off out of sight to acquire something]
Prompto: So that’s the “new model”… And that means…he must be inside that thing.

[Aranea pulls up beside Prompto on another snowmobile, this one with a large machine gun mounted on the back]
Aranea: Hop on!

[Prompto hops on as Aranea drives them away from the research facility with the Godslayer in hot pursuit]
Aranea: Ready for round two?

[Prompto grabs hold of the gun’s firing mechanism]
Prompto: You bet!

[Verstael speaks from within Immortalis as he pursues his “son” and Aranea]
Verstael: Long have I waited to smite the world that denied me the glory I rightly deserve—and now, all shall tremble before me, man and maker alike!

[A message appears]
Use the machine gun to take down Unit XDA-1002: Immortalis.
If Prompto is overtaken, the game will be over.

Tilt [left analog stick] or [right analog stick] to take aim.
Hold L1 or L2 to zoom in and out.
Press R1 or R2 to fire.

Prompto: If that’s really him…
Aranea: That maniac’s taken “biological warfare” to the next level.
Prompto: …then I want to be the one to take him down.

[The Godslayer rises from hiding under the ground at one point during its pursuit]
Aranea: Down below!
Prompto: It’s enormous!

[Verstael maintains his pursuit]
Verstael: Fall to your knees before me!

[Under Prompto’s unrelenting barrage, a component around the head of Immortalis explodes; soon after, the worm burrows underground]
Aranea: It ain’t over.

[The Godslayer emerges from the snow once more]
Aranea: Three o’clock!

[Energy begins building at the tips of the mighty worm’s drill-like components]
Aranea: Incoming—look out!

[The machine begins firing energy at Prompto and Aranea; Prompto targets these components and begins dismantling them]
Aranea: Sharp shooting, kid. Keep it up!

[After Prompto has disabled all but the last of the Immortalis’s drill-like components]
Prompto: This ends now.

[When Prompto delivers what appears to be the finishing blow to the last drill-like component, there’s a violent explosion and the Godslayer lifts high into the air before crumpling across the snowy landscape in a mangled heap; as it lay in the snow, seemingly burnt out, the core of the worm’s head begins to glow red from within; the drill-like components become illuminated as well; Verstael’s voice drips out of the machine as Immortalis rises and takes up the pursuit once more]
Verstael: How can this be? I will not allow it!

[Prompto continues firing away at the Godslayer as it begins charging enormous energy to fire at he and Aranea; when half of the machine’s remaining life has been depleted, it looms over the snowmobile carrying Verstael’s “failure” with its cannon nearly fully charged]
Prompto: This is it!

[When the killing blow lands, explosions rock the Godslayer, and Verstael roars as his creation comes crashing to the ground in shambles; Aranea speeds herself and Prompto away from the machine’s ruin; some time later, Prompto and Aranea stand in the snow looking out over the remains of the magitek colossus Verstael had fancied capable of challenging the gods]
Aranea: You alright?
Prompto: Yeah. This is what I wanted.
Aranea: Then say it like you mean it. You did good, kid.

[Prompto takes up a whimsical pose, and with an equally whimsical voice points at Aranea while saying his next line]
Prompto: Couldn’t have done it without you, gurl!

[He takes back up a normal stance and sober voice]
Prompto: …Seriously, though. Well, I’d better catch up with Noct and the guys. He’s got a lot on his plate, and I figure he could probably use a hand taking back the Crystal and all that. And who knows? Maybe I’ll take it back before he does!

[Prompto runs over to the snowmobile and leans down on it; Aranea walks over to him]
Aranea: Don’t get ahead of yourself.
Prompto: Honestly, I don’t know for sure if they’re going to accept me for who I really am. But I’ll never know if I don’t speak up, so I’m gonna tell ’em.

[Prompto stands and turns back to Aranea]
Prompto: After all, it’s my life to live.
Aranea: The boy has become a man. Anyway, Gralea’s straight ahead.

[Prompto gets on the snowmobile and prepares to leave; he stops]
Prompto: Aranea!

[She smiles at him]
Aranea: Yeah?

[He smiles back]
Prompto: Thanks!

[Prompto speeds away; Aranea watches him as he goes; unbeknownst to him, from a nearby cliff, the imperial chancellor is also watching; Ardyn mimics Prompto vocalizing the Final Fantasy victory theme and grins; the scene fades to black; against this black screen, the sound of cell doors clanging shut can be heard; the scene eventually transitions to Prompto awakening in his cell in Zegnautus Keep, struggling vainly to pull his hands free of his manacles, and then giving up; the scene fades to black once more, then fades in again to show Prompto hanging unconscious from the contraption in his cell in the background of the frame while implements of torture occupy the foreground; the scene fades to black again, then fades in once more to Prompto awakening as he is rescued from his cell by Noct and the others during Chapter 13 of the main game; he awakens to see them run into his cell and begin frantically pulling at his manacles; the visuals from the scene of them freeing him in the main game are then shown; after another brief fade to black, the scene fades in to show Prompto sitting on a bed in one of the dormitories of Zegnautus Keep; Noctis approaches, hesitates, then sits down on the opposite side of the bed, leaving the two facing away from one another]
Noctis: Hey, I’m…sorry.
Prompto: For what?
Noct: For falling right into his trap…and for hurting you like that.

[Prompto takes up a wry tone]
Prompto: I know, right? How could you possibly do such a horrible thing—after everything we’ve been through!?

[Prompto returns to a normal tone]
Prompto: Nah, it’s okay. You’re not the only one who fell for it.
Noct: Once this is all over, I say we break down the borders—come together as one nation.

[Prompto turns to look at Noct; the young king crosses his arms and tries to seem nonchalant]
Noctis: I mean, what does it matter where you’re from anyway?

[Prompto stands and turns to look at Noctis]
Prompto: Y’know, I never thought I’d say this, but you sounded like a real king for a second.

[Noct appears surprised by the comment and turns to look at his friend; Prompto grins]
Noct: Better late than never. I’m gonna make this world a better place. You with me?

[Noct smiles]
Prompto: Uh-huh. Ever at your side.

[Prompto smiles as well]

Episode Ignis

Assassin’s Festival

In Lestallum, a tale is told: a story about the looming shadow of oppression, and a hero who rose in resistance. Though no historical account exists, the legend nevertheless survives, telling of a nameless hero known as “the Assassin.”

“Nothing is true; everything is permitted.”

– Assassin’s Creed

[The scene opens on a white-cloaked figure standing atop a wooden tower between the main thoroughfare and the outlook in Lestallum; the camera moves in on the figure’s face; it’s Noctis; pigeons fly around him; Noctis looks downward and spots Commander Loqi Tummelt of the Niflheim Empire walking at ground level flanked by two magitek troopers]
Noctis: Gotcha.

[Noctis takes the Leap of Faith from atop the tower into a hay wagon below; Prompto approaches the wagon as Noctis gets out]
Prompto: Well? Did you see him?
Noctis: Yep. This way.
Prompto: Got it!


[If the player tries to have Noct go toward the outlook or up the stairs from the parking lot area to the main thoroughfare, Prompto will call out to him and stop him]
Prompto: Where are you going? C’mon!


[Noct and Prompto head from the parking lot area up to the road by way of the parking ramp; there, they spot Loqi again]
Prompto: There he is.
Noct: Time to take him down.

[Noct and Prompto begin tracking Loqi down the alleyways of Lestallum; he’s still accompanied by magitek troopers, and the alleyways are teeming with more]
Noct: Ugh, these guys are everywhere.
Prompto: Not over here. C’mon!

[The camera pans over to a barricaded alleyway in which there are no magitek troopers; Noct climbs the obstacles in the way and proceeds down this alley; from here, he and Prompto continue tailing Loqi and his detail]
Prompto: I bet they wouldn’t see you up there!

[Noct point-warps to a balcony above the next set of alleys and continues following Loqi from the vantage of the rooftops]
Prompto: Keep going, Noct!

[When Loqi nears the power plant, Noct leaps from atop the nearest building and performs an assassination maneuver on one of the magitek troopers; the scene cuts to black]

Several days earlier…

[The scene fades in on the Chocobros riding through the tunnel outside Lestallum in the Regalia; Ignis is driving]
Ignis: We’ll be arriving shortly, gentlemen.
Prompto: Woohoo! Assassin’s Festival, here we come!
Noct: I’m so hyped. I can’t believe it’s finally here!
Ignis: Need I remind you there’s an imperial bounty on your head? Keep it in check.
Noct: Fine.
Gladiolus: C’mon, let him have some fun. It ain’t easy being a wanted man.
Prompto: Ooh, look at all these posters!
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “Ooh, ooh, ooh, look at all these posters!”]
Noct: It’s happening, isn’t it. It’s really happening!
Gladiolus: What’s got these two so excited all of a sudden?
Ignis: The two of them happen to be rather fond of the Assassin’s Creed series.
Noct: You would be too if you played it.

[The Regalia enters Lestallum; the town has been heavily redecorated for the festival; Noct, Gladio and Prompto all stand up in their seats]
Prompto: Man, is this incredible or what!?
Gladio: It’s definitely different than usual.
Noct: Look at all these people!
Ignis: And all of these cars.

[Ignis finds a parking spot, and the Chocobros get out of the car]


(quest description for the Assassin’s Festival)
For generations, Lestallum has held an annual festival in honor of the famous Assassin who saved the town from oppression. As a huge fan of the subculture this local legend inspired, Noctis drags his friends along to take part in the festivities.

[If the player tries to have Noctis proceed up the parking ramp or toward the outlook, two of his friends will call out to him and stop him; each of their lines is transcribed below]
Ignis: Noct!
Gladio: Hey, Noct!
Prompto: Noct!


[Noctis and the others make their way up the stairs from the parking lot area to the main thoroughfare]
Noct: Dude, check it out!

[Noct looks up at the tower from the intro sequence; a cloaked figure stands near the top, preparing to take the Leap of Faith]
Prompto: Oh em gee! Look at ’em go!
Gladio: What kinda crazy stunt is that?
Ignis: The Leap of Faith—one of the Assassins’ most astounding acrobatic feats.

[The cloaked figure takes the leap as the camera pulls back, revealing a wide shot of Lestallum]
Prompto: You wanna do it, don’t you, Noct?
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “Ah, you wanna do it, don’t you, Noct?”]

[Still sitting on the wide shot of Lestallum, the Assassin’s Festival title card appears]
Noct: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Prompto: Oh, I think you do.

[As the friends proceed forward, Cindy suddenly shouts out to them; she’s standing with Holly]
Cindy: Howdy, y’all!

[The Chocobros approach the two women]
Prompto: H-hey, Cindy!

[Holly speaks to Cindy]
Holly: Say, I didn’t realize you knew my favorite hunters.
Cindy: They also happen to be my favorite customers.
Gladio: And I take it you two are friends?
Cindy: Me an’ Holly? We’re bosom buddies.
Gladio: So, can you tell me what this Assassin’s Festival thing is all about?

[Noct jumps in front of Gladio and begins explaining it to him]
Noctis: Well, it all started a long time ago when this guy who eventually became the Assassin of legend—
Gladio: I was asking her.

[Holly laughs]
Holly: Simmer down, now. I’d be happy to tell you all about it. We’re also lending out costumes to the festivalgoers. Whether you wear them is up to you, but they’re perfect for the occasion!
Prompto: Can we wear them, Noct? Can we can we can we?
Ignis: They would certainly serve as an ideal disguise given the current state of the town.

[A prompt appears asking “What will you do?”; the player can select either “Wear my own robes” or “Rent robes with my friends”]

Wear my own robes
Noct: Actually, it just so happens I have my own costume right here.
Gladio: Go figure.
Prompto: What about us? Friends don’t let friends cosplay alone!

[The scene fades to black; when it fades back in, Noctis is wearing one of the Assassin’s Festival costumes; he tries out his costume’s hidden blade, then strikes a pose]
Noct: Look at me—I’m a legendary Assassin!

Rent robes with my friends
Noct: Well, I guess I don’t have a choice, then.
Prompto: Hah! As if you’d really say “no” to dressing up like an Assassin.

[Gladio rolls his eyes; the scene fades to black; when it fades back in, Noctis is wearing one of the Assassin’s Festival costumes; he tries out his costume’s hidden blade, then strikes a pose]
Noct: Check it out, guys—I’m an Assassin!

[The other three are looking over their outfits, which they’ve also changed into]
Prompto: Wow, these look just like the real thing!
Ignis: Is the real thing this revealing?
Gladio: Is somebody shy?

[Ignis makes a “Pfft” sound]
Ignis: No, it’s…simply a new sensation.

Holly has lent you a set of Medjay Assassin’s Robes.

You cannot change out of your robes during the festival.
Talk to Holly to switch robes.

Holly: You boys sure wear those costumes well!
Noct: I know.
Cindy: Y’all are showin’ me a whole ‘nother side of yourselves!
Ignis: Not by choice; the outfits are revealing by design.
Holly: They’re designed to help you get in the spirit. Now go out there and have fun!
Gladio: Well, I’ll see you guys later. The ladies and I have got some catching up to do.
Prompto: And what are we supposed to do?
Noct: Check out the festival. C’mon!
Prompto: B-b-but… Okay…
Ignis: We’ll reconvene tonight at the Leville.
Noct: Sounds good. Let’s hit it!


(speaking with Gladio)
Gladiolus: You kids run along and play.
[Note: The audio here has Gladio say “Yeah, you kids run along and play.”]

(speaking with Gladio again)
Gladiolus: Can’t you see I’m busy here?

(speaking with Cindy)
Cindy: Y’see all of them takin’ that Leap of Faith? I could never.
Noctis: Psh. I could do that in my sleep.
[Note: The audio here has Noctis say “Heh. I could do that in my sleep.”]

(speaking with Cindy again)
Cindy: Y’alright?

(speaking with Holly)
Holly: You wanna learn more about the festival?

[A prompt appears asking “What will you do?”; the player can select “Ask about the festival,” “Change outfits,” or “Nothing”]

Ask about the festival
In a time past, the people of Lestallum suffered cruel tyranny at the hands of a merciless few for what seemed an eternity. Yet, as if in answer to the people’s prayers, there came a day from which the oppressors began to disappear, one after another, until at last only peace remained.

Knowing nothing of their hero, the people simply called him “the Assassin,” and committed his legacy to legend, which claimed that should terror ever befall the city again, the fabled savior would rise once more.

This celebration honors the nameless and faceless liberator of Lestallum.

Change outfits
Holly: You really pull that look off! They both look great on you.

(speaking with Holly again)
Holly: Need something?

[The same prompt and options as before appear]

(after speaking with the attendant at the prize counter and either purchasing something or preparing to leave)
Prompto: Hey, Noct? I dunno if you saw it, but there’s this photo magazine at the prize counter…
Noctis: Yeah, I saw it. And?
Prompto: And I need it! Can I borrow some medals? Pleeease?

(a note on the shutter at the Coernix station)
Thank you for visiting Coernix Station.
Operations are suspended during the Assassin’s Festival.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

(overhearing a conversation)
Man (1): Did you ever wonder what your ancestors were like? I mean, for all we know, they could’ve been Assassins.
Man (2): If they were, I bet I’m related to the legendary Assassin.

(overhearing another conversation)
Girl: How come everyone’s dressed the same, Dad? It’s scary.
Man: They’re costumes for the festival. They say it’s what the legendary Assassin used to wear.
Girl: But if there’s a real Assassin here, you won’t be able to find him…

(overhearing another conversation)
Woman: I just met this guy with a wicked cool eagle tattoo. Oh, you should have seen it!
Man: You think he was a real Assassin?
Woman: He looked more like a bodyguard. He even had a crazy scar!
Man: Yikes. Sounds like trouble.

(overhearing yet another conversation)
Man (1): Hey. Did you see that stylish blonde walking around town?
Man (2): Did I? He’s cute and has a nice camera!
Man (1): I know—I’m so jealous. I wanted to ask where he got it, but just can’t work up the nerve to talk to him.

(overhearing yet another conversation)
Boy: The guy with the glasses kept staring at the people crossing the pipe! He didn’t even blink!
Woman: Maybe he was just worried.
Boy: No way! He had a fancy notebook and was taking notes on everything. Do you think he’s a spy?
Woman: Then perhaps he’s researching the festival.

(and another still)
Man (1): I heard they’re serving Galadhian food at the cafe. Wanna check it out?
Man (2): Is that even a question? I live for Galadhian food!

(overhearing yet one more conversation)
Man: I’m sweating rivers in this costume.
Woman: Why don’t you just take off the hood?
Man: You don’t get it. The hood is a symbol. It’s what makes the costume great! You’re not an Assassin without it.
Woman: Uh-huh.

(overhearing an NPC)
Man: Did you hear? Someone said they saw the prince and his retinue in town!

(while walking around the outlook)
Noctis: Something about this place feels…different.
Prompto: That’s ’cause it’s where the little kids play.
Noctis: Then you must feel right at home.

(when walking into the area for the SQUARE ENIX Café)
Prompto: They say these are all the rage in Galahd.
Noctis: Let’s see what all the hype is about.
[Note: The audio here has Noct say “Well, let’s see what all the hype is about.”]

(when walking around an area with no festivities)
Noct: It’s pretty dead over here.
Prompto: Then let’s go somewhere a little livelier!

(alternate dialogue for when walking around an area with no festivities)
Noct: Geez, where’d all the people go?
Prompto: To the heart of town where the action is.

(while exploring)
Prompto: How come we don’t hold any festivals like this back home?
Noctis: I can put it on my royal agenda.
[Note: The audio here has Noct say “I’ll put it on my royal agenda”]

(while exploring)
Prompto: How are you supposed to tell people apart when everyone looks the same?

(while exploring)
Noctis: No one’ll even know it’s me.
Prompto: Yeah—as long as you don’t start warping around like crazy.

(while exploring)
Prompto: Dinner tonight—what are we thinking?
Noctis: Meh, something edible, I guess.
Prompto: Really? You “guess”?

(when passing a cuddling couple while exploring)
Prompto: Ugh… Why don’t they get a room?
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “Ew” rather than “Ugh”]
Noctis: What? Is somebody jealous?
Prompto: Me? Psh. I definitely don’t wish I were on a date with Cindy.
Noctis: He doth protest too much, methinks.

(if the player tries to leave town)
Prompto: Noooct, I wanna go back to the festival!

(alternate dialogue for if the player tries to leave town)
Prompto: So, are we all done here?


[Noct and Prompto proceed on ahead up the steps beyond the main thoroughfare]
Prompto: Whoa! What do you think they’re doing?

[Prompto and Noctis look up at two festivalgoers who are walking across pipes stretched between buildings]
Noct: Some kind of contest?
Prompto: All the way up there? Looks a little risky, don’t you think?
Noct: Nah. I’d be there and back in a flash.


(speaking with Ignis)
Ignis: I’d fancy a walk up there.
Noctis: You seriously want to do that?
Ignis: Can’t spell “funambulism” without “fun.”
Noctis: How do you even know that word?

(speaking with Ignis again)
Ignis: To walk or not to walk…

(speaking with Gladio after coming across him talking to Cindy at the SQUARE ENIX Café)
Gladiolus: You kids run along and play.
[Note: The audio here has Gladio say “Yeah, you kids run along and play.”]

(speaking with Gladio again)
Gladiolus: Can’t you see I’m busy here?

(speaking with Gladio once more)
Gladiolus: I’ll be here when you get back.

(speaking with Cindy while she’s talking with Gladio)
Cindy: You’re funnier than Cactuars in a barrel.
Noct: No, he’s not.
Prompto: Yeah, I’m way funnier.

[Gladio growls a little]

(after walking away from Cindy and Gladio)
Prompto: Who does Gladio think he is, talking to our Goddess of the Gears like that!?
Noct: Are you gonna go tell him to stop, then?
Prompto: What? No way am I talking to that heathen! C’mon—let’s go enjoy the hell out of this festival.

(while in the outlook area walking past a photo stand-in depicting the Assassin about to strike down a Templar)
Attendant: How about a photo for the road?

[A prompt appears asking “Take a souvenir shot?”; the player can select “Yes” or “No”]

(upon selecting “Yes”)
[Prompto taps Noct on the shoulder]
Prompto: Might as well snap a shot while we’re here. Whaddaya say?

[A prompt appears asking “Who will you take a picture with?”; the player can select either “Prompto,” “Gladio,” “Ignis” or “Cindy”]

Noct: Ready when you are, Prompto.
Prompto: Wait—who’s gonna be the Assassin?

[The screen fades to black and a prompt appears asking “Who will play the Assassin?”; the player can select either “Prompto” or “Me”]
Noct: Well, since you asked…
Prompto: Whoa. Seriously? Okay, but no take-backs!

[The camera shutter clicks]
Noct: I think I fit the part a little more.
Prompto: You just keep telling yourself that.
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “You just keep on telling yourself that”]

[The camera shutter clicks; afterward, as Noct and Prompto examine the photo, the audio here has Prompto say “This was such a great idea. Come on. Let’s go show the others”]

Noct: Wouldn’t mind having a shot with Gladio.
[Note: The audio here has Noct say “I wouldn’t mind having a shot with Gladio”]
Prompto: Don’t think the big guy would mind, either. I’ll go grab him—bee are bee!

[The screen fades to black and a prompt appears asking if the player wants Noct to play the part of the Assassin or the Templar; after the player makes their selection, Prompto’s voice can then be heard as he prepares to take the picture]
Prompto: Now say “fuzzy pickles”!

[The camera shutter clicks]

Noct: How about we ask Ignis to play the Assassin?
Prompto: You think he’d actually do it? Well, it’s worth a try. I’ll go get him.
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “You think he’ll actually do it?” instead of “You think he’d actually do it?”]

[The screen fades to black and a prompt appears asking if the player wants Noct to play the part of the Assassin or the Templar; after the player makes their selection, Prompto’s voice can then be heard as he prepares to take the picture]
Prompto: Three, two, one… Cheese!

[The camera shutter clicks]

Noct: We oughta get a picture with Cindy. Wouldn’t want to pass up the chance.
[Prompto laughs]
Prompto: I like the way you think! I’ll go call her over. And would you mind taking a picture of me and the lovely lady afterward?
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “And would you mind taking a picture of me and the lovely lady afterwards?”]

(when speaking with Cindy)
[A prompt appears asking “What will you do?”; the player can select either “Ask for a picture” or “Make conversation”]

(upon selecting “Ask for a picture”)
Cindy: Hey, Prince! Somethin’ the matter?
Noct: Got a minute?
Cindy: Sure do.
Noct: Well, you see… Nevermind. It’s nothing.
Cindy: Alrighty then. If you say so.

[The scene transitions back to the area with the photo stand-in]
Prompto: Hey! What about my—I mean, our—picture with Cindy!?
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “Dude!” instead of “Hey!”]
Noct: If you want to take a picture with her so bad, then why don’t you ask her?
Prompto: I can’t just go over and ask Our Goddess for a picture! That would be blasphemy!
[Noct sighs]
Noct: Fine. Then let’s you and me take a picture together. It’s better than nothing.

[A prompt appears asking “Who will you take a picture with?”; the player can select either “Prompto,” “Gladio” or “Ignis”; the results of selecting any of the three under these circumstances are the same as if the player had selected them at the initial option tree]


(while perusing Prompto’s photos for the day after checking in at the Leville)
Prompto: Wow… You look just like a real Assassin!
Noct: Maybe I am.

[In the morning, the Chocobros and Cindy convene in the lobby of the Leville]
Noctis: Morning.
Prompto: Bad news, Noct: the empire’s here.
Noctis: Seriously? What for?
Cindy: They’re fixin’ to find you, Your Highness.
Noctis: Why can’t they wait until after the festival?
Cindy: Wish I knew. Holly said they’re tryna set up a “secret weapon” at the plant, but she ain’t havin’ none of it.
Prompto: She doesn’t stand a chance against the imperial army all by herself!

[Noctis sighs]
Noct: Where are the others?
Prompto: Off looking at cars.
Noct: Leave ’em. You and me—let’s go help Holly.
Cindy: Keep ‘er safe for me, y’hear?

[Noctis and Prompto are now outside the Leville]
Noct: Let’s move.
Prompto: Alright, let’s go! You don’t think they’d hurt her…?
Noct: Can’t say they wouldn’t, but let’s not give ’em a chance to. C’mon.

Initiating a brawl will put Holly’s life in danger.
Find a way to reach her without starting trouble.

Noctis will not immediately arouse suspicion while in costume.
However, enemies will grow wary if he runs or jumps in front of them.

[As Noct and Prompto move away from the Leville, it becomes clear the alleyways are blocked by magitek troopers; Noct must point-warp to the top of a nearby building to get around them without raising alarm, then proceed across the rooftops]
Prompto: It’s like they assassinated our plans of having fun at the festival.
Noctis: And mark my words: I’m gonna make sure they pay for it.

(as the two friends continue making their way toward the power plant)
Noctis: Heard anything from Ignis?
Prompto: Yeah. They’ve got the Regalia surrounded.
Noctis: Give me a break. First we get Holly, then the car.
Prompto: Right. I’ll tell Iggy we’ll meet up with ’em later.

[When Noctis and Prompto draw near the power plant, they can see Holly confronting Commander Loqi and numerous magitek troopers]
Holly: If you think I’d let you leave that hunk of junk in my plant, you’d better think again. You can’t come in here and manhandle our power supply! It takes a woman’s touch.
Loqi: Which is why we require your assistance.
Holly: As if I would agree.

[Loqi chuckles]
Loqi: Your position does not afford you the right to protest.
Holly: Well, if you insist, have your men return my keycards. Can’t monitor the inner workings of the plant from the outside.
Loqi: You will be permitted access as necessary. Follow my orders, and all will be well. We provide you with peace and yet still you rebel. It is high time you learned to show some gratitude—and to know your place as our lowly subjects.

[Loqi addresses his magitek troopers]
Loqi: Take her away!
Noctis: Let’s go after her!
Prompto: No! We’d just be putting her in more danger.
Noctis: Then what are we supposed to do?
Prompto: I never said I had a better idea! But I did hear her say Loqi’s men stole her keycards. Maybe we could start by stealing them back.
Noctis: Okay. Then let’s split up and take ’em down.

[While on his way to retrieve a keycard, Noct is suddenly affected by a strange static that seems to fill the air; graphically, this static resembles the glitching effect seen within the Animus in the “Assassin’s Creed” series]
Noctis: What the hell!?

[When Noct runs into a magitek trooper a moment later, he finds his weapons ineffective against the unit]

The empire has installed a jamming device at the plant, weakening Noctis and limiting his magical abilities.

Noctis: Nothing’s working on these guys! Damn. Time to turn tail!

[Noctis is forced to hide in a dumpster in order to loose the magitek troopers after him]
Noctis: Should be safe here.

[The scene fades to black; when it fades back in, Noct emerges from the dumpster]
Noctis: You okay?
Prompto: Yeah, I think so. I’m worried about the others.
Noctis: Then let’s head back.


(if the player has Noct hide in a dumpster when he isn’t being pursued, then get back out)
Prompto: Don’t stand so close to me.
Noct: I smell fine.

(if the player has Noct hide in a dumpster when he isn’t being pursued, then get back out)
Prompto: The Prince of Garbage!
Noct: Can it.

(if the player has Noct hide in a hay wagon when he isn’t being pursued, then get back out)
Prompto: You having fun in there?
Noctis: Yeah?

(if the player has Noct hide in a building when he isn’t being pursued, then leave)
Prompto: What does it look like inside?
Noct: Like an apartment?
Prompto: Sounds like this isn’t your first time breaking and entering.
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “Oh, sounds like this isn’t your first time breaking and entering.”]


[Upon returning to the vicinity the Leville, Prompto and Noctis become aware that there are magitek troopers stationed outside the hotel, and that the entryway has been gated up]
Prompto: They’ve blocked off the main entrance!
Noct: In that case, we just find a new one.

[Noct point-warps up to the balcony of the hotel room. Ignis and Gladio are waiting inside. After a brief fade to black, all four Chocobros, as well as Cindy, are in the hotel room discussing the situation. Noct and Cindy are sitting on one of the beds while the others stand]
Noctis: …It was like my attacks just stopped working all of a sudden.
Ignis: It sounds like they employed some sort of jamming device, one that prevents you unleashing your power to its full potential.
Noctis: Great.
Ignis: Our only option is to infiltrate the power plant and interrupt the empire’s interference.
Gladiolus: Without the power of kings on our side?
Prompto: But, who needs the power of kings…when you have the power of Assassins?
Noctis: I get to be an Assassin? Well, if I have no other choice.
Ignis: Then it’s settled. Our first order of business should be to gather a bit more intel. Noct, you and Prompto should scout out Loqi’s subordinates from the tower in front of the main thoroughfare.

[Cindy stands]
Cindy: Is there anything I can do?
Noctis: Nothing. I can’t put you in harm’s way.
Cindy: But my friend’s in harm’s way right now! I wanna do whatever I can to help.
Noctis: Sounds like you won’t take “no” for an answer anyway. If anything comes up, we’ll let you know.

[Ignis nods]
Ignis: Indeed.

[Gladiolus nods as well, and the scene fades to black; Noctis and Prompto can now begin making their way to the tower by the main thoroughfare; from the hotel balcony, Noctis is able to point-warp to the roof of a building across the courtyard from the Leville]


(speaking with Cindy in the hotel room)
Cindy: Make sure she’s okay.
Prompto: Don’t worry: I’ll bring her back safe and sound.
Noctis: All by yourself?

(speaking with Cindy again)
Cindy: Poor Holly…

(speaking with Cindy once more)
Cindy: Take care.

(beginning the “Shady Dealings” quest by speaking with the Assassin on the rooftop of the building across the courtyard from the Leville)
Assassin: Finally, a real Assassin.
Noctis: “Finally”? Look around you—I’m hardly the only one.
Assassin: Ah, but I have no business with those masquerading imposters. Even if you deny it, I can see you for what you really are.
Noctis: Okay. So what business do you have with the “real” me?
Assassin: I need you to take out some troopers. As for how you do it, everything is permitted.
Noctis: Seems pretty dangerous, if you ask me. Why should I?
Assassin: Nothing is true, so I have no answer—but there’s a reward.
Noctis: Hmm… Well, I wouldn’t mind having more medallions. If you can manage that, I’ll take on the job.
Assassin: A strange request… But if that is what you desire, then so be it. And with that, the contract is made.

A mysterious man has asked Noctis to put his Assassin skills to the test.

Some magitek troopers will drop broken magitek cores when subdued.
Bring these back to the man to exchange them for medallions.
The number of cores you have is visible at the right of the screen.

Rather than hunting down common troopers…

…try going after powerful troopers instead.

The man has issued a series of Assassin challenges.

Assassinate the troopers using the designated techniques,
then report your success to the man for a reward.

Check the quest list for details regarding these challenges.

(after beginning the “Shady Dealings” quest and walking away)
Noctis: There’s something funny about that guy.
Prompto: You think?
Noctis: I mean, who goes around saying, “nothing is true” and “everything is permitted”?
Prompto: Maybe real Assassins do. I mean, you just said it too!
Noctis: But actions speak louder than words. Guess it’s time to prove if I’m “really” an Assassin then.

(quest description for “Shady Dealings”)
A self-proclaimed Assassin accosts Noctis and asks him to take down some imperial troopers. Suspicious of the request but interested in the reward, he agrees.

(quest description for “The Aerial Assassin”)
Noctis must demonstrate his devotion to the art of the Assassin by performing an air assassination on an imperial trooper.

(quest description for “Noctis in a Haystack”)
Noctis must demonstrate his devotion to the art of the Assassin by subduing an imperial trooper while hiding in a pile of hay.

(quest description for “Assassin at the Door”)
Noctis must demonstrate his devotion to the art of the Assassin by subduing an imperial trooper while hiding in a doorway.

(quest description for “Taking out the Trash”)
Noctis must demonstrate his devotion to the art of the Assassin by subduing an imperial trooper while hiding in a garbage can.

(when bringing broken magitek cores to the Assassin)
Assassin: So, do you have something for me?

[Note: The Assassin may also greet Noctis with “Have you completed the contract yet?”]

You delivered the broken magitek cores as requested.

Assassin: You’re a master of your craft.


[As Noct and Prompto begin to make their way across the rooftops once more, they come across a magitek trooper at its post; Noct sneaks behind the magitek trooper and performs an assassination technique]
Noctis: Requiescat in pace.


(if Noctis should be spotted and discovered)
Broadcast: Attention: this is an emergency. All civilians should evacuate immediately.

(alternate dialogue for being spotted)
Noctis: Make sure everyone gets out safely!
Prompto: On it!

[After Noctis has been spotted, then successfully waited out a search while hidden, the screen fades to black]
Noctis: Better lay low…

[When the screen fades back in, Noctis emerges from the dumpster; Prompto is waiting for him]
Prompto: You okay, Noct?
Noctis: Yeah. Thanks for the help.

(alternate dialogue for successfully waiting out a search)
Noctis: Should be safe here.

[When the screen fades back in, Noctis emerges from the dumpster; Prompto is waiting for him]
Noctis: Glad you’re safe. Where’d they go?
Prompto: They gave up the search.
Noctis: Good.

(alternate dialogue for successfully waiting out a search)
Noctis: Better lay low…

[When the screen fades back in, Noctis emerges from the dumpster; Prompto is waiting for him]
Prompto: Could you not with the disappearing act?
Noct: Can’t help it: I’m an Assassin.
Prompto: How could I forget?

(alternate dialogue for successfully waiting out a search)
Noctis: Should be safe here.

[When the screen fades back in, Noctis emerges from the dumpster; Prompto is waiting for him]
Noctis: I’m beat.
Prompto: I bet!

(beginning the “Lights! Camera! Assassin!” quest)
Vyv: That’s a nice camera you got there. How’s about you put that little baby to the test? I got a couple “targets” around town. Do your Assassin thing and sneak up and snap a shot of ’em if you can.

Multiple sidequest objectives have been added to your docket.

Photo Challenge
Locate the featured subject using clues
from the photo in the quest list, then snap
your own shot to earn bonus medallions.

(speaking with Vyv after beginning the “Lights! Camera! Assassin!” quest)
Vyv: The targets could be anything—animals, people, you name it. Good luck out there.

(after beginning the “Lights! Camera! Assassin! quest and walking away)
Prompto: Some guys never change, and Vyv is definitely one of those guys.
Noct: Yep. Just as sweaty as ever.

(quest description for “Lights! Camera! Assassin!”)
The festival committee has designated ten targets as “Assassins” lurking around town, waiting to have their pictures taken. Inspired by his photog friend Prompto, Noctis decides to seek them out and snap some shots.

(quest description for “Photo Challenge #1”)
Affectionately dubbed “Snowball” (because its fur is pretty and white), this friendly feline loves the sunshine.

(quest description for “Photo Challenge #2”)
Contrary to popular misconception, Kittyclerk (a.k.a. “the crevice-loving-cat”) is not for sale.

(quest description for “Photo Challenge #3”)
Some folks take their fandom very seriously—like this cosplaying Assassin aficionado.

(quest description for “Photo Challenge #4”)
No-Tail sticks to the shade, clinging to the cool walls around town.

(quest description for “Photo Challenge #5”)
The self-dubbed “Old Chap” is a highfalutin fellow who enjoys looking down on all those beneath him.

(quest description for “Photo Challenge #6”)
Chocobro, everyone’s favorite feathered mascot, brings a smile to festivalgoers’ faces.

(quest description for “Photo Challenge #7”)
Retired from the amphibian infantry, General MacCroaker spends his days cooling himself in an enclosed pool.

(quest description for “Photo Challenge #8”)
The world may never know how a slactuar like Cactendant attained his current position, but it certainly wasn’t through hard work.

(quest description for “Photo Challenge #9”)
Mooglina, benevolent protector of us all, has risen to new heights—both in terms of popularity and of altitude.

(quest description for “Photo Challenge #10”)
No thieves or pickpockets have ever shown up in the marketplace because a certain female Assassin is always watching.

(when approaching one of the photo challenge subjects)
Noct: Guess this is it.
Prompto: Then let’s get the shot and get outta here.

(completing the “Lights! Camera! Assassin!” quest)
Noct: I think we finally found the last one.
Prompto: Nice work, Noct. You’re a natural!


[When Noct and Prompto arrive at the tower by the main thoroughfare, they spot a magitek soldier near the hay wagon that sits below the structure]
Prompto: What’s the empire doing here? Who invited them?
Noctis: Beats me. Wanna kick ’em out?

Press ○ while hidden to assassinate an approaching enemy.

Assassinate an enemy from inside a haystack.

[Noctis climbs into the hay wagon]

While hidden, press △ to whistle and draw enemies’ attention.

[Noct whistles; when the magitek trooper walks over to the wagon to investigate, Noctis emerges, stabs the MT, pulls it inside the hay, then hops out of the wagon]
Prompto: They bring those troopers to life just to let ’em die… It’s kinda sad, y’know?
Noctis: What’s so sad about a bunch of robots getting their circuits fried?
Prompto: “Robots”… Right.
Noctis: What?
Prompto: Nothing! Just saying you’re right. Well, break a leg! I mean, not literally.
Noctis: Relax: I’ve got this.

[Noct point-warps to the peak of the tower, then climbs to the very top]
Noct: Wow… So this is how the world looks through an Assassin’s eyes.


(if Noct isn’t facing toward the hay wagon after synchronizing with his surroundings while atop the tower)
Noct: If I’m gonna take that leap, it better not be this way.


(after Noct takes the Leap of Faith from atop the tower)
Noct: I have joined them.
Prompto: Congratulations. So, are we done here?
Noct: “We are Assassins.”
Prompto: Okay, great. Can we go now?
Noct: I’ve got an idea where they’re posted.
Prompto: Awesome. I’ll text Iggy and everyone else the coordinates.
Noct: And for now, we go after Loqi’s men ourselves.


(overhearing a conversation)
Man (1): What’s the empire doing at a festival?
Man (2): I assume it’s “for our own safety,” but it’s sure killing the mood.

(overhearing a conversation)
Woman (1): How much longer will these soldiers be here?
Woman (2): I know what you mean. I wish they’d just leave already. They give me the creeps!

(overhearing a conversation)
Woman: I wonder what the legendary Assassin was really like.
Man: According to tales passed down in Lestallum, he was the strongest of ’em all. He even wrote an entire codex about the ways of the Assassin.
Woman: So did anyone ever find the book? I would love to take a look at it. Just imagine how much more we could learn about Assassins—about the world!

(while exploring the town, seeking out the keycards)
Prompto: We’ve gotta help Holly.


[While making their way around assassinating the magitek troopers holding the keycards, Prompto and Noct come across Gladio]
Gladiolus: Should be able to steal a keycard from that guy. …But not without him noticing.
Noctis: So what now?
Gladiolus: I’ll grab his attention.
Noctis: And what will I do?
[Gladio makes a “Tch” sound]
Gladiolus: What do you think?

[Gladio begins walking toward the magitek trooper; he looks back over his shoulder and speaks to Noct once more]
Gladiolus: Use that brain of yours. Go!

[Gladio suddenly breaks into a sprint and runs right past the magitek trooper]
Gladiolus: Hey, over here!

[The magitek trooper begins to follow after him]
Noctis: H-hey! Just great.

[The MT gives up its pursuit after a moment and just stands looking in the direction Gladio has gone; Noct sneaks up on the imperial puppet in the meantime and skewers it]
Noctis: Rest in peace.

[While making their way around assassinating the magitek troopers holding the keycards, Prompto and Noct come across Ignis]
Ignis: Our target should be posted somewhere in the very back of the marketplace. The soldiers patrolling the area, however, will make procuring the keycard somewhat difficult.
Noctis: But you have a plan, right?
Ignis: Of sorts. I’ll watch from the rooftop and inform you of their movements.
Noctis: Sounds good.
Ignis: Just be careful not to get caught along the way.
Noctis: I know.

[Ignis will then give Noct various instructions based on the situation at a given moment]
Ignis: On your right, Noct!
Ignis: Now!
Ignis: To the left!
Ignis: Up ahead!
Ignis: Look out!
Ignis: Get back!
Ignis: Hide!
Ignis: So far, so good.
Ignis: A bit further.

[Following Ignis’s instructions, Noct skewers the target and claims the keycard]

[Upon approaching a keycard-bearing magitek trooper posted near the power plant, a cutscene is triggered]
Prompto: I’m gonna lead all the people away from here. You’ll slip into the crowd and sneak up on the soldier.

[Prompto begins leading a group of other cloaked figures past the magitek trooper; Noct falls into the throng, and skewers the MT as he walks close to it]

[After Noct acquires the final keycard, the scene transitions back to the hotel room in the Leville; once again, the Chocobros and Cindy are all there; Noctis’s hood is down]
Noct: So we got this on lock?
Gladio: Not without the last keycard—and that one’s with Loqi.
Ignis: Then we need to find him. Back to reconnaissance it is.
Noct: I’m on it. But what do we do once we’ve got the card?
Cindy: I’m gonna shut down that contraption.
Prompto: You? All by yourself?
Cindy: It ain’t my first time at the rodeo. I know my way around the plant and the gizmos inside. My best friend’s in trouble. I can’t just sit around twiddlin’ my thumbs when I could be out there helpin’ her.

[Gladio steps forward]
Gladio: Fine—but you’re not going alone.

[Gladio punches his left fist into the palm of his right hand]
Noct: Alright. Let’s hit it.

[The scene briefly fades to black; when it fades back in, Noctis is pulling his hood back up]
Cindy: Make sure she’s okay.
Prompto: Don’t worry: I’ll bring her back safe and sound.
Noctis: All by yourself?

[Noct returns to the top of the tower by the main thoroughfare, and the opening scene from the “Assassin’s Festival” DLC plays once more, with Noct catching sight of Loqi and his detail of magitek troopers]
Noctis: Gotcha.

[Noctis takes the Leap of Faith from atop the tower into the hay wagon below; Prompto approaches the wagon as Noctis gets out]
Prompto: Well? Did you see him?
Noctis: Yep. This way.
Prompto: Got it!

[Noct and Prompto head from the parking lot area up to the road by way of the parking ramp; here, they spot Loqi again]
Prompto: There he is.
Noct: Time to take him down.

[Loqi speaks to the magitek troopers accompanying him]
Loqi: They’ll show up eventually. After all, I’ve got what they’re looking for.

[Loqi makes his way into the alleyways, with Noct and Prompto tracking him]
Noct: This guy thinks he’s slick.
Prompto: Not too slippery for us to catch.


(if Loqi spots Noctis)
Loqi: I thought you might show up. Get him!


[Loqi speaks to his detail again as they make their way together]
Loqi: I haven’t forgotten the humiliating defeat I endured in Duscae. In the name of House Tummelt and the Niflheim Empire, I will have my revenge.

[In addition to the two magitek troopers accompanying Loqi, the alleyways are teeming with more]
Noct: Ugh, these guys are everywhere.
Prompto: Not over here. C’mon!

[Noct climbs the obstacles barricading a nearby alleyway, and proceeds after Loqi and his detail]
Prompto: I bet they wouldn’t see you up there!

[Noct point-warps to a balcony above the next set of alleys and continues following Loqi from the vantage of the rooftops; Loqi speaks to his guards again]
Loqi: The poor prince should be all but powerless now thanks to our jamming device. It would be a pity if he were to hurt himself, but…accidents do happen. Taking his life now would in turn save countless lives in the future.

[When Loqi nears the power plant, as in the DLC’s opening sequence, Noct leaps from atop the nearest building and performs an assassination maneuver on one of the magitek troopers; Loqi makes his way past a throng of magitek troopers on guard toward the bridge leading into the power plant; the two magitek troopers that have been guarding him up to now stop and stand with the others; when Loqi reaches the bridge in front of the power plant, he comes to a stop himself]
Loqi: I’ll kill him myself. I will be the one to bring true peace to our world.

[Loqi then begins making his way alone down the alleyway running to the left of the bridge; numerous magitek troopers stand between him and Noctis’s position]
Noct: I can’t let him get away!
Prompto: And I can’t let myself hold you back. Go on without me. Good luck.

[Noct point-warps to the top of the building to his left, climbs up, and then sneaks up on Loqi in the alleyway on the other side; as Noctis attempts to grab him, however, Loqi performs a spinning evasion maneuver and faces Noct]
Loqi: Who are you?
Noct: Your friendly neighborhood Assassin.

[Loqi chuckles a little]
Loqi: Don’t make me laugh. Now! Kill him!

[Loqi turns and runs as one of his magitek troopers seemingly emerges from the ground, grabs Noctis, and begins electrocuting him; Noct breaks free after a moment and kills the magitek trooper, but more are already arriving, dropping in from above]
Noct: You can’t escape! But you sure can run. Hey!

[As Noct pursues Loqi through the streets and alleyways, an announcement is broadcast]
Broadcast: Attention: this is an emergency. All civilians should evacuate immediately.

[In addition to the magitek troopers zeroing in on Noctis as he chases after Loqi, an MA Veles magitek armor is dropped in at one point as well; shortly after the magitek armor’s arrival, Noctis realizes he has lost his quarry]
Noct: Damn, I lost him.

[Continuing on, however, he catches sight of Loqi once more]
Noct: Gotcha!

[Pursuing Loqi once more, Noct follows him down one more alleyway; Loqi soon runs into a dead end; here, he turns just in time to be tackled to the ground by Noctis, who remains on top of him as they fall]
Noctis: I’ve got what I need. Now you need to get out of here.
Loqi: Oh, spare me. Are you finished playing at Assassin yet, Your Highness?
Noctis: You’re sharper than I thought.
Loqi: Sharp enough to know you’d come for the keycard.

[Noct realizes someone is behind him and looks to see a multitude of magitek troopers have him cornered; Loqi grabs Noct and throws him off of him]
Loqi: And now my men are coming for you.

[Both men stand]
Loqi: Any last words?

[Loqi raises his hand]
Loqi: Get him!
Noctis: Shit… I’m trapped!

[A feather suddenly floats down by Noctis’s head; he turns and looks up]
Noctis: Feathers?

[He then point-warps up toward the top of a rather high building above him to escape; there are already several magitek troopers here as well, however, and they immediately begin their attack; Noct runs]
Noctis: I can’t let him get inside the power plant! Alright. Headin’ back.

[Noct leaps from this building to a lower position and continues to run]
Noctis: Which way did he go?

[Small missiles suddenly begin flying in from above, hitting the buildings all around Noctis]
Noctis: They’re gonna level the whole city!

[An imperial drop ship flies overhead and releases more magitek troopers in Noct’s path]
Noctis: Can’t you see I’m busy?

[Noctis continues making his break for the power plant as incoming missiles continue to fly and magitek troopers continue pursuing him; on one building, yet another group of magitek troopers already await his approach]
Noctis: Give it a rest!

[As Noctis continues running across the rooftops, he comments on the situation again]
Noctis: Bustin’ out the big guns for little old me.

[As Noctis begins to point-warp from one building to another to escape the volleys of missiles headed for him, he spots a cable car making its way over the city]
Noctis: Just in time!

[Noct point-warps to the cable car; a moment later, he hears a familiar voice shout out to him]
Cindy: Over here!
Noctis: Cindy?

[From his position on the side of the cable car, Noct can see Cindy, Prompto, Ignis and Gladio outside the power plant below; he point-warps down to ground level in front of them, and then faces Cindy]
Noctis: This is it. You ready?
Cindy: You bet. Let’s mosey!
Ignis: And which of us will be providing backup?

[A prompt appears to select either Ignis, Gladiolus or Prompto]

Ignis: As you wish. I’ll take pains to keep her safe.

Gladio: I’m on it. After all, it wouldn’t be right of me to let a pretty lady fend for herself out there.

Prompto: Who, me? Then I, Prompto Argentum, solemnly swear to protect Lady Cindy with my life!

Cindy: Well, keep an eye out for me, will ya?

[As Cindy and her escort head into the power plant, Noctis turns to find himself confronted by Loqi once again piloting a magitek armor, this time an MA Hoplomachus]
Loqi: Requiescat in pace, Your Highness!

[Loqi cackles maniacally and begins firing an enormous flamethrower at Noctis and the others]
Noctis: So much for having a fair fight.

[As the battle continues, Loqi issues a taunt]
Loqi: Not so tough now, are you?

[A moment later, Loqi offers up another taunt]
Loqi: Looks like you’re having a little trouble there.

[Following Loqi’s second taunt, one of three exchanges will follow, depending on who was sent with Cindy)

(if Gladio went with Cindy)
Prompto: We can’t keep this up!
Noctis: Not if Gladio and Cindy don’t get their asses in gear!
Ignis: Patience! We only need to hold out a bit longer!

(if Ignis went with Cindy)
Prompto: I can’t take this much longer!
Gladio: We should’ve asked Iggy for a plan!
Noctis: I’ve got one: don’t die!

(if Prompto went with Cindy)
Gladio: We shouldn’t have sent him with her.
Ignis: Have a little faith.
Noctis: It may take him a while, but he always comes through in the end.

[Feeling assured of his victory, Loqi declares as much]
Loqi: Today, I will have my revenge!

[At the same instant, however, the static in the air intensifies briefly, then disappears]
Noctis: They did it!

[Noctis’s attacks begin damaging Loqi’s magitek armor]
Loqi: The jamming device went offline! But how?
Noctis: Maybe the Assassins decided to mess with you. Now it’s my turn.

[Noctis continues tearing into Loqi’s magitek armor until it is wrecked]
Loqi: If I am fated to die here, then I’ll take you with me! Glory be to the Niflheim Empire!

[Loqi’s magitek armor explodes, seemingly finally killing him; the scene fades to black]

[The scene fades in on fireworks going off in the night sky over Lestallum; the Chocobros, Holly and Cindy are gathered in the parking area]
Cindy: Thanks, boys. You really saved the day!
Noct: Least we could do after getting you involved in all this. You’re the real hero. We couldn’t have done it without you.
Cindy: Shucks, it was nothin’. I’m just glad Holly made it back right as rain.
Gladio: Word on the street is the Assassins are the ones who sent the empire packing.
Ignis: That “word” should save us a world of hassle.
Prompto: I can see the headlines: “The Assassins are out there!” Man, at this point, even I want to believe.
Noct: Why believe anything if nothing is real? And why not chase every desire you have if everything is allowed? As we say in the Brotherhood, “Nothing is true; everything is permitted.”
Prompto: “We”? I think all that cosplay has gone to your head.

[They all look up at the fireworks, which now include a design in the shape of the “Assasin’s Creed” logo]
Noct: Maybe so. But my time as an Assassin taught me to take pride in doing good deeds—even if they go unseen.

[The camera then transitions to a cloaked figure standing atop a cable car platform high above the city; the figure dives over the edge and vanishes as an eagle flies by and releases a screech; fade to black]

[Following the credits, two notifications then appear]
Congratulations—you have saved the Assassin’s Festival!
Enjoy the festivities, and watch out for imperial soldiers.

As a token of her thanks, Holly has given you a set of Medjay Assassin’s Robes.
Speak to her to change into them for the festival, or wear them in the main game.

[The screen fades from black to Noctis and Prompto back in the parking area; a series of notifications now appear]
A new reward is available at the prize counter.

The chocobo racetrack is now open.

The Assassin’s treasure hunt has begun.

Thanks for playing, and enjoy the Assassin’s Festival!


(quest description for “Party Like an Assassin”)
The empire has been run out of Lestallum, and the festival-goers are finally free to have fun without fear of an imperial assault. Don your Assassin’s robes and enjoy the festivities!

(speaking with Holly)
Holly: I can’t thank you enough, Mister Hunter.

[The same prompt and options as before appear]

(speaking with Holly again)
Holly: Hope you enjoy the festival!

[The same prompt and options as before appear]

(speaking with Cindy)
Cindy: Now we ain’t got nothin’ to worry ’bout but havin’ fun!

(when taking the Leap of Faith again)
Noct: Did you get a good shot!?
Prompto: Uh, nope.

[Noct groans in frustration]

(speaking with Ignis)
Noctis: So, you gonna take that walk or what?
Ignis: As it were…I already did.
Noctis: Why didn’t you say something?
Ignis: Didn’t want to distract with my sideshow-of-sorts. My apologies.

(speaking with Ignis once more)
Ignis: It would appear the key is finding your center of balance.

(speaking with Gladio after coming across him talking to a woman outside the Leville)
Gladio: What’re you doing here?
Woman: Who’s Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome?
Gladio: Him? Just a buddy of mine.
Woman: Hunks of a feather really do flock together.
Noct: What did I get myself into?

(speaking with Gladio again)
Gladio: Can’t you see I’m busy here?

(after walking away from Gladio and the woman)
Noct: Gladio is really something else.
Prompto: I could never be like him.
Noct: I’d never want to.

(coming across Gladio talking to another woman in one of the alleyways)
Prompto: Now he’s flirting with another girl!

[Gladio continues speaking to the woman without giving any acknowledgement to Prompto and Noctis]
Gladio: I asked some guy for directions, but I ended up getting turned right back around. Sorry for the trouble.
Woman: No trouble at all! This place is like a maze.
Gladio: Well, I may have lost my way, but I found something even better: you.
Woman: Aren’t you the smooth talker! I bet you use that line on all the girls.
Gladio: Only the pretty ones.

[The woman sighs with an air of delight in her voice]

(speaking with Gladio while he’s talking to this second woman)
Gladiolus: You kids run along and play.
[Note: The audio here has Gladio say “Yeah, you kids run along and play.”]

(after walking away from Gladio and this second woman)
Prompto: I am disgusted.
Noct: You and me both.

(after purchasing the Magitek Wrench at the prize counter)
Prompto: You should offer that as a tribute to Our Goddess.

[A prompt appears asking “Who will you give it to?”; the player can select either “Prompto” or “Cindy”]

Noct: No—you take it.
Prompto: You sure about this, Noct?
Noct: Why shouldn’t I be? She’s your “goddess” after all. Give it to her and ask her for a picture.
Prompto: Well, I mean, if you’re absolutely sure—
Noct: I am. So get on with it, will you?
Prompto: Okay. Thanks so much, Noct. I owe you one! It’s gonna be my greatest picture yet. You’ll see!

[The screen briefly fades to black; as it fades back in, Prompto is walking up to Noctis, having returned from seeing Cindy; Noct chuckles]
Noct: I guess that means things went well.

[The player looks at the picture]
Noct: Kinda glad I wasn’t.

Noct: Right. It’s no use in our hands anyway.
Prompto: I can’t wait to see her smiling face!

(when speaking with Cindy)
[A prompt appears asking “What will you do?”; the player can select either “Give her a present” or “Make conversation”]

(upon selecting “Give her a present”)
Noct: Hey. I found this earlier. I don’t know if you need one, but if you want it, it’s yours.
Cindy: A gift? For me? These are mighty hard to come by, y’know. I was startin’ to think they were the stuff of legends. I’d be glad to take it off your hands, but is there anything I can do to repay you?
Noct: Well, if you insist, I’ll trade it for a photo with you.
Cindy: I’d hardly call that a trade, but you got yourself a deal.

[The screen fades to black and Prompto’s deflated voice can then be heard as he prepares to take the picture]
Prompto: Say “cheese”…

[The camera shutter clicks; after the player examines the picture, the scene fades back in near the photo stand-in]
Prompto: No fair. I wanted to take a picture with Cindy, too. Where can we get more of those wrenches?
[Note: The audio here has Prompto say “Where can we get some more of those wrenches?”]
Noct: Don’t need a wrench to ask her for a picture.
Prompto: If only it were that easy, Noct…


Incidental conversations from Episode Duscae and the main game

• Episode Duscae
(as an imperial drop ship arrives)
Ignis: MTs.
Prompto: Why do you call ’em that?
Noctis: Magitek troops. Empty inside.

(while exploring)
Noctis: Gas stations are the same wherever you go.
Gladiolus: That one looks more like the gas station that time forgot.
Ignis: Would look a tad out of place in the crown city.
Prompto: Gotta love that smell though, right?

[Note: This exchange also appears in “Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition,” with Ignis’s line rendered as “Would look a tad out of place in the Crown City.”]

(while exploring)
Gladiolus: Let’s go grab something that sticks to your ribs.
Ignis: “Nutrition,” gentlemen. His Highness could certainly do with some green in his diet.
Noctis: We’ll see about that.
Prompto: First let’s see if we can score some spicy food.

(while exploring)
Gladiolus: Ooooooh.
[Note: The audio here makes clear that this is a painful grunt]
Noctis: Feeling your age?
Gladiolus: You’ll know how it feels in five years.

(while exploring)
Ignis: I could do with a bath.
Gladiolus: Well, about time we found a place to hole up.
Prompto: Oh yeah, we better. Wouldn’t want Ignis to feel “unkempt.”
Ignis: You take pride in your poor hygiene?

(while exploring)
Prompto: Whole lotta land out there.
Noctis: Bet we could cover it quicker with some chocobos.
Prompto: It would sure beat the hell out of walking.

[Note: This exchange also appears in “Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition”]

(while exploring)
Gladiolus: No doubt about it: “chunky” is the only way to go.
Noctis: No. “Smooth” is so much better.

(while exploring)
Gladiolus: Amazing how free we are out here.
[Note: The audio here first has Prompto say “Yep”]
Prompto: Far cry from life back home.

(while exploring at night)
Gladiolus: Whoa, look up! Check it out.
Noctis: Hm? Aaah.
[Note: The audio here has Prompto first say “Yeah”]
Prompto: Ever see so many stars?
Ignis: Not over the crown city, to be sure.

(while exploring at night)
[Note: The audio here first has Prompto say “Hmm”]
Prompto: Real quiet out here, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the crown city.
Noctis: That’s what makes it hard to stay awake.

[Note: This exchange also appears in “Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition,” with Prompto’s line rendered as “Hm, real quiet out here. Far removed from the hustle and bustle of the Crown City.”]

Prompto: Couldn’t sleep at all last night, but then I had the weirdest dream.
Noctis: Never knew you to be a dreamer.
Prompto: Always wake up before I can remember anything.
Noctis: What I wouldn’t give for that.
Prompto: You are a pretty deep sleeper…like under the ground deep.

[Note: This exchange also appears in “Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition,” with Prompto’s second line rendered as “You are a pretty deep sleeper…like under-the-ground deep.”]

Noctis: I remember thinking afternoons were the worst.
Prompto: That’s life in the crown city, waiting for the night to set you free.

• Main game
(while exploring)
Prompto: You reckon Cindy’s taken?
Gladiolus: Don’t think so.
Noctis: And you’d know.
Gladiolus: Not exactly hard to tell. A guard like hers doesn’t come down easily.
Prompto: Even to a Casanova like you?
Gladiolus: Curious as I am to see, my priority’s keeping His Highness safe.

(while exploring)
Ignis: You look a bit out of sorts, Noct.
Gladiolus: You need to take better care of yourself.
Noctis: Thought that’s what you two were for.

(after a random battle)
Prompto: It just occurred to me, but this is totally like King’s Knight.
Noctis: Huh?
Prompto: There’s four of us, just like in the game!
Noctis: Well, then I gotta be a five-star character.
Gladiolus: Hell no. If anyone here’s a “Rare,” it’s me.

(while exploring)
Prompto: Oh, right—King’s Knight! I bet my Zell tree’s almost full.
Noctis: Damn, I forgot to harvest!
Prompto: Man, wouldn’t it be great if money grew on trees in real life?
Noctis: Sure would be. Maybe there’s one out there.

(entering a random battle)
Ignis: Any plan of attack?
Noctis: Plow right through ’em.
Ignis: I’ll circle around then.

(entering a random battle)
Ignis: Let me give the orders this time.
Noct: Just keep it short.
Prompto: And simple.
Ignis: …Attack.

(entering a random battle)
Gladio: A big weapon like that’ll leave you wide open. Try another.
Noctis: Ever thought about taking your own advice?

(during a random battle)
Ignis: Let nothing stand in your way.
Noctis: You’ve got my back?
Ignis: Always.

(entering a random battle with daemons)
Gladiolus: UGH. Ugliest things I’ve ever seen.
Noctis: I don’t wanna go anywhere near ’em.
Prompto: Ha! I don’t even wanna look at ’em!
Ignis: Hmph. I feel the same about you lot.

(when entering battle with either a tonberry, master tonberry or sir tonberry)
Prompto: He’s got a knife! Maybe it’s for cooking?
Gladio: Don’t bet on it.

(when entering battle with either a tonberry, master tonberry or sir tonberry)
Ignis: A kitchen knife… Wonder if it’s a culinary battle he wants.
Noctis: I somehow doubt that.

(as an imperial drop ship arrives)
Ignis: MTs!
Prompto: Time to cut and run?
Noctis: Time to cut and cut.

(upon Gladiolus being petrified during battle)
Ignis: Gladio’s hard as a rock.
Noctis: The hell are you talking about!?

(upon Prompto being turned into a frog during battle)
Ignis: Seems Prompto’s turned into a frog.
Noctis: Again?

(upon Prompto recovering from Confusion status)
Prompto: Boy, am I glad to have my voice back!
Noctis: I kinda liked the quiet.
Prompto: Heyyy!
Noctis: Lighten up.

(while stopping at a gas station)
Gladio: Hey, I’m gonna hit the shop.
Prompto: Yeah, let’s stock up on everything!
Ignis: We can make room by leaving you behind.

(upon returning to the surface from a dungeon)
Prompto: Smell that fresh air—makes you feel alive!
Noct: Yeah, don’t get used to it.
Gladiolus: Why is everything such a big deal with you?
Ignis: Let him have his fun, while he’s still alive.

(after a random battle)
Prompto: Wonder if I’ll ever get the hang of all this fighting.
Gladio: Sure you will, if you live long enough.
Ignis: I wouldn’t count on that myself.

(after Ignis uses Sagefire on an enemy during a battle)
Noctis: You always come through.
[Ignis makes a “Hm” sound]

(during a random battle)
Prompto: Knock ’em dead, Noct! I’ll be sure to get lots of pics!
Noctis: How about you fight instead?
Prompto: Nah, I think I’m okay!

(after Prompto uses Piercer on an enemy fighting Gladio)
Gladiolus: Knew you weren’t completely useless!

(during a random battle)
Ignis: Is Prompto alright?
Gladiolus: He’s a big boy—he’ll be fine.

(during a random battle)
Gladiolus: You’ve come a long way, Prompto.

(during a random battle)
Ignis: Impressive, Noct. You’ve grown stronger.
Noctis: Must be thanks to my balanced diet.
Ignis: The one that excludes vegetables?
Noctis: Yep, that’s the one.

(during a random battle)
Prompto: Don’t you feel any jitters here on the front lines, Noct?
Noctis: Nah, I leave the worrying to you.

(during a random battle)
Ignis: It’s an eat-or-be-eaten world.
Noct: I say “eat.”
Ignis: Then let’s dig in, shall we?

(during a random battle)
Gladio: Pull it together, Prompto! Wouldn’t want to make a fool of yourself with Cindy watching.
Prompto: C-Cindy!? Where?
Noct: Gimme a break.

(during a battle with Treant-type enemies)
Prompto: Those plants seem to have legs.
Ignis: And they’re legging it towards us.

(entering a battle with a coeurl)
Ignis: The coeurl acquires charge from particles in the air. If you see it seated on its haunches, stay back.
[Note: The audio here has Ignis say “The coeurl acquires charge from the particles in the air”]
Prompto: And what if we don’t?
Ignis: You die.
Prompto: Me-owch! That is one ferocious feline.

(after a battle with chickatrice or regaltrice enemies)
Prompto: Maybe it’s just me, but I feel kinda bad taking those things down.
Ignis: You’re not alone, but out in the wild it’s kill-or-be-killed.
Noct: And personally, I’d prefer the former.

(after a random battle while Iris is a guest party member)
Iris: You guys kick ass.
Prompto: You mean it?
Iris: Yeah! You look cool doing it too.
Prompto: Yeah, we get that a lot.
Gladiolus: Don’t take it to heart.

(after Iris performs Eclipse during a battle where she is a guest party member)
Noctis: Damn, Iris—didn’t know you had it in ya.
Iris: Never underestimate an Amicitia.
Noctis: Lesson learned.

(after Iris performs Eclipse during a battle where she is a guest party member)
Prompto: You two are a couple of beasts!
Gladio: Sure are.
Iris: Speak for yourself.

(Ignis bringing Gladiolus back from the brink during a battle)
Ignis: We’ve no one to protect the king with his shield out of commission.
Gladiolus: And since when is there a king worthy of my protection?
Noctis: You say something?

(Ignis bringing Noctis back from the brink during a battle)
Ignis: Feeling alright?
Noctis: I’ve had worse near-death experiences.

(Noctis bringing Ignis back from the brink during a battle)
Noctis: You can’t die. You’ve got hungry mouths to feed.
Ignis: Yours, namely?
Noctis: Yeah, for one.

(Prompto bringing Ignis back from the brink during a battle)
Prompto: Wouldn’t be the same without you, Ignis.
Ignis: Thank you.

(Prompto bringing Gladiolus back from the brink during a battle)
Prompto: Guuuh! Gladio! No no no! Don’t even think about dying!
Gladiolus: You are worried about me

Conversational Chemistry chart presented at the 2017 Game Developers Conference



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BlindingAwesomeness for providing a video of the dialogue between the boy and woman from the Assassin’s Festival discussing Ignis, as well as for providing Ignis’s additional optional dialogue after the “funambulism” exchange