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Loading screens from the main game

The Kingdom of Lucis

Noctis’s homeland, a sanctified kingdom blessed with the divine Crystal and sacred ring.

The Empire of Niflheim

A war-machine that controls the greater part of the world, driven by the arcane might of magitek.

The Former Territory of Tenebrae

A diminutive state ruled by the line of Oracles, brought under imperial control twelve years ago.

The Accordo Protectorate

An island nation known for the beauty of its water-bound capital, Altissia. Though annexed by the empire in the war 150 years ago, it retains its own government.

Regis Lucis Caelum

Father to Prince Noctis and 113th King of Lucis. Ever since the Crystal anointed the young prince as the Chosen, Regis spent the next fifteen years nurturing Noctis not as the future king, but as his beloved son.

Regis Lucis Caelum

The 113th king of Lucis met an untimely end in an unanticipated attack on the Citadel. Though he put up a fierce resistance against his aggressors, supporting the Wall around Insomnia sapped him of his strength, and his debilitated state contributed to his demise.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Prince Noctis’s betrothed, Lady Lunafreya met her now fiancé as a young girl when he visited her home of Tenebrae. Unable to pronounce her name in full, the boy prince once advertently called her “Luna,” and the abbreviation stuck.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Though Lunafreya and Noctis have not met in the twelve years since the imperial conquest of Tenebrae, they’ve maintained a correspondence all the while by means of a notebook passed back and forth.

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

At the tender age of 16, Lunafreya completed her ascension as the youngest Oracle in history. Her unfaltering faith in the gods and undying devotion to protecting the planet has won her the love and admiration of men and women the world over.

Iris Amicitia

Gladio’s little sister was just a student in high school when the Crown City fell. She has harbored an innocent crush on Noctis since she was a little girl, but in her heart, Iris knows her fantasy can never become reality.

Aranea Highwind

Her own loyalties owing to money alone, the imperial commodore would sooner trust sly mercenaries than mechanical magitek troopers. Highwind’s unsavory ties to Biggs and Wedge date back to their teenage days.

Cor Leonis

Miraculous military exploits earned the legendary Lucian Crownsguard captain the moniker of “the Immortal,” but since the fall of Insomnia, the name serves as a mocking reminder that he outlives the liege he swore to protect. Leonis now guides Noctis and company as an act of penitence.

Pryna and Umbra

The Oracle’s canine companions Pryna and Umbra—female and male respectively—serve as delivery dogs, relaying messages between Lunafreya and Noctis. Although they manifest themselves as a pair of white and black pups, they are in actuality Messengers boasting mystical powers of their own.


A Messenger of the gods, this enigmatic lady in black recognizes Lunafreya’s unparalleled potential and reveals unto the young Oracle her true calling to guide the Chosen King.

The Hexatheon

Also known as “The Six,” the gods take center stage in many myths featured in the Cosmogony.

• Titan, the Archaean
• Ramuh, the Fulgurian
• Leviathan, the Hydraean
• Shiva, the Glacian
• Ifrit, the Infernian
• Bahamut, the Draconian

Ardyn Izunia

The imperial chancellor’s precipitous rise to power began in the war thirty years ago, as the advent of magitek infantry proposed by Izunia lifted Niflheim’s forces to numerous victories and caught the eye of the emperor.

Iedolas Aldercapt

Emperor of the Niflheim Empire. Once beloved as a just ruler, the war changed him, and his newfound lust for power came to instill fear—not fondness—in the hearts of his subjects.

The Crystal

The source of magic and prosperity in Lucis, it is prophesied that, when darkness threatens the world, the Crystal will choose its champion—the King of Light. That King is Noctis, who was marked at the tender age of five.

The Ring of the Lucii

Passed down through the line of Lucian kings, the ring empowers those of the blood and smites the unworthy. Its whereabouts is unknown since the death of King Regis.

The Ring of the Lucii

Harboring the souls of Lucian rulers of old, the ring allows its wearer to channel the power of the Crystal—but drains away one’s life.

The Royal Arms

Weapons once wielded by the Lucian rulers of yore, each possessing supernatural powers capable of suppressing even the deadliest of daemons. The arms now lie in tombs around Eos, resting alongside their former owners.

The Oracle

Divine priestess of the gods, charged with watching over the planet.


Vicious creatures, they appear in the dead of night, seeking their next unsuspecting victims. These ferocious fiends fear only the light of the sun and the holy aura of the havens.


Appellation of organisms infected by a mutant strain of Plasmodium malarae. Once introduced into a body, the photophobic parasites exert full control, rapidly distorting physiology and manipulatng behavior so as to render their hosts’ original forms virtually indiscernible while also dispersing a light-absorbing miasma.

The Starscourge

A plague that has afflicted the denizens of Eos since antiquity. The plasmodia responsible for the contagion mutated from insect-borne malarial parasites that had incubated within human hosts.


Trials of mysterious nature by which the Six judge the Chosen King’s worthiness.




Rites by which the Oracle rouses the slumbering gods and entreats their aid.


Elemancy is a special power linked to Lucian royalty. Noctis can extract elemental energy from deposits around the continent, collect it in magic flasks, and craft spells his allies can also use.

Fodina Caestino

Once rich in resources, this mine fell out of use in recent years, and now serves as little more than a watering hole for wild beasts. According to Cor, however, a royal tomb lies in the quarry’s depths, waiting to be uncovered.

Cartanica Station

A freight stop in the middle of the Succarpe region offers little in the way of leisure for passengers, but it provides the perfect cover for Noct and his retinue to run a necessary errand.


A freight stop in the middle of the Succarpe region offers little in the way of leisure for passengers, but it provides the perfect cover for Noct and his retinue to run a necessary errand.

Ghorovas Rift

A frozen ravine where the fallen Shiva lies, a solitary railroad carved through its unforgiving snowscape. With Biggs and Wedge driving, the train makes its slow and steady way toward the imperial capital.

Zegnautus Keep

The height of imperial might, this flying megafortress houses the Crystal of Lucis in its uppermost level. Yet for all its imposing vastness, it appears utterly devoid of human presence.

Zegnautus Keep

(Chapter 13, Verse 2 version)

At long last, the group infiltrates the imperial capital of Gralea, only to lose their king behind enemy lines. Gladiolus and Ignis storm Zegnautus Keep in pursuit of Noctis.

Loading screens from Episode Gladiolus


Son of a less-than-affluent household, Cor enlisted in the Crownsguard at the tender age of 13. His impressive physical prowess earned him the respect of his superiors as well as a position as one of King Mors’s personal bodyguards, making then 15-year-old Cor the youngest to ever serve on royal security detail.

Long ago, the traitorous Ifrit waged war against the rest of the Hexatheon. Many moons passed as the embittered battle raged on, culminating in a clash between Bahamut and Ifrit in which the latter was laid asunder atop the Rock of Ravatogh. Taelpar Crag, the grand gorge dividing Duscae and Cleigne, exemplifies the severity of the War of the Astrals while also symbolizing the rift that separated the Six.

The Hunters inadvertently discovered the Tempering Grounds some thirty years ago while on a separate expedition. Thought to have been constructed in the kingdom’s incipient stages, these caves have long since fallen into ruin. None inhabit these halls but the souls of warriors who once served the line of Lucis and now eagerly await a new challenger.

Loading screens from Episode Prompto

Raised in a common Lucian household, the often despondent Prompto enjoyed little familiarity with his adoptive parents. A chance encounter with Crown Prince Noctis inspired a change of heart, however: he began to better himself in order to impress and ultimately befriend his royal classmate.

Aranea’s natural aptitude for airborne combat helped her soar to new heights both literally and figuratively. Magitek lance in hand, she rose through the ranks just as easily as she rose through the air in combat, earning her the official title of “commodore” and the unofficial nickname of “dragoon.”

Research Chief Verstael Besithia made a name for himself by almost single-handedly engineering a method to mass produce a magitek infantry. His rice to prominence also exacerbated his descent into madness, however, and his once-held hopes for a peaceful world have warped into a lust for power and a desire to wreak destruction.

Magitek troopers are cybernetic combatants born from the research of Chief Verstael Besithia, who built upon the magiteknology of the lost civilization of Solheim. Besithia discovered that, by injecting humans with the plasmodium parasite and sumblimating these daemonified men and women, he could harness the resultant miasma into central processing units known as magitek cores and create an army of his own.

The Annex is an imperial testing site built as a space for supplementing activities undertaken at the First Magitek Production Facility. On the surface, researchers use the lab to run assessments on prototypes sent over from the main plant. Rumor has it, however, some scientists also conduct secret experiments involving the fusion of living organisms with magitek machinery.

Spherical security systems known as defense nodes are deployed in some of the empire’s major facilities. While most are programmed to protect the premises by attacking intruders, some similar units are designed to enhance the functionality of other devices.

Loading screens from Episode Ignis

Gladiolus is the son of a noble family in service of the king; Prompto is a childhood companion of humble origins. While their backgrounds differ greatly, the tie that binds them is the friendship they share with the crown prince. Ignis has come to depend heavily on the two of them over the course of their journey together.

Noctis Lucis Caelum is 114th in the line of Lucis, and heir apparent to the royal throne. Chosen by the Crystal at the tender age of 5 to one day serve as the vessel for its power and the savior who would purge the scourge of the stars.

Loading screens from Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades

Half a year has passed since Noctis and his royal retinue set sail for the western continent. News of Niflheim’s demise floods the airwaves, but no word has been heard from the crown prince. With no Light to guide them, refugees from the Crown City and other parts of Lucis now gather in Lestallum, hoping to move forward as one.

All of Eos has been plunged into darkness and overrun with daemons. In a world where hope is waning, a ragtag band of hunters and remnants of the royal Kingsglaive band together to fight for the light. These brave men and women risk their lives on a variety of missions, scouring the land for meteorshards they can use to generate electricity and restore power to the continent.

Safe spots blessed by the Oracle and used by hunters as spots to rest their bones during a long journey. Although the efficacy of their daemon-dispelling charms is waning, sending electricity to light the surrounding areas might help restore the havens’ protective power.

Though Titan managed to intercept the Meteor that crash-landed in Eos, the impact sent interstellar shards flying across the continent. These fragments are now used to generate energy at the EXINERIS Power Plant in Lestallum. Although the engineers are hard at work trying to develop an alternative source of fuel, their efforts have not yet borne fruit.

Foodstuffs collected in the field are returned to Lestallum and distributed to the citizens, but hunters often save a few choice ingredients to savor around the campfire.
Although senior Crownsguard officer Monica usually handles the preparation of post-mission meals, celebrated warriors will occasionally show up to put their culinary skills to the test.

CLEIGNE: Lestallum

An enormous industrial city sitting comfortably in northern Cleigne. The power plant situated at the center of the town harnesses the power of the Meteor to produce electricity for all of Lucis. Once abustle with business, this outpost is now known as the “City of Light,” a beacon of hope for refugees and all others fighting back against the darkness.

CLEIGNE: Old Lestallum

Outpost overlooking the River Wennath along the Coernix Bypass. The first pioneers to arrive in Cleigne established this town as their new home. Although this settlement’s prosperity faded as present-day Lestallum rose to prominence, it now serves as an important outpost for Glaives and Hunters alike.

CLEIGNE: Meldacio Hunter HQ

Base of operations for the organization tasked with protecting the Lucian continent. Though the Hunters have shifted their headquarters to the city of Lestallum, this outpost still functions as an important strategic station in the north.

DUSCAE: Cauthess Depot

Roadside rest area situated just south of the Disc of Cauthess. The flow of traffic may have diminished to a trickle with the coming of the long night, but folks still stop by now that the old warehouse has been repurposed as a supply shelter for Glaives and hunters out on missions.

CLEIGNE: Cape Caem

Hidden beneath the lighthouse is a harbor that once housed the royal vessel of the line of Lucis. After leaving Lestallum, Iris and her companions made the cape their “home away from home.” Yet their former refuge is nigh unrecognizable in its current state, overrun by wild beasts driven mad by the Starscourge.

DUSCAE: Norduscaen Garrison

Remnants of the imperial blockade built between the Leide and Duscae regions. The sturdy walls have withstood the elements over the years, and they serve the Hunters well at present, protecting their supplies and their personnel from harm.

CAVAUGH: Insomnia

Crown City of the Kingdom of Lucis. Prior to the coming of the long night, provisional government put in place by the empire managed to maintain some semblance of order in the city. Before the daemons, however, the imperial forces were no match, and a veil of darkness now enshrouds the once resplendent capital.

While the world awaits the awakening of the one True King, the remaining Glaives use their arsenal of royal sigils to stymie the Starscourge that threatens our star. Their lives on loan from the Bladekeeper, they vow to continue fighting until the bitter end.

Loading screens from Assassin’s Festival

In Lestallum, a tale is told: a story of the looming shadow of oppression, and a hero who rose in resistance. Though no historical account exists, the legend nevertheless survives, telling of a nameless hero known as “the Assassin.”

The town is in a festive fervor as the prince and retinue roll in, looking for local lore to add to the legend of the future king.

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