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    Studio Ghibli in trouble

    This sucks! I completely grew up on Miyazaki films; it was one of the few cartoons I watched over and over before I was 5 (and probably how I learned to speak what pathetic amount of Japanese I know :D). I can't understand how such a successful studio would end up like this :( .
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    Let's ALL Play The Classic Final Fantasies! [IDEA THREAD]

    Since I just played it like...3 months ago, I'll probably just follow along. If I have time I'll load up a save XD I have saves for like, every 10 minutes haha. Emulation ftw?
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    Last Film You've Seen

    Deep Blue Sea. Not the best movie out there, considering I spent the whole time cheering for the shark.
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    Let's ALL Play The Classic Final Fantasies! [IDEA THREAD]

    I've played all of the Final Fantasy games up to XII (minus XI and XIII) within the past year for the second time so most of it is pretty fresh on my mind. I wouldn't mind seeing how the discussions go though :)
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    Something really trivial but I can't get my head wrapped around it...Final Fantasy XII

    I prefer the screenshot more myself, although I would argue Ghis was pretty developed as well- at least you got to fight him. In fact, if we're counting screentime or spoken lines, I would say Drace got the least-she only shows up twice and both times seemed to be helping develope either...
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    Something really trivial but I can't get my head wrapped around it...Final Fantasy XII

    So there's the famous images of all the judges marching into dalmasca or something... ーーー> Incidently this the same image from the scene in the intro sequence after you load the game (not the opening)...
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    Final Fantasy II - Any Info?

    I'd love any information about the Emperor too :) He's one of my favorite characters. And I'd be interested to know if they ever mention the Mysidian Library story.
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    Final Fantasy XII Manga & One Manga

    Hasn't this manga been out for awhile? I see it at the bookstore all the time, for the past2 years or so. Surprising that they just started to translate it. But I'll read it nonetheless XD
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    Who did you get for the date?

    I got Aerith the first time, Tifa the second, and Aerith again the third time I played.
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    Did you get yuffie and vincent?

    I got both as soon as I could, although I almost never used Yuffie. I got her right before going to Junon, and Vincent the first time going to Nibelheim.
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    How many of you finished ff7

    I've played through it 3 times. I can't remember the playtime but generally I finished within 2 weeks. Lots of sleepless nights :)
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    Final Fantasy II - Mysidian Library Information (Spoilers?)

    I'm trying to remember exactly what that line said but I'm..too lazy to find it. I remembered it was vague. Did it really mention in any place about it being a long time ago or anything? If I have time I'll try to dig up an old save from my GBA.
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    Kain Arriving as Downloadable Content!

    Hm, well I did remember reading somewhere Kain was one of the characters they really wanted to put in Dissidia, so I wouldn't be surprised. It'll be awesome if its real. :D
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    Final Fantasy XIII Spoiler Thread (SPOILERS)

    Yes, he calls her that and definitely YES she hates it. She pretty says, "Who's your neesan?!" to him 2 or 3 times.
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    Final Fantasy XIII Spoiler Thread (SPOILERS)

    Okay, I'm going to say one last thing in regards to this. First, I read somewhere that Oerba is not a last name, but simply something that all the people living in their village were referred as. Seeing as the village was like, called the Oerba village or something. Secondly, Fang and Vanille...
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