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    Nintendo Switch (NX)

    I actually have a hard time playing the switch in handheld mode for some reason, so a bigger screen makes no difference for me. Pretty much the only reason I would even bother grabbing another one is to have it in my living room so my nieces and nephews would have it to play on there when they...
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    The Legend of Zelda (General)

    Remembered to pre-order SSHD the other day. Kind of a shame I'm pretty sure i'm never going to be able to get my hands on those joy cons or even one of the loftwing amiibo to add to my collection that now takes up almost an entire wall in my room. I still have the golden Zelda wii mote that...
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Finally got around to playing and finishing Trails of Cold Steel 3 and 4. After that I got the urge to go back and revisit the first two games again. It's kind of nice to see all the announcements about the other games in the series getting ported and re-released, kind of sucks that it's going...
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Finally finished off Persona 5 Royal, damn that game is long. Hopping into Rust now because of a buddy of mine wanted all of us to play together. Other than that, playing a copy of FF9 that I got my hands on for the Switch and probably going to actually fire up Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners...
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    What are you listening to?

    Forgot about this guy until I saw a new track he put out last month. I need to get all my music off my old phone and hope the battery doesn't expand any more than it already has and actually pop on me.
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Playing Persona 5 Royal after doing a speed run through Final Fantasy 7 & 8 Switch versions. Not sure I'll ever be able to play the Ps1 versions of these ever again with how convenient the 3x speed made the games, not to mention being able to turn off encounters is annoying low level areas.
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    I'm not even sure if I can remember more than a handful of the names from back then. I use to be relatively active on FFKs board up until a few years ago before some stuff happened irl. Sadly, it looks like that site isn't up any more either. I'll probably be around here and there.
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    I completely forgot this place existed until I randomly ended up on the page again by some random fluke. Probably not going to really be active at this place, but it's kind of nice to see that it's still up and running. Also kind of curious if any of the people from ACF are still active, or...
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    Piece of shit endings

    Wild Arms 4. I liked the game overall, but the ending was so horrible that I actually threw my controller at my tv and broke it.
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    Best Voice-Acting In A Video Game
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    I saw this on another board. Things I don't like about this.... it's pretty damn ugly, imo. Not to mention that it'll eliminate the resale of any games that are sold as digital only (I really hope that none are digital only), it'll cut production costs on games, but I doubt that cost will be...
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    Awkward Moments in Video Games *SPOILERS*

    Grandstream Saga. Choosing which girl dies at the end, awkward as hell.
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    Lunar meets the PSP

    I wouldn't mind getting this game again on the PSP. This is one of the last games I would ever expect to get a remake though.
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    What the fuck are you doing, Nintendo? LEAVE ZELDA ALONE

    Hmmm, This looks..... completely messed up. I don't really see anything about the story itself, but man, Link on a train? When did he step out of medieval(ish) world and into a colonial(ish) one? I played Phantom Hour Glass because I played WW and thought it would be decent to play, but it...
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    Parasite Eve 2

    Eh, I find used copies of this game all the time for 10$. Never bothered buying a copy. Never really got into these games, bored the hell out of me and I couldn't be dammed to conserve ammo, so I just cheated.
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