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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    You can swim but not dive in limited arr hw areas. Diving is explicitly sb. Skip to 5:50 Also found this little detail about the new battle system
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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    That's what I was hoping for as well. If they'd followed the same format as hw, with 1 tank, 1 dps, 1 healer, I was hoping for mage dps, sam tank, and dancer as healer. But I can see why they're just adding two dps. As for dsl, I've played using my phone as a hotspot before once when my...
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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    The new Asian style city and imagery looks amazing. I can't wait for it! /pre-ordered
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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    Crafting in ffxiv is amazing. It's probably the only reason I still play. Climbing the tiers to 4 star crafting definitely takes patience but it's fun and mentally challenging at the same time. I'd go so far as to say the craft/gather system in ffxiv is its best feature with its complexity...
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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    lol those comics are hilariously accurate. And pretty much detail my entire time on ffxiv. The only difference is I almost quit playing around lvl 30 because I chose tank class for some reason as my first class. People who get nervous multiplayer especially with randomly matched teams should...
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    FFVIIR uses Unreal Engine 4

    I hope it doesn't take too long to hit pc after ps4. At least not longer than a year...
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    Happy Birthday, Howl!

    Hey happy birthday!!!
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    Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster [PS3/PS4/Vita]

    Wow. Just wow. Probably my favorite song in the ff series.
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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    I actually kind of like them now. If you do your job well people give you rep points... On another note, does anyone have as hard of time as I farming hq skins? I just went through 75 nq skins and finally got 2. It's frustrating.
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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    Yeah that's what I did my second run and they gave me plenty of info. I also read up on turning the enemy away from the group so they can hit the backsides. So that's what I'm aiming for. Every now and then I can't sway one enemy away but I think I'm improving. I can't believe how much...
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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    Yeah the second one went a lot better. The group were a lot more patient and gave me a lot better tips...
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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Endwalker - 6.0]

    So I did my first ever dungeon at level 15 and its pretty intense. The others kept giving me hints how to be a decent tank and I tried... and we beat it. But it's pretty intense. If every dungeon is like that I don't know...
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    It's been a long time

    Holy shit it's pinkfish! A late welcome back dude. Your graphics skills were pretty epic. Glad you found use for them iirl
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    Happy Birthday Avec!

    Happy birthday!
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    Well, well, well.

    Yeah lady v was natalie. She has an account here but it's inactive I think. She left a user note though a few years back right when I joined. Username is old nan
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