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    New here!

    Welcome! :reptar:
  2. Carlie

    Very Late Intro!

    Welcome! :reptar:
  3. Carlie

    PlayStation 4

    My gaming hours in 2020 won't be this low
  4. Carlie

    Intro jazz

    Welcome! :reptar:
  5. Carlie

    TLS Weekender NL Edition 2020

    If you do this in September you got my attention.
  6. Carlie


    Welcome! :reptar:
  7. Carlie

    Uhm... Hello?

    Welcome back!
  8. Carlie

    2019 TLS Awards: The Results are In!!!!

    3ShpYtDgyoY Congrats ya'll! :reptar:
  9. Carlie

    Happy Birthday Howl!

    Happy Birthday! :reptar:
  10. Carlie

    Wonder Woman

    I've had that song stuck in my head all week. That trailer gave me some Ragnarok feels.
  11. Carlie

    Man of Steel / Justice League / DC films

    Except that's not what I'm saying, this isn't like the Deadpool test footage that was just sitting around and could be released online. If it were as simple as that then sure release it, some people will like and some like me don't give two fucks about it. But for the money and effort that this...
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