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    Share your PSN/ 3DS/ XBox/ PC ID's: Gotta add em all

    I has praystation CitizenNihilist I only play ff14 and hzd on it though.
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    What are you listening to?

    18AiWl0zjZQ Watership Down is one of my favorite books. :(
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    Happy Birthday Gabe!

    We getting old bro happy brithday
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    General Anime Thread

    I only just started watching JoJos bizarre adventure lol. :monster:. I'm only up to episode 4 but things finally got interesting.
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    "Kupocon" FF Convention! (2017?)

    I do not approve of a tls smoke up without me. It just should not happen. :(.
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    Assassin's Creed (series)

    I'm in the minority but I loved 3. It took a while but I really enjoyed it on my second play through. A remaster of that would be nice because it looked really good even on old 360 hardware
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    Songs that stay in your head for weeks and you immediately know you're fucked just from hearing the intro

    Crimewave by Crystal Castles. Been stuck in my head all damn week because of watch dogs. It's only played once or twice but it's the only song getting stuck in my head.
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    Assassin's Creed (series)

    I will have to get it sometime. I am honestly surprised there is no Rouge yet. I never got to actually play it but I know what happens and how it leads into Unity. ._.
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    Sports discussion

    Test cricket is dropping off finally though and day night tests are not going to bring the fans back. 20/20 is the format of the future even one day cricket can be tiring to watch. I was at a nz vs Sri Lanka game years ago and it was mind numbing. This is from someone who enjoyed playing club...
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    Full Metal Alchemist Live-Action Film

    Which anime the first one or the one that actually follows the manga? : monster: @person above I just really don't have that much faith they can do that. It would need more than one film like they did with Kenshin (which I still need to watch btw) there is just way too much going especially...
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    Full Metal Alchemist Live-Action Film

    I don't think this will be any good. It can't be condensed into a movie. :(
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    Mass Effect Series

    They're all using Frostbite now from dice iirc. I admit it looked pretty shit in DA at times and bf4 and Hardline more so on Xbox one they seem to have made massive improvements to how everything looks with bf1. The cutscenes in bf1 have looked pretty damn awesome but I'd have to look at it...
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    Last concert you attended

    I went and seen Coheed and Cambria back in may and brought my friend along who had never been to a concert before. I didn't really know who they were beforehand I got the tickets by cause my friend liked them. They were pretty good and played well live. Also I want to grow out my hair like...
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Mafia 3 which has been very, very interesting so far. When eb games opens though I'll be playing watch dogs 2 :monster:
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