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    [Editorial] 7 Compilation Characters Who Could Appear in Final Fantasy VII: Remake

    Nice to meet you Ryvius! Thanks for taking the time to check out my editorial. I went back and forth on whether to include Genesis in this list, as polarizing as he is to the fandom. But ultimately there was evidence that pointed to his ease of inclusion in the remake, so I decided to stick him...
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    Let's Mosey!

    Wow! That's high praise! Thank you--that's very kind of you :D I'm just happy to be here. Thank ya, Fangu! Looking forward to a fantastic time in the forums! Thank you for the vote of confidence! I'm looking forward to the opportunity! Hiya, Lex! Thank you so much for responding to my...
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    Let's Mosey!

    Thank you, fancy (pants)! I'm so excited to be here :) Looking forward to having some great conversations with the community. Haha, I'd gladly accept the offer :3 Perhaps we'll start with a guest piece, though... Thanks so much for the welcoming bandwagon! It's great to be here! Looking...
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    Let's Mosey!

    Hi all! I'm new to the forums, but an old browser of for years. I'm happy to finally be joining the community and hope to contribute some written articles to about Final Fantasy VII in the near future. I'm a lifelong gamer and award-winning writer and poet with...
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