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    FF7 Headcanons and Discussion

    Given the kind of world-building so far, I think it's reasonably safe to say that any given village on the Planet is probably no more secluded than, say, a small European mountain town. All indications seem to point to them having the same kind of globalist economy as a modern capitalist nation...
  2. Fade is… totally gone

    I think that has something to do with flaming becoming the default state of online discourse. ;)
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    Best game that's "Pandemic-related" you ever played?

    Vampyr is an action RPG set during the Spanish Flu pandemic. Not the best game on the topic, but one not mentioned yet. I happened to be playing it when...*gestures outside*
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    Timeline makes no sense in some places

    I actually love unreliable narrators and framing narratives for this reason. It really helps to position fans as historians rather than gatekeepers of what "really" happened, and the endless canon wars that inevitably ensue. In the Elder Scrolls universe, for instance, fans can say that accounts...
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    Timeline makes no sense in some places

    I agree with this. In some ways, FFVII would be better off if it were set entirely within Midgar, or at least didn't have a world map. Even comparing it to its nearest neighbours, like VIII, its world-building comes off as abstract and the sense of scale is totally absent. VIII managed to create...
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    Timeline makes no sense in some places

    What bothers me about the Compilation timeline is that Zack never seems to acknowledge that Gongaga blew up while he was asleep, despite returning there.
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    Resident Evil Series

    I think she's busy preparing to fuck up Monster Hunter.
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    Catch-all R.I.P. thrad

    Archie Lyndhurst, son of Only Fools and Horses' Nicholas Lyndhurst, has passed away - only 19. He was an actor like his father, and a VA - known to some FF fans as the voice of Honoroit in FFXIV.
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    As someone somewhat immersed in the world of online content on a professional level, I can confirm that the term "clickbait" is absolutely literal. The bulk of all content written online isn't intended to inform, but to create content for content's sake with the intention of ranking on Google (a...
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    My First MMO: Tet's Eorzean Adventures [FFXIV]

    Professional Brit, here. My instinct is to read it idle-shuh/shr, depending on how local (i.e. rhotic) I'm feeling at that moment, accent-wise.
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    XII has received a lot of positive press in hindsight, especially in Zodiac Age form - its place as a cult classic of the main series really isn't so different from Vagrant Story, which is probably one of the best games nobody played* on the Playstation. *Relative to Playstation's meteroic...
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    I always seem to be in the minority in disagreeing with this assessment, but that's probably a matter for another thread. XII's ensemble gets beat up on so often that it's basically a meme, and an unfair one, in my opinion.
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    Uh, so in terms of languages, the middle ages had basically one language: incomprehensible to us. Seems a bad choice to dub a game in.
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    Re: the debate about looking white, just compare in-game Tidus to his FMV self. 'nuff said.
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    Final Fantasy XVI

    Always thought Ashe's choice in XII felt like it would've been a lightside/darkside choice in a Western RPG.
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