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    The Official TLS Movie Night Thread

    We're gonna run the survey this Saturday!!! so get any last minute noms in for this freebie movie night!!
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    Members & Posting Nom Thread

    BRUH a lot of the folks I wanted to nominate are already up there so I'mma just add some other folks at the top of my head now! Best Gif User... Carlie and Tetsujin Best Newcomer... Castiel Strife Best Overall Poster... LicoriceAllsorts Best Pet of a Member... Ite's Pooch! Lifetime...
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    Discord quotes of awesomeness

    ^ :touchingu:
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    The Official TLS Movie Night Thread

    omg I meant to post about this sooner tehehe!
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    Best Pet(s) of a Member Consideration Thrad

    Post pics of your pets here for them to be considered for the Best Pet(s) of a Member award nommed here!! Shoutout to Roger for reminding me that this was missing!!!! :touchingu:
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    Personality Nom Thread

    yo! just took the time to list everyone who's been nominated so far under each award! If you think someone's been overlooked or you've nommed already and I failed to jot a name you mentioned, lemme know in the DMs or post about it right here!! Thanks! I'm gonna be doing this for all the threads!
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    Personality Nom Thread

    ^I FELT THIS WAY THEN AND I FEEL THIS WAY NOW THANK YOU FOR THE NOM WTF?? :touchingu: TIME TO CONTRIBUTE Best drunk... B cuz she brings the lawls. Joe cuz drunk Joe + Karaoke = 🍆 Roger because I've yet to see him lose his cool drunk??? He keeps it down?? sab because it's always a party lmao...
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    Talent Showcase Consideration & Nom Thread

    Noms have been slow to pour in LOL. That's okay tho!!! I'm slowly but surely trying to get to my own list!! For now I'm nomming Ite for 1 & 4, sab, B, ObsidianFire and HyllianMogget for 3. helllll yeah!
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    Happy Birthday, Lex

    YASSSSSSSS NOVEMBER BABIES YASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! Happy Birthday dear!!! <3 <3 <3 May your day be as delightful as you are!
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    Hi, everyone!

    You seem absolutely lovely! Welcome!
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    Discord quotes of awesomeness

    one day I'm gonna stop posting in this thread cuz I'll have run out of shots to share or I'll be gone some other way!!
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    The Official TLS Movie Night Thread

    Well, hell, looks like we'll be having another Movie Night this month!!! The holiday we'd technically be celebrating is Thanksgiving, but the theme of 'Thanks' is a little too specific and 'slaughtering of indigenous peoples' kills the mood so we'll make this a freebie. :monster: Nominate what...
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