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    Hey Mage, hows things :monster:
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    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I never finished the Frozen Wild DLC (can't remember what distracted me) but I'm considering it if Yes? No?
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Yakuza 5 (PS3). I might rant about it in the Yakuza thread but my opinion 20 hours in is that I really like it. It's really close to the PS4 era Yakuza games. A lot of the mistakes they made in 4 they've obviously gone all in to correct, while still leaving cheeky references. I like all the...
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    Ever get a song stuck in your head?

    Is Epic Sax Guy no longer something everyone on the Internet knows? I'm getting old... Also mandatory 'I've seen him live' proclamation
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    This person has been reimagining various FF characters as Moogles, and it's incredible

    Looks like you have to leave out the 'posts' bit of the url: https://www.reddit.com/user/Ceremono/
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    What games are you currently playing?

    ^ so many good memories ^_^
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    Leaked Character Screens (Untagged Spoilers, potentially big implications)

    You mean cus spoilers? Or because remake?
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    How will you be buying yours?

    I always buy my games digitally, I'm too lazy for anything else. Plus, city apartment. Must save space where possible.
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    Live speedruns thrad

    The same Metako is now speedrunning VII for ESAMarathon in Malmö Sweden. You can donate to make him play mini games and do other weird shit (like singing Baby Shark) X)
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    Live speedruns thrad

    Ohai this thread! So, remember the guy Metako I was talking about that finished a I - XII run then did several attempts at I - XIII? Well apparently in August he actually finished I through XV. In one sitting. It took 92 hours something. He says he did take 1 hour naps about every 24 hours...
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    The Witcher Netflix Series

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    Final Fantasy XIII Non-Spoiler Thread

    Sure I've told this story before: XIII is the first game I played on a console newer than Playstation 2. My boyfriend picked it up for me for XBOX because I'd been enjoying FF6 on emulator and he thought I'd enjoy it. I was mesmerized from the waiting screen video. I really enjoyed anime in the...
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    Hahaha rrriiiiggght. Common move from a company when they want to keep stock holders happy: Increase revenue by the end of the year to make the numbers look good. Sigh.
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