Hmm... okay, for those who are nosey about random internet peoples lives...

I'm a graphics artist for apps and games (although nothing you've probably heard of... but maybe one day), and a studier of languages, mostly Spanish and Japanese. Mostly Spanish though.

Was once a fan of Final Fantasy games back in the day. Now I'm very casual with games, mostly playing minecraft with the kids.

I'm a massive foodie, parent to foodie kids. Mexican, Italian, French, Indian, Thai, Korean and Japanese food. Probably in order, maybe.

I'm a proficient ice skater and took up figure skating because my daughter didn't want to do it on her own. This doesn't mean I'm good, once got the toe picks in my calf and still sport the scar, I highly recommend not doing that. My son plays ice hockey after his uncle.

I'm British with a Mexican, so the UK is my first home, Mexico my second - a beautiful country with beautiful people. Highly recommend dodging terrantula while driving through the Yucatan, current ambition to spot a panther in the rainforest, so far, heard one but not seen one. Mexico City is my favourite city on Earth, because of food, my OH's family and that place has character.
August 19
Graphics designer, studier of Spanish & Japanese
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