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    Anthem - New Bioware IP

    So I'm generally pretty excited for this game and after putting in a day's hard play I've taken some time to step away from it to think pretty hard about it. I think in many ways, for some reason BioWare intentionally picked an uphill fight and seem to believe they can weather that storm...
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    Netflix Castlevania Series!!

    I'm just really impressed that in the end the season was technically about 70% just characters bouncing off each other, talking with clashing ideologies or having mad bants. There was a decent chunk of action but it wasn't even the main focus, something I was sure would come from of a videogame...
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    TLS Ranks FF Songs — Round #3 Poll #6

    Holy shit this is even less of a fair fight than the Main Theme of FFVII versus Mount Gagazet one :monster:
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    General Anime Thread

    So anyone who was around on the Discord for a while a day or two ago saw me going on a nostalgia rampage, and part of that was me finding out that Full Metal Panic! had gotten a new season for the first time in thirteen years. To be honest, I tend to drop in and out of anime, compared to...
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    Overwatch I dunno that's all I got :monster:
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    Happy Birthday, Satsubutt.

    Thank u guise I miss being here! I should post more instead of simply just vegging out in Discord like a butt :monster:
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    Just be warned, this issue is going around and it basically makes Competitive even more of a roulette than it is already. In addition to this, the way the system handles disconnects post-Uprising patch means that players get leaver penalties even if they reconnect. Not that it matters, because...
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    Distant Worlds

    So overall, I'm super glad that I bought the CD. Out of everything in the merch left over, I was hankering for the artbook, disc IV and a T-shirt, and I only managed to grab one of those :monster: Anyway, the actual Distant Worlds IV album song selection isn't as ~fresh~ as the 30th...
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    Distant Worlds

    The booklet in the Distant Worlds IV CD isn't specific - it lists Hamaguchi as one of the members of the arrangement team, so I'll have to dig a little further into it ed: Yeah it looks like a dead ringer for the Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec arrangement. Oh well :monster: Also, reviewing my...
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    Distant Worlds

    So praise Uematsu and Arnie Roth, I got into the very first 30th Anniversary concert at Sydney, and it was just as magical as I thought it'd be! (I mean, anyone who's in Skype or Discord probably knows how I was gushing for the last couple of days.) A whole bunch of new songs, and a heckin'...
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    What breaks your immersion?

    In fairness, the 'handheld' miniguns you see in film are 7.62x51mm miniguns. They're obviously stupid heavy, but they can be carried and fired by a single person who's beefcake enough to handle it. There's a video floating around of James Cameron (ie. the dude who liked the handheld minigun so...
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    Metroid Series

    I mean, I'm glad we have a new Prime game in development alongside a playable 3DS sidescroller now :monster: The series so dead they resurrected it twice!
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    Would have thought paying $30, ie. half the price of the base game would net me most of the substantial anniversary content, but nah, have like... 2 new anniversary skins and a few of the dance emotes Duplicate rate is still fucked lol. Not sure why I'm still a stupid sucker for this gambling shit
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    Mass Effect Series

    I intended to romance Vetra but it turns out they consider the shit you do with Reyes as a full-on 'romance' as well, so it locked me out from everyone else I mean, there's a substantial amount of content there but I honestly didn't think it was any more substantial than, say, a casual fling...
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    Ori and the Blind Forest

    Oh, and for anyone still on the fence (and/or who don't have an Xbox), the Definitive Edition is on sale on Steam for 9.99 USD atm 10 bucks for Ori is a steal imo, for me it was one of the best (if not the best) games I played in 2015. If you turn your nose up at it as some generic twee baby...
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