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    AC/CC >> Remake Buster Sword Changes

    It makes more sense for the hanguard to be replaced than covered up. Firstly, it DOESN'T FIT UNDERNEATH the bolted one (unless for whatever silly reason they shrinked it). Secondly, there's little reason to cover it up, but a solid reason for replacement (it was stolen or they sold it, it's gold...
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    Favorite FFVII Fanart

    Found this on FF7 Steam community artwork page, seems like it's by @Sreliata ?
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    If Cloud thought he was Zack, why did he act the way he did?

    Had it not been for CC, I think a big portion of the fanbase would take Cloud having Zack's personality for granted. I don't like CC all that much, but Cloud having made his own "cool self" is... cool.
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    Hopes for the remake (gameplay/combat)

    Not sure if it's been confirmed before but it is now: weapons can be leveled up. I wonder if it's gonna be possible to keep e.g. Buster Sword up with stronger weapons you obtain later in the game.
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    AC/CC >> Remake Buster Sword Changes

    The idea is that Squenix may have decided to hide the golden part underneath the bolted one, just because. It's not about fitting in with previously established material, it's just a touch.
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    Remake Mod Wish-List

    A fully-active (non-lock on) combat system. Basically you move, slash, jump, etc. freely. Should be able to do lots of interesting combat and misc. moves using existing character animations.
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    AC/CC >> Remake Buster Sword Changes

    Plus it's impossible, because the gold handguard doesn't fit underneath the bolted one!
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    To maintain consistency, they should all look identical: clothes gone, 3rd party equipment aka weapons visible. Perhaps some distinction between male, female and different race/species.
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    AC/CC >> Remake Buster Sword Changes

    I'm hoping for a flashback in the last Remake part where some thugs find a comatose Cloud and the Buster Sword with its shiny gold handguard. They try to take the sword but can't move it, so they use some tools to split off the gold part. Later Cloud fixes it by attaching the bolt handguard.
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    AC/CC >> Remake Buster Sword Changes

    From that picture, just like from most others already discussed, it still looks impossible that the gold handguard is underneath, unless they scaled it down.
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    Oh. My. GOD. This new trailer!

    In the hologram, at first there's President Shinra, then Heiddeger? I think that's also new (and makes sense, President Shinra's speech about Air Buster in OG is weird). And VAs are good! Except for Jessie's. Her VA is crap. Tifa's face is still weird, too.
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    Oh. My. GOD. This new trailer!

    I think they made Cloud's eyes somewhat glow this time?
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    How did Seph/Jenova get the Masamune back?

    Which is nonsense. Why all the hassle with Jenova when he can make things appear out of "spirit energy". Please fix it, Remake.
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    E3 2019 Full Trailer with TIFA!

    Boobs bounce. Get over it. You could complain about the size in that scene, but I don't see anything wrong with how much they bounce there.
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    Countdown Clock

    I mean I told you:
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