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    Perseverance (Clessie Club)

    I was of course joking :monster:
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    I would legitimately prefer any of these to the random latin they like to hit out with tbh
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    Perseverance (Clessie Club)

    This is like that thing where the statue moves closer whenever the characters close their eyes, I'm mildly creeped out
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    I completely agree with what you're saying about narrative structure, and I hope part two goes up to North Crater aswell. That would be my ideal cutoff point. However, I think in terms of asset building and environments it might be asking for too much. They can expand Midgar because it has the...
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    I mean, there's no denying that this is what they're doing. It's just that they're selling a full game that's the beginning of the story, the same way other franchises do. I think as long as it's fleshed out enough to warrant its place in the narrative we're golden. I'm still a little bit salty...
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    I'm not sure I would say that. I can see why they're not publicising it quite so heavily, but I can also see the point that people picking this up for the first time aren't necessarily going to be aware that it's not the full thing. That said, it's quite clearly a full game in its own right, so...
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    Got it, preserved for eternity
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    Did anyone save that image? It's gone now. Also, from ResetEra:
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    FFVII "Special Book"

    This just arrived in the post (put in spoiler tags because the images are large)
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    FFVII Remake Frustration Expression Thread (spoilers are probably here)

    I live for shit like this. This is the kind of stuff we want on the front page :D
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    Sonic the Hedgehog

    I need to talk to you all about Sonic 3 A.I.R. (Angel Island Revisited). It's Sonic 3 and Knuckles, but basically the Christian Whitehead version. It checks to see if you have the game on Steam (it's 99p lol) before running, then runs the actual ROM in Widescreen, 60fps with a ridiculous number...
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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Current Patch Shadowbringers 5.2]

    I've updated the title of the thread. Haven't read the patch notes yet, but will do so now.
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    FFVII Remake Official Trailer (& other footage) Thread

    I've put it in the second post. I wasn't sure where to put it because it's not really a trailer, so I put it under game footage.
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    Fan Reactions

    A lot of the most recent reactions summed up: - "FFVII is my favourite OMG" - "omg its Kalm" - 30 seconds later - "who is that woman in red" - "who is the fat guy" - "omg that guy from Crisis Core is back" (pretending they know Roche) - "omg it's the dog thing!" The pretense is getting...
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    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

    Hello thread revival because (and I remember someone pointing one of these out when it happened ages ago):
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