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    Happy Birthday, Lex

    I have a horrific feeling there's a surprise party happening tomorrow because people have been acting fishy AF for the past couple of days and I really just rather know. My friend made me this beautiful album of her and I through the years and got me an engraved bottle of The Botanist (my...
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    Happy Birthday, Lex

    I have to say yes, because the next time someone starts a sentence with "you'll understand when..." I can be like "but AHA! I AM NOW OLD! SUCK ON THAT!" and so on
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    Happy Birthday, Lex

    Thanks all <3 Ageing is starting to become a little bit scary but I'm feeling good. Out for lunch tomorrow then dinner at the weekend to celebrate the big three oh.
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    FFVII Remake TV commercial

    That's actually a half decent ad.
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    It's been almost ten years since a new numbered title was announced

    That's some stunning concept art <3
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    FFVII Remake TV commercial

    Truer words have never been spoken by auto generated subtitles being auto translated. That was adorable though. I look forward to someone doing subs for it <3
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    NieR: Automata | Community Playthrough 2019! |

    I'm laughing because while I fully intended to participate, by chance I happened to pick up Nier again two days ago and I'm up to the end of a forest area. I plan to finish before the 24-man is released for FFXIV :D So I might actually catch up to you all! (I hope)
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    Dunno if anybody here still watches this but it's on it's actual last season now (finally, some might say) and I haven't seen the last one yet (which would be season 14). I went to go watch it there (willing to pay for it and everything!) and there's literally no way to do it in the UK. It's...
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    Hands On With The FFVII Remake Demo

    Thank you <3
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    Kingdom Hearts Poll (Spoilers)

    I have changed the title of this thread because it contained a spoiler. You can't put spoiler tags in thread titles Tash.
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    Report Bugs

    I'm sure there's a backend option to turn on full page loads but I wouldn't enable it. I remember there even being a warning that it would be a bad choice for those on say mobile connections (though this may change in the future).
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    Report Bugs

    Technically fixable if you set pages to only load "in full", but that would be shitty for people on poor connections so it's not a common option. If there's any solace it's that the jumping down will always mean your page is sitting on an older post rather than a new one you haven't seen yet.
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    FFVII Remake in Europe

    Absolute fucking bastards.
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    I don't prefer Japanese audio by default, but (up until now) I have definitely preferred the Japanese VA's for FFVII. The English can sound incredibly awkward and stilted or just tonally what I wouldn't expect. I think it's a localisation issue - I've always felt that when some Japanese media is...
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    Playstation 5

    Yeah it's not gonna be fully backwards compatible but I expect it to play PS4 games at the very least due to matching architecture. I will be insanely surprised if they play PS3 games beyond PS Now. They have patented a lot of backwards-compatibility tech so it would be really nice if they...
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