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    SE to sell stakes in some of its studios, in considerable debt

    Them letting go of Eidos is welcome in my eyes. They've never understood how to manage the western studios. Adam Jensen Deus Ex 3 when????
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    OG FF7 is now playable at 60fps [EDIT: And Widescreen!] on PC via modding

    Incredible progress! I still remember Aali saying this was impossible back when he released his very first driver on Qhimm. This is fantastic to see, I can't wait to eventually try it out <3
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    Pokémon General Thread

    Professor Turo is a fuckin babe. I know what one I'm getting! Anyway I'm actually looking forward to this - I haven't played a new Pokémon game since Moon and I don't think I finished that. I just wish this wasn't releasing the same week as God of War Ragnarok.
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    Apologies, I probably should have posted in here that I split rumours out into a thread in the spoiler section: I will be re-organising the board a bit in the coming weeks since Rebirth probably needs its own subforum.
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    Tactics Ogre: Reborn [PS4/PS5]

    Trailer released today
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    Yeah here's the reveal stream: Fantastic stuff regardless, it was a lot of fun to follow this.
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    This is wild. Someone has discovered a previously completely unknown area and cutscene in Automata:
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    Just poking my head back in!

    Glad to see you're doing well!
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    Crisis Core -Reunion- announced!

    This is the issue with Hard Mode in CC. It's a bad hard mode. There's nothing actually hard about it other than stat bloat, which is really just artificial difficulty. It doesn't require you to develop new strategies or learn more about the combat system, it just requires you to bloat your own...
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    Mass Effect Series

    Yeah that's happened to me before, I love it every time.
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    Every time I watch the trailer I am reminded we are one step closer to the unthinkable yet glorious: a Clack Gold Saucer date scene :moar:
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    Crisis Core -Reunion- announced!

    I'm doing the usual rounds of reaction videos and it's killing me how many people don't seem to recognise the voices have been re-done? Literally watched 3 videos today where they blatantly said "and it's the original VA too!" Wat
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    You guys are awesome

    Well this is cute! Welcome to TLS <3 Please don't be a bot
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