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    Oh. My. GOD. This new trailer!

    ok this trailer is sweet but also makes me nervous because i really don't trust s-e when it comes to introducing new characters i might be pre-emptively groaning at the presence of mullet man, but i've been through this rodeo with you before and it hasn't been nice
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    FF VIII Remaster [Available Now!]

    this remaster looks horrendous. on top of that, there's screen tearing issues, as well as frame rate issues for the cinematic cut scenes. this becomes really apparent during the sections of the game where the characters become playable over a cinematic. my s/o bought it and refunded it, he was...
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    My attempt at Genesis cosplay

    cooler than gackt tbh
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    A Very Twilight Mexican Birthday

    hahahah tres is old (hbd dood!!)
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    The Love Triangle Debate: Another Turn in the Cycle

    the creators clearly intentionally view both relationships through a romantic lens, i think it's really obtuse to claim otherwise. depictions of the characters in other games totally counts in this regard, imo. doesn't take away from the fact that cloud and tifa end up together in the ff7 story...
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    beating a dead meme

    oh god i was so drunk when i posted this this thread is kinda cringe but idk w/e i guess ugh my head hurts
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    beating a dead meme

    I'm leaving this board forever because none of u made me a birthday thread >_>
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    The Lion King (2019)

    I want to say I don't understand what Disney's intent here, but it's pretty obvious... and simple. Let's be real, animation itself has been a pretty niche genre for western audiences for... a very long time. Disney is aware and a large part responsible for this. They're essentially really trying...
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    The Lion King (2019)

    bad acting is bad animation
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    i think the most offensive change in the netflix translation is seele's "all is right with the world" to "all is very good" it's......... on the logo............................. in english
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    Buffyverse Discussion (Spoilers)

    Buffy/Angel is the one franchise I sorely miss. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina almost scratches the itch, but not quite. waaaah this makes me so nostalgic, can we have a Buffy reunion now please??? :sadpanda:
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    NieR: Automata | Community Playthrough 2019! |

    oh! I have a copy of this that I've been meaning to get to. I tried when I was hungover once but... that did not work out lol. I'll try and take part!
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    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Who knew I'd be more excited for an Animal Crossing game than Pokemon
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    Final Fantasy 7: The Hardest Part (video)

    Basketball game in Gold Saucer
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