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    Shin Megami Tensei series

    SMT3 had 3 releases: Vanilla: japan only (no Dante) Maniax: (called "Lucifer's Call" for the NA & PAL release, this features Dante) Chronicles: japan only (replaces Dante with Raidou) Now this HD release is based on the Chronicles version of SMT3. Raidou is the MC from another SMT spin-off.
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    Shin Megami Tensei series

    Get Dante for almost $10.
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    Fate/Grand Order

    2 days ago JP had their 5th anniversary event and among the buch were: 5th anniversary PV Lots of servants strenghtening. New 5* Caster servant (now I know what I'm saving for when this arrives to NA) More Summer Servants. More Servants Skins Cosmos in the Lostbelts Opening 2 (finally an...
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    Playstation 5

    Microsoft has confirmed that the new Xbox will release on November 2020, now Sony make your move.
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    The Last of Us Part II Announced

    EDIT: More details Graphic, audio, gameplay modifiers: Mirror World Mirror on Death Slow Motion Bullet Speed mode Infinite Ammo Infinite Crafting Infinite Melee Durability Infinite Listen mode Range One Shot Touch of Death 8-bit Audio 4-bit Audio Helium Audio Xenon Audio Options and...
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    PlayStation 4

    Sony finally fixed a long standing oversight in the PS Store.
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    The Last of Us Part II Announced

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    The Last of Us Part II Announced

    Former Naughty Dog dev discusses the making of one particular level in the TLOU2.
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    The japanese account clarifies 2M of those were on digital sales.
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    John Wick... Films!

    Lions Gate confirmed John Wick 5. They hope start shooting 4 & 5 back to back next year.
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    Bleach (Manga Spoilers Not Tagged) [WSJ]

    Kubo's new manga will be 4 chapters long.
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    Horizon Zero Dawn

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    Playstation 5

    Digital only PS5 keeps making more sense.
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    UNCHARTED 4: A Thief's End

    Neat trivia:
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    Captain Marvel (MCU)

    Nia Da Costa to direct Captain Marvel 2.
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