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    What are you listening to?

    Freaks -French Montana ft. Nicki Minaj
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    Happy Birthday USA!

    @Arianna & Hallelujah :monster:
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    Happy Birthday USA!

    Bless their hearts.
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    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    Didn't even think of that. Square think they slick.
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    Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

    I hate Lightning's outfit. It looks like they said "hey, lets just throw this random shit together and see if it looks cool!". I know it's Final Fantasy but damn.
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    wut would you do if you mt sephiroth in real life

    Try not to get on his bad side and if that doesn't work I'll just ask my cousin, who's in the Army, can I borrow his assault rifle.
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    The Hunger Games (film)

    The problem is women of color weren't even given the CHANCE to audition for the role. I will never be happy with Hollywood denying people of color opportunities. I'm sick of this white=default mentality. No amount of shitty excuses will ever justify it. /Bye
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    The Hunger Games (film)

    @the people who don't understand the complaints about Katniss being white Olive skin isn't exclusive to white people and the role of Katniss was only opened to white actresses. Katniss is said to look like her father and most of the people where he comes from have olive skin and dark hair...
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    Happy Birthday, Tiff!

    Happy birthday, Tiff~!
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    Avatar: The Last Airbender & Korra (SPOILERS)

    I love what I'm seeing so far. Korra's awesome and Tenzin and his family are so cute. I can't at the sexism being thrown at Korra, though. I've seen comments ranging from "I'm not comfortable seeing a female main character/Avatar (Kyoshi and Yangchen tho)" to "OMG SHE'S MASTERED 3 ELEMENTS...
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    Happy birthday, Force!

    Happy belated birthday~!
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    Happy birthday, Sami~! ^_^
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    What are you listening to?

    How Will I Know (Acappella) -Whitney Houston
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    Hello, newbie here!

    Welcome~! ^_^
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