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    Music regrets

    I regret not making friends with the cribs before they were famous. We used to always mix in the same circles of friends. My best friend was seeing one of there now girl friends. small world. Also regret putting off seeing incubus for so long.
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    Off for a few days

    make sure you use protection......
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    Ghost in the Shell: Arise

    I like all the new designs, it looks allot fresher. I now have a hard on as i was unaware this was in the pipeline. Smaller boobs than the usual boobs. Allot less military inclined too.
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    Off for a few hours

    its ok man, I will take your place for nine hours.
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    crap.. corel prison!!! I remember that. Felix and Darkbeat floating round like they were screws. Bless... I think i remember this guy showing up once or twice now you mention it.
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    Hi Guys!!!!!

    <3 to u
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    who is username?
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    i accidentally bought a cheap wii

    Just smash windwaker on it. (GC) Then download all the old nes stuff.
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    Reviving Movie Night

    88mph vs "Simba i killed Mufassa", behave you haggis muncher.
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    Reviving Movie Night

    Marty mc fly for the win. "OMG thats flea from the chillis" BTTF 3 he was there, he's needles. I also saw argo, great film
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    Shademp resigning as Content Manager - Reviewing replacement

    Man im gutted about all this, you swedes know how to do it best. :( Zlaten 2013 PSG mega goals
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    Staff meetings

    Been there, used to get one night a week off when i was doing a season. I'd just rock up hung over as hell when i was 21. No chance of that now. 6pm is not that bad, but the europopper have no excuses:P
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    Staff meetings

    Yeah that times ok for me. I may be running a little late as the trains are on strike and my cars in the garage. I'll just sign in and catch up when i can. Friday night staff meeting. shouldn't you all be out enjoying yourselves?
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    TLS and Google Optimization

    pay the will sort it.
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    Taking a break from TLS :'O

    Shame. poast edited by admin to add great justice
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