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Nov 28, 1987 (Age: 34)
In the Depths of My Abyss
Youth Care Worker
Political Views
Religious/Metaphysical Views
Christian Catholic
Favourite Quotes
"There is no fate but what we make for ourselves." ~ John Connor, 'Terminator II'

"Once upon a time, there was a magical place where it never rained... The End!" ~ Mr. Sir, 'Holes'

"Demons exist whether you believe in them or not." ~ Father Moore, 'Exorcism of Emily Rose'

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." ~ Optimus Prime, 'Transformers'

"Live for today, Look forward to tomorrow... Nankurunaisa." ~ Saya's Father, 'Blood+'

"Fate rarely calls upon us at a moment of our choosing." ~ Optimus Prime, 'Transformers II'
Favourite Games
Kingdom Hearts / Final Fantasy VII Compilation / Warframe / Darksiders / Bendy and the Ink Machine / Megadimension Neptunia VII / Five Nights at Freddy's
Favourite Films
Marvel Cinematic Universe / Harry Potter Franchise / Transformers Franchise / What We Do in the Shadows / The Lord of the Rings Saga / The Hobbit Saga / Sharknado Franchise / Ready Player One / Hulu's Into the Dark Film Series / etc
Favourite Musical Artists
STARSET / Linkin Park / Skillet / Soul Extract / Ruelle / Lindsey Stirling / Within Temptation / Amaranthe / Twenty One Pilots / Ledger / Celldweller / etc
Favourite TV Shows
Once Upon a Time / Shadowhunters / Black Mirror / Stranger Things / From Dusk Til Dawn The Series / Van Helsing / Love, Death + Robots / The Flash / Trollhunters / Spartacus / Ice Fantasy / Light As a Feather / The Exorcist Series / etc
Favourite Animé/Manga
Fairy Tail / Dragonball Z & Super / The Ancient Magus' Bride / Kill La Kill / Persona 4 The Animation / Ah! My Goddess / Devil Survivor 2 The Animation / Persona 3 Film Series / When They Cry / Elfen Lied / A Certain Scientific Railgun / Neon Genesis Evangelion & Rebuild of Evangelion Film series / Digimon Tamers / etc
Favourite Authors
Stephen King / James Patterson / Dean Koontz / Amanda Hocking / Sherrilyn Kenyon / etc
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Now, in my remains Are promises that never came.
Set this silence free To wash away the worst of me..
Then it falls away into the great escape.
Over walls and waves, This anti-gravity taking over me..
In My Remains of Antigravity


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