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    Locked Heart // Tifa Lockhart

    god fucking damn lady boner, ngl.
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    Locked Heart // Tifa Lockhart

    or maybe it's because she looks good and different with short hair? she has boobs and sexy clothes with long hair too. way to miss the point.
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    Dead Space 3

    Yeah. Hopefully they release some teaser stuff of the single player because I really want to see how they're going to scare you this time around. And also, the return of dem crazy necromorphs.
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    Avatar: The Last Airbender & Korra (SPOILERS)

    i think more people are open minded to things nowadays though. i know that if i had kids and they watched a cartoon that had some gay romance, i wouldn't really care? kids are growing up in families with same sex parents. i think the amount of people who'd throw a fit are few versus the people...
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    Dead Space 3

    I saw Ellie. I am happy. Also, hoping it amps up the horror in this because from what I've seen, nothing really scary. The co-op takes away from it. And also, the fact that you actually get shot at by those cray cray unitologist people. It's sort of turned into a more bland shooter game, imo...
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    Happy Birthday Masa!

    Happy birthday Masa! :D
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    Can someone change my username?

    Can I be Marle please :)
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    The Noerah Army

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    Character Battle Final: Cloud vs Tifa

    I voted for Tifa because I actually like her. A lot. And if we're talking the entire compilation, I stand by the fact her character wasn't shat on as much as Cloud's was.
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    Faith v. 3.0 (Cloti Club)

    double post but here's a cloti song that makes me weep. opAdyCAdaLY
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    The Lyrics Thread

    "This Bottle of Wine" by Maria Mena
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    The Lyrics Thread

    OH GOSH. Really? In that case, feel free to delete this thread. I didn't see anything before.
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    The Lyrics Thread

    I don't know how many people are going to be interested in this but it's worth a shot. I love music and a lot of the lyrics can be poetic and pretty and help get me through the day. So I figured it would be cool to have a thread where everyone can post a line or a verse from a song that really...
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