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    Happy Gabe Day!

    Happy birthday! :D
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    What was the last game you finished?

    Just finished playing Dishonored a couple days ago. Now in the middle of playing FFVII and Fallout 4.
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    NEW TRAILER!!!!!

    Honestly, even if we don't need pre-rendered scenes anymore, there are some cut scenes for FFVII that I can't wait to see in all their HD glory.
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    Hello & HELP

    Whazup :monster:
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    FF7 Remake "Multi part series"

    Side-eyeing this development a little bit, but I'm all for FFVII being as massive and complete as possible. As for the issue of buying it in separate installments (if that hasn't been addressed yet), they'll probably offer a reduced price to buy all the episodes in advance so you can just...
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    NEW TRAILER!!!!!

    Isn't he still suffering from mako poisoning at the beginning of the game? It could wear off as the game progresses.
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    Heyo. :monster:
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    Final Fantasy VII is up on the PS4 store.

    L3 is X3 speed and R3 is one Max HP. Not sure what No Encounter is.
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    Final Fantasy VII is up on the PS4 store.

    Just bought it. I haven't played FFVII is well over five years since I lost my PSP, so I'm fucking stoked.
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    NEW TRAILER!!!!!

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    Channy's Thread of Buffdey Goodness!

    Happy birthday! Hope you have a good one. :)
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    We're on Apple News! If you have iOS, subscribe to TLS.

    Subscribed and kind of excited for some reason. :awesomonster:
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    Life Is Strange

    /yes Okay, but what do you guys want from a season two? I, of course, want more of the main characters from season one, but I think depending on the direction they go the series could become much richer with a broader story. Maybe another season about someone with the time traveling powers or...
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    What are you listening to?

    qnEHBO0dUa8 I'm really getting back in touch with my sad emo 13yo self tonight. :monster:
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