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    You, here. Cloud in a dress, there. Adding all numbers to a single digit... I see. It all makes sense now.
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    ... I don't see it. (04/10)/20 = 0.02 04/(10/20) = 8 :huh:
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    What games are you currently playing?

    I've been playing the Outer Worlds. It's pretty good - I really enjoyed the world building elements and the satirical humor, a good rpg overall. You definitely feel the Obsidian touch in the writing. It's not "excellent" or "mindblowing" on most levels - graphics are very colorful but not very...
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    How will you celebrate on April 10th?

    Good Friday is a holiday in Canada, so I'll take advantage and setup a communal playthrough with spouse and friends, planning to play all weekend. Then probably upload videos for my friends from France with whom I shared my OG communal playthrough, 23 years ago.
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    Final Fantasy / Square Enix Webpage Archive

    Wow, isn't that a blast from the past! I remember checking out FF7Citadel quite a lot back then, it was one of the few sites with abundant info and resources about the game. And I think I visited Final Fantasy Spirit around the times of Advent Children, years later. I recall that information was...
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    FFVIIR Official Concept Art & Twitter Whatnots

    The fog not extending far above the city is just a case of temperature inversion. It's hard to tell whether the fog is due to pollution or simple air humidity - you'd have to smell it. Playing the OG way back, I never imagined that Midgar was permanently shrouded in darkness. The field screen...
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    The reunion at hand may bring joy. It may bring fear. But let us embrace whatever it brings, for they are coming back.

    ^ IMO "open-world" doesn't necessarily imply "no guard rail on plot progression". I think it depends on your definition of what an "open world model" is. In my view, the issue you're raising is more a matter of side-content vs main quest balancing, and game design. It is possible for a game to...
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    FFVII Remake delayed to April 10th Worldwide

    About the same thing for France. Holidays are mostly on religious days because it's a legacy of the times where the society was dominated by christianity, which isn't the case anymore. As Shaun said, there's no huge benefit in moving them. The main difference with North America is that shops do...
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Actually I had motion sickness when I was playing Skyrim VR at first, but I managed to overcome it. It took some patience and discipline though. When I started, I was feeling sick after less than 15 minutes. My method was to: - first manage to get accustomed to VR so that I could play 15 minutes...
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    Countdown Clock

    Hey guys, does that mean we need to update the countdown?
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    FFVII Remake delayed to April 10th Worldwide

    I feel for the folks who had already booked their leave - I was about to do the same thing! Welp, I think I share the sentiment that 5 more weeks isn't a big deal (I've been hoping for a remake since the late 2000s). Not great to have it so close to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 though.
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    How will you be buying yours?

    ^ Pretty much the same for me. I wasn't sure about the 1st Class Edition myself and the deciding factor was the outrageous shipping charges. So I pre-ordered the Deluxe edition from my local EB Games right after they had announced the release date (I think that was the Symphonic reunion event)...
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    Questions for the community around site spoiler policy

    In my view, you'll get this particular spoiler just when you browse the list of "Hidden trophies" that comes with the game anyway. I'm not sure there's a practical way of handling this if you don't want to spoil the number of chapters. That would not solve the problem, since it would just be...
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    Questions for the community around site spoiler policy

    I really like this idea. I was looking forward to talking about the game as I'd go through it without spoiling myself. Otherwise I'm fine with how spoilers have been managed.
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    So, who’s on the no spoiler team here?

    I wanted the game to give me as many surprises as possible. Besides the screenshots on the official site, I tried not to see anything new since the e3 2019 trailer. I have even avoided descriptions of the e3 demo. 2 months to hold...
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