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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    I'm not necessarily disagreeing with that. What I would do is start with the Nibelheim flashback, but retell the story as Cloud's dream, rather than him telling the tale to the whole gang. In the OG, I found awkward that he told his version and Tifa never called out his inconsistencies till the...
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    I agree. IMO FF7R part 2 doesn't even have to begin with Cloud's flashback in Kalm, seeing that Aerith seemed the one to lead the party to track down Sephiroth at the end of part 1 - they already have a motivation and Cloud doesn't need to tell his tale. So who knows how they'll take the story...
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    I actually figured it out after I posted my reply, and to be honest I'd be happy if they did that. And they would need 0 g in space. Which would make the plot point of Cid trapped under the debris and saved by Shera nonsensical, but it all could use a re-writing anyway.
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    What do you think this is? FF VIII Remake?
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    The Last of Us Part II Announced

    Hi folks, I finally finished my playthrough - which I had been sharing with a couple of friends of mine, as we had shared a communal playthrough of the first game way back when. I also did my best not to be spoiled before playing. A few thoughts: I really enjoyed the game, and from a technical...
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    I feel like I'm in a similar situation - I'm taking a breather after having gone through 5 playthroughs since April and I don't want to be fed up with the game. Personally, I'm not sure I agree that FF7R lacks a "pick up and play" quality, my personal experience was a little different. I'm on...
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    Ghost of Tsushima

    I've been playing it for a week now - this is a brilliant game. I love this big contrast with, on the one hand, the quiet moments of travel following the flower petals swirling in the wind, composing haikus, meditating in the hot springs, and on the other hand the quick and brutal combat. The...
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    Good strategies for getting the pull ups trophy?

    I'm also one of these guys... As you can judge from the other replies, once you get your game in the range of 40-44 pull-ups, then it's a matter of patience and luck for beating him. I think the key is about not messing up the early pull-ups, which are the slowest - don't get impatient at that...
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    What are your favorite moves, visually, in the game?

    Oh, yes. I had an amazing one when fighting the horde of unknown entities during the Failed Experiment boss fight. Having a group of 6-8 enemies dropping dead at the end of the Starshower was so badass.
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    What are your favorite moves, visually, in the game?

    Starshower. Ok, not a very original pick - overall I find Tifa's moveset to be the most spectacular, especially when being able to quickly combo between different moves (say Overpower - Rise&Fall - Starshower, for instance). That being said, for visually appealing moves, I'd like to mention: -...
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    How do you pronounce Nibelheim?

    What's funny is that in the OG, his named was actually localized as "Rouge 13", but everyone I know and myself were calling him "Red Treize" anyway :mon: I don't know how his name was localized for the remake, though.
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    FFVII Remake Official Trailer (& other footage) Thread

    So... now that I've finished the game, I decided to take a look at all the trailers that I had missed on purpose since E3 2019. Wow. I feel so validated in my choice of having done a media blackout. The whole game is spelled out in these trailers! There is so much stuff that I was so happy to...
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    FFVIIR Official Concept Art & Twitter Whatnots

    All that's left for you to do is to 3D print Midgar and you can recreate FF7 remake with your action figures!
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    FFVII Remake Delivery Delay Notice from Square (AKA Shipping Woes)

    Hey! My physical copy of the Deluxe Edition was delivered today! Yay! Better late than never. Gotta love that the art book featured all the concept arts of the toad versions of the characters :lol:
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    Me too. And I actually think they'll have to, so that they could fulfill the ambitions of the 'open world' design. I'm under the impression that for part 1 of FF7 Remake, some of the design decisions had been constrained by technical limitations - for instance, the absence of dynamic lighting.
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