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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    Regarding Barret's shades? I thought it was to protect his eyes from the blinding muzzle flashes from his gun arm in dark areas or something.
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    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    IIRC, Tifa was originally supposed to die in the original per the storyboard planning phase, but that idea was later scrapped due to Aerith when she was included.
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    Should Nicolas Cage do the voice of Cloud Strife?

    Umm... I think this thread was meant to be satire and not to be taken seriously. At least, in my honest opinion, of course.
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    How To Make Hojo Even More Evil In the Remake

    I can kinda see Kōsuke Toriumi and Hank Matthews who voiced both versions of Szayelaporro Grantz or Ryusei Nakao and Terrence Stone who voiced both versions of Mayuri Kurotsuchi doing the voice work of Professor Hojo. Both were mad scientists in the Bleach Anime.
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    Aerith or Aeris?

    Well... Her Romanji name was spelled Erisu and from what I gathered, it could be translated to either Aeris or Aerith in the English language. Neither iteration of the name is wrong. I guess it's just personal preference for what they like to go with.
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    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    This years E3 expo will be from the 14-16 of June which will be held at the LA Convention Center in California.
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    Wait... Even though the game was released in 97, wasn't the "canon" Era in 0007 (2007 if one's to be technical)?
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    Fan Reactions

    Is it a new trailer perhaps?
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    Can't it be more similar to the Star Ocean system instead? Some of those scenarios, depending on what choice you select and the resulting outcome, are extremely hilarious, lol!
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    Yeah, that's what I meant when I said some of the main females, either one or two (preferably one) but it didn't QUITE come out right. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    This might be a bit off-topic or not, but... I'm wondering, if at all, that the developers would decide to make some of the females, especially some of the lead female characters bi-curious. Maybe throw in a couple of lesbians? A time of change, perhaps? Especially in this day of age anyway.
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    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    Speaking of which, the PAX South convention this weekend, will the remake be mentioned or featured at all?
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    Slightly off topic, but they might get away w/ saying Bastard, Dumbass, and SOB. After all... Headmaster Cid of FFVIII fame said SOB to Garden Master NORG 3-4 times IIRC. Even in PG-13 Rated movies. The F-Bomb is dropped 1-2 times throughout the entire film. 3-4 if they can get away w/ it...
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    What location are you most looking forward to?

    I'm wanting to see how they do Rocket Town and Icicle Inn myself.
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    So when's the next update from the Dengeki Online regarding the remake will be released? Any ideas? Edit: I also forgot to add the other informative sources of this topic from both Gematsu and Famitsu as well.
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