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    Chit Chat Thread

    $130 for ear drops...that's unfair. But I hope you get well soon!
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    Dragon Ball Z REMAKE

    Hopefully the remake would throw in some of the technology to make the fight scenes look like Narutos' or better. That's the only reason I would watch it over again.
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    Favorite Anime/Manga

    Right now I'm watching the dubbed Naruto. It's not as great as the japanese version but still solid imo. Naruto to me is DBZs' succesor and is my current favourite anime. I also like Death Note, Hellsing and the dub version of Cowboy B. Last manga I've read was Death Note...
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    What are you listening to?

    TV on the radio- Love dog
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    What games are you currently playing?

    playing NARUTO THE BROKEN BOND FOR THE XBOX360. the story mode is kinda boring
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    Star Ocean: The Last Hope has anyone besides Cerri palyed this game? Is it anything like Final Fantasy? (sorry i've never played star ocean :( )
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Dead Space. Good game for those of you who liked RE4.
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    What are you looking forward to most in ACC?

    Re: What are you looking forward to most in ACC? I've been under a rock, or shall I say too bussy with my career to only now know about this new AC. Anyway I'm really looking forward to a deeper storyline this time, something like FFVII or FFX, and maybe and extra hour or more of...
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    My FF Collection (pics)

    Nice collection you've got. I've some FF action figures myself and almost every original game from VII to XII. I say almost because I've got the pirated version of FFIX, since I can't get myself a legit copy here. Older titles are very rare nowadays where I live. You should...
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    Advent children Jap Version and English Dub

    For me both versions are great and both have thier moments. In terms of quality, as someone else here posted, the japanese voices are golden. The english dub may not present that solid acting as the japanese but with a few exceptions (CID and Caith Sith) I thought it was decent. Also with...
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    If DOC were made later

    SE should've add another year or two of development to this game. I was highly dissapointed with it and left it half way. Seriously, everything from crappy dark environments to boring story and characters made me feel as if SE cared only about $$ and not us fans.
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    welcome me

    hello final fantasy fans. i am one myself :duhard:, and I wish to take part in this active community in hope of being up to date on any new FF installments coming our way and to discuss about them...and maybe be convinced by you guys to finish FFVII DOC. :(
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