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    Hi everyone! New FF7 fan here!

    Hi! Welcome! Glad to have you aboard. To get the most out of the next part of the Remake, it’s pretty recommended that you complete the original FF7. I wasn’t a huge fan of Crisis Core but it’s pretty popular! I think playing through the original game (OG) should fill your time between Remake...
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    A Hero to Remember.

    fuck me lol /thread
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    A Hero to Remember.

    I could buy Gongaga being an illiterate town. Shinra and Midgar use kanji a lot, but they have only been around for one generation apparently, and before that the world was mostly 1500s-tech. The kids in Nibelheim were taught to read, evidenced by the letters to Tifa, but that doesn’t mean...
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    FFXIV Online Starter Edition free on PS4 until May 26

    I got pretty well into the main story in the Trial. Each class has its own quest line as well (for instance, if you take Archer, there’s an Archer guild with characters and a story) and there are TWENTY classes! Similar to the main quest, you can get about halfway through each class quest line...
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    FFXIV Online Starter Edition free on PS4 until May 26

    Ah! The Trial edition locks out a bunch of key features (player economy being locked was a gutpunch) but it looks like the Starter Edition doesn’t lock you out of anything! Another consideration.
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    Anyone Else Prefer the In-Game Character Models to the CG Models?

    “FMV”s were what I always called them. Full Motion Videos.
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    FFXIV Online Starter Edition free on PS4 until May 26

    Interesting... PS4 also has the Free Trial version as well, which, instead of a free month, allows you to play indefinitely with a level cap of 35, which I enjoyed immensely. I got to level 35 in several classes, and made a couple of characters to play through the different origin zone quest...
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    Lucky for us this game is also now super gay. <3
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    I’m with you there. Too many people seem to miss that messaging completely. I’ve been told — somewhere here on the boards — that I’m projecting my environmental politics into something that’s ‘just supposed to be a game.’ smh (can’t remember the exact quote, it was over three months ago so...
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    Kotaku Article/Video on Translations

    I kind of wish he’d done the rest as well, as Disc 2 is where the translation errors start really borking the plot’s comprehensiveness. But it became pretty clear to me at the Gold Saucer episode (“Ghost”) that the series was taking on FFVII’s themes of grief and identity in a beautiful way, so...
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    How long is the story mode in Final Fantasy 7

    So funny, it’s so epic in scope and there’s so much character development, it feels so much longer than 40-50 hours. I guess good pacing and efficient dialogue help a lot.
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    Favorite FFVII Fanart

    That's got some major End of Evangelion vibes and I. am. here. for. it.
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    This was definitely not planned back in 1997. Every Final Fantasy before X-2 was a standalone product, with no thoughts to expand or elaborate on any of them beyond that. That's the cold hard truth. Going by what they decided to do with the Remake (a story idea that is, at most, 15 years old)...
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    FFVIIR Original Soundtrack

    Hmmm... @Jairus maybe you could think about it this way: the song is all about her experience seeing her friends in this dire moment, that’s why it’s not called “The Look On My Face.”
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    Significant Differences Between English and Japanese

    The ore-watashi solution might be to change it to the Royal We whenever he says Watashi, but then people might take that to mean “Jenova and I” which, would that be such a bad thing? :P I like the swearing, but I really don’t like that Cloud says “bitch.” Much like retard wasn’t cool in 1997...
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