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    Final Fantasy VIII General Discussion

    FF8 as the FF version of Yu-Gi-Oh! works... surprisingly well...
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    Final Fantasy VIII General Discussion

    That's how I played FF8 the first time through. If you have a head for Triple Triad, it's a lot of fun.
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    The Final Fantasy XIV Thread [Current Patch Shadowbringers 5.5]

    The FFXIV community is eyeing when Sakaguchi gets to Shadowbringers with *much* anticipation. Several FFXIV fans have noted how this has now come full circle. A lot of the FFXIV devs grew up playing Sakaguhi's FF games and that inspired them to go into game development in the first place. And...
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    The Five Bosses of Godo's Pagoda

    This is my favorite Yuffie moment in probably the entire Compilation... I always found it interesting that the other Five Gods of Wutai are there for this moment and their reaction isn't getting mad at Godo for how the situation turned out... but instead to sympathize with him and even wonder...
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    Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

    The biggest retcon I have found so far in Remake is the starting date of the Reunion Project. In the OG (and all the way up to and including Crisis Core!) Hojo never made any Sephiroth Copies *before* Sephiroth died. It was only after Sephiroth died that he decided to test the Reunion Theory and...
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    I've been on this hecking website for 10 years

    Heh... it really *has* been a long time. It's been great hanging out with you all online and tossing theories back and forth for the last decade!
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    Did Hojo manipulate Lucrecia? [split from Repository of Debunked Rumors]

    She was "pushed over the edge" a long time ago. It's worth pointing out that she has *no control* over her own immortality. It's that the *Jenova* in her that won't let her die even when she herself wants too.
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    The Five Bosses of Godo's Pagoda

    Applying Anime logic to FF7 works... very well. So them being a theater-themed quirky mini-boss squad... yeah... it fits. Also... the thing Yuffie is annoyed about is how Wutai is a *tourist* town now and not a military empire. So in a metaphoric way, Wutai as a whole is acting out their own...
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    VGCartography - Showcasing FFVII's 3D models

    That map is a gem. Flat enough to see where everything is but that depth helps so much. Those Weapons and Enemy graphics are *very* impressive.
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    [Spoilers] Material Ultimania Plus discussion

    The Planet has more than once showed that it *does* care about humanity in the Compilation as well. It cares about life/humanity in general when it works to stop Meteor from crashing rather than erase humanity from existance for instance. It also *can* care about individuals that come in contact...
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    [Spoilers] Material Ultimania Plus discussion

    The red nebula has always looked like a slightly smudge "Sephrioth standing in the flames" scene to me. It's worth pointing out that the devs have said elsewhere that Sephiroth has control over the "space" that is End of Creation. So I wouldn't think *either* of the nebula are a good thing.
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    [Spoilers] Material Ultimania Plus discussion

    One thing to remember is that they are *deliberaly* holding information back. A lot of this is being talked about in vague terms because Remake is Part 1 of a multi-chaptered story and there's no way NKNT (Nomura, Kitase, Nojima, Toriyama) are spoiling what they think are big plot twists down...
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    Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

    We know it's not turn-based combat though. It's based on Remake's combat with Remake's character/environment models...
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Currently playing Potion Craft... which is an Early Access game on Steam. But it's crafting mechanic is *really good* and it's probably the best "RP as an Alchemist running a potion shop" game I've ever seen.
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    Barret using limit break with berserk - Phantasm's FF7 Exploits

    Now if only I could do that with Ruby Weapon in FFXIV...
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