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    How many of you have the ps1 or pc ff7?

    I have the PS1 one. I didn't buy it myself.. Found it in my own home, actually. :monster:
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    Happy Birthday Pao! :D

    No, sorry. :awesome: Thank you! :reptar:
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    Devotion 2.0 - CloudxAerith

    We know you're a rabid Cloti already. :monster:
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    Devotion 2.0 - CloudxAerith

    <_< Shut up Vendel..
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    Happy Birthday Pao! :D

    Thanks guys. :3 &#9829;
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    LTD, round 3: This time, we settle it with Jello Wrestling

    Yeah, I do agree a little about this.. Aerith is often connected with flowers. And then of course, CloudxAerith shippers believe that it's some kind of evidence when Cloud dissapears into a big flowerfield. Anyway.. I thought that Cloud shared a dream with.. someone? It wasn't his own dream? I'm...
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    OMG. I finally have a PSP, and Crisis Core now! xDD And I think I'm turning into a die-hard-Zack-fangirl. o_o You totally all know this but.... DAMN HE'S SO HAWT!!!11 8D
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    LTD Who did Aerith love?

    Then what are you showing if you are in love with a person?
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    Final Fantasy XIII Non-Spoiler Thread

    Lightning... showing emotions?! FINALLY. :monster:
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    Dacon's Art

    Lawl, sry.
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    Dacon's Art

    Yeaaaaaaaaah, no. You can get this in return.
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    Dacon's Art

    I just did. :monster: Make a smexy Tifa in her original outfit. Now, start drawing.
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    Dacon's Art

    Sounds good. I'll wait for a new one.. :wacky:
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    Dacon's Art

    Wait, I just have to ask you. Have you made any Tifa drawing, or have I missed it? :huh: Because she would look awesome in your style.
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    Lynn's Art

    That's beautifully made! :geek: I admire the way you can capture faces. Sometimes I have problems with that.. *checks out your Deviant*
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