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    Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge's Roles in the Remake Thread

    Her role is mostly just Miss Exposition isn't it? That was the case in the original game, and I've not watched through any videos properly but I gather that's mostly her role in the demo so far as well. That might be why I always used to imagine her as being quite a bit older. She was clearly...
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    Remake Voice Actors Announced

    Barret speaking the way he does is fine as long as everyone else in Corel speaks the same way. Same with Cid and everyone from Rocket Town. Would be nice to get some consistency regarding accents, though at least it helped to make these characters stand out back when all we had were text boxes...
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    lol Corneo's tuft of hair has so much BOUNCE to it :lol: Nice to see Reno actually looking competent in combat after all the goofiness of the Turks in AC.
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    Is Midgar the greatest fictional city ever?

    FFIX: Lindblum Still not entirely sure why there's a gate into the city for the airships when surely they can just fly up and round? But anyway, love how the city has basically been built into the mountain. With those huge towers and the many different layers to the city you can imagine how it...
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    NEW TRAILER: State of Play May 2019

    Buttons! On first viewing they looked kinda weird to me too. In some shots I thought they looked very doll-like, with a similar sheen to how characters seem to look in mobius? And I actually liked how Cloud looked in the previous trailers - he appeared suitably malnourished :lol: The other...
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    Game of Thrones

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    TLS Ranks Final Fantasy Songs

    Nice to know who my new best friends are :lol:
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    Ooh I won a T-shirt, thank you! :D Congrats to Mr Ite for getting the grand prize bundle!
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    I hereby make a post :joy:
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    TLS Ranks FF Songs — Round#2 Poll#8

    Cloud Smiles gets my Joker vote this round!
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    TLS Ranks FF Songs — Round #1 Poll #21 (LAST OF ROUND 1)

    My Joker Card goes to Opening Theme as well.
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    Pomathon - KupoCon Birmingham 2018

    I have zero photos of this event as I managed to leave my phone behind in my rush to catch the train into Brum that morning :doh:
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    TLS Ranks Final Fantasy Songs

    FFVII Judgement Day FFIX Frontier Village Dali FFX Fight with Seymour, Ending Theme FFXV Wanderlust
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    The VII Best ... Moments In Final Fantasy VII

    The secret flashback to when Zack was killed. My brother completely missed this part of the game, even on multiple play-throughs, but then I came across it when I was playing years later. Comes out of nowhere and hits you hard.
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