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    Hullabaloo hullabaloo!! Sorry I just mean hi :-)
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    Thoughts on how to expand the Midgar scenario

    Kewl, in which case I'm sticking with my guesstimate that it's the Sector 4 tunnels, similar to @Vyzzuvazzadth's latest chronological cut but I think after the train is boarded rather than before; it's basically analogous to when the three jumped off the train in the OG (IMO).
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    Thoughts on how to expand the Midgar scenario

    Yeah I think the bike sequence is later than just after Mako No. 1 explodes. Just think about it, travelling at such speeds you'd be far far away from the wreckage and debris by the time you came to halt. I did think similarly to @Tetsujin that it possibly was in train tunnels, though I thought...
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    E3 2019: FFVII Remake Art Gallery

    Hope I like it? Hope I LIKE IT??! Gentleman + Scholar = You 😇
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    The new "Ghosts" from the Symphonic Trailer

    One of the best out there.
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    I recommend downloading this uncompressed version of the trailer if you haven't already:
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    Remake Voice Actors Announced

    Not meaning to sound too cynical, but maybe the newer VAs are cheaper too? There’s a hell of a lot of recording to be doing over the next however many years ...
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    FF VIII Remaster Incoming!

    What version are they basing this remaster on, or are they working from the ground up? Sorry haven’t really done any research on this. FF8 has never been much of a love for me (apart from the OST!), but I think I’ll pick this up as I’ve found I’ve wanted to play through it again recently. Esp...
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    Plot Changes a Possibility?

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    Plot Changes a Possibility?

    Not that I disagree but Reddit is teletubbies-land compared to gamefaqs.
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    Gamespot Coverage

    You want to introduce Zack this early???
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    E3 2019 Full Trailer with TIFA!

    Here you go (sorry it's gamefaqs though -_-): "Japanese people reaction to Tifa's design":
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    Plot Changes a Possibility?

    I made my peace with the inevitable changes as soon as I saw the subtly different emphasis on how Aerith gives Cloud the flower after the “State of Play” trailer last month. And indeed, what we’ve since seen shows just how subtle that was in comparison to the likely amendments we can anticipate...
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    FFVII Remake E3 Demo Impressions

    Damn why am I at work at 6am BST tomorrow? Booooo ...
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    Hopes for the remake (story/content)

    There are so many NPCs in this game that I can’t wait to see. Johnny shouldn’t be too far away ... Corneo ... Hell I’m even looking forward to seeing the Sector 5 bandit enemies. I really hope they keep the street punk vibe of a lot of the slum dwellers too.
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