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    i'm playing ffvii in spanish

    FFVII PSX Spanish version have the same strings. And for PC version if you open Sflevel.lgp file you can see only akao: I'll send copy of the files to @Shademp , maybe he can give us best technical answer for this case.
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    It was time.

    Welcome to TLS! 😃
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    Countdown Clock

    When I created these elements I thought about timer window was in background plane and menu in other different with not the same perspective. If you prefer the version without perspective, it is not difficult to modify like this: Maybe we need a poll? :mon:
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    Countdown Clock

    That's because I tried to simulate the menu effect that game seems to have, It seems I didn't catch it. :rage:
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    Hei, hello, こんばんは。

    ¡Welcome Hanna, I hope you have a good stay in the forum! I love knowing that you are Finnish, this is one of the few countries I have visited 😉. By the way I felt in love with your avatar, now you have a new follower in Twitter. I can see you are really passionate about the game and his...
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    Now that we got so much information and trailers from FFVII Remake I remembered how they probably already showed us the new Cloud redesign or an intermediate version a year ago: Link:
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome @LoonySpectre, here we have greats compilation researchers. You will find interesting threads about It.
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    Before Crisis Fan Remake?

    I finished this fan-game some time ago and I was surprised, as a former user of Rpg Maker I can value it as a great work of recreation at least visually. By other hand some of Before Crisis's plot not appears or differs a lot from the original script, probably the author used some random mixed...
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    Countdown Clock

    It was a bloody hell fight against it but I hope you like it.
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    Countdown Clock

    I'm working on it, no worries. Thank you for this @Cloud_S , this is better than I expected, I will merge my version with this one.
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    Recreation of sector 1 station in the E3's FFVIIRemake booth was close 1:1 with the game, these posters are the same, damn! And here we can see the first easter egg in FFVII Remake related with the compilation:
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    E3 2019: FFVII Remake Art Gallery

    As some of you already may know I collaborate with "La Capital Olvidada" that is a trully dedicated and pasionated Spanish Final Fantasy Community and I want to share with you all work of last days, I hope you like it. :mon: Source...
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    Some posters from around demo stand un E3 2019: Who is Stamp?
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