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    Let's say that you are put in charge of deciding how the remake story unfolds.

    Obviously this example would never happen, it's just an imaginative exercise. Let's say you are suddenly in charge of the story development of remake in P2 and 3. What would you do with the material you have that was established by the end of part one?
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    SPOILERS Ways to ruin part 2 and beyond

    - Everyone who died in the OG survives in remake. Imagine how people will react XD
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    *Looks around* Something feels stomach is in knots...
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    SPOILERS FFVII Rebirth Leaks and Rumours

    SEPHIROTH02: また会えたね、ザックス。運命の歯車は回り始めた。 親友である弟と本当に戦えるのか?見てみよう。 CLOUD: 何処で震えてるのかも知らず, あいまいな記憶たどってたら. 落として砕けてしまった --もう見れない
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    SPOILERS FFVII Rebirth Leaks and Rumours

    Part one makes more sense now, hmm.
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    SPOILERS FFVII Rebirth Leaks and Rumours

    Sounds real, huzzah!
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    SPOILERS General 'Will Aerith Live?' Thread (*Open Spoilers*)

    The statement doesn't confirm anything IMO. Aerith is still likely to die though, I'd be more surprised if she lives.
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    So where do we stand on the big remake mystery now?

    I keep thinking of a Bucky-Steve situation where Cloud goes into Puppet Mode and fights Zack, while Zack really doesn't want to hurt his friend. I have trouble really predicting what they are going to do though. Seems like they are trying to walk a tightrope of being faithful to the core story...
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    So where do we stand on the big remake mystery now?

    Maybe the whole reason they modified the Cloud and Zack relationship is so they COULD interact...
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    SPOILERS If Genesis does return, how would you like to see him handled?

    Every time I hear people talk about Genesis, or even just watch vids like that, I get the feeling that there was actually some real potential in the character concept. That goes for Angeal too. I think the script just needed reworking maybe...
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    The Official "Where will Rebirth end?" Thread

    I think he joins after the north crater stuff. But in terms of encountering the crew...hard to say, they might find a crafty way to do this without messing the Cloud arc up. Probably more likely that he'll be kept away until the north crater bit though.
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    Midlife Crisis Core

    - Cold is my pick for fav poster on the forum. Mature, thoughtful, and discusses issues in an easygoing way. Also this thread is nice, you clearly are trying to save people some pain and hassle. Huzzah for Cold! - I'm surprised you can consider stuff beyond 2028. It is so far away that I have...
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    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if this is the most extensive analysis and breakdown of Genesis and FF7 anywhere. This has turned into a Genesis university seminar.
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    Remake Interviews: Catch-all Thread

    Holy.... Okay maybe I should ease off on the Genesis joking, this has really exploded XD Interesting convo though, a lot of neat lore details.
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