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    CULT OF THE POTATO (Girls' Last Tour Club)

    :watchingu: In case you want context for my AKA: 1KE0njnZXyY
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    CULT OF THE POTATO (Girls' Last Tour Club)

    My 'AKA' has been "King of the Potato people" for about a decade, why wasn't I informed about this thread? :kermit:
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    I like to try a game outside my usual wheelhouse every so offen, Persona 5 looks interesting but a bit to anime for me. The only other JRPGs I've played are Final Fantasy's. To a complete outsider to the series how would anyone describe it? :huh: Not related by it's on the PS4 store for...
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    Cyberpunk 2077

    Yeah.. I don't have a PS5 or high powered gaming PC so I dunno when I'll play it. It sounds like the PS4 version is always going to be mess, like the game just wasn't build for PS4s.
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    Just a "hello" to some old faces

    Y halo there. :monster:
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    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Wow, I had no idea this game was a thing. :excited: And now I need to buy a PS5.
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    The Last of Us Part II Announced

    Just pre-ordered off Amazon, should get it Friday. :monster: I've managed to avoid all spoilers so I'm going in 100% blind, well... I remember when the game was announced they dev's said it would be about anger, (which you see on the box art). And that whilst some people wanted a new game in...
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    Denis Villeneuve's Dune Films

    It does look good and I'm hopefull, but maybe Dune is just one of those books that cannot be adapted to the big screen, or at least cannot be adapted well. I think it would work better as a 20 part Game of Thrones style TV series, given how much world building/content there is in the book. It...
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    Perseverance (Jessie/Clessie Club)

    I'm only and the beginning of Chapter 3 but: Why do I feel like Cloud & Jessie makes more sense than Cloud and Aeirth? And why do I feel like I'm gonna miss Jessie more than Aerith?
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    FFVII Remake Delivery Delay Notice from Square (AKA Shipping Woes)

    Ordered it from Amazon UK on Saturday, it said Thursday delivery, it just came. :awesome:
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    FFVII Remake Delivery Delay Notice from Square (AKA Shipping Woes)

    Just checked and Amazon (UK) had it back in stock, I should get my copy by Thursday. :joy: And now the waiting game...:aah:
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    Spoiler Free Questions Thread (All Spoilers Must Be Tagged!)

    Is Mukki in the remake? Cloukki is the one true pairing. Also WTF does the remake version of this scene look like? (Or should I not ask that?)
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    Enjoy the game (spoiler free fluff)

    Beacause Tifa's hot?
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    FFVII Remake Delivery Delay Notice from Square (AKA Shipping Woes)

    I left it to late to order off Amazon (it's sold out now). I could get the digital version but I just want the 'proper' physical version. That's something I never grew out of, I like opening a game for the first time and putting the disk in you know? I felt the same way with the recent Resident...
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