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    smilies anyone?

    Oh shit, I think I used to poast on that Naruto forum. Also, it does feel empty typing posts or messages with no :monster:. He just needs to be there.
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    smilies anyone?

    I remember him being a part of the community since 2006. I love how it stuck.
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    I'm loving this stupid "TierMaker" stuff

    Rufus apparently saw something in her, so there's that. :monster:
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    What are you listening to?

    This bass line is so cool it's gonna walk right out of the song.
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    Odysseus' art dumping ground

    Holy shit that is amazing.
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    What are you listening to?

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    I hate that I’m getting my hopes up for this.
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    SPOILERS LTD Remake — It's like New Coke except ... no, it's exactly like New Coke

    This is random af but your voice sounds so much like our member fancy (don't worry that's a good thing).
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    Prism's Art and GameDev Thread

    Is there a story for the suited payphone using beach-goer? :awesome: Pretending to work from home is my guess. :monster:
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    What are you listening to?

    On the phone with ma reminiscing because it's fall now and remembered that my mom was technically the one who introduced me to electronica. She didn't even remember this song, but I was obsessed when she would play it lol. I don't even know where she got it from, since this was the time of CDs...
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    What are you listening to?

    Not what I normally listen to, but good vibing music.
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    Final Fantasy VI

    This is... actually a very accurate description.
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    Remake Merchandise

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    The Doodling Dragon

    Oh not in a bad way. The style of the mountains and everything, just so similar. I’ve been wanting to post more of my paintings, but I want to get good images of them. They won’t fit in a scanner and I don’t like photos of paintings. Actually, though, that one in particular may fit in a scanner..
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    The Doodling Dragon

    That's awesome. I'm actually bugging out low key because I painted something very similar to this, including the silhouette of a person in the middle. Different color scheme, though.
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