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    Naruto Anime/Manga (Manga Spoilers Not Tagged) [WSJ]

    She didn’t even know! :no:
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    One Piece part II

    Double that!
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    Remake Merchandise

    It just keeps getting more and more confusing here. :wacky: Seriously, I’m stupid. :awesome: When was it again that the Tifa PAK ships? October? Or November?
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    Remake Merchandise

    But what if I WANT to mind? :D Seriously, what’s the joke? :shifty:
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    Happy Birthday Sasseli!

    I would never! :loveglomp: But I really should post here more often. :hohum:
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    Happy Birthday Sasseli!

    Ehem, nicht ganz. :lol: Thank you! :properhug:
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    Remake Merchandise

    I just wondered for a while who Robert was... :lol: I can't wait for Tifa! Also I'm bummed that Cloud's Buster sword is bigger in the new version... And there's still so much I want and so little money... (damn, I want the OST :()
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    Happy Birthday Sasseli!

    Oh wow, wasn't expecting that at all! THANK YOU! Now I'm all teary... do I really deserve an own birthday thread with the little posting I do on here? :'( :aah::faint: :properhug:
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    FFVIIR Official Concept Art & Twitter Whatnots

    Don't any of you dare badmouth my Zack. He deserves being in there. :@
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    Remake Merchandise

    I'm not buying a second one... That sword though...
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    Hope v 2.0 (Zerith club)

    Maiden is total nonsense in my eyes. The characters are totally off, I didn’t enjoy reading it at all, because there’s so much WTF in there. I don’t recall much tbh, but the dialogue with Zack especially sticks out like a thorn. (But iirc a lot of characters were totally off, like, Pres. Shinra...
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    Hope v 2.0 (Zerith club) Aaahh, there’s Zerith!! When the two first meet... there’s an immediate attraction. They don’t get long together, but it’s clear they form a very real, emotional connection. ...for the brief time it lasted, Zack and...
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    Favorite FFVII Fanart

    Looking for nice, beautiful, new things to wear and being delighted when you find them? For me, at least. Though I can get that as easily doing online shopping. It’s less stressful. :lol:
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    Faith v. 3.0 (Cloti Club)

    I wonder about the „great piece“ part... :wacky: But thanks! I’m happy you like it! ^_^ Trying my best not to screw it. That’s the good thing about digital art, though. You can’t really ruin a piece.
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    Faith v. 3.0 (Cloti Club)

    I started sth. Hope I’ll finish it soon! I‘m still struggling with anatomy and stuff. Gotta see where I‘ll get with this one. I just have to practice more.
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