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    The Unofficial Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Speculation Thread

    I'm excited, Ever Crisis will finally allow us to play Before Crisis. I've been dreaming with that game since forever! To me, that was the best part of the Compilation and it didn't get out of Japan. We (?) got to play Dirge of Cerberus Lost Episode but not Before Crisis, come ooonnn dude...
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    Hey guys. I'm not exactly a new user, but on my active days I wasn't particularly noticeable either so... nice to meet you! I'm very happy to see that the community is still active. From now on, I'll be hanging around here a bit more often. This has always been one of the best forums I have...
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    I haven't been so hyped up since the Mega Man reveal for Smash 4! I got teary eyes when I saw this on the stream, after so many years of knowing the lore, the setting, the characters... it's as if we were talking about the return of an old friend. I remember myself watching my uncle play...
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    Secret Santa 2011

    OMG BROOKE, THAT'S THE BEST GIFT (AND .GIF) EVER Teehee... "Gift and .gif"... Oh god I'm so clever HEEHEEHEE I'LL SPAM IT EVERYWHERE, thanks! Oh, and Dave, I'm glad you liked my gift =D! This is seriously epic, sadly I wasn't as present as I would have wished, but really guys, great work!
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    Must See!! First chocobo sketch ever.

    Disturbing... Or super mega ultra cool? I mean, just look at that fine creature. It's magnificent, actually. If the protagonists of the games had this marvelous creature at their service a lot of disasters could have been avoided. FUCK YES.
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    Secret Santa Gift Giving Thread 2011

    I was going to post it yesterday but uhm, I couldn't. Anyway, this is for you, Scott. Sorry, I know I'm late, I had a pair of problems and on top of that my PS was all drunk, dunno why. This is pretty fun, even with all the sudden personal impediments and problems I had I can say I'm...
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    Secret Santa 2011

    Came here to say I haven't forgotten about this, I've been a little busy lately, but I've been checking the threads, so i'm up to date. Yeah, probably I should have mentioned it before but uhhhh. These gifts are so epic and nice and fluffy, you guys are so cute ;; I'll post mine shortly, please...
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Spoiler Thread)

    Puddi puddi?
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Spoiler Thread)

    Flan ending is the only satisfying one. You actually FEEL you accomplished something there... "Ha! I'm a flan now! Fuck you Caius, and fuck you too Lightning! FUCK YOU, FINAL FANTASY, I'M OUT OF THIS SHIT!" In fact, a FFXIII-3 where you play as flans sounds like a pretty brilliant idea. They...
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Spoiler Thread)

    Well at least it's not a 60+- hour hallway! :hugemonster:
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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Spoiler Thread)

    Now, after spoiling myself with nearly every detail I could... ...I'm kinda glad they mantained Sazh far away from this. :monster: No but seriously, do we really need a XIII-3? Couldn't they just make a good sequel and nothing more? Was a real conclusion too much to ask? Dunno, all this feels...
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    What games are you currently playing?

    Right now Man, this game is really good, I can see why you had Citan Uzuki as your nick/avatar some months ago, so far he's my favorite XG character. I think I understand you... Here in Venezuela is really hard to get to play some games (through legal means at least). But still... It's a...
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    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

    "Sora and Riku arrive at Traverse Town and simultaneously search for one another." How romantic. :monster:
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    Jump Festa...?

    Meh, tbh I don't feel all that hyped up this year =/
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    Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy/Curtain Call

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