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    Welcome to Silent Hill

    i never noticed this before. i used to have boots like that but they ended up wearing out because i wore them all the time. little did i know i was doing cosplay the whole time with my james boots and naturally stilted speech.
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    PlayStation 4

    thank god, i don’t have to worry about accidentally sharing what i am playing with my normie facebook friends (which is why i never linked my account in the first place)
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    The Love Triangle Debate: Another Turn in the Cycle

    oh god are we back on 'actually tifa gave cloud a swirly in the watertower' the fun never ends
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    Code Vein

    i played the demo of this today and ended up playing it all evening. the opening/tutorial was a bit slow and they throw a lot of made-up words at you and i kind of wish they would have spaced it out a bit more. tutorial sections are never really jam packed with excitement but at least let me...
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    PlayStation 4

    > got tlou with my ps4 and played it ages ago > don't care about sports games ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ not liking how they have whittled down the amount of freeplay games to just 2 as well as no longer offering ones for older consoles. just add one more game at least. i feel like i'm paying more for the...
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    Is the crew rich? Where do they get their money?

    from the corpses of the foes they leave in their wake those magic pots have deep pockets
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    Japanese audio track subtitles: concerns

    i'm back on my bullshit for another nitpicking trailer post. the english script is based on captions on the official playstation youtube channel but slightly edited as they were sometimes different. the japanese script is transcribed from the trailer on square enix's japanese youtube channel...
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    i shall make that comparison and those mountains but not now because it's late and i want to go to bed also i like the look of the scene at the end, what seems to be the aftermath of the plate falling. i think it'd be good if that were the first time you see the sky or sunlight in midgar...
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    that's a pretty cool career trajectory, it seems like a big jump to go to such a big title. idk if she's well known or famous and that's why she got picked but still good for her
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    did her voice actor get her start on youtube/as a streamer or is this just something she does on the side?
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    Oh. My. GOD. This new trailer!

    i'm not feeling the english cast tbh also, why is cloud not wearing a dress. aerith is wearing her wall market dress and in the original game cloud is already in his dress, but in this trailer he's wearing his regular outfit. did they just keep him in his normal outfit for the trailer to not...
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    i'm playing ffvii in spanish

    i am back on this (sorting through screencaps i took to look into later, which actually means 'cap every bit of text i see') what's the 's.a.' in 'shinra s.a.' stand for, is it 'sociedad anónima' or 'sociedad por acciones'? i feel like anónima seems more common but i have only spent like 15...
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    FF VIII Remaster [Available Now!]

    you mean i lived in fear of ocelot for all this time for no reason
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    FF VIII Remaster [Available Now!]

    boost and that one bit in metal gear solid were the only reasons i wanted a controller with a rapid fire button as a young 'un i never did get one
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    The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (August 30th)

    as a child i could not watch for than like 10 minutes of the original because the little elf characters freaked me out too much. not even the evil bird monsters, it was the good guys that i couldn't deal with. i only finally managed to watch the full thing over a decade later (and the elves or...
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