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    OG FF7 is now playable at 60fps [EDIT: And Widescreen!] on PC via modding

    Just waiting for the dub project to be fully complete, can't wait to replay it after almost 20 years with all these mods.
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    Man of Steel / Justice League / DC films

    Why is taking so long to put that man in jail? lol
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    The universe that will be born? That's Gaia Beta, believe me.
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    SPOILERS FFVII Rebirth Leaks and Rumours

    Part 3 will be titled Rejunction. What happens when 2 Gaias collide?
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    SPOILERS FFVII Rebirth Leaks and Rumours

    Sounds overly convoluted just as Nomura likes it. Also I always knew Chad junior was up to no good! it confirms my bias towards him, so the leak is true. The universe of life is one Gaia, the universe of death is the other one, about to get created by Seph manipulating stuff. Nomura you are a...
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    ACC to be released on Ultra HD Blu-ray this June

    I always though "dilly dally shilly shally" sounded therapeutic. Now I know why.
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    General Square Enix Thread Not pretty, bad SQ. but honestly the entire company was a hot mess around that time.
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    Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

    Damn, that's cool!
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    SPOILERS FF7R Ultimania (*Open Spoilers*)

    I dunno, seems relevant.
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    Lord of the Rings TV Show [Amazon]

    Best look of the show so far. Galadriel lookin awesome. story is the real dealbreaker though...
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    Your first video game?

    Super Nintendo, edition that came with Super Fucking Mario World.
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    Stranger Things

    Loved the entire season, it's definitely up there with S1 as the best one yet (hard to beat the mistery or knowing the setting and characters for the first time though). Only thing I'm disappointed (though not quite sure since we don't know everything about the Shadow and the Upside Down):
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    The Official "Where will Rebirth end?" Thread

    When/where you guys think Zack will join the party? (or fight the party) It's gonna happen.
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    That's the drug powder the writers are using.
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