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    My Fan "Art"

    Thanks for your comments! I'm glad that you like the pictures :) I added some more and a short video, here is a link to the folder: I wish I had the skills to edit these photos! I really like them! I also would like to...
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    My Fan "Art"

    Well, this thread has become my little corner of TLS. So again, no fan art but some pictures of a "real life Korra" at the beach :) For those who read my post some months ago in the "Forever Alone" thread: I'm doing much better. Thank you Alex Strife for getting in contact with me. I still...
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    My Fan "Art"

    Not FFVII related this time and it's not fan art... For the Legend of Korra fans, here's my Korra cosplay:
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    Happy Birthday, Fangu!

    Happy birthday! :)
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    Fan Reactions

    Well, here is my :lol: As I said in another thread, I spent an hour laughing and crying... I just have this voice messages I sent to my boyfriend :) you can hear Fulfilled Desire playing in the background (bad quality because I had to record the messages from my phone with my computer... but...
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    A New Title for the FFVII Remake

    The first thing that came to my mind with EC was Episode Cloud lol (but that's not the title that I'd like)
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    Happy birthday, Wolfhart!

    Thank you!! :) my boyfriend (that's new for me...) made the Premium Heart for me! <3 And I considered the announcement of the remake a birthday gift from SE :P
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    AAAAAAAAAAH!! I know I arrive a bit late to the party but I want to share my excitement too! I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT ;_; I read some news about a remake but didn't believe it, thinking it was just a rumour, as always... I went to sleep and when I wake up I get text messages from friends...
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    Hey, I just watched this movie last Saturday! :) A little weird but I like the analogy between the train and our society. Also the fact that you keep making up theories about what's going to happen next and then something really unexpected happens. On the other hand, maybe there was too much...
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    The Lifestream ranks Final Fantasy songs: nominations now closed

    Well, I've played few FF titles and I love FFVII's OST so here it goes... (Probably will add some from FFVIII later)
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    Cloud and Angst

    I believe his depression has something to do with Geostigma too... Isn't it one of the symptoms?
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    My Fan "Art"

    And again, not fan art but more stagecombat! This time it's me as Tifa in a hand to hand combat using JENOVA's theme from Advent Children ^^U b8n-wHFJ6dk
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    My Fan "Art"

    I believe I never posted here the final result of . Wish it was better... Maybe I'll make a digital version one day... Finished this one some time ago... WIPs: Wanted to draw Cloud with the new outfit from G-Bike... Can't get the lower part of the body right... Cloud finds Tifa in the...
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    Final Fantasy Kitchen Knives - Superfan Builds

    I'd learn how to cook just to use these!!... Actually, I don't need to know how to cook to use them :D (Funny, just today I asked my mom where she had got the kitchen knives we have :lol: and the other day I was cleaning a knife and thought of the Buster Sword -don't ask why-... What a...
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